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Never underestimate the awesomeness of someone disappearing from your life, who would rather hold you back from change, in order to remain in comfortable surroundings. Even if that someone should be you!

Never allow yourself to accept an average existence to someone else’s expected conformity to their dreams. But seek out the your own path of breakthroughs.

Some say, if you make good sound judgments, breakthroughs will seemingly fall from the sky. Life will be easy. You’ll be an overwhelming success. But then good judgments come from experience. And all of that comes from bad judgments being made in the first place.

So it is easier to look for the easy way out of any of life’s problem by seeking out a miracle breakthrough provided by someone else to you. But then, you’d be living up to someone else’s risk reward, success or failure, dreams vs. realities, not to mention their willingness to extend their own efforts to you. Not really any breakthrough you can hang your hat on. What is this thing called a breakthrough really?

Breakthrough’s are those small moments in our life, in specific portions of time, where we have tried so hard to overcome an impossible problem, and then we get one more flash of an idea that enters our brain. Now try this! Is that sudden spark of an idea kindled in our subconscious and all it takes is that spark to create a fire, to uncover that breakthrough. Be it a specific answer that we’re looking for. To that working challenge, or some relationship challenges, or just some great obstacle encountered along life’s road towards our dreams, all of these things may require another try. When seemingly we have already made all of the then known attempts at overcoming them.

If you are looking for a breakthrough, or trying to overcome a problem, within yourself, or within a relationship, at work, or with a working relationships and or project. In short, solutions to all. We must remember there is no such thing as a drive-through breakthrough. There is no fast food ordering window for some future success with little efforts. There is no such thing as a happy meal without effort made of ourselves in finding those breakthroughs. There are only moments or pauses where we have to wait for that lightning strike of an idea to enter our thoughts–creating a pathway that may also produce that breakthrough we are looking for. Yet an idea alone isn’t any guarantee that a breakthrough is happening, or will happen.

Solutions come from trying things. Learning from things, learning things from our efforts while actively trying to move forward. We only get to have breakthroughs by going through. We don’t get to see changes happen without efforts unless we are weather watchers. Sometimes the biggest changes that need to happen in our life’s are also keeping us from a breakthrough, change that needs to take place within ourselves, changes that are so often also avoided.

Consider just how hard it is to change yourself, and you’ll understand what little chance you have at changing someone else. Yet, we do try. Don’t we? To often we try to change others for our own comfort, while we repeatedly bath in our own discomforts. Don’t expect someone else to make any efforts that you’ll need them to make in order to attain your dreams. You’ll be more often than not disappointed.

The next time you’re tempted to take the drive-through route towards a perceived outcome, goal, wish, or some visionary expectation we have for ourselves, thinking we are creating our lives as they would’ve turned out by now already. Don’t be disappointed, frustrated, and or depressed, but be thankful.

“Be thankful for your struggles, because without them you wouldn’t have found your strengths.” (Quote unknown)

And without strength of endurance, brought about by repeated actions, that wonderful world of breakthrough’s may be just beyond your reach. Reaching one small goal at a time and then moving on to the next, is what propels us to great heights. Success may look to be always out of our reach. But looking backwards for prospective, our life is a pathway of stepping-stones, stones of one success after another that we have walked upon. Beyond the hear and now is the unknown, there is the unseen obstacle, the unthought-of breakthrough, and yet, over time we will have moved along some more of life’s stepping-stones of success.

Life isn’t fair! So we shouldn’t expect equal outcomes. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others despite the fact that we both have walked along life’s same pathways for a time. Life wasn’t supposed to be measured by some medium of score keeping. Nor should we measure it by the amount of breaths we take. But rather measure the value of life or success by the times something has taken away your breath with amazement. Sometimes realizing a breakthrough to our problems isn’t a real breakthrough at all. Doing something we’ve known about in the back of our minds, and still choosing not to do it; even when we then change our choice and do it. That choice doesn’t really qualify as a breakthrough. That’s avoiding the obvious? Maybe the biggest breakthrough in our individual life’s, is accepting that our attitudes are usually the biggest obstacles encountered as we work towards our goals.

All the best.

Word of the day.

Word of the Day: Niveous:

Dan pushed the accelerator to full power. His jet responds roaring down the run way until it became lighter than air and lifted off. The ground swoosh by in a blur as the afterburners kicked in. 30,000 pounds of thrust pushed the jet through the cotton-balled sky. Dan’s heart began to relax a bit after breaking through the top layer clouds. Clouds never bothered Dan much, but that was before his jet was struck by lightning during takeoff, causing an engine malfunction, which led to a close call crash. He could never shake the feeling of being covered in cool dampness, a sudden covering of a niveous  blanket after he ejected out of the jet that day. Now, with every takeoff, his heart races a bit more than usual, fueled by nervousness and memories of that day. Memories that cause a kind of blackout as he’s flying on mental autopilot until arriving, until toping the last cloud.

Third-graders suspended because of porn.

A school district in Lake Stevens, Washington State, has suspended two third-graders after finding sexually explicit images on a district computer and shared them with classmates.

Austin Maxwell, the stepfather of one of the students suspended who allegedly typed in the search term that brought up the controversial result, told KING 5 he was furious, but doesn’t blame his child.

According to school administrators, somehow software designed to prevent students for viewing inappropriate materials failed to block it from happening. District officials sent an email home to parents suspending all student computer use until they discover and fix the problem.

Problems, slip-ups, and mistakes, are bound to happen in an imperfect world run by imperfect people; it’s just what it is to be human. As a parent, Maxwell wondered: “Is it a safe place for her [his daughter] to go back to?”

Is that a valid question to ask? It is certainly horrifying for a kid in the third grade to witness pornographic images. You’re robbing the child of innocence. Children seeing images of the pornographic nature can lead to obvious problems.

It would be one thing if the kid had other behavioral problems that were evident from other things going on. But in this case it seems like all involved recognize that this little girl was not the instigator and was not exhibiting some kind of deviant behaviors at the school. And yet the school authorities saw it appropriate in suspending.

What good is anyone doing expelling these students? Basically it ends up punishing them for being a victim at the school. Third grade students don’t understand what they’re sharing. To them it’s gross and just unbelievable, or whatever, and so they share it. It seems to me adults in the room and in the position of leadership, you’ve got do deal with the situation using common sense instead of knee-jerk-reactions. We shouldn’t be focused into reacting unrealistically like other news stories of late that suspended the student who makes his hand into a gun pointing his finger, or the kid who has an “imaginary” supper weapon, or the kid who brought to school his Pop-Tart gun. In these stories as with this one, we as a society have lost the opportunity of a valuable teachable moment.

If students are being punished in this case for a computer glitch, a problem with security designed to keep them safe, then isn’t the school district not only liable but responsible for the physiological trauma if any and open to punishment themselves? It makes no sense to punish the student for the PC lines we draw, if those same efforts also eliminate nurturing an education in common sense.

Does the Grinch live in church?

Despite of his best attempts to remain incognito, the Grinch reached out his hand while offering me a smile. I responded in kind while also offering a hardy Merry Christmas. After all, tis the season.

Somehow Christmas means something differently to whoever views it through their own pair of rose-colored glasses. Is Christmas filled with subliminal messages? Secrets that yet have to be revealed? Except for the few that I seemed to have ran across of late, people who also dared to point their fingers at the obvious, ( I’m sure those people were the Grinch’s relatives. Or could it have been….). They continued tugging at my ears to listen as they then explained.

One of those person’s found it necessary to show me a hand-made card. The card had gilded edges, dazzling red and green fonts, and a assorted sprinkling of glitter, followed by this message:

“Jesus is the reason for the season” TRUE!

Merry Christmas


This person had crossed out the Merry Christmas part, and made it a point to plop their finger on that one part. A physical exclamation point so I would know this was serious stuff!

I was confused. But this person like a dog with a bone, and wasn’t going to let it go or me off that easily. They went on to explain how Christmas was high-jacked by the “Pagans”. “If I didn’t celebrate just so” (metaphorically speaking) and accordingly to the church / God I could be guilty of paganism.

I’m beginning to believe that many churches could advertise on their marquee that “The Grinch lives here” Why do some people like to lurk inside of the church lobbies as if they’re self-imposed “Pagan police”? You know! Those people who are only looking to be nick picky about everything in church. They hope to change everything back to the way it was. All the while forgetting that it’s about the relationship with God that extends far beyond that one or two days most people go to church per week, month, or in a year….. Sorry for the snarkiness. But some people can be more of a thorn in my back side then a delight to be around, despite having sat down on a thorn-bush. (If you know what I mean)

This person went through a whole historiography about all of the subliminal but totally accidental paganism inside of the Christmas celebration, and other celebrations that churches are involved in. So I felt the need to ask them, “How is it possible to become an accidental Pagan and not for Pagans to become accidental Christians? A look of disgust came over them as they snatched their presentation away and scoffed at me.

“You’ll more than likely be on God’s naughty list if you enjoy too much yuletide cheer.” They added calling out over their shoulders as they walked away.

I thought my question deserved an answer. After all, there are people who wear apparel, or who have tattoos, and wear jewelry with crosses on them – but nobody accuses them of being a secret Christian. It is people who appoint themselves as the Pagan police that miss the point of living what you “believe”. For it is your outwardly presentation of yourself towards others that makes a lasting impression of your beliefs. Is that going to be a positive? Or a turn off? Or is it that these pagan police are just good self-liars – presenting themselves as being good Christians in a legalistic way, in a way Re-hashing the same argument that Jesus had with the Jewish church leadership in his day. Anyone can read all about it in the Bible. It’s all there in black and white so to speak of.

When the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and built the temple of Jupiter on its ruins, would sensational pagan evangelists have pointed out the traces of Jewish symbolism and architecture infringing on the worship of the Roman God? Yet with some Christians it seems like they are willing to credit the devil with more power than Jesus, to trick people into becoming accidental pagans even though they claim to be Christians and who dares to celebrate in the ways they’re pointing out.

It seems to those Christmas-haters acting in this way are just throwing a cold bucket of icy water onto the Christmas celebration, by calling people to the attention of possibly being  accidental pagans. It would seem they are missing the point, to the same degree as the recent “Fad du jour, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” did.

Can you really have a true and lasting relationship when it is based on peer-pressure?

If there is a negative, a blanketed observation that could be made of all religions and the celebrations of Christmas, it would have to be our tendency to saturate it with sublime materialism and selfish ignorance

It seems to me it is just as dangerous to be overly critical, as it is to be overly celebratory in being a underachiever. A person who will never be perfect or good enough – and then gives up on making even those small efforts to make improvements.

We should encourage people to become a positive, though they’re imperfect. (For that is to be Christ like) Not verbally beat the imperfection out of them for the sake of having a better relationship with them. Somehow these Christmas-Haters never expect God to treat them in the same way they tend to treat others.

We should be a positive towards others, up lifting, and encouraging to try to do better. Not just be the person in church with a big stick.

Marry Christmas, and a happy new year to all.

All the best.

To be in control of death

I get it: I absolutely understand why a person would want, if possible, to be in control of death.

A blogger wrote of death, “Death is not Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. Death is not anything like you have seen in the movies. There is no quiet symphony, there are no fireworks. Death can be violent and messy, or it can be as quiet as a shadow, and it can create some of the worst memories imaginable — memories that will never fade. Many of us, sadly, know this.” Shumaker

For several years I watched someone I love slowly die. But by watching their death slowly creep forward, limiting our ability to reminisce about those golden times, or memories of the past. And they always seems to have passed by far too quickly then we both expected. I saw personally how easy it is to misguide my emotions, my feelings, and most of all my compassion(s) toward their final and last struggle in life because I couldn’t or wasn’t prepared to let go.

We’re not supposed to be totally in control of every aspect of living. And in living there are no guarantees, warranties, or return policies. In fact, today we are preoccupied with removing risk and fear in life, that we sometimes forget really how to live it. Or how we could impact others while living it.

It’s that fear that drives many to be on the lookout for genetic markers, they then subject themselves to countless amounts of testing, not to mention the awful amounts of money spent on such. It scares me, as it would scare most of us. Testing for genetic markers not only runs up cost of medical insurance and treatments of those people who are pandering to fear, but it reduces opportunities for everyone in the proses. It opens a door in our thoughts and what should scare us more than those questions that come after going through that doorway, is our over simplified attempts to reduce fear and prolong the inevitable.

Should I ever be diagnosed with such awfulness, that same disease, what then?

How would I then choose to live, to interact with…what attitudes would I express, but most of all (and I’m afraid the least thought of question of all)…How will my choices on how I live today effect those around me when I’m inevitably gone? That scares me.

Rather than accept a horrible death, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard refused. She found out a year ago that the dreadful headaches she was suffering from weren’t normal and that they weren’t going to go away. Maynard had terminal brain cancer. A few days after her diagnosis, she had a partial craniotomy and a partial resection of her temporal lobe. This spring she found out not only had her tumor come back, but that it was even more aggressive. Her doctors told her she had six months to live.

In an interview with People magazine, Maynard shares, “I’ve discussed with many experts how I would die from it, and it’s a terrible, terrible way to die.”

Maynard doesn’t want to die a terrible death. “Being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying.”

In another interview she was asked, if she was terrified with planning her suicide / death… Brittany cut the reporter off and said, I’m not killing myself, or committing suicide per say, cancer is killing me—I’m deciding when.

Advocates of death with dignity, claim that it isn’t suicide in deciding your time of death if you are in the process of dying and seeking the option to hasten an already inevitable and imminent death. But then, doesn’t everyone living today fit into just such a painting with a broad brush?

Looking for assistance no matter how grim the circumstances or health condition, that also involves other person who may also have a claim to dignity within life as well; they may have taken an oath to their chosen profession to do no harm. in essence everyone in the medical field fight against all odds of 100% of all people eventually dying. Is asking another person with medical background to help you end your life not also asking, so to speak, for assistance in finding a hit-man? Perhaps someone might think I am being cold with that hit-man statement. But really, if you’re looking to kill someone, even if that someone is you, aren’t you acting in the same manner when looking for that “thing” that will end life just the same?

When it comes to suicide people who would make such a choice already have countless ways to commit suicide, why do we then need government to make laws in regulating it? It’s ironic that tax money that has built the best medical system in the world, a system that uses technology to protect and preserve life against all odds would now be forced to provide life ending prescriptions.

It’s a complicated issue at best, and far too complicated to address everyone’s emotions satisfactorily. This is why I’m on the side of individuals making that choice for themselves, minus the inclusion of any governmental assistance and any attempt to popularize medical assistance as being compassionate in providing specific prescriptions to cause death. For me it is when we regulate every aspect of an already complicated and personal issue, we place people in charge of making choices (To allow or not) to allow for us to make such a choice outside of our own personal choice, which will ultimately cause misguided compassion, guided by emotional feelings, to choose or to make choices, only based on a societal impact. When life, no matter who’s life that is among the living, is just looked at as if their just another number, because we all fit within the definition that the advocates of death with dignity uses to twist compassion with this subject along with government who will then decide when individuals can’t decide for themselves? Who decides with auto accidents….will we then give assistance based on some newly remembered statements of the victims own policies on this issue? Will we then have to make societal decisions to see who is worthy of medical assistance based on survival and future contributions as opposed to present rehabilitation costs, or some other qualifier in determining quality of life? Is quality of life suddenly going to be redefined to include motor skills, because I’m sure someone out there would consider it to be just as life ending to be confined to a wheelchair as some other life ending affliction or cancers? Will a parent decide for their adolescent children? Should they?

When it comes to life and death there is no one shoe fits all public policy. So there is no room for government—be it, city, local, county, state, or federal government, which should regulate such matters.

It’s a hard enough of a choice to make for individuals on how they would like to be remembered by you because of those choices they make on how they will live, or die, after they are diagnosed with some terminal illness? I would like to think anyone’s choice would be on the side of being a positive for those we would leave behind. After all life is all about the memories. In the case of my loved one who I had to watch slip away. Slowly losing their memories, their ability to tell jokes, their ability to recognize my face, who then on top of it all had to lose their motor-skills…I will always remember their face when a bit of time that was longer then we both expected went by before we could spend time together again, it was that light in their eyes (the faintest of memories remembered before that too was snuffed out), and that embracing hug…that joy…for both of us, that also gave calm and peace before their passing. And for me it was their lasting message of “I love you–now go live your life in a positive way”, even though their best efforts didn’t allow them to speak.

And that is why no amount of government regulation, for or against, can ever decide or get in the way of someone’s personal decision being made on this issue. At the same time we as the living should realize, we don’t really have the right to demand of our government or modern medical doctors or system to end life on request without also having that request become a negative impact. No matter how small that impact may be at first, it’s the living that has to deal with that slippery slope that could lead to abuse at some point. And to those who plan to end it all because of some unbearable affliction, you don’t get to cast a vote on how society should live life after you’re gone. You only should get to decide how, if anything, is going to affect you’re life.

Expiration dates.

Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!

Ever wake up in the morning with a nagging question that just puzzles you more, and more the longer you think about it? Mine is “Why does SOUR CREAM have an Expiration date?” It’s already sour and so……

Any who I just thought I’d throw that out there for everyone. That aside let’s get on with it.

No matter how many deadlines you personally have it seems that most people need that kick in the butt to push one’s self to do their best work. So few of us are really self-starters, so the mighty deadline becomes a necessity, that anti-drug to postponement and procrastination. There are procedures and processes and they include boundaries, and those boundaries add value to life. Without them life becomes valueless. The guidelines and barriers which surround us daily help us not only to do our best, but helps define winners and losers, success and failure, fair value of price vs. priceless, cheep or inexpensive vs. Expensive, and finally right and wrong; allowing people to know exactly what is expected of them and when.

Though it may not be too fun admitting it, all of us, have a finite amount of time. New to the market place is a device to figure out our scheduled last breath—the death watch. Tikker the makers of the death watch as it is called; counts down admittedly slowly to a calculated estimated time of the wearer’s death.

The Tikker team readily admits the idea sounds morbid but adds that the idea behind the watch is to encourage wearer’s to realize their lives have an expiration date and they should make the most of their lives while they have them…i.e. making them face the ultimate deadline.

“I think we can have a better life, and make better choices, if we are more aware of our upcoming expiration. It gives us perspective — the little stuff suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. That’s why I see Tikker as a happiness watch,” explained Tikker’s creator Fredrik Colting.

The death watch will arrive with an instruction manual and a questionnaire meant to estimate how long the wearer is scheduled to live. Once the expiration date is determined, it can be programmed into Tikker. The death watch literally counts down the seconds to the wearer’s utter demise, all the while displaying the current time.

“But the point we are trying to make is that the wearer should in some way be conscious of their own expiration, and that in turn will make you better appreciate life. Like people who’ve had near-death experiences, or lived through diseases.”

We’ve all had some experience with death or something like the time our pet died, so death is no surprise to anyone. We rarely like to talk about it though. And we should always question the mental stability of those morbid few who like to talk about death. But what about displaying what’s left of our time, in a way that others can see, or at least speculate about it, or question us, should they even take notice of the strange wrist device and recognize it as the death watch. Who would openly display this on their body?

The once popular break the ice question, “What’s your sign?” will soon have to give way to, “How much time do you have…left that is?” Should this become the next crazy must-have product. Can such a device even make it in the business world? Can it literally out sell the success of that long ago popular useless “Pet Rock”?

Because it just before the time of the year where we celebrate the traditions of trick or treat, this little morbid tidbit falls from the great internet sky into our laps. Do the makers of this little useless wrist device believe it’s revelatory? Or do they think lots of people have $30–$50 per watch to spend as Halloween party favors that promise to produce more interesting conversations at your morbid dinner party.

Somehow for me, the way I see it, this device looks too much like a ready-made human metal-detector for “Gold diggers”. (If you know what I mean?)

How do you find the concept of the death watch?

How would you change your life if you knew you only had 10 more years to live?

What about if you had just one year, just a month, or a day?

Would you even want to know, and therefore would you want to buy this product? Do tell.

(photo: Tikker/kickstarter)


Read more: http://www.mnn.com/green-tech/gadgets-electronics/stories/death-wristwatch-calculates-when-you-will-die-then-starts#ixzz3DcETqZRb

Zombies VS. Strangegoids!

Zombies VS. Strangegoids!

What is wrong with this picture? Wait for it….allow the picture to materialize in your mind’s eye after you read the next paragraph?

Here is an excerpt from the Seattle police blotter:

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect got onto the bus at 3rd Avenue and Pike Street wearing a nylon stocking mask pulled down over his face. He sat down and kept to himself until the bus reached the 6000 block of California Avenue SW. He then stood up, brandished a handgun and began pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them.”

Wow! Need I say more?

Do you have the mental picture in your mind of what just happened a few days ago in the city of Seattle, on a Metro bus?

So what’s wrong with this picture?

I just want to say there are reasons why people avoid riding the Metro bus system at all costs. How about just for starters; being able to leave and go to your next destination without a significant loss of your day, or without having to wait for the next bus.

So having freedom is a good reason not to ride the Metro bus. I understand that cars are expensive—but freedom is worth every cent, and an increased amount of safety thrown in for free seals the deal for me.

If you have to ride the Metro bus system, let me say this: I’m sorry! Secondly, if you’re seeing an odd person getting onto the bus while they’re wearing a nylon stocking mask—how did society reach that point where everyone just sits there looking the other way at strange or weird, thinking nothing of it.., or, thinking that’s what people do normally while expressing their individuality?

Dealing with strangers is just a societal reality, but this usually happens on your own terms. Not always so when you’re riding the Metro bus? Captive to some degree, you’re stuck having to deal with people who are quite obvious, by their own choices in life “Strangegoids”; harmless for the most part, until someone kindles your memory of some long forgotten horror movie, where the killer or crazed criminal in fact is also wearing a nylon stocking mask, who is also 100% of the time up to no good. Nylon masked thugs are always the ones doing the robberies, murders, assaults and attacks. The “Nylon mask is an attempt to obscure their true identity from being identified as one of your neighbors; yet most movie producers commenting about the violence in their movies, often explain it away as being nothing more than, “Art coping reality”. So seeing someone entering the Metro bus wearing a mask on Halloween, one could think it to be normal, and just looking away? But on any other day or night, it’s time to kick survival into high gear, forming a plan in your mind as what to do next when “Strangegoids” appear at the next stop?

Did it really have to get to the point of the masked man, brandished a handgun, and then pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them, before people took notice of the Strangegoid wearing a nylon mask?

Shouldn’t the driver of the bus have acted differently towards him before he got onto the bus?

Should you as a citizen who volunteered to be placed on the bus for a short time in a captive situation have complained, no, demanded to get off the bus for your own safety sake when “Strangegoids” appear? Is that bigoted? Is that unjustly casting judgment, or stereotyping people?

In that small window of time from the moment a 911 call is placed and the arrival of the police / help, who is responsible for your safety?

Hats off to the guys who subdued the masked-gun-man. Certainly they’re cars were in the shop getting serviced or something– because that’s why they were riding the Metro bus on that day. Too the rest of the mind numb people who sat there and looked the other way, accepting, Strangegoids in their company on the bus as being normal, as being something that’s just out of their control, and so they did nothing… Well maybe it’s time you looked into “evolving” into a survivor… or at the very least getting a good used car? Just saying!

In the best case scenario—with a car, and if Strangegoids were Zombies riding on the Metro bus, you’d be safe in your good used car that’s zoom–zoom… zooming right on by, as your friends brains were being eaten. In the worst case—Strangegoids wearing nylon masks could be robbing your friends as the wheels on the bus were going round and round, and again you could Zoom off to get help.

In the movies who gets away and survives horror’s calling by getting on the bus? If art is coping true life, it’s best not to be behind the curve, doing something that was already proven as the wrong move to make on the silver screen. That’s just being stupid.

If the Pentagon can war-game out any eventual attack by Zombies, I’d say sit up and take notice of the Strangegoids all around us and devise your best plan for self-preservation. After all, aren’t Zombies just Strangegoids that have died and come back to life?

Weekend marriage licenses: Shenanigans

Do we as a modern society need to regulate sex? We are not talking about prostitution here. All though, when government gets involved to a point to suggest a type of contract between partners who are about to have sex…then all that is missing is a price, and a list of expected responsibilities of each partner to cover every eventualities in the act.

California legislators are proposing new regulations, in regulating casual sex.

While the bill appears to be motivated by noble intentions; we can’t regulate all of society by good intentions alone, without also taking into account results, and unintended consequences with said regulations.

From Breitbart News:

SB 967, amended last week by state Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), would mandate that college students obtain “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.”

Can we for the sake of simpler terms and greater understanding just call it—A weekend marriage license?

the slippery slope of such regulations are that such bills of this type could open the door to the prosecution of a partner for rape, if the other partner regrets having sex with them the next day, even though they had no problem with it before or during the act. It’s an attempt to control the upswing of college rape claims. But because there is also a problem with underage partying and drinking, activities that could also lead to lowered inhabitation, or even taking advantage of people under the influence / unwanted sexual encounter / rape, why wouldn’t there be any needs of farther regulating the laws and activities already on the books pertaining to underage drinking and the supply of alcohol to people under the age?

Why you ask? Because alcohol makes people do stupid stuff!

Impaired people make mistakes, doing all sorts of stupid stuff; most of all impaired people aren’t in a position in making good judgments. Thus escalating, by astronomical odds the likelihood of a life changing event to take place in their lives.

I’m not in support of anyone taking advantage of another person sexually, under any circumstances. But most of all we shouldn’t also turn the table on true rape by painting with a broad brush, and making someone’s conscience regrets the new future rape case.

If we need to go down that road as a society of legislation and creating what simply would become a “Weekend Marriage License” type of contract between sexual partners. Does that also mean that we need new and expanded Monday morning divorce court to dissolve said contracts? Maybe for a fee / new tax collected? All in the name of public safety of course, and how is that all that different from legal prostitution.  Obtain the proper licensing, and all is good. Refuse to obtain said licensing, signed sealed and delivered by all parties, you become a sexual predator / rapist.

Look let’s not make too light of a serious subject, let’s not exaggerate to the level of being absurd. But let’s not allow the government to regulate our lived to that level of absurdity either.

It just seems to me that if kids in college; many of whom had never had to live on their own before as adults, are then also expected to write their own house rules, to deal with the pressures and demands of higher learning, and recreational use of drugs, alcohol or even casual sex; if society feels the need of playing the part of parent to protect them from all of that? Then we need to regulate every aspect of the college student’s life and recreation in the same name of safety, right? At what point do we let our children grow-up, and allowed to develop into outstanding adults, to develop the attitudes of being able to be independent people, instead of embracing the helplessness existence of victimhood?

A society without boundaries has no value. But a society with too many boundaries, or regulations, suffers paralyzes, and stagnates.

There is no real surprise then that all good judgments will come from experiences. And all of that comes from individual bad judgments. Government can’t regulate people from entertaining thoughts, good or bad, or acting on them. Creating a so-called weekend marriage licenses doesn’t remove risks, but promotes distrust between the genders, and relationships in people’s lives.

I’m just not sure that its governments job in becoming society’s regulatory condom, protecting it from that unwanted transmitted disease which is government regulation between the sheets.

California Liberals Pass Bill to Regulate Sex and Show America the Control Freaks They Really Are http://www.ijreview.com/2014/06/144860-california-bill-criminalizes-dating/

You don’t have to be rich to live a rich life.

You don’t have to be rich to live a rich life.

Once again it is the time in the seasons is to start getting ready for bathing-suits and the beach, by shedding those hibernation pounds in a hurry. After all the call of the wild is announcing to everyone it’s time to strut across the sands of those local beaches in your new swim-suits. Of course the number one problem with our human biological clocks are that our body’s pounds have increased slowly over the long fall and winter months, and with the arrival of spring our patience seems to be wearing thin. Partly due to frustration that we’ve allowed ourselves to gain weight, the other part is that we now see time as our new enemy.

We know in the back of our minds that we shouldn’t have gained all that weight…but a few extra pounds doesn’t make enough of a significant impact on our mind in calling us to act. Why should we act or take action when we don’t feel our health waning, when we don’t see any health symptom that screams, “Take some action, your unhealthy and may be damaging your health, or shorting your longevity.” Every time I look in the mirror I don’t hear my doctor saying, “You should lose weight”, as some good advice given to preserve my health. I don’t feel food greed nipping at my heals. I see a person who wants to live how they want too, and a person who wants to look like some advertisement. In fact the last time I went to my doctor’s office he never mentioned my weight issues. He just quietly raised his eyebrow as I stepped onto the scale then went on doing what doctors do, silently recording what I already know. I have gained weight.

What is it that doctors do? I thought, aren’t they supposed prevent disease; heal diseases, besides being upstanding citizens, and community pillars? Aren’t they just people willing to my dirty work so I can keep on doing / living the same way I choose too? It is my life, I tell myself while shove onto my doctor the responsibilities of preserving it.

Truth is doctors treat people all too often for health symptoms caused by diseases that people have, created for themselves. Not all illnesses are avoidable, but it is undeniable for the most part that some modern illnesses are avoidable, and some of those are caused by our own doing? Let’s face it we live our lives in a vacuum of self-imposed ignorance because we enjoy the things we do, healthy or not? Often times we feel that doctors will find cures to whatever our lifestyles have or will create, hoping on future cures to those feelings of illness and manifestations of illness themselves or those symptoms of potential diseases. So we don’t worry about our habits getting in the way of being healthy. The younger we are the less attention to health we have, and sooner than later we are stuck with lifestyle additions that we also claim are the ways we enjoy living our lives. But never has modern medicine ever prevented disease. Just like a Pap smear or any mammogram ever prevented breast and cervical cancer, they help doctors diagnose diseases early. Prostate exams, chest x-rays and annual physical don’t prevent disease, they help find it early. Is this the practice of medicine, or a production line peace of mind through testing, building our false impressions that we have little to change; because nothing was found; therefore no real need to change any effects to our lives, or how we chose to live them. Because there is always still time, mortality mocks us in thinking there is time to still change our choices?

Now days we all have access to stats, just as doctors have medical stats and research on the latest studies within the medical industry that points to unhealthy lifestyles as being more costly to treat a variety of preventable health issues? The internet is full of these studies. Like the stats–the costs to Medicare is 50% more every year to treat an obese American compared to one of normal weight. Or the stat that only 20% of medical patients are normal weight. Doctors know that fat produces a variety of hormones, peptides, and enzymes that can have a wide-ranging impact on anyone’s health. Overweight people have increased risks of diabetes, dementia, cancer, sexual dysfunction, heart disease and strokes. If just losing weight reduces all of these mentioned diseases from happening to a lot of people, don’t doctors then have a responsibility to help society prevent disease, or are they just there to pick-up the pieces to our train wreck lifestyles until humpty dumpty can’t be put back together again?

Doctors must have a deep sadness, seeing people waste away their lives while reducing quality of life in fighting some illness / disease of their own making / of their own past choices? Doctors can’t choose for us on how we should live. But should doctors also be health consultants? Therefore shouldn’t they be educators, offering advice to people, being more in their faces to the effects of health and their patents lifestyle choices? I’m thinking there is some thin-skinned people out there just waiting for the opportunity to then sue the crap out of a doctor. It’s kind of like winning life’s lottery you know, the hell with the truth behind science being presented to us. How dare you! Because what I would imagine a supper doctor or a supper human hero would look like and act like, is a doctor helping people prevent health issues because of the studies and statistics within the science that prove what they are fully statically aware of.

Doctors aren’t super heroes though; sadly they are just managers of decay.

So ask yourself this question; why are those healthcare costs so high? Or is it the greedy of doctors, drug manufactures, or treatment centers and insurance companies who just jack up the prices on the poor old sick people for the sake of profiteering? Or is it you and I who just don’t care about health until its withdrawal in our lives, in which case we all then become the greedy consumers struggling to cling onto life even after a life time’s worth’s of self-abuse, living according to our impression and definitions of what living the good life really is? Ask a 100 people and get 100 different answers. None of which considers quality of life as living a healthy life.

When it comes to healthcare Americans have an addiction to the religion of the healing power of doctors, hoping they would play the part of being the universal saviors of the sick, curing everything and every symptoms of our own self-inflicted lifestyles. Despite of our lofty expectations of doctors, who asks their doctor how can we best avoid illnesses?

Would we listen to our doctor if they insisted that we should lose a few pounds to become healthier, exercise more, stop smoking, and limit our alcohol consumption, stop using or abusing sugar….. Or would we just hear—Blah, Blah, and Blah? Only willing to act if it means we are actually seeing the light at the end of our potential lives, and then only willing to act to avoid or prolong what is 100% unavoidable. Is that quality of life? More than not people would blame those courageous doctors who would tell us to lose weight or anything like that as being educated killjoy’s to our enjoyment.

Somehow I’m hearing the song in the back of my mind by the rock band Kansas, All we are is dust in the wind and all of our money doesn’t another minute buy.

If Americans would only self-educate to live a healthier lifestyle, and lose those extra pounds by practicing some self-denial, what great heights could we all personally yet achieve, and how much money could we all have, or have to give away to charity’s, or leave to our loved ones when we actually do leave our mortal coil behind?

How much more waste could we remove from the treatment of the sick, being able to then treat those who don’t have the financial means to seek treatments to illnesses on their own? How much more would medical treatment be available to all, if what is a now being a wasted resource, isn’t wasted?

Life is full of choices, both big and small, choices that we make not always knowing the outcome beforehand but evaluating the odds. Shouldn’t we then choose more carefully?

It’s true that 100% of all of us will die at some point. It is the choices that we make, and at times the smallest of choices that will determine the quality of life we will yet live in all of life’s stages going forward.

If we Americans lost some extra weight, most of the healthcare crisis would disappear.

Choosing to eat 30 calories less per meal would total up to about 100 calories per day, some 36,000 calories per year (based on a 2,000 calorie diet those 36,000 fewer calories not eaten would be a total of 18 full days’ worth of less food eaten in that year.) think of the impact on the world that a small personal choice could have in providing healthy food to the hungry, or how much money would be left in your pocket? More money in your pockets because of less doctor’s visits, less illnesses, and less wasted on excessive food eaten. Think of the everyday impact, not just on those days that you go to the beach sporting a new swim suit.

Whose responsibility is it, to our life, our health, and the expense having to spend providing healthcare for ourselves? We need to stop thinking that the axis that the world spins on runs right through the top of our own heads. Life is all about those smallest of choices that can lead to the biggest of personal impacts—and some of those choices could even shake-up the world?

You don’t have to be rich to live a rich life or be able to richly impact another’s life beyond their own abilities. You just have to be willing to make that choice.

lines in sand

Some think being happy is crossing that line in the sand just in front of you. Not realizing that happiness is always one step out in front of you drawing new lines to cross.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Choosing to be happy instead of looking for someone new to make you happy, is the first step towards happiness, everything else is just making people jump through your hoops / drawing new lines in the sand.

Happiness is simple. It requires being fearless of the unknown, to have courage to try, and when you’re been knocked down–to dust yourself off having learned from the experience to once again move forward towards your dreams. Happiness isn’t the accomplished goals, or even those materialistic possessions that we have, it enjoying the trip along the way as we gather memories that last a life time.

Knowledge is weightless so it’s easy to carry around without a lot of efforts made.

No matter how bad it seem in this moment, and in your life at this time, just remember there is someone out there that is more than happy with less than what you have.

Count your blessings and you will be much happier.


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