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The YMCA cry-babies of tomorrow.

Creating the YMCA cry-babies of tomorrow.

While tomorrow never comes, it seems some have yet to learn–that you can please some of the people some of the time, but it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Defending against, or trying to eliminate, having to at least once in your life-time, being offended by something or someone, is the ultimate exercise in educated insanity.

As more and more accusations of racism are disproportionately placed onto society’s different activities, it leads to question, what are we really teaching the next generation? It seems it is more favorable to give an education equal to a social lobotomy, then to give a common sense approach in providing a well-rounded education. Is it the job of the educational system and the employees of that system—the teachers, to teach social paralysis by supporting “Political correctness”, and there by the inability to use common sense to solve problems; choosing rather to shying away from difficult situations, over being impactful and positive in their resolution?

A North Dakota elementary school will not be having a talent show this year. Apparently having kids dress up and perform as the pop-rock band the “Village People” once did, is now crossing the racist lines drawn in the quagmire imaginations of the social bullies of political correctness.

A pop-band reproduction of the classic Village People song “YMCA”, while dressing up as the original band—an “American Indian, a Policeman, a Cowboy, a Biker, and a Construction Worker; while the flamboyant band might be seen as offensive to some viewers’ senses, exposing six-year-old children to accusations of racism might strike many parents in the district and across the nation as an inappropriate response or reason to the talent show cancellation.

In typical fashion the school losses out on a teachable moment, whereby they could act as educators of both young and old alike. Instead they run for cover, paralyzed in fear from the prevailing sentiment of the highly sensitive political correct bullies.

The iconic band that tried to represent a large swath of a typical American citizen by dressing in costume as an American Indian, a Policeman, a Cowboy, a Biker, and a Construction Worker; is now off-limits for young kids hoping to have a little fun by performing in costume alike. Because it’s been determined to be “Racist” to don garb associated with the American Indian—representing one-fifth of the Village People.

Nearly 20 years ago, leftist icon Hillary Clinton wrote a book expanding on the proverb that it “Takes a village to raise a child.”

Apparently the band—“the Village People” have no place in the process of even a half-hearted attempt at education by celebrating (even in costume) a large segment of working America society.

How are we to teach kids to be more inclusive of our differences as people, if we exclude those same differences from view?

How are we to teach kids anything if they are being taught to be hypersensitive, to run and hide, to give-up and quit, due to the complaints of the thin-skinned and easily offended?

We truly are raising a generation of easily offended “Cry-Babies”, ultimately they will demand a participation trophy for running away and tuning out, instead of solving something for society’s benefit or making a positive improvement for those yet to come.

Walking just off the beaten path

Walking just off the beaten path

It seems the only memories that adults have of childhood fun is too often caped by their negative experiences. Just imagine back when you were a kid and when you first stepped into dog crap! What exactly where you doing, or what thoughts were going through your mind right up to that point when you took that step? You probably don’t remember? Or you don’t know or have forgotten the whys or even the where’s to those times. Were they were happy fun times that then suddenly changed? Being so much younger than, then now, did you change your views of having fun in grassy fields, despite the uncomfortable memory and feeling of yucky on your shoes?

Why is it as adults we constantly look for the hidden crap in life? Can’t we just except there are risks in life? Shouldn’t we be more in tune with our attitudes towards these uncomfortable risks? Because our attitudes are the only obstacles in getting to that land where the impossible is possible finely arriving at happiness? We should all be more accepting at times in working hard in achieving our goals, remembering you have to get your hands a little dirty once in a while because every kind of success both big and small like grassy fields have hidden crap along the way!

I had this opportunity to go to a public event where there was plenty of diversity. Young and old from the ages of brand new to 100 years, represented by every type of ethnicity the world had to offer. There was singing, dancing, games, food & drink, and all kinds of other fun in the sun. For the kids plenty of toys—things to climb, swings, and small hand toys (balls etc.) to play a verity of games with. It was a good time for people watching, as well as friendly competitions like the pie eating, or watermelon eating contests. This day had all of the essential ingredients needed for the well-designed machinery of an all-around good afternoon lubricated into a well running social event sustained with the suns warmth, suntan lotion, and cold drinks.

Watching some young kids I noticed out of the corner of my eye. A girl talking to another girl, not so surprising to see all by its self, but these two were different kinds of different, not to say ethnicities as well. Again no real shock here for me but for the intolerant type, I’m sure they were thinking “what gives”?

I notice the kids were playing around with all the different toys, following each other, encouraging each other even challenging each other to some games that they made-up on the fly. Other kids soon joined in to the fun, turning into a real cornucopia of ethnicities while interacting peacefully sharing in that thing we all could use in our life once in a while called… fun!

I was beginning to think of this day, or this place as just a dream that I was having. It seemed too much like that impossible dream Marten Luther had in his speech “I have a dream”, where he hoped that people would judge people not on the color of one’s skin but by the content of character. But then it seemed I was just dreaming?

Somehow adult humans seem to forget their inner child and the ability to dream the impossible while making the impossible possible happen. Is that really too much to ask?

All though I was somehow reminded of all of the rhetoric in the news that was being bantered around of late, the Travon Marten trial events with all of the racist comments seen on the internet (Facebook and twitter and alike), not to say or add into the mix the social hucksters of hate–you know the types I’m talking about? Those ex-minister’s or self-proclaimed ones, those community leaders who seem to have an endless supply of money for themselves while claiming to be the voice of the poor, as they empty the poor’s pockets, in exchange they filling their minds with social contempt. Yes those people, the ones who make the news in an effort to divide a nation by claiming not to judge by color of skin, but by protecting and promoting one skin color problems over the others. Casing guilt, and blame towards, and within the content of characters possessed within the oppositions skin color for public popularity and personal gain. Somehow all of this rhetoric reminds me of children complaining about dog crap on their shoes. We know better, by making constant complaints just a person’s personal game being played out so they will not have to get their hands dirty in making an effort on their own.

Last I checked Racism (the hatred of a different ethnicity simply by the virtue of hating that person because they were born into it) never seems to be accepted as the same car driven home into the minds of others in reverse by the race baiters.

At what point in life does the birth of racism breathe its first breath of hatred?

Wisdom is supposed to be a collection of experiences, values or views, timeless principles–whether they are moral or religious tenets, in the pursuit of any and all discoveries of the truth. For truth needs no consensus or public popularity to prove it exists, it simply stands on its own as fact!

So where does racism come from? How is it so appealing to people who would individuality accepts the persona, the disposition, the nature, and the temperament of racism as a value? The forgetfulness of humans who would practice racism, must have first have forgotten the golden rule–Treat people in the same way that you would have them treat you in return. Or the last 6 of the 10 commandments for those who claim to be religious but would build a façade out of religious belief–thinking they are being religious and yet accepting the smallest degree of agreement to those who would express their own brand of racism while claiming some religious superiority? Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, you guys shouldn’t be throwing any stones–if you know what I mean?

Yet Sharpton Still Gets Pass: rape hoaxer Tawana Brawley begins paying defamation damages 25 years later… http://nyp.st/13Emx4E  via @nypost

How could anyone think a collection of adults in society or in government could eliminate the racist view or even the curriculum within the secret school of racism that seem to exist? No amount of government regulations or even a branded mindset of “social justice”, or “collective salvation” will ever remove the self-chosen thoughts of division. Critical thinking could if used properly. It could eliminate the closed mindedness of racism, or people choosing to see everyone else in terms of ethnicity. Racist thoughts are only based on assumptions without testing them for verified results of truth. Remember truth can stand on its own, and doesn’t need any support to do so. It is deceptive humans that have conceive the ideas in an effort to manipulate, to change truth as they rationalize to themselves and others there is no need for any applications of self-examination to their attitudes or definitions of truth. Racism exercises tenants of mental gymnastics, bending and twisting, massaging at will in order to cast blame while doing the exact same things to others. Even claiming to be offended doesn’t create an exemption to offend.

The secret school of racism does exist because from my views of reality on this day it seems people can celebrate of all types of ethnicities coming together under the sun. Even those people kids with preconceived hidden thoughts deep within their minds, that I’m sure have at least for one moment in time allowed themselves a rest from the taxing energies of hate. Not allowing these feelings to boil to the surface and being expressed outwardly does show proof positive it can be controlled by choice.

So in full view for everyone to see or to take notice of these kids aged from 3 to 7-year-olds playing without a care in the world, with no animists towards racism, no one was seeking any dividing forces of color, or even noticing ethnicity. They see the endless possibilities of collaboration to achieve fun expressed in discovery of just what it means to “judge not, unless you are judged.” they value other little people by their content of characters and in sharing in the fun. So it easy to see every negative is taught and learned from adult examples or the lack thereof….??

Somehow in a world where adults rule the day, claiming great wisdom and the only ones to have the ability to teach children, it seem some of the great wisdom is purposefully over looked allowing their own biases and temptations though secretly held within; they are teaching biases, prejudices or at the very least they have failed to teach the importance to fight against those negative thoughts within the mind once they are thought of. Instead they choose to rely on the government to pass regulations, laws, or create greater amounts of manipulative peer pressure through political correctness; as if partialities are a forgone conclusion as being able to eliminated racism in the minds of people who have actively chosen to practice it. There is no time travel, there is no such thing as correcting the wrongs of the past by engaging in the same actions but in reverse in the present. It is impossible to eliminate ones offence by also offending another. It is just as impossible to please everyone at the same time, all of the time.

At some point all people, if not then the people in government must certainly realize that “people changed against their will are of the same opinion still”.

The power of racism is therefore in each one of us and we could end it once and for all if only we would choose to do so? The proof of that is right here… as I watch these playing kids. We could all embrace the lost knowledge of our childhood wisdom instead of casting it aside as being unwise, inexperienced, and childish. Because the way I’m seeing it these kid who are strangers are interacting with each other peacefully and having fun. This isn’t because of some lack of experience or any problem for them, its adults refusing to be adults.

Ending the hidden and secret schools of racism is only possible if individual adults stop going down that well beaten pathway and stop applying for those teaching positions that seem to be always available! Collectively we can’t change today instantaneously, but certainly we can impact tomorrow’s results with today’s actions.

Words have new meanings!

          Have you all noted that all words are not used the same way as they once were? Maybe not the same way, or used in the same sentences, or by people who apply their meanings to them. Or is it that we no longer alow people to express themself’s the same way?

          political speaking, we can not use the same words as someone in the streets. Just a fact and I do not make the rules here. But saying the four letter words like …. oop’s just about let some fly! You get the point? You would never have a politician saying those kind of words in front of the masses, right? So it is safe to say that political correctness has and will change the way people use words, some for good and some for worse. But what about other words where the meanings are being changed by political correctness? Like.. do I dare say them now, and here….. well you bet I will! I’m not for one for stopping when a point should be made. The word is ( Racist)!

         Have you ever been called this just because you disagree with the people who you were with? How about just because you disagreed with a politician and their views, policies? Welcome to the party so to speak! The word has been hijacked from the true meaning and given a new definition. The political correct one. NOT! People just apply words like this just because they can not argue with brain power, or the art of persuasion. You happen to disagree, and bam! Hit with small-minded BS, (political correctness).

         It is not that I do not believe in the fact that racists and racism, has not been damaging to everyone in the world, not only my country. But to call one because they disagree with….. (You fill in the blank) then you are the misguided user of the word. You are insulting those that have truly been on the receiving end of racism!

        More than that, it is the misguided soul that uses words like that  is leading us down the road of loosing our GOD given right to be out spoken with free speech.

          “Free speech was designed to protect offensive speech, for non offensive speech needs no protection.”

           It’s not that we should go out to offend  people with speech of ours, but just to keep in mind that no one like our governments should control what is offensive speech. Ya, the four letter words well that’s just over the top. But to be called racist just because someone doesn’t like what you are saying or what you’re words mean for real…. that’s something else!

          The old word (Speakeasy) used to have a meaning also. A place to go to get liquor at a time when liquor was illegal to get. So people would go to the speakeasy’s and get drinks. I say it is time to apply a new meaning to this word, just to catch up to those who would apply, misguided ones of course, like new meanings to the word racist.

          (Speakeasy) definition: to speak easily, freely about anything, and should be given the fair chance to explain with other words in a most persuasive way possible.

          Enjoy free speech, and speakeasy!

          “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” G. Beck

          all the best!


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