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Does the Grinch live in church?

Despite of his best attempts to remain incognito, the Grinch reached out his hand while offering me a smile. I responded in kind while also offering a hardy Merry Christmas. After all, tis the season.

Somehow Christmas means something differently to whoever views it through their own pair of rose-colored glasses. Is Christmas filled with subliminal messages? Secrets that yet have to be revealed? Except for the few that I seemed to have ran across of late, people who also dared to point their fingers at the obvious, ( I’m sure those people were the Grinch’s relatives. Or could it have been….). They continued tugging at my ears to listen as they then explained.

One of those person’s found it necessary to show me a hand-made card. The card had gilded edges, dazzling red and green fonts, and a assorted sprinkling of glitter, followed by this message:

“Jesus is the reason for the season” TRUE!

Merry Christmas


This person had crossed out the Merry Christmas part, and made it a point to plop their finger on that one part. A physical exclamation point so I would know this was serious stuff!

I was confused. But this person like a dog with a bone, and wasn’t going to let it go or me off that easily. They went on to explain how Christmas was high-jacked by the “Pagans”. “If I didn’t celebrate just so” (metaphorically speaking) and accordingly to the church / God I could be guilty of paganism.

I’m beginning to believe that many churches could advertise on their marquee that “The Grinch lives here” Why do some people like to lurk inside of the church lobbies as if they’re self-imposed “Pagan police”? You know! Those people who are only looking to be nick picky about everything in church. They hope to change everything back to the way it was. All the while forgetting that it’s about the relationship with God that extends far beyond that one or two days most people go to church per week, month, or in a year….. Sorry for the snarkiness. But some people can be more of a thorn in my back side then a delight to be around, despite having sat down on a thorn-bush. (If you know what I mean)

This person went through a whole historiography about all of the subliminal but totally accidental paganism inside of the Christmas celebration, and other celebrations that churches are involved in. So I felt the need to ask them, “How is it possible to become an accidental Pagan and not for Pagans to become accidental Christians? A look of disgust came over them as they snatched their presentation away and scoffed at me.

“You’ll more than likely be on God’s naughty list if you enjoy too much yuletide cheer.” They added calling out over their shoulders as they walked away.

I thought my question deserved an answer. After all, there are people who wear apparel, or who have tattoos, and wear jewelry with crosses on them – but nobody accuses them of being a secret Christian. It is people who appoint themselves as the Pagan police that miss the point of living what you “believe”. For it is your outwardly presentation of yourself towards others that makes a lasting impression of your beliefs. Is that going to be a positive? Or a turn off? Or is it that these pagan police are just good self-liars – presenting themselves as being good Christians in a legalistic way, in a way Re-hashing the same argument that Jesus had with the Jewish church leadership in his day. Anyone can read all about it in the Bible. It’s all there in black and white so to speak of.

When the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and built the temple of Jupiter on its ruins, would sensational pagan evangelists have pointed out the traces of Jewish symbolism and architecture infringing on the worship of the Roman God? Yet with some Christians it seems like they are willing to credit the devil with more power than Jesus, to trick people into becoming accidental pagans even though they claim to be Christians and who dares to celebrate in the ways they’re pointing out.

It seems to those Christmas-haters acting in this way are just throwing a cold bucket of icy water onto the Christmas celebration, by calling people to the attention of possibly being  accidental pagans. It would seem they are missing the point, to the same degree as the recent “Fad du jour, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” did.

Can you really have a true and lasting relationship when it is based on peer-pressure?

If there is a negative, a blanketed observation that could be made of all religions and the celebrations of Christmas, it would have to be our tendency to saturate it with sublime materialism and selfish ignorance

It seems to me it is just as dangerous to be overly critical, as it is to be overly celebratory in being a underachiever. A person who will never be perfect or good enough – and then gives up on making even those small efforts to make improvements.

We should encourage people to become a positive, though they’re imperfect. (For that is to be Christ like) Not verbally beat the imperfection out of them for the sake of having a better relationship with them. Somehow these Christmas-Haters never expect God to treat them in the same way they tend to treat others.

We should be a positive towards others, up lifting, and encouraging to try to do better. Not just be the person in church with a big stick.

Marry Christmas, and a happy new year to all.

All the best.


Silence is a bit deceiving. Silence can not only seem a bit devoid of everything, empty, an invisible box that needs to be filled. If only we could see it, like an empty glass that needs filling. Silence is usually looked as that uncomfortable pause of a first date, the question “why me” that lingers throughout the halls of any hospital cancer ward, that hiker who becomes lost in the great outdoors–these are those times we search for perfect phrasing, the right words, or that echoing answering call that is heard in silence.

Silence is complex, it’s both awkward or appropriate at the same time. It can also be a form of punishment. Who can remember like I can that dreaded “quiet time out”? Or being sent to your room for some mischief our little fertile minds led us into, that trouble where we received what seemed like an eternity of silence. Is this how we perceive getting the silent treatment, when and if, despite of our best efforts we pray to God? Isn’t it supposed to work like this–I pray, make some self-absorbed requests and God answers, sooner not later? Silence, is only what we hear though. Is this our punishment, for something we did but not yet revealed?

Over time I have learned the value of having many times in life, that luxury of standing alone underneath a star-studded tapestry looking up in silence at the Milky Way, or on some high over look after a long hike, or being alone on some shore line on a high mountain lake. Where even the jumping fish barley make a sound. My busy life left far behind. My working world completely diminished in the vastness of nature.

Barbara Brown Taylor said of silence,

“Silence is as much a sign of God’s presence as of God’s absence–that Devine silence is not a vacuum to be filled but a mystery to be entered into, unarmed with words and Undistracted by noise.”

“The Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silent before him.”—Habakkuk 2:20

In any human form when we find our soul-mate, that kind of relationship, within those deepest of human to human forms of relationship where a word need not be spoken to hear the thoughts of the other. Is that what God is looking for from us with his silence?

It seems we all are a bit to quick to fill every waking moments of life with distractions, that everyday noise of life. Finding a break from it all is truly our blessing, a gift from God.
Maybe we should contemplate answers to prayer; that at times answers to prayer are only received through actions from another (sometimes perfect strangers) humans impressed to act, to speak up, or to just offer a silent commiserating hug. Answers to someone else prayer born out of silent thought leading to actions that bless others who silently need answers to their prayers. Sometimes those answers we seek don’t arrive quickly enough because we refuse to act–not quite recognizing that God seeks a personal relationship, a partnership with us, and silence is that invitation.
All the best.

As you think, so you become.

This is a view of life, about the flu, and the way people should be interacting with other people, from a wayfarer’s travel’s.

This was supposed to be “good Friday” and there was nothing good about it. The stack of books sat beside me, unused, and uninterested, I could hardly keep my puffy eyes open. Besides my best efforts in providing my body with fluids, vitamin’s, and flu and cold meds, the valiant battle raged on within me. This was the time of the year where viral intruders seemed to make their rounds as unwelcome guests they fly just under the radar, passing through half manned defenses like a hot knife through room temperature butter. Perhaps if I didn’t push so hard at work, or play so hard after work and on the weekends? But family and kids, deadlines, and the boss’s unrealistic expectations….which is the only real justification for my current condition. I reasoned all this to myself as the only real good excuse that I was willing to except at the time.

Flopping myself unceremoniously in my easy chair I glanced over to my stack of books. Reading wasn’t going to happen as I waited for my body to gain the upper hand in the battle. My eyes were too puffy and my eyesight was to bleary, watery, and itchy, to give any interest net alone concentration to reading.  I wanted to sleep this off. But I had just gotten up from an unusual 12 hour sleep fest. I felt powerless to live life as a normal person, just wanting to do my common everyday things. Instead I was transferred, downgraded, and demoted having to live with this miserable viral intrusion. My only comfort was melting back into my easy chair and wait for the next sneeze to come.

I said out loud, “This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.” Tossing another crumpled tissue to the pile. This wasn’t how my weekend was supposed to be at all. I had plans to do things with the kids, and dinner with friends, all of which now had to be shelved. Somehow I had become an involuntary combatant, a carrier of the enemy, who by his design wanted me to find new victims to commiserate with. The only fight I had left in me, or so I thought, was to reduce my importance and volunteer for a self-imposed quarantine–Somewhat like throwing myself upon the hand-grenade, a sacrificial offering to reduce casualties in my unit.

I knew that in a few days this to will pass. That my inconvenience will be all but forgotten like a snowflake caught in the palm of someone’s hand, interesting, beautifully intriguing, and in an instant melted way.

All alone in a quiet room, it’s funny how the mind wonders in thoughts uninfluenced by TV or radio, or sounds of music. I started to think how lucky I really was. I know that feeling like crap somehow doesn’t seem like the same kind of feeling lucky akin to winning the lotto or…. I allowed a few thoughts in for a moment to entertain some differences in luck and what it is to be lucky.

Comparing our misery to someone else’s doesn’t seem fair. I could have just washed my hands a few more times, or given less kisses to my kids when they had the sniffles, and misery avoided?  But how is that lucky? It’s lucky, because my short-lived snowflakes worth of discomfort, is so unlike that permafrost in others people’s experience. Like a shell of ice freezing them into a permanent inconvenience, nothing at all like this passing trifle. Their challenging circumstances turn my crumpled mound of tissues into a little insignificant temporary speed bump on life’s highway.

Funny how with religious matters people only are interested by answering the question… what’s in it for me? I can sacrifice a few hours or one day per week (one or two weeks a year, like on Easter, and Christmas) and expect so much more from God in return?

I have had these kinds of arguments with my TV evangelist before.  I admit that they were one-sided arguments at that? No real response from the TV or the evangelist on the other side of the glass. Of course when we feel like crap we expect people to come running to our assistance. Give me the answers to make this go away and the sooner the better. Not just in a while down the road a bit. But like yesterday, now, instantaneously; like every street light turning green in our favor, so the straightaway help running at full speed towards us can get here sooner. It couldn’t come fast enough. And that’s just to elevate our temporary condition, our snowflakes discomfort.

My TV evangelist says that God longs to help everyone today, or sooner…. In all my reading of the Bible I never heard of any one of the disciples; have to put on hold a mission for God because they were under the weather? So this TV evangelist is speaking a true message then. The disciples were human working for God—so God answers prayers through humans, and wants to help everyone today or sooner?

Image, people like you or I as being answers to someone else’s prayers.

It seems that Christians today have the flu. But I never read that flu was a problem back then. There is nothing mentioned about the flu in the bible like, “The spirit bade me to make hast to Corinth,” said the apostle Paul, “But the enemy of souls delayed my departure with an insufferable ailment common to man.” Apparently that had been edited out. And God’s word had bigger fish to fry then to include things like the flu.

To all of the people with the symptoms of fibromyalgia who’s days are filled with pain, or those people who never smoked a day in their lives who discovered they have been inexplicably riddled with lung cancer, to the young family who’s child needs bone marrow transplant, to the victim of an auto accident who has a crushed spine or nerve-damage that affords them no pain relief, to the person who is addicted with pain-killers, to the 13-year-old girl who has to go back home to an abusive parent, for a single parent struggling with time and money and resources, to the beggar on the street, to the run-away, to the silence of suffering within a marriage gone bad, to those lonely suffering from a personal loss of someone dear to them. These are frozen shell existences that go far beyond my discomfort. It’s easy to be fired up in doing something right after one of our yearly visits to church and think in terms of being a Christian. “Hay, I believe in God! So that counts for something”, seems to be the common thought. People might even give to charity or that bum on the street as they drive through the intersection after church services. Given a day or two, these professed Christians are ready to step over someone in real need, as they go on their way saying or thinking, “The government has to have some kind of programs to help people like that.” In other words…I pay taxes so can’t be bothered with stopping to helping out. I gave with my taxes already, I gave at the office and this money is mine!

There must have been people like that, that existed in the bible? Sickness does funny things to people though. It changes everything about a person; we become different people when sick.  Did the followers of Christ like Paul in the story that was edited out, (you remember the one; where Paul was on his way to Corinth but, “The enemy of souls delayed my departure with an insufferable ailment”?) Did they have the strange mindsets like we have today? Was everyone confused with the thoughts of different religious practices, and therefore spiritual responsibilities?  Is that the modern sickness that ails our life experiences, compared to those of the past?

Being sick with flu I know that my discomfort is temporary, my good times will certainly come sooner than later. Yet we as humans are still at risk with greatest disease of all–being rich with things of insignificance and not truly of eternal value. When Jesus cautioned us about the difficulty of a rich man entering heaven, He seemed to be speaking to all of us in this time, and in this country (The United States of America. Because we claim to be the richest on earth, in God we trust, and consumed totally with greed, even with personal greed of heaven?) Those who are spiritual or go to church to act churchy, to gain heaven for them-selves (the cure for the religious flu) but fail to bring heaven to those that are less fortunate in life than we are. Excusing ourselves from action, people want benefits, privileges, and gifts—but refuse to freely give.

Jesus healed all kinds of sickness and physical malady, healing their bodies so he could also heal their minds and hearts. This is where being a Christian, also believing in being spiritual must also see that the scriptures aren’t just stories, but the promise of the scripture lies—not on physical healing, but promise of abundant life and changed mindsets.

It’s funny how flawed and transitory our believes are, believing this nation is a Christian nation? Believing in, and wanting “separation of church and state” when it suits us and our beliefs best; all the while expecting our government to have a mothers concern more than we as citizens have for our neighbors and those in need.

If we are spiritual people and believe in going to heaven? Why would we spend more time in preparation to take a trip to an exotic beach, packing the appropriate attire, clothes, swim wear…etc.? Yet with the trip of going to heaven we expect it all–no real need to change ourselves, our attitudes, or our life’s mission, and therefore no real effort in making a positive impact or a spiritual one either as we interact with each other in preparation for heaven. To many times we slip into that mindset like having the flu, “Give me the cure and give it to me now! I’ll do anything…” But when the symptom subsides and goes away….

We forget the promise of scripture lies—not on physical healing, but of abundant life now and forever through mental healing. Religion is the everyday battle for the mind, not some short-term cure when we should get a religious viral infection from the enemy of the soul.

If you ever thought, “what’s happening to our society…why do people act like they do…why are we so violent these days?

It’s attitude: as you think, so you become.

Social justice or Religious masturbation of sorts!

“A person changed against their own will, is of the same opinion still!” Quote unknown.

When writing about religious things, I have always recognized that we all have different views, different beliefs, because we hold these views close to our hearts religious conversation / writings, can and often does start arguments. Having said this, I must also say it is my true intent for people to have at least an open mind to my points. It isn’t my intent to start an argument, or leave readers with ill feelings towards what was written. But rather open your minds to a problem. Often it is the same problems with in ourself’s. At least I have found this to be true within myself.

Improvements can not be made, until we have a compleat willingness to recognize where the improvements need to be made. Then all that is left to do… IS JUST GET OFF OUR OWN BUTTS!!

Thomas Jefferson said ” Question with boldness even the existence of God: because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason then that of blindfolded fear!” ( Jefferson The 3rd president 1801 – 1809, author of the declaration of independence.) Jefferson must have read this in the bible expressing his thoughts in his statement ( Matthew 6:1-4 )

I have recognized that lately government and the politicians who make up government are trying to bend our hearts and minds using religion of sorts / or religious quotes, speech, attitudes, or values, in an effort to gain more power over us all. All over the world it is not all that different. It can be said that it is government’s efforts to socialize religion, taking advantage of common believes. But if government gets involved in this kind of socialization, doesn’t it also diminish these religious value systems, and beliefs, even to the points of nationalization of morals. Should we, or could we clams any morals nationally? Should we even have such a mind-set as a nation? Despite the nations make up of 97% or so who clams a religious belief of some sort in America, does our government have to reflect our individual beliefs? Should government then have a moral code of ethics all on its own? Should government just reflect the moral effects of the population as a whole? All the while recognizing we all must certainly have differences with regards to religion, and religious beliefs.

Most people have heard of ” separation of church and state. ” ( State being used as the description of a nation, rather than describing different states in this union.) But most have different opinions of what was the common belief at the time of our founding in the USA. The common belief was that on a national scale, there should be no central government who would impose their moral values or version of religion, onto its people. Yet they left the door wide open for individual stats to have, if they wished to create their own say so, on this issues of religion. With the freedoms to be able to move from state to state for any portion of the population if they should choose. ultimately giving us a vote with our feet, should differences of opinion arise. This would then preserve the ability to have, individual religious Liberty.

Today we have a governmental opinion as well some portions of the population has this same opinion in common. The opinion of ” Being offended as being wrong!” The common beliefs then are ,”so corrections must be made for those that are offended.” Which often leads to offending everyone all the same time. It is in this war on being offended some how or correcting every offence no matter how small. Is where the government always seeks to find a perfect compromise. They have convinced themself’s it is the job of the government to always find a compermize.But what they don’t realize is no one can not compromise with the devil! Doing this will only lead to disasters. Because the devil is always in the details!

Lets face it people, if all we are doing is looking for an offence of some kind. Then we will often find 2 or 3 more.

In an attempt to ( Finding a compromise with the devil) the government often uses catch phrases like ( Helping the least among us, Social justices, equality for everyone, equal human rights…ect) Not that these things are wrong in a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world, now do we? When we also consider government doesn’t have the perfect motives involved within any social issues. We now can see there is practically an open door for corruption on a wholesale scale, when evaluating governmental motives.

Power corrupts everyone, and everyone is corrupted by too much power absolutely.

” Government is evil, but a necessarily evil! “  ( Gorge Washington out nations 1st president )

Using terms like those already pointed out, is just misguided charity! All the while it is impossible for governments to act with a true charitable motive factor. In fact a government receives moneys from its people in the form of taxation. Taxes are taken from people by force. Charity is supposed to be given by people from love. A free choice!

With religious liberty those who profess religion, also have some social responsibility’s. Charity is just one of those responsibility’s. Yet with the common standard of charity most of us living in modern society have seen the lines become blurred. The common comment is ” I gave at the office.” with regards to someone raising money for some charity. A true statement when we consider, Taxes paid by force. A government then deciding who, what, where all that money is going. But only after they skim of the top to cover the overhead costs of government officials. So in all, maybe 2 out of every 5 dollars makes it to someone in need.

Years ago the churches of any community were not only the corner stones of the community’s. But a refuge for anyone who needed some kind of help. The people also were more likely to help out strangers, then we tend to do today. Just an observation of sorts.

Take Benjamin Franken for instance. He said ” The national religion of America is charity! The charity of neighbor helping neighbor.”   

In the bible it says ” God loves a cheerful giver.” or ” To whom much is given much is expected.” ( luke 12:48 niv version )

But in the bible Jesus asks the question after observing people who were giving offerings in the temple. ” Which one of these gave more?” There were those who gave a great deal of money. But then there was a women that gave 2 copper coins. ( Luke 21:1-4 niv version )

There is also written in the bible ” The right hand shouldn’t know what the left hand is doing.” Speaking about the motive in giving charity appropriately. (Matthew 6:1-4 niv version )

Are morals, or some kind of value systems held within people so old fashion, to a point of completely being useless in modern society? Government seems to think so. But then government is after power not helping. Progressive people think that government is ideal to give charity to people. But then progressives don’t get that charity was designed for people to be humbled, thankful, as well as allowing charity in helping with controlling the temptations of becoming greedy within themself’s. Besides God also intended to bless those who also give. It becomes hard to bless  individuals, or the government who takes by force through taxation, when all they do is wastes moneys for manipulations. Those are not good, or God like values, or morals, worth the sand they are written in. Just some details,  the devil is always in the details, as I said before.

Any church, religion, or mind-set that also profess some moral values, but looks to the government to do the job of charity. Is just reducing their own social responsibility’s, for their own satisfaction. This is why I say these types of religious values are just an exercise of RELIGIOUS MASTURBATION!

Charity is and was designed for people to get involved with sharing their blessings with other people. Not saying that religious people are blessed more. But saying they should be more aware of, just where blessings are coming from in the first place. If they are so-called or self-proclaimed to be christians, are they also then saying they are christ like? If so? What oblations to society do they then have?

What makes government evil is the manipulation of good meaning people, with a dishonest lie, presented by a professional liar, for the purpose of gaining reelection. In every instance the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. Is freewill choice. Using truth equally when presenting the issues to those who could then choose for themself’s. Along with the knowledge that truth has no agenda! Is never the tactics of the government! Manipulating people with a half truth is evil at best. But getting people to choose something that they would never have chosen it using freewill choice? while governments always are presenting a guilt factor, corrupts everyone equally by spreading the misery equally so.

Nothing destroys so completely then misguided charity, presented in an over abundance way. So the receiver of this charity. Who then needs to do little for themself’s. Shielding good people from failure, or the pain of it, with little to do with regards to making some efforts for themself’s, kills the individual from within. Destroying true potential of any individual by promoting some kind of charity is evil.

Isn’t the purpose of religion, to promote individuals potential, by doing for yourself?

Religious organisations of all kinds have somewhat relived themselves of doing the works of charity’s and promoting these values through acts of faith. But since the creation of the social net by government, faith has been reduced. As well as promoting human potential to its fullest through faith. In short charity is now expected to be a partnership between organisations of faith and government. Everyone excuses themself’s by saying ” The need is greater today, then any one organisation can handle.” So government steps in and forces the issues, through the power of taxation. Have we forgotten Mark 6:30-44?

With forced power of taxation and controlled, along with manipulative charity, government has only destroyed the moral compass, and purposes of government as a whole. A government that engages in economic seduction of its people, deceives them, makes slaves of them!

How is it that churches, or religious organizations that minster, or even their ministers who preach, can then promote social justices as defined by the government? It seem like churches have plenty of money to build grand churches, schools, collages, health hospitals…ect for the promotion of their individual organizational beliefs. Ministers that only pad their own pockets while proclaiming we need to do more with regards to social justices to the extent using governmental definitions. Have just counterfeited faith, by preaching devilish words of false religion. But any faith organisation that allows their government to then undermine human potential through supporting irresponsible life styles rewarded by governmental charity’s. Without speaking out is only destroying faith slowly from within, both on the total organisation, ( Religious, or social society ) as well down to the individual or personal level.

Why would churches do this then? The only thing that would explain it is…. for reduced responsibility’s! They would rather not, take action by acting on faith, by just doing the job that government is doing at present with their social trap. ( I call it a social trap instead of social net.). These organisations have just taken the easy way out, reducing their faith somewhat. Believing in the past failures of governmental social manipulation. Not considering the unintended consequences down to the individual level! After all, over the past 40 plus years of the war on poverty by the government. We still have poverty. In fact we have more of it today then we have had 40 years ago. I think this qualify’s that governmental social programs as being corrosive to the moral fiber of the nation and the nations religions organisations, and individual people as well. All of whom have been trapped by the social trap, by partaking in it. Reducing their value systems. Forgetting faith, or reducing it to a point, that it becomes only an after thought. If it’s  thought about, at all!

Churches then have indeed exchanged responsibility and some of their faith, for an easier existence, through self-gratification. Jumping into bed with government and promoting their version of social justices, through economic seduction, charity, redefining faith, all these abusive actions given through forced taxation of its people. A compleat avocation of true faith, and replaced with, religious masturbation!

Just some thoughts. So what do you think?

All the best.

PS. For what it is worth department ; most of everyone is forgetting these nuggets of truth.

To have riches or in being rich… Matthew 19:16-30 or Mark 10:17-31 niv version on in the same story

Love your neighbor…  Mark 12:28-34 niv version

Just a small amount of faith can … Mark 6:30-44 niv version

Thanks for thinking with me!

Dear Santa this Christmas I want to do away with PC?

No! I don’t have any thing against personal computers, the other PC. No! It’s the( political correctness ) kind of PC, that I have a big problem with! Are you tired of stopping your self from saying something that is common place with most people. But then people who have most problems with others who are not PC are of sorts most problematic, of the uncommon people kind. Just what is the world coming to? Is the question I’m sure you have heard a time or two, as I have. Disappointing that we even have to ask, as if we have no control over our world. We are not the powerless! With only the PC people being the all-powerful. In fact it is the other way around, the weak, and thin-skinned, who are un-sure of themself’s that drives them to a point of total manipulation, in order to force us  unwillingly so, into some sort of political correctness. Also known as being PC!

Words have meanings or so we have all thought. That’s the purpose for a dictionary. To give us a way to look up words and their meanings. To be able to use them correctly.The PC types only have the goal of changing the meanings of words and their use of them in the publics mind, by way of force, manipulation, embarrassment, and when all else fails, use the powerful  lawsuits! Shouldn’t it all be for a positive change if any? Yet PC people have changed these meanings of certain kinds of words. All to rearrange the mindset of society in excepting their political views more easily. It is for the total self-centered, self-indulgent, to be able to appease themself’s, into believing all is well with their lives, and or the choices they’re making in living life. Maybe to cast out of their minds all doubt, or to give into the pinky and the brain thoughts of taking over the world! It is funny that these groups who are in the minority, are trying to control what goes on in the lives & minds of the majority. In a free country, and one who decides things by the attitude of ” Winner takes all!” it is a battle of the definitions of words and the use of them. Only taking on an attitude of complete control through manipulation, for their purposes of avoiding ones own problems with feeling guilty by their own chosen actions or inaction in life. This mind-set of the political correct kind, has only convinced themself’s they are not weak but most powerful.

Those who would use PC in order to change society. Often use it, without the use of really good thought. They are only offended by some words or phrases, and mad as hell because of it.To a point of needing to change this attitude, unjustly so. They often replace these words and phrases, which are ridiculous, if not out right stupidly so! Should anyone oppose their attempt to change words. They have the notion to attack these people with the belief of ” You don’t care about others!” A misguided view indeed. Those who wish to blindfold themself’s with PC attitudes, do not seem to recognize their own self-imposed over barring opinions, of self, as an offence of others. Not recognizing that is being stupid! They often replace words, phrases, and with them the attitudes of average people, in believing these new words are so much better to use. Because they then will not be stepping on other people’s toes. Yet they seem to over look, when in a mine field one shouldn’t make sudden moves!

Going to the US POST OFFICE to mail out some packages for Christmas. I came across many of my reasons why I don’t like to go there. First I got there, the line was out the door with others who had the same thoughts running through their minds. Second the US Post Office has become a place for the homeless to go and stay warm during cold weather. Much like other governmental buildings like libraries. There is a place, the outer court where the PO boxes are, that the homeless just sit and wait for spring I suppose. But for the people like myself who are clearly just trying to conduct business. This only complicates things by creating a human obstacle course.

In the back of the PO box court there was several people just sleeping. In the front of the room by the doors that also lead to the main room where the Post Office was located. There was this young man, who was engaged in a battle with darkness. This epic battle between good and evil. Yet true to form, evil was invisible to all but this young warrior. He seemed to be using kung-fu and some ninja like moves in order to gain the upper hand. The upper hand was  scaring people for sure. Everyone was giving as wide as possible the room needed for the battle that was raging on, while going through this doorway entering the post office.

Once I entered the post office I immediately saw the over sized display of Christmas cards and envelopes. Just for the last minuet forgetful person who suddenly realizes. ” Oh crap! Ant Ellen! At least I have to send her a card.” Not saying this happened, but the thoughts was going through my mind, as I was wasting time standing in line waiting my turn.

Just what is it with the post office and their polices. When a line is out the door they always have just 2 of the 4 stations that are available to serve the public open. Or someone is standing there but not doing anything. When asked they reply. ” I’m at lunch!” At 10:00 AM?

Slowly inching my way closer and closer I come into ear shot of hearing some conversations between the person at the counter and people sending their things off. What a break from the great views of the people in front of me and their backs. Sweet noise. Voices at last other than those who are only complaining about the line. Complaining doesn’t make it move faster. It is just what it is. Hurry-up and wait!

” Merry Christmas! ” a good spirited person said to the post office man behind the counter, as they stepped up to him.

He looked up at the new customer and smiled. ” Sorry I can’t say that! But what I can say is happy new year! So happy new year!” again smiling and then adding. ” How may I help you today?”

Thinking to myself. Did I hear that correctly? What was that?

The man then said he was chasing after some stamps, and wanted to mail off this big box. Seemed unfazed by the statements of the postal worker. Was this the effects of PC? Was this man just wanting to mail and run, just no time to even ask why? He finished up his business and off he went, hoping not to have to repeat the presses so it seemed.

” Next! Can I help the next person please?” The postal worker then called out. The whole line then moved what seemed like two steeps forward, and back one just to give some room for the person in front of you. So it didn’t seem like you were invading their space too much.

” Dude! What is it with you? Don’t you realize it is Christmas? Would it hurt to say Merry Christmas?” This customer was bold I thought. Somewhat making a scene, yet justifiably so.

” Sorry. But we at the postal service have guide lines we must follow, so not to offend any one.” He smiled. Then asked in a friendly voice. ” Now how may I help you today?

” Offend!” The customer laughed. ” You have a Christmas display over there that is bigger than life, right in front of people waiting for your slow butt! And you are not to offend others? Please!” he then sorted out some letters just what he was going to mail out. ” I would like to mail these with 2 day delivery and these here with… when ever santa gets in his US postal slay, and over the house and then drops them over the side.”

Now here is someone with no use for PC people and there stupid systems. They can’t say Merry Christmas? But only saying happy new year. Yet only standing practically under the Christmas banner for all to see, or is it just to sell Christmas cards? Any one see the wisdom behind that one? If your one of those who doesn’t like the fact of, christian celebrations like Christmas? Get some thicker skin, or stay home. Yes my thoughts were working over time. But then it hit me! No one else was even saying with the lowest of voices to each other, anything about this brave soul who was taking on the unrealistic post office rules.

” Hear is your money! You may take some time to see that it says right here IN GOD WE TRUST on it.” He slapped the money down on the counter, and jabbed his index finger onto one of the bills indicating just where it was printed. ” Next time when you, or your kind try not to offend people, check to see just what opinion is in the majority and what opinion is in the majority! Merry Christmas jerk!” Then he to walked out. obviously upset, and offended. The PC postal polices failed for sure.

” Can I help the next person please?” The counter man seem unfazed by the last in counter. I don’t think he saw that he was offending people with the political correctness ordered on him by this governmental agency of stupid polices. Just how does someone become brain-dead to the point of not even seeing it! That in trying to stop the offence of some, you will always offend the rest,if not all!

As the postal man finished up with the consumer in front of him he said.” Happy holidays!” Probably thinking he was smoothing over some ruffled feathers of those still in line.

” Same to you sir. Happy holidays to you.” The customer answered, with a smile. What seem like more of a Christmas spirit in her, then with some of the last few customers. She turned and was gone as well.

Did she realize that she made a choice not to at least express her opinions of what she felt. About what she had to have over heard? Did it matter to her? If not! Why?

I told this story to some of my friends, just what I saw in my experiences at the post office. Most of them got involved with some sort of conversation about the Christmas season in a favorable way. But then there is one. Who thinks that the government has a job to do, making everything fair, and even. Who should also have a separation of church and state like attitude towards everything religious.

“Do you think the government should teach religion in school?”

“No! Are you crazy?” He responded harshly.

“Well they already do! They teach evolution. A belief of sorts, that requires faith. OH ya so does religion. What say you?”

My bud was silent, but still here, so he may still listen to me? ” You do know that religion is a belief that can not be proven with out some doubt, and so, the same things are true with evolution. Because with everything between the two religions, the question remains unanswered. What started it……..? Can you prove it?” I said. But may friend just remained silent, but thinking about what I just said.

“Well would you be surprised if I said we have separation of church and state already?” He shook his head. Bracing himself for what was coming. “Well we do. The separation is not in new PC rules of the day. But in the fact that government doesn’t have an official church. You don’t see anything wrong with a government agency promoting Christmas cards, Yet not being able to have friendly greetings to go with the season to say Merry Christmas? Using Christmas for profit is grand? But has nothing to do with christian believes, and saying it promotes the believe of christians?”

“Well we can say Happy Holiday!” He exclaimed hurriedly.

“Now that’s what is wrong with political correctness ( Being PC.). It makes people with not enough common sence to rub together to show just how stupid PC has and is becoming. The root words and organ of this phrase comes from the old phrase that people with more common sence, used to say THESE ARE THE HOLY OF DAYS. Making a reference to their religious seasons celebrations. This later became HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”

When we have a government only concerned with separation of church and state as not having nothing to do with any religions celebrations. Yet reserves the right to profit from it! They show just how evil they have become. Why do we have to make these separations when we are a christian nation by the over all believes of the population. 97% believe in some sort of GOD. This could then go to say they have believes of such, so they may also go to church. A government should simply reflect its population. If the people choose to say happy holidays, or Merry Christmas, then what is wrong with those who are employed by the government, to be able to choose for them self’s as to which they would respond? As long as it is kind and respectful to all.

Trying to save someone’s offence from Christmas, or the religious aspect of it all. By making polices that along with political correctness should save everyone unequally so, feeling un-comfortable within their own mind-set that is. Some sort of common sence should then come to the surface. Realizing you saved one persons offence, by offending the other persons in your employment. Because they may have these kinds of religious believes. In the end Political correctness ( Being PC ) only completely offends the freedom of thought, equally for everyone!

We have freedom to think, and think as we wish. We have laws to control actions, not thoughts. We have free speech, to speak out as well. There is no need to protect the offended! For they have the freedom to move on and not listen to it. Free speech was and is designed to protect offensive speech. For non-offensive speech needs no protection!

“A person changed against their will, at the end of the day, has the same opinion still!”

Be careful what you wish for!

Merry Christmas. All the best!

Cell phone: GOD: Embarrassment

” Can I see your driver’s licence, registration, and proof of insurance please.” The police officer asked with a kind voice, yet in a commanding way of authority.

I leaned over to the glove box and dug around for the info he was requesting. A type of fear started to build within me as I was looking for the registration. Ah, relieving my fears as I find it at the bottom of the stack of papers. I then turn to digging through my wallet for the driver’s licence. “There you go sir.” I handed him the info that I found, hoping that he didn’t yet have to much of a negative opinion.

“Thanks. Do you know why I’m pulling you over?” He asked as he leaned over to get a better look of my face. He was probably trying to get a better view to find some tells, as if I was or had ben drinking. As well as determining if I was trying to lie to him.

” Thought I was in the limit. But was I speeding?”

“Well I pulled you over because I thought I saw you on your cell phone. Let me check this info out back at my car. Sit still and I’ll get back to you soon. Okay?”

“Okay officer, will do.” I answered. Crap! On the phone. Thought I had my hand covering the phone and gave the look of just propping my head up with it. Guess not! So now what do tell him when he gets back? All so that I don’t get this ticket. What I needed was a real good lie. But what? I glanced back at the police car through my rearview mirror. Yes he is still back there. That gives me more time then. The phone starts to ring again. instinctively I reach out for it, but stop myself short.

” Rick! Stop calling me you idiot!” I said out loud.

Rick was the person I was talking to when I got pulled over. I did tell him that I was getting pulled over, I would be calling him back when I could. So what gives. Stop the calling. I thought. Glancing back and seeing the officer still running my plates I guess. I went back to coming up with a great lie. Hay a good lie, here in the now, will save me like $80.00 or so. This screwed up state is just crazy! Talking with someone on the cell phone is considered distracted driving. But what bull that is. I could be arguing with the person in the passengers seat of my car, while eating a hamburger, and spilling lava hot coffee in my crotch! As long as I’m driving within my lane, and straight, as well as going with the flow of traffic and not looking like I’m on my cell-phone that’s okay? Just the thought of that makes me sick.

“Stop you damn guy. Rick just stop it!” I yelled at the phone on the center council as if Rick could hear me. Now that’s the third time he is calling. Stopping my self is hard but the red and blue lights in the mirror is all the reminder I need. Yes He is still back there. I said to myself once again.

I cant believe this! All I was going to do, was go home! My blue tooth ran out of power and had to use the hand set then. Seem like just for moment or so, and then this! I was going over it like there was a replay button. But what’s the point can’t do anything now. The silence was broken once again by the phone ringing. I glanced back in the mirror just to see where he was and figured if I could answer the call real quick and then get off the phone. I can’t have the phone ringing when the officer comes back up to my car?

” Listen!” I said ” Would have call you back! Didn’t you listen to me when I said I was getting pulled over?” I paused just for a moment to get an answer. Fully expecting Rick to give me some lame excuse.

“Why do you have to talk to me like that?”

“Mom? Sorry mom. I”m getting pulled over, and getting a ticket now, I can’t talk to you!” I tried to explain as fast as I could, but slow enough, so she could understand me.

“What? You have tickets? You could have called me sooner than this you know?”

“Mom! I can’t talk to you right now. I’m getting a ticket! For talking on the phone while driving. I can’t talk!” The excited voice of mine should have given her some clue. So I thought. But she started back in on why didn’t you call sooner. ” MOM! I love you. But I have to come up with a great lie to get out of a ticket right now. Call you latter.” I pushed the button to end the call and put the phone back. But I had this feeling. Glancing slowly back at the police car, but only noticed that he was no longer there. Slowly then turning to the drivers window.

” This is your ticket and if I could get you to sign right at the X please.” The officer instructed, as he pointed to the X and handed me a pen.

I signed it and handed it back. He tore my copy and gave me my driver’s licence, registration, and proof of insurance back to me.

” Just a tip.To lie, all get out of a ticket never works. Just don’t use the phone it is safer that way for everyone. Have nice day.” He tipped his hat and walked back to his car.

He was right! To lie just digs a deeper hole. That was not my real nature. But money was tight and seem like the easy way out of a tight spot. I was stupid! Maybe it was, that I hadn’t gone to church in a while. When I called my mom back and told her what was going on with our earlier phone call. She pasted me with that one as well.

It isn’t that church will do any thing for you by going to it. Like an instantaneous change of ones self! But it will, help those people who see a need to get better control of themself’s. By getting encouragement from others who also have chosen to do so as well. Or just giving people a chance to exchange ideas with each other. So yes, I was coming around to get back to the traditions of my earlier life. Maybe I should, give going to church a try once again?

The day came for getting ready for church. That wasn’t the easiest thing for me. I was used to sleeping in, and just slowing down my time at home on the weekends a bit. But now I find my self running around the house getting ready. You know the shower, getting drest up in my Sundays best so they say, having breakfast and coffee. All the while keeping an eye on the time. Now what! Did I forget something? I asked myself, rushing out of the house, as I got to the car I remembered, that I hadn’t got my phone. Nor, have I checked the messages on it yet. Maybe mom called?  Could there be something wrong? I ran back into the house and grabbed the phone and all the while telling my self that I would only check the messages at traffic lights, or the parking lot of church when I get there.

Getting there, to church that is, was half the trouble for the day, getting there with no problems should have been the first indication that the day was not over and proving to be to smooth to end up problem less. Nothing should go wrong, everyone should have a smooth day once in a while. The day you decide to go to church shood be that way,. Right?

Walking into the church still holding my phone should have told me otherwise. I tried to hook my phone to my belt holster and it only dropped to the carpeted floor. embarrassed, I picked up the phone.

“Welcome to church!” exclaimed this short man with a smile as he handed me the program. ” Have you come before? To this church I mean, or are you new to the area?” He offered a well weathered smile on his face.

” No! Not new to the area. Just thought I would give it a try.” I said some what distracted. I was thinking about the phone. I took the program and offered a smile back to him. ” Thanks. you have a great day as well.”

Getting away a few feet from the man, I checked the phone. It’s okay! Thank God! What a relief, and now to put it on silent mode. I quickly fumbled with it so as not to hold up other people from entering the church, that maybe waiting on me. Finishing up with it as quickly as I could, but now what? No holster to put it in.Thinking to solve a problem I put it into my front pocket, then off to the service.

Sitting down in the sanctuary brought about a new thought to my mind. What if by accident put the phone is on vibrate mode instead of silent mode? I hope no one will call me like the other day? That could be embarrassing. The thought brought a smile to my face, and then a look of concern. Did I put it on the vibrate mode by accident? That’s what it is like to be in my mind I tell ya. I always second guess myself all the time. All I need to do is check it. Easy! But with the phone in the front pocket, making it interesting at the least from a seated position. Just as I was about to go through the motions to check it.

” Can we all bow our heads in a moment of silent prayer for our troops in service of this great country.” Said the minister. Then bowed his head and the conjuration all followed along.

Have you ever seen 200 to 300 people in one big room come to compleat silence. You could hear a pin drop. Yet during the service, even when the minister is preaching, you can hear people with a low buzz talking or coming and going or what not. But not now! Just not a time to check the phone I guess. I tell myself as I followed along with everyone else.

No sooner had we all started to pray silently, than my phone embarrass me! Could it be God speaking to me? By using my crazy friends? Is he trying to tell me to get it together man! Clean up your act! I like to look at it, as if it was like, a cartoon moment like experience. You know? With good angel on one shoulder and bad angel on the other. Each one at times telling me to do this, or that! Both of them telling me now, no more like screaming at me now! “Shut that phone off! Your disturbing a science prayer! God Isn’t going to be happy, just move faster and turn it off!

So there I was fumbling with the phone in my front pocket. Everyone in the place was looking at me, even God was I’m sure! The phone was supposed to be on silent mode but… NO! It wasn’t even on vibrate mode. No porno like screams of OH GOD! Do to the good vibrations. It was far worse. My friends changed my ring tone to Modona’s song ” Like a virgin ” . Because my work can be noisy I had the volume cranked up full blast as well! So when you can hear a pin drop during prayer. Then this? Make no mistake, everyone was looking my way! No way there was any praying going on at all. Even the minister was seeking a peek at me I’m sure.

Finley I got to my phone and it turned off, every thing under control now. I thought. Just breathe a sigh of relief. But true to form I make thing harder on myself. Why? I don’t know why, just my nature I guess.

The woman next to me leaned over to me trying to make me feel better I sure. She said to me in a low voice almost a whisper. ” That’s why I leave my phone at home! But, I do like your song choice.”

“Sorry! I didn’t pick this song out. I hate it in fact. My friends know this, and changed it on my phone in secret. But glad they did now!” I answered with a half-smile, and a red embarrassed facial expression.

“So what kind of song was it, you know the one your friends changed it from? She asked. I think she was trying to calmed me down from the embarrassments, by engaging in some small talk. Making me feel more at ease.

True to form Oppen mouth and insert both feet! So I explained ” My friends know I hate traffic and spend a good part of my day on the road in it. So they thought they would down load the song Highway to hell by….” The look on this lady’s face just screamed stop. Before I could finish ” By the rock band AC/DC” Ya that’s right! I know just what your all thinking. But that’s just me. To answer this woman was the nice thing to do. That’s what we call a conversation / small talk. Being in a church or not, we should be honest with everything, so I believe anyway. probably too much honesty?

So Ya! GOD may use your cell phone to call you of sorts, just so you will rethink your positions in life. Or use of your cell phone at times. Maybe just to let everyone know it is okay to take a break. To slow life down without phones at times. I think so anyway? But Steve Jobs can you show GOD how to text message please? Maybe less embarrassing!

All the best!

Over rated? The responsibility’s of happiness? ( with butt loads of money)

Do we have the responsibility’s of our own happiness? Can someone else have the job to do this for us, on our own behalf please? Should we give this job away, or what?

I had someone ask me the question ” Can you or any one make me happy please?” When I heard this at first I was surprised. But did the quick thinking, and didn’t answer to fast, in fact I didn’t answer it at all. The way I see it, just a Damned if I do, and or damned if I didn’t answer. So I quit while I was a head. But that didn’t stop me from wondering about that question and how funny it was to be asked in the first place.

Isn’t life supposed to be experienced? Rather than having it work out as expected? Success is not guaranteed just by showing up, but in having to make some effort in getting there. At times we get short-changed in some goals we have for ourself’s. That’s why life should be experienced! I say. The good, the bad, and the indifferent??

Some people must look at the experience of life, as getting to one goal and then to another, or at the least having successfully gotten to a goal, as the point of measuring up one self for success or happiness? But what if it doesn’t come as fast as we wish for? Can we still find happiness? What if life gives us a delay in getting there? It doesn’t mean that we will never get there, or does it? Is life stacked against us? Is it?

We all have our own up’s and downs in life. But whether we stay up and or down is more of a choice we make on our own! If we always look to the negative side of life, then we may not even be try, in getting after our goals or even letting ourself dream them. But having too much of a positive out look may bring us to unrealistic views in life as well. Thus when we get knocked down, depression may set in. Setting ourself’s up for a let down, just as we are met with unseen challenges. This is what its like to swing back and forth, between the up’s and downs. So how do we just stay kind of in the middle of the road, on these moods?

Some may feel like setting smaller goals? But I find these people are in need of instant gratification, as a way of finding self-worth, and a worthwhile goal for their efforts. Still others are looking for people who will help them get there. But are these just followers of sorts who fancy themself’s as leaders? Not that we don’t need help from others at times, we shouldn’t expect them to help in order to succeed.

We have lots to learn from the successful people in our world. All we need to do, is follow their success, and learn how they got there, in order to find our success. Yes I do think my success is different from yours, or anyone else’s. The first steps of success is learning the art of dreaming. Each of us dreams differently, and has diffident dreams. So success is not just getting to one thing, or having the same things!

Example of todays success:

Butt loads of money! Nice indeed to wish for, it makes it a lot easier to be able to pay the bills! To also have the things of money like, homes, cars, vacations, women/men, getting to be on TV, and not having much to worry about, simply because you have butt loads of money. You may say “It’s all good!” right? But then you find you are just a target. Having friends from grade school, or people who you don’t even know! Who will then call themself’s your friend. Just looking for free hand outs? Funny how it is when other people see you in having money, they easily come to believe that you should also be willing to buy their friendship. The government will also look to you as a villan, for having money, calling you the greedy rich! Sounds like more worries in having money, then when you were just looking for more money? Besides look at all of the movie stars who have drug, or alcohol problems, and relationships that only last long enough to spend all of the moneys they have, or just staying in these relationships long enough, just to get better divorce deals. Only the lawyers then will get about 1/3 to 1/2 of what the take is in the deal. So now you have now come full circle. Are you still looking to success as defined as getting to, or having,” butt loads of money”?

Just an example I know. It comes down to management of all we do, or have in life. But what we do with the unexpected things that come up in life? How do we handle it? Is that the true measure of success? You know give a man a fish or teach a man a fish. It doesn’t make much sence to me to worry too much about getting to a goal or goals we set for ourselves. Enjoy the trip along the way in getting there. As long as you’re doing something. Like working at it! That’s the most important thing! Getting there is just the mile marker, in finding a new place to fish.

” The greatest sin in life isn’t in getting knocked down! But in staying down!” Quote unknown to me, but you may have heard it before.

In the end, it isn’t what we have, or what we loose in life. That makes us happy or unhappy. It is not just in the joy of our ups, nor is it in the hating of our downs, that leads to our happiness. It’s not even in the getting to our goals, that leads to our happiness in the future. Well maybe just short-term happiness that is? No! I think it is in the attitudes we have and those we express in living our lives. It’s the attitudes that give us the inner strength to get up when knocked down, to take the next step, and enjoy the trip along the way, to share in the joys with someone else who looks like they may need it. To strengthen ourself’s by a positive attitudes. That will also  give us the strength to carry those who have all but have given up on their dreams, as well as giving us the strength to share a gift of our dreams with a stranger.

Positive attitudes are the secret to happiness. You can gain the world and yet still feel alone! In this place and time, we share these moments, with everyone we come in contact with in life. It is how others see us then, or the attitudes we express. That will make the difference, in our journey through life. Making it then as good as it can be.

Having things is great! But having happiness is better! You have a better chance at both when you apply a positive attitude in everything, and towards everyone!

Expect nothing other than an equal opportunity to chase your dreams in life. Do not believe the fallacy that everyone will and should have equal out comes, through unequal efforts in life!

Remember! Charity resets the attitude when we get to big for our britches! It also reminds us that the only thing we totally control in life, is our choices, our actions, our attitudes.

Maybe then we may choose to ware something other than spandex, thus relieving the squeezing pressure on our brains. That would make me happy. How about you?

Happiness to all! All the best!

GOD is missing!!

Two little
boy were excessively mischievous. In short they usually went looking for trouble,
and had great success in finding it. The parents of these boys knew that if
there were any mischief it was probably their boys involved in it. The mother
of the boys heard that there was a preacher in town that was quite successful
with disciplining disobedient kids. So she went to the preacher and asked him
to speak to her two boys. The preacher agreed to look into doing what he could
do. He insisted in seeing the boys individually. The mother decided to send the
younger one first, in the morning and then the older one in the afternoon.

When the
door open and the little boy entered the preacher’s office, the preacher
thought to use his big size, and deep voice to his advantage. “Come on in and
have a seat in this chair.” He said with a slight smile. The boy came over and
sat down lightly, then settled in.

The preacher
scratched his chin and then turned quickly saying with a loud deep voice. “Where
is GOD?” The mouth of the little boy dropped open and was truly amazed in hearing
this kind of question.

No real big
reaction from the little boy, so the preacher thought to try again. “Where is
GOD Son?” this time saying it with more of a deep voice from deep down inside
of his diaphragm. The boy’s mouth still hung open but his eyes widened.
Becoming bigger and round.

The preacher
again used his thundering deep voice and said. “Just where is GOD boy?” The boy
couldn’t take it he got up and ran out screaming on the way out. He ran all the
way home, ran up the stairs and into his room and into his closet slamming the
closet door shut!

His older
brother came running in to see what was happening. Opening the closet door he
saw his brother sitting in the back of the closet scared and with wide eyes,
looking back at him. “So what are you doing in there?” He asked expecting some
fantastic story or ½ truths.

The boy exclaimed
excitedly. “We are so screwed! GOD seem to be missing and they think we did

All the best!

Thanks Rennie for sending me the story.

How to embrace the life you never planed on having.

Just what do you think about motivational speakers? Do they really work, on reacquainting some individuals with the motivation to go out and live life? Have we all come to be frustrated, with living to a point of not knowing how? So we need motivation!? Or is it that we never have really answered all of our questions, that we may have on living life? I certainly don’t have all of the answers either. But I guess you didn’t get the big dusty old book of the top shelve in your parents house with the title of, ” Life’s great rules book!” or was it ,”Don’t plan to much, life is disappointing! It’s all to make you stronger.” or this ” Success in 5 minuets a day!” But what is life’s success? Is it money, houses, cars ( luxury cars, or for “kids”, cars like in “pimp my ride!”), hot women, trips, jobs ( not the kind of jobs like… do you want fries with that? But important jobs.) and ect.. is that success? So just how do you prepare yourself for life, when you grow up? How do you embrace the life you never planed on having? do you know?

Watching the show entertainment tonight on TV. one night. I saw stories about “burnout in hollywood”. It was hard for me to relate to these people who seemed to have the world by its tail. They were ( I mean the people I’m talking about) all good-looking, they had money, homes, could do anything they wished for, and seem to have no problems finding good-looking people to be with or have as a spouse, in sharing life together. So what gives, working too hard? Having some troubles on how to spend their money, or where to spend it, or was it that they already have 5 houses full of stuff, and have more than one of everything? ( You know sending some my way was over looked from your lists! Thought you would like to know.) But for real! Was it the money, or finding the time for the spending of it, this clearly wasn’t the problem! Yet, here is the stories about burnout. After the show I had a better understanding. Drugs, alcohol, parties / over indulging of them all, loves and lovers that used them for  ATM’s!! All of these things would ware on a mind and the self-confidence or the esteem it controls. Mental conditions were also part of it, but was not mention. The condition, where one would think that everyone wanted their money, and they had little else to offer. Was this a way to live a life, where everything came your way because a lucky break, or your good looks, and or acting skills as the talents you possess. Success seemed like a curse on these people for some reasons, and life was just tarring them down despite a bright future. Maybe they never totally knew how to embrace the life you never planed on having.

motivational speakers, financial planners, business managers, groupies, also known as body guards, religious advisors, just to name a few, as these people had come to be trusted in there lives. They all were being paying for services that should have also included in it, looking out for their employer first! Right? But the folly of that is everyone looks out for themself’s first, then the employer. If they feel like they were about to lose their jobs because of what ever. They will find a way to build up the importance they bring to the table and try to give an impression that they are ir-replaceable. That’s “looking out for number one.” as we all know it. No one likes to be faced with, or have to deal with, the uncertainties of life. Few of us really control everything in life, and few of us control the things that we can in life. Both will give the impression that life is totally out of control. This is only a half truth, we can control some things in life, like where we are going to live, the kind of house we live in, what car we drive, who are friends are, and when we will do things with them, just to name a few things in our control. But the things we don’t control entirely is natural disasters, health, relationships, when we die…ect. I think you get the picture. What is important, ” is to choose to control what we can, and not to worry about the things that are beyond our control.”

So how do we then find value in our lives? If it isn’t the things we have, or do so much, what is it then? Do we give all we have away to the poor and then we will be happy? Trying to be there for all of our friends, or family, along with work, leaves not much time for ourselves to re-charge the batteries. So how can we find some importance with this life and then being able to embrace it?

There was Jill, laying as comfortable as she could in her hospital bed. The rush of all of the doctors, and nurses going from place to place tending to other patients, didn’t give her to much of a chance for peaceful rest in her bed. Her thoughts ran wild at times with questions. Why? Why me? I’m still young and for me to end up here is just… She was interrupted with a nurse checking up on her. She said ” How are you felling?

” Just okay, considering.” Jill answered. the nurse continued to check the all of her vitals signs. Jill was going in for surgery on a brain tumor. Risky at best, but doctors are better at this sort of thing now compared to a few years ago. The nurse finished up and reminded Jill ” next time we see you we will be going in for surgery prep. Okay?” Jill nodded, not so reassured that all was going as planed or will be okay. She tried to close her eyes to rest by staying calm. Out of the self-created quiet she had made for herself, she heard a voice. opening her eyes, thinking here we go, she was surprised to see a little girl.

“Hi. My name is Beth, what is yours?” Beth had a small voice, with a low tone, her face had a white kind of color to it but pleasant to look at. She was standing there looking at Jill with a smile, holding onto a pole with a drip bag attached to it,and a cord that ran to her arm.

“oh! Hi, I’m Jill, nice to meet you but.” Jill was cut off by Beth.

“So what do you have?” Beth got closer to Jill.

“Well.” Jill stopped briefly to gather some thoughts. How much do I tell her? She is so little, will she understand? ” I have a brain tumor, and will shortly go for surgery.” she said in deciding to spill the beans.

“Oh! Sorry for that! I have cancer.” Beth said. But Jill didn’t hear all that she was still saying. Her thoughts ran crazily through her mind. How is it possible for this little girl to have cancer, she is so young and hasn’t had a chance. Thoughts were interrupted by Beth saying. ” So ya. They did everything they could. Now I’m just here so they can make me more comfortably. But I would rather be home.”

” So You are…” Jill didn’t wish to scare this little girl but how do I say it, she searched for the words.

” Yes, I’m going to die here.” Beth said, but she didn’t have a sad voice. Strange, that she had a relieved kind of disposition about her. “But you will get better.” She added.

Jill thought about this young life that was okay with the cards dealt to her. But why? If she had this kind of problem like this, why is she not more, like angry, upset, disappointed, scared? Yet she was nice to talk to. She seemed like more concerned with how I’m doing rather than how is was. A nurse came into the room and interrupted the two. ” Have to give you this shot to get you ready for surgery okay Jill” said the nurse. Beth was at the foot of the bed just looking on as the nurse did her job. The nurse finished up and said “this will take some time but will make you drowsy.”

Beth inched up closer to Jill when the nurse left the room. She lifted up a raged stuffed animal that had been attached to her pole. “Here! This will help you sleep, and make you convertible as well.” She handed it over to Jill. ” You can give her back after your better, or you can keep her if you like.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Thanks so much.” Jill exclaimed sleepily, just trying to be kind. “I will give her back to you when I get out so she can make you comfortable again. okay?” The little girl placed her hand on Jill’s and just smiled back.

The nurses came back a few moments later and did final prep to roll the hospital bed and Jill out to surgery. Beth was over to far side of the room looking on. Jill though drowsy tried to look at her new-found friend as she was wheeled out of the room. Giving a small hand wave to her as she went.

When Jill came out of surgery, and was in the recovery room, she was still holding the ragged stuffed animal. Her thoughts went back to her little friend Beth. Wondering how she is? Hope I can see her soon to give her back the stuffed animal again. But .. what if.. no I’m not going there. She thought! A nurse entered the room to look after Jill and how she was doing. Jill tried to reach out to get the nurse’s attention. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” she said again, and again.

” Yes, can I get you some thing?”

” Ya. the little girl who gave me this stuffed animal. How is she? Or how can I give her back her stuffed animal? I would like to tell her it worked, and now she might need it more than I do..”

The nurse interrupted her. ” You need to be quieted down, and try to rest now.” Re-tucking blankets up.

“But she has cancer and may need this just to make her feel better!” Jill insisted.

” I don’t know what or who you’re talking about. There are no little girls or kids in this hospital. They would be in children’s, not here.” The nurse finished up with making her comfortable and then added. ” now try to rested up, you just got out of surgery. Okay?” Jill nodded. puzzled about it all. The nurse left the room and once again Jill found herself in an empty room by herself.

Like Jill we are often given a new lease on life, not by avoiding death by chance or luck, but realizing that we make mistakes and we have the ability to repair them. For Jill she realized that not always looking at ourself’s and the places we are in at life is the best for us. It makes us only have unrealistic outlooks, or expectations. Being happy is being comfortable with who we are, and knowing that we can always do better. So while we are trying to do better we should always share with other people who have less than we do. Just the act of kindness to someone who we may not even know goes a long ways for us. Much like the burnout’s of hollywood, when we only see ourself’s, in everything that we do, and we only do everything for our self’s. That is totally what will be limiting ourself’s with our actions, experiences, and things we have, draining us out, leaving us empty as people. Only looking for the next thing. But when we share with others, even what little that we have, or how much we have, would alow us to be filling ourself’s up unlimited, far beyond our brims.

We should recognize as well come to realize, that we all didn’t ask to be living, in this time, and place. But we all must choose to travel down life’s path way to its end. Some experiences are best to have been experienced by ourself’s, but they are few in number. Life was ment to be shared with people. Making it our goal to share ourself’s with others will make the experiences better and easer, besides you never know when you will be the recipient of get a helping hand from someone else in this way. When you’re only goal is looking at yourself, your missing out on the views in life, and the experiences that are beyond yourself. How then can you even begin to embrace the life you never planed on having?

“Would you like to be remembered by what you had in life, or what you were able to do with what you have in life?” Quote unknown.

Alow yourself to be venerable in life, is to be strong-willed in the living of life. Rarely do we get stronger if we don’t exercise ourself’s, by experiencing challenges in our life’s experiences, as well as overcoming them, is life’s exercise to strengthen the sole, and maximizing the living of ones life. Some of those challenges we will win, and some we will lose. Overcoming those challenges, along with the help of others, or by us helping others, or just our hard work, is what makes the winning sweeter! How will you embrace the life you never planed on having?

To give is better than to receive,and by far more in powering!

All the best!

Honestly… little white lies ?

WOW ! What happened to honesty? Honestly…little white lies, just become the new honest? Don’t parents teach their kids that telling a lie is bad anymore? I guess not, because people in general just use dis-honesty to their advantage, or to gain an advantage. When they get busted (and they all do) they use the excuse of ” It’s just a white lie! Not a big deal.” Or ” well in the realm of lies there is, black ones, and white ones, that wasn’t so bad!” Implying that they should be excused for their little white ones. But when they are on the receiving end of someone telling them a little white lie. Hell hath no fury like a liar scorn! I know ! I borrowed the saying as well as changed it to fit. But for real, the complaints of those liar’s being lied to is just like that. If it wasn’t bad enough that they lied to others, as well didn’t think anything about it. In their mind it was a little white lie. But that bastard, or bitch, that deceived them in the same way.” How dar they lie to me!” They say with the kind of anger that makes the son of satan tremble!

Religious people do it as well, all thou not as much, but just the same they believe the black / white thing about lies too! religion should have taught them better. Not to make perfect people out of religious ones, but they are  supposed to be aware of what is going on between good and evil. Having said that, yes I believe that a lie is a lie! It is just something that someone used in order to take advantage of someone else by their own choices. Because of that they believe in the lie, they make a choice based on a lie, they wouldn’t have chosen to do so…. if they would have known. So yes it make it an evil thing, or at least an evil lie. A church going individual that knows this and yet continues to act out, with this kind of dis-honesty, must certainly have their motives brought into question. Most church going people do teach their kids not to lie, not to sway anyone to believe something untrue. But liar’s are found at, and as well go to church in a regular way. People that go to church in a regular way, also as a habit have a value system that says that a lie is evil, or at least real bad. Everyone myself included seem to have a problem in calling someone out when they lie to them. The more public the liar’s the harder this seem to be. Why?

When you consider that politicians are professional liar’s, and lie on demand like a train dog, why are people who can figured this out, not interested more, in call them out on it? Why are people not more outraged, when they get lied to by our politicians? Yet ready to rip into people that they know that lied to them! ” Well, you can’t trust layers or a politicians!” so everyone say’s. No surprise that so many layers are also politicians right? When you look at a politicians job descriptions you would find these quality needed in order to be able to be an affective politician, as well-being able to do the job outstandingly so. Son of satan is trembling once again!

1) Look good in your appearance. reference ( Obama )

2) Be able to think quick on your feet, by choosing words carefully, and responding well to questions, all the while looking like you know everything. Remember also to looking good! (aka. look like a know-it-all !) reference ( Bill Clinton, Obama )

3) When you don’t know what you’re talking about, then lie! If your backed into a corner with questions you know nothing about then deflect the question to someone else. Who will then lie for you or on your behalf. If you’re all by yourself no one to deflect too, then lie your ass off! Not forgetting to be convincingly! smiling a lot helps with the deception!  reference ( Joe Biden , Obama )

4) When caught in a lie denied it, denied it, denied it and quickly cover with a better lie. reference ( Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Obama )

5) When representing this country to foreign leaders, or having to negotiate with other country’s / and there leaders. Then remember that this is the big time of liar’s convention. Lie most convincingly! No second chances here! Success here is being  able to tell everyone in the most convincingly of way to go to hell!! All the while they will look forwards to making the trip, getting very excited to get the directions on how to get there from you, is good!! deceptions are working! Remember to smile a lot, looking your best, dress you’re best, lie you’re olympic gold best!! reference ( Bill Clinton, Maxie Waters )

6) When arriving home and having to reporting back to the people in an address of some sort, remember you got into this office by being a convincing liar. look like you just returned, having removed satan’s balls with your lies or at least look like you’re the olympics champion, and you just received the gold! Keep a straight face, look you’re best and continue to do what your good at. Lie! Lie! Lie! reference ( Obama , Richard Nixon ) reference ( Hillary Clinton ) For removing the balls of satan thing!

Knowing that most of this nation is religious, like 97%, why do we have politicians, so willing to run for office, knowing they will have to lie! Yet they also have so little regard for the principle of truth, that is they make it, more easily to recklessly abandoned those principles, at the sometimes telling their children. ” Don’t do it or you will go to ….” No wrong use of words!! ” you will get GOD mad at you! So don’t lie!” Somewhat empty words or advice coming from a  self-proclaimed religious professional liar and or politician! Would you feel comfortable giving this advice to your children? Or what would you do, when they offer up the excuse ” Well there is something called a white lie mom / dad.”? It’s maybe a good time to reevaluate! If we are not teaching the next generation not to lie, that it’s not good! When, will we expect the same out of our leaders, like politicians, MOM’s, DAD’s, kids, or everyone in society, when we all are interacting with them regularly? Will we be better prepared to call them out? Or at least take them to task on some responsibility for poor decision. Or are we all going to have the attitude of ” honestly…. little white lies?

“It takes just as much faith to believe in a lie, as it does to believe the truth. The difference is a lie doesn’t exist without your believes in it !!”   Quote unknown.

All the best!


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