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To be in control of death

I get it: I absolutely understand why a person would want, if possible, to be in control of death.

A blogger wrote of death, “Death is not Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. Death is not anything like you have seen in the movies. There is no quiet symphony, there are no fireworks. Death can be violent and messy, or it can be as quiet as a shadow, and it can create some of the worst memories imaginable — memories that will never fade. Many of us, sadly, know this.” Shumaker

For several years I watched someone I love slowly die. But by watching their death slowly creep forward, limiting our ability to reminisce about those golden times, or memories of the past. And they always seems to have passed by far too quickly then we both expected. I saw personally how easy it is to misguide my emotions, my feelings, and most of all my compassion(s) toward their final and last struggle in life because I couldn’t or wasn’t prepared to let go.

We’re not supposed to be totally in control of every aspect of living. And in living there are no guarantees, warranties, or return policies. In fact, today we are preoccupied with removing risk and fear in life, that we sometimes forget really how to live it. Or how we could impact others while living it.

It’s that fear that drives many to be on the lookout for genetic markers, they then subject themselves to countless amounts of testing, not to mention the awful amounts of money spent on such. It scares me, as it would scare most of us. Testing for genetic markers not only runs up cost of medical insurance and treatments of those people who are pandering to fear, but it reduces opportunities for everyone in the proses. It opens a door in our thoughts and what should scare us more than those questions that come after going through that doorway, is our over simplified attempts to reduce fear and prolong the inevitable.

Should I ever be diagnosed with such awfulness, that same disease, what then?

How would I then choose to live, to interact with…what attitudes would I express, but most of all (and I’m afraid the least thought of question of all)…How will my choices on how I live today effect those around me when I’m inevitably gone? That scares me.

Rather than accept a horrible death, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard refused. She found out a year ago that the dreadful headaches she was suffering from weren’t normal and that they weren’t going to go away. Maynard had terminal brain cancer. A few days after her diagnosis, she had a partial craniotomy and a partial resection of her temporal lobe. This spring she found out not only had her tumor come back, but that it was even more aggressive. Her doctors told her she had six months to live.

In an interview with People magazine, Maynard shares, “I’ve discussed with many experts how I would die from it, and it’s a terrible, terrible way to die.”

Maynard doesn’t want to die a terrible death. “Being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying.”

In another interview she was asked, if she was terrified with planning her suicide / death… Brittany cut the reporter off and said, I’m not killing myself, or committing suicide per say, cancer is killing me—I’m deciding when.

Advocates of death with dignity, claim that it isn’t suicide in deciding your time of death if you are in the process of dying and seeking the option to hasten an already inevitable and imminent death. But then, doesn’t everyone living today fit into just such a painting with a broad brush?

Looking for assistance no matter how grim the circumstances or health condition, that also involves other person who may also have a claim to dignity within life as well; they may have taken an oath to their chosen profession to do no harm. in essence everyone in the medical field fight against all odds of 100% of all people eventually dying. Is asking another person with medical background to help you end your life not also asking, so to speak, for assistance in finding a hit-man? Perhaps someone might think I am being cold with that hit-man statement. But really, if you’re looking to kill someone, even if that someone is you, aren’t you acting in the same manner when looking for that “thing” that will end life just the same?

When it comes to suicide people who would make such a choice already have countless ways to commit suicide, why do we then need government to make laws in regulating it? It’s ironic that tax money that has built the best medical system in the world, a system that uses technology to protect and preserve life against all odds would now be forced to provide life ending prescriptions.

It’s a complicated issue at best, and far too complicated to address everyone’s emotions satisfactorily. This is why I’m on the side of individuals making that choice for themselves, minus the inclusion of any governmental assistance and any attempt to popularize medical assistance as being compassionate in providing specific prescriptions to cause death. For me it is when we regulate every aspect of an already complicated and personal issue, we place people in charge of making choices (To allow or not) to allow for us to make such a choice outside of our own personal choice, which will ultimately cause misguided compassion, guided by emotional feelings, to choose or to make choices, only based on a societal impact. When life, no matter who’s life that is among the living, is just looked at as if their just another number, because we all fit within the definition that the advocates of death with dignity uses to twist compassion with this subject along with government who will then decide when individuals can’t decide for themselves? Who decides with auto accidents….will we then give assistance based on some newly remembered statements of the victims own policies on this issue? Will we then have to make societal decisions to see who is worthy of medical assistance based on survival and future contributions as opposed to present rehabilitation costs, or some other qualifier in determining quality of life? Is quality of life suddenly going to be redefined to include motor skills, because I’m sure someone out there would consider it to be just as life ending to be confined to a wheelchair as some other life ending affliction or cancers? Will a parent decide for their adolescent children? Should they?

When it comes to life and death there is no one shoe fits all public policy. So there is no room for government—be it, city, local, county, state, or federal government, which should regulate such matters.

It’s a hard enough of a choice to make for individuals on how they would like to be remembered by you because of those choices they make on how they will live, or die, after they are diagnosed with some terminal illness? I would like to think anyone’s choice would be on the side of being a positive for those we would leave behind. After all life is all about the memories. In the case of my loved one who I had to watch slip away. Slowly losing their memories, their ability to tell jokes, their ability to recognize my face, who then on top of it all had to lose their motor-skills…I will always remember their face when a bit of time that was longer then we both expected went by before we could spend time together again, it was that light in their eyes (the faintest of memories remembered before that too was snuffed out), and that embracing hug…that joy…for both of us, that also gave calm and peace before their passing. And for me it was their lasting message of “I love you–now go live your life in a positive way”, even though their best efforts didn’t allow them to speak.

And that is why no amount of government regulation, for or against, can ever decide or get in the way of someone’s personal decision being made on this issue. At the same time we as the living should realize, we don’t really have the right to demand of our government or modern medical doctors or system to end life on request without also having that request become a negative impact. No matter how small that impact may be at first, it’s the living that has to deal with that slippery slope that could lead to abuse at some point. And to those who plan to end it all because of some unbearable affliction, you don’t get to cast a vote on how society should live life after you’re gone. You only should get to decide how, if anything, is going to affect you’re life.

Five surgeons discussing Obamacare.

A friend sent this on to me as well. Good funnies like this can’t be just hidden on one social network.
Truth is I’m not a fan of Obamacare at all. Not because it is a bad thing, but it is full of empty promises without any personal responsibility’s. I come from the belief that people should protect that what they have as far as health. The “O”care just gives people the feel of entitlement, being able to live forever regardless what kind of choices people make for themselves and at the expense to someone else at that. Not that we shouldn’t care for those who truly are in need of help and can’t care for themselfes.The way to drive costs down is a free market system with limitations on insurances manipulative actions in the market place.
When governments get involved in anything the waste of people’s resources goes up, services goes down and the overall result is a managed decay. That and government can not guess what will happen with any future costs 6 months from now net alone 10 years from now.
Free enterprises have created the innovations of medical advances that we enjoy today, and that only happens when unlimited success is given in exchange of great God-given talents and people that are driven to use them for maximum impact.
Doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you are on…. we all can use a good laugh now and again. it is funny indeed, enjoy. The best funnies are the ones that also have some truth within them. I’ll let you decide which one that is….
Subject: Love This One!! Subject: Five Surgeons!
Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the Best patients to operate on. …The first surgeon, from New York, says, ‘I like to see accountants. When on my operating table when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.’
The second, from Chicago, responds, ‘Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded.’
The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, ‘No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order.’ The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: ‘You know, I like construction workers…Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over.’
But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when he observed: ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine.. and not one leg to stand on. Plus, the head and the ass are interchangeable.’

Debts and limits! ” It isn’t governments job to flush good money down the toilet after bad.”

It seem to me that when the credit card company’s informs those people who certainly have reached their limits of credit, that person should know something about themself’s and what action to then take going forward. But then some brain-dead people, or some adolescent still living at home may see this position differently. After all Government does! So why not see things the same way they do?

Obama said the other day. “The debt limit was and is being used as an economic weapon by certain political party’s.” ( paraphrased )

Did he suggests that the evil banks/congress was behind this kind of limiting? Did they not understand his well-intentioned spending? Every time I get the rejection from my credit card reaching its limits, that’s the first thing that pops into my mind. My things I need, everything I buy is well-intentioned spending, my important personal needs. Don’t they know how uncomfortable life is without TP?

The government gives away things like food stamps, but when it comes to free TP stamps, they must assume that everyone still gets news papers delivered to their homes. Why not TP stamps for everyone, just to make the world in our corner a bit more presentable, a lot less likely to smell like ass. ( If you have ever taken public transit, you know!) Making humanity comfortable, and life bearable, makes a more happy-go-lucky and willing taxpayer, and a whole lot less likely that those who are on the government dole will riot over not getting their fair share. That must certainly be the first job of government, in maintaining power?

Arguments can be made that government passes out too much free stuff. Some of late have even complained that we have become a food-stamp nation. No one is even complaining about the future limiting of people’s ability to have access to TP, net alone using it on a regular basis. Giving it away for free wouldn’t cause a shortage of it, but it would cause a small economic boom for more jobs in the paper products industry. A win, win solution indeed.

There are some in government who would say. ” It isn’t governments job to flush good money down the toilet after bad.” Is that saying something in a back-handed way about food stamps, or spending money on credit?

Doing away with credit limits for government social justice, is justified. After giving the ability for people to feed their own pie-holes with help from the government, and yet purposefully forgetting to include the opinion, give the people the means to take care of their own bun-holes, would be cruel indeed! On the same plane as torture at the very least.

It is governments job to protect the value of money. So printing new money to then buy the nations debt, explains away the need of having any debt limits at all. The bills always get paid with new money printed. Presto! Problem solved, just like going to work for a paycheck/new money, without having to do so. So it is with an overly simplistic way to explain high finance to what has become all to common place in the minds of the average citizen who don’t see any problems with these kinds of governmental solutions. Of course, what seem to be plain paper being used by most people as TP today. Will end up being not quite as soft feeling printed paper, with pictures of dead presidents and numbers on it tomorrow.

What was that all to famous quote by “Dirty Hairy” in the movies? ” You have to know your limitations!”

We must all recognize that things of great value are things in limited supply or limited in availability like some great work of art. A dead artist can’t make another great work, so there is what seems great value to the work that was done. So when the president asked for the ability to remove all debt limits on the nation’s ability to print, and spend. What he was asking for was to raise the value of TP that is still being made with that softer feel to it these days. While telling you that the value of the nation will certainly be reduced by its borrowing. Giving our kids the bills to pay later on down that so-called political road. Is that the work of some great political artist, and will his work represent great value tomorrow?

When you think about it…….. Global warming is slowly killing the planet by cutting down trees. So limiting our printing of money and borrowing money is also controlling the rate of growth of global warming. Wouldn’t it? Prehaps political hot air is the main source of global warming; causing the financial destruction of our nations buying power, with polices of throwing ourself’s over the fiscal cliff while trying to jump higher and higher mountains of unlimited debt without looking to see how deep the hole is first. Unlimited, leads to unlimited and unrecoverable failures, by not recognizing the danger in the first place beyond those limits set already.

“Toilet bowl politics looks for unlimited ability to maintain power by compleat political idiots with the policies of “limitless possibility’s” presented as political geniuses. But true genius recognises there are limits, insane idiots don’t!” mindwarpfx

Purely political celebrity adultery

” Nothing for the most part is accomplished by doing the totally unnecessary twice as fast! ” unknown.

Purely political celebrity adultery, seem to be the focus as well the common denominator of this election season. Those who would vote based on the celebrity status of any politician. Rather than their performances, substances of policy’s, and or their affect on the country’s economy, and the people’s future in general. These people should looking at these things that lead someone in deciding or making a good decision at the least. Picking a politician on political celebrity is just a simplistic way of deciding, which one to committing political adultery with, as a way in deciding who to vote for. Do we need a political celebrity? One who is loved, or one who is committed in doing the job? Is the popular choice then, hidden among the schemer’s, scoundrels, and suckers, clothed in pure political celebrity?

People who have totally deceived themself’s to such an extent, as to accept any policy’s offered to advantage themself’s over others. Rather than having to make a determination as to what is best for our country as a whole, now and in the future. Who would then criticize these policy’s or the political party’s presenting them as lacking. No matter if it was the Democrats or Republicans offering them up. As all people in this society, we have a responsibility to hold our politicians to their promises that they make. Should they over promise and under deliver? Why would they be justified, or qualified to hold the offices that they have been elected to with such presentations? Berne Madoff was arrested for running a Ponzi scam. He promised to his first investors outrageous returns. He then paid these returns to some investors, by ripping off newer investors. This created buzz with all his investors. New investors, as all investors in the end were ripped off by Mr. Madoff. The public out cry was, this man deserved to go to prison or worse. Yet when a politician does little more than the same thing, they are then considered for reelection.

President Obama doesn’t even make a good attempt to hide the facts of his outrageous lies, policy’s, and the effects that they are having or going to have into the future. Example: The Bush tax cuts. ( a reference to president Bush.) This is just a look back some 10 years or so at a cut in tax rates in order to get the economy going. Enacted then by president Bush. A reduction of current tax rates, only accomplishes setting some new tax rate. To the democrats and president Obama, who don’t really want to recognize this simple fact. Who only refer to this with regret, of having to deal with some reductions in taxing revenues to spend. By some imaginary loss of tax revenue, being why they refer to this as a tax cut, instead of a resetting of tax rate. They don’t even recognize the effect it has had on the economy good or bad? So then choose to lie about any positive effects. Obama has been consistently complaining that the economical down was, because of these tax cuts.

What makes his argument dishonest, filled with distortions, lies, political slight of hand within the games being played out, as political theater. In fact, his policy’s had to embrace a come to Jesus moment. Extending them now twice in three and one half years of his presidency. If these quotes ” Tax cuts! ” are believed by these wizards of smart to be damaging to the economy and the governments abilities to spend. As they have openly claimed. Then why extend them at all? Is that not an admission


of failure of your own ” Tax and spend policy’s ” Mr. Obama? You can’t be on both sides of any problem and clam that one side is wrong, while claiming yourself as being the guiding light to the right side, the right policy’s to enact. While declaring to all who will lessen to be controlling spending, and growth of government.

Obama care ” ( as the health care reform ) is more accurately described as ” Obama Tax! ” Yet President Obama presented it as a mandate, penalty, but not a tax! Yet the supreme court declared it to be unconstitutional unless we call it and enact it as a new tax. So it has become Obama Tax, the largest tax increase in the world! Yet Obama continues to lie, distort, deceive, and misrepresent himself and his policy’s. In an effort to divide a nation, for his benefits of reelection.

” I have never understood why it is ” GREED “to want to keep the money that you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money. ” Sowell

Democrats who will not except that their policy’s are doomed to failure. Only because they have all been tried by other shortsighted abusive governments of the past, as well in the present. Currently in Europe. Are just doubling down on bad policy’s, presented in dishonest populareist ways of over promising and ultimately under delivering. In short the tax payer never gets what is presented to them at any time. Mr. Madoff when to prison for just that. One only needs to pay attention to the changing policy’s proposed to saving Social Security. No one seem to be asking who spent all the money? Where did it go? Or why do we need a government to mishandled a forced savings account in the first place? That has only been proven, to have been mishandled, mismanage, abuse, and wasted, for their dishonest exploitations of some abusive power over the people.

Why not a free market policy? One that allows people to take responsibility for themself’s. By allowing them to save tax-free for retirement, for their healthcare? Instead government providing support of people destroying their opportunity’s with self-abuse through, smoking, drugs and drinking alcohol, having children before they can support themself’s, providing unhealthy policy’s of the food stamp programs, and after school breakfast, lunch, and even some diner programs. All of whom provide opportunity to abuse the systems without excepting the consequences of their actions. Why not force people to save for their own safety net. Instead of forced taxation, for redistribution of all individual wealth, in support of misguided charity.

What happened to the idea of Ben Franklin; ” We in America have a national religion of neighbors helping neighbor.” Instead we have become a nation of belly aching, cry baby’s, expecting government to do everything for us. How is it that the present day policy’s of Obama, isn’t helping our economy, and unemployment? Could it be that they try to raise taxes for some nobel causes. But then spend these taxes on some wasteful fantasy’s of solar power. Last week we created 84,000 new jobs, but added 85,000 people on Social Security disability payments. Adding more people to the social net and fewer people to the work force. We are becoming a nation of more and more takers, rather than a nation of makers who will through prosperity support charity. It isn’t governments job to decide success and failure, who will be getting a bailout and who will not. Capitalism works best when there is an element of a healthy fear of failure to it. Other wise how do you decide what success is?

Where are the politicians who would work to in-power people to do for themself? Where are the policy’s that support the people’s ability’s to realize their own true talents, and personal potential? Instead we get politicians who’s only goals are to divide a nation, pitting one class against the other, or one ethnicity against another. For the purposes of dividing and conquering, for the rule of tyranny.

The real issues in this election is do you like higher taxes, bigger governmental growth, less individual opportunity’s equally distributed to all? In other words an average existence, void of rich and poor. With the outlook only having to make an average effort, for a slothful existence as the new definitions applied to what is to be the new successful. Where making an unequaled effort will only be refered to as ( “Being greedy!” ) rather than supporting someone in making an unequaled effort, in make some new products, or improvements through innovations, or inventions, for everyone’s enjoyment. Do we really want a command and control government?

Asking a government to do something for you, when your only to lazy to do for yourself. All the while expecting a life of ease, and irresponsibility’s. Is too much like asking your parents to pay for your existence, while you go off to play. You might look at your kids and ask yourself. ” Is that what they too will expect of you, to do for them when their all grown up? ”

politically looking towards your politicians to create a life of ease, with false promises, and political slight of hand. Is creating a political celebrity worship within yourself. Purely political celebrity adultery, expecting some futuristic fantasy of lies in becoming reality’s for the individual exploitation. All to meet your greedy, laziness of equal fairness, that only seem to be in a state of consistent redefinition of its self.

We the people don’t need a popular, or even loved politician to run for the office of the president. We already have that, and it has been disastrous. Proven by our nations 16 trillion dollars worth of debts that our grand children who haven’t been born yet will have to pay. The true definition of ” Taxation without representation! ”

We need a politician who will be looking to do the tough job of what seem to be somewhat unpopular. A CONCIERGE, a guardian of the God-given, constitutionally guarantee of liberty’s! Who’s only motivation is to do what is in the best interests of preserving individual liberty’s, expanding them beyond the present day for future generations. Preserving their liberty’s, and their expectations to have the same liberty. Not some memory of past liberty of yesterday. By limiting governments growth, taxation, uncontrolled spending, and finely balancing the budget for ever and all time going forward. Wrap up in a message of the best is yet to come.

To my fellow countrymen, who’s only motivation is to only seek out the purely political celebrity politician who will misguide, mislead, deceive, cheat, and lie while repeating past mistakes, by presenting failed policy’s of tyranny. Clothing these politicians in unnatural admiration and public love. Is to blindly, give up your freedoms and liberty’s to some slavish worship of some political celebrity adulterer! Who will only cheat you of the promises offered, with a gift of over promise and under delivering. Dishonest people who belatedly lie, don’t deserve reelection. We must all have a higher self-worth, then to alow purely political adulterers to openly lie without consequences in the voting booth.

All the best.

” Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. ” George Washington Carver

” Nothing is more obvious in making excuses, that person really has no intention of making any efforts, to solve a problem. ” Mindwarpfx

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Dear bill collectors.

Dear bill collectors.

It wasn’t my intentions, not to send in a timely fashion your payments this month. But the truth is the check isn’t in the mail. Losing my job, then my wife, kids, dog, and then my truck breaking down. Has left me a little cash strapped these days. Of course my one and only friend told me. ” That if you try to play your country music records backwards, this would alow all of my stuff to be returned in do time, in the order of losing them. “ Because this bad luck started with losing my pay check first of all. ( Well, really second but I will explain later.). My best guess is, that it will return  to me last-of-all. Of course this is providing that playing my country records backwards works? I have faith, because when I play my Zeppelin records backwards. ” I hear that words also have two meanings! ” So then please have a little patience, as this could take some more time.

It wasn’t my intentions to take a few steps backwards, back down the stairway to heaven. But someone took the sign down that said. “ Slippery when wet! ” I didn’t expect getting pissed on, but here we are! No need to complain though. I’m still climbing higher and higher, after I take a financial breather. Governmental slogans of ” Hope and change. ” Gives me a positive out look, as well a renewed effort to keep-on trying. While I count out my last jar of loose change.

My ramblings may be some what annoying to you?  But it is just an attempt at full disclosure. Nothing to hide here. I just wished your collections department would have been more interested in lessening to me though. Seem like they’re the only friends that call me up. But like some friends, they all ways want, or need something from me. This can get old! What happened to talking? Or just checking in and seeing how someone is doing? But what did I expect from someone half ways around the world. Their time is money as well. Just a lot less money, then their American counter parts. Yet! Would it have hurt, to hear some of my historical summary? After all my money has been? Your clams, of just being yours. Taking an interest to what is going on with your money, I mean mine money! Wouldn’t have hurt anyone! Have some interest at least, or act like it interests you please. Seem like that last one is always left out on the collections 101 for foreign exchange students classes you surely do give to your collections department. May want to up date that one!

I may on the other hand, take some of my free government hand outs that I’m receiving these days. To run! Not walk! To the store, getting some color ink for the laser printer. Running should show you all, that I’m serious about getting you, your money as soon as I can. I’m not trying to take the easy way out! But working hard! Nor, do I run just for anyone, and their requests that they are make of me. It is a privilege reserved just for you!

The way I see it. If the government can just print more money. More then we have, or can possibly collect in taxes! Then why not little old me? The money may be funny money? But then look at the value of the American dollar lately! I have been told, ” the market is never wrong. ” So look at how the market values the buck of late, or at least how other country’s view the value of it.

If you-all can find some compaction for my position in life at this time. Please could you also forgive the late charges on my accounts? I’m sure you have gotten more in raising my interest rates to something more in line with a loan shark’s rates. So I have paid my share  of your exorbitant profits, that I’m sure also have been reported to the government, and the  stock market quarterly reports. So your stock price will stay high, so your bonuses will still be paid to you on time. At least you could do is call me, from time to time, giving thank for that.

Please, can you help people out like myself, and the environment, with cutting down on sending threatening letters to me. Threatening letters don’t work. Didn’t your mothers say to you. ” You can catch more fly’s with sugar, then with vinegar? ” I have gotten the message, I’m putting you on the top of the list. This letter in e-mail from, should demonstrate these concerns I have, and I’m commitment to solving them along with your help. I also have one small request. Could we all save some trees by cutting down on these kinds of letters please. Just think of all the trees, you and I will be credited with saving by doing this. Just a small request, but no less important. I may not be able to pay you in full right now. But I sure like to breathe fresh air, from the oxygen all those saved trees  will produce. A kinder gentler world with less threats in it would be better than turning to drugs / alcohol. Don’t you think so?

If you have any openings for employment, I would like to offer my skills in helping you all out, doing the job of collecting your moneys for you. I truly understand the issues of the day, and do believe, I can collect from others, that also owe you with some compassion. This would also speed up the repayments of my bills to you. Truly a win, win for the both of us!

Because I have just received the notice of power cut-off to my house. This will put more pressure on my endeavors of getting my stuff back as soon as possible. The record-player runs off the power as I’m sure you know? If you feel it in your heart to give me a job, I would hope it will not upset the order of returning my things to me?

This wouldn’t have been a problem if president Obama wouldn’t have wasted all that money on green energy. Solindra went out of business before completing my solar power panels for my house. That’s right they took my money just before I lost my job. So yes that will come back to me right after I get my old job back. After all it should in theory come back in the order of loosing them as I have pointed out earlier. The state wind power plants stopped working. Do to the facts of their too expensive to run, and the hydro power is being sold to other states for higher profits. Leaving coal power plants to produced the power for the rest of us who need it in this state. But then I haven’t been able to pay, and the government doesn’t like the contamination from coal, so that will soon close too. Leaving us all in the dark.

Soon I will have to start burning all of my furnishings in the house. At least the stuff that my ex left me with. No big deal! Just some bad memories. Burning things just for heat isn’t so bad. Cooking, and BBQ’ing the stray cat, or dog over an open flame of fire is kind of like camping. Besides I hear the president said it was delicious, so I thought of giving it a try. Saving some more moneys, for not having to go to the store for food. Giving more income to send to you. When I run out of the wood furnishings to burn, I will start following the government inspired actions. Of what to do in an emergency. Burn through your money! With all of the steady payments from the government I figure I will be able to keep up with buying ink, for the printing of money.  Keeping pace with the governments printings of money. Some bills like yours will then also be again paid for on a regularly bases.

Since the government is the new economy’s inspirations. We all should follow their lead, shouldn’t we? How about raising my credit limits so I can pay some of my smaller bills with the new credits limit you would be providing. Because You have my plan of get out of this mess, and the fact is, it is much clearer then the governments plan. You should then recognize I’m good for it! People really do not like anything, or anyone to get bailed-out. But a credit limit, doesn’t really need to be limiting. ( Please reference the governments outlook on this issues. ) It really is truth, instead of a bunch of BS! Raising my limits will just help someone else out of this mess. Because I would just spend it I’m sure. Think of the limitless possibility’s, by raising my credit limits. Which in turn will provide income to someone else to pay your bills with.

Any who! I hope you now have the fool-proof plan of fools? providing me with that huge credit limit increase. All so that money can once again flow freely. Who knows! If I pay my power bills first, or my green energy orders do get delivered soon? I will be able to live on in to my future receiving your friendly E-mails, requesting my payments, using tree saving earth friendly power. Paying your bills are of the most importance to me. Besides paying my power bills and playing my country music backwards. Filling my heart with renewed hope and change of my future returning to the past. The way things were before. A little dryer. A few runs higher on the stairway to heaven. Will be a brighter future indeed for every one.

Sincerely tequila tears!

Ps.  If you out there are trying the backward music thing along with me, and if I ate your dog? Well He will never come back to you! Sorry! Just thought you should know. I hope that it will never come to that though. Keep the faith, and playing those records backwards. It is the new going forwards! So it seems.

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Two pieces of common sense to rub together.

Inquisitiveness isn’t limiting thought, through some actions or limitations of the questioning minds in the world. Education of the mind is the goal. Along with full explanation of questions that the mind comes up with. Is the search of knowledge, a true education unlimited? The basic school education is an absolute must for every one of our youth, of any generation, or of any nation. Education is the future of innovation, progress, new products, and a new lease on life. Expanding the mind also expands the many possibility’s, of dreams yet to be made into true reality’s. Reality there for expands, and improves positively. Governments have convinced us all that the basic education will and must be provided by governmental supervision, if not completely provided by a governmental school systems. Learning the basics is great and all… BUT! And that’s a big BUT! What about the education that is the most important? We all can learn the basic writing skills, math, sciences, reading skills…ect. But what about the most important of skills like ” Common sense!” Is this just one of those attributes that will ultimately get kicked to the way side of life? Is it a learned skill even? You have all heard of someone saying. ” That person is a true geniuses, but doesn’t have two pieces of common sense to rub together.”

At times the true stories that anyone can read, by picking up the latest on-line news paper, are truly fantastic. Some of these could just be the good works of fiction. The stories are just to unbelievable to believe. How is it possible for these to be true within our modern lives?

Take the stories of teachers who on their off times ( During summer vacation away from teaching ) happen to also be porn stairs. So what if they need extra income! Is it wrong? Can these teachers teach students the subjects in school and keep secret their porn stair lives? Is it a distraction? Will it also affect students study’s? Or does it in danger students in some way?

I know questions on top of questions. But what about them? Ever thought about all the what if’s? Yet the stories are out there on the net. The teachers just think it is their right to go and do what ever on their time. But they also fail to see that kids look up to them. Besides what if the word gets out and the boys with raging hormones can no longer concentrate on school studys?

Too many open-ended questions as to, the what if’s? But a true concerns for all parents whose job is wanting the best for their kids education. Just to mention one thing, out of the many things they must also do, in the process of raising kids up into adults. To then give government, the roll of educator and policy maker, in regards to the definition for a proper basic education. Is a bit much. Governments are not everything to everyone. Nor should anyone expect this, unless you also believe in unicorns. Prehaps a slight over stepping of powers at best. To these parents the government’s involvement could be a slice of heaven or pure hell depending on the side of the coin you find yourself on within any real life stories then. The job of education should start in the home rather than in school. Just because education is indeed the most important matter for success. Doesn’t mean that strange people in the governmental systems know what’s best. With teachers like the porn stars, or other problems. Who after all makes the decisions as what kind of influences they will have on the students they teach?

The news is full of teachers who have had unappropriated contact with students. They were caught with kids ( Having sex with them ). In some cases they even had kids themself’s with them. Yet some how these people who once had the publics trust and the responsibility’s as the agents of education. Are then some how thought to be rehabilitated at some point. Of course after doing some time ( A Prison Sentences.). Is that even possible? Once a molester always a molester? Maybe more appropriately, these people who were caught should always have a level of mistrust given to them with regards to the crimes they have committed. As part of the punishment for acting out un-appropriately and criminally by their actions, as well by their choices.

The value of someones life must be held to a higher standard, then allowing a molestation by none other than a person in charge of education, to commit needless crimes against kids. Therefor choosing an educator for any school. Should be a task of great scrutiny of every kind, and everyone who’s applying for the job. Is the risk to society to high of a price to pay, placing some believes on some kind of rehabilitation, on hear say of…..? If not a molester, a porn star as the educator? What guidelines should there be for what a teacher can have for a hobby, part-time job..ect? Who sets these guidelines then?

Some may say this is far and few between. with regards to these stories. Prehaps these adults who have been caught, deserve that mistrust. Should we then take on greater risk with regards to adults who were caught and rehabilitated? As a posed to some under age person who is also a molester? Giving them new trust in allowing teaching, or instruction, or interaction with other youth of their peers? Trusting how they would acting towards young people after wards? But what if they decide ….what if they are acting out un-appropriately? Would this be endangering youth? Does a molester deserve a second chance? But what if the perpetrator was a young person / kid who then assaulted others of their own age? should age play a part in deciding if and when, they know right from wrong?

In the case of an under age molester, doesn’t the state then find itself in the proverbial rock and a hard space? In having first the responsibility to protect the law-abiding citizens from just such assaults. At the same time they have assumed the responsibility’s for educating our youth, as well as rehabilitating the law breakers? Should there be a difference between the law-abiding, and those who don’t think the law apply’s, even if the difference between the two just happen to be between to youths? Should we as a society have an age of accountability? If so what age should it be? In the cases of unlawful actions between people, when will the kid gloves come off, and punishments passed down to fit appropriately to the crimes committed no matter the age of the perpetrators?

If a kid looks over his / her shoulder to see if anyone is looking then they know right from wrong. So how many times should society have to put up with actions of lawlessness from adolescents with little regard for the laws. At what point do we just say rehabilitation needs to be stronger then? When will society just say “QUIT”! Rehabilitation is a good thing, but also different. After so-called rehabilitation, to then ask society to give blind renewed trust, is just plain irresponsible.

In just one of such strange cases in my state. The state government took the position of placing the child molester into a school for the state sponsored education. But they also insisted not to release the info as to who or what the student did to the rest of the school student body, or even their parents. They stated that they need to protect the student in question. They didn’t want harassment to take place within the school. But after all, didn’t the education board and or the state government have a greater responsibility to protect the majority of people and students from all crime? Or the possibility of poor choices made by the person in question, being placing into school? At what point does the perpetrator have the right or greater rights, then those who haven’t made piss poor choices in their actions within their lives / behaviours towards others? Placing a student in secret as to what they have ben convicted of, is in my opinion criminal all on its own. It places a criminals need of protection above the innocent people’s needs for protection. The greatest job of government is the protection of its people, even if it is from themself’s.

I believe that government has the responsibility to teach everyone the same. No matter if these lessens are to be learned by the law-abiding or the lawless. The lessens to be taught are… If you break the law you then have a price to pay to society ( This could be prison time ) in addition to the price they will pay more than likely for the rest of their lives, through society’s mistrust of them, do to their choices. The penalties of crimes against society should never be hidden with unclear interpretations of the law. A life of crime, if chosen by anyone, even at the point of first contemplating criminal actions as a youth. Should also then have on the flip side. A true price for getting caught attached to it! Why would it need to be different? There must be some common sense to citizen and of government alike. Who created society’s laws? The public has intrusted these people placing them in charge to inforced the laws for the common good and protections of all.

As long as we have the questions of…. Why would anyone do this kind of thing to anyone else? Or could they again to someone else? We must also recognize that there is evil in the world, therefore people can act with freewill in choosing it if they must. If so! Let them also pay the true price of the crime. Prison sentences, and  the possibly of a life time of mistrust. This should be the penalty! Rehabilitation doesn’t remove mistrust, nor should rehabilitation assume looking the other way as to what they have done in the past in the first place. Having some respect or fear for the law, in the back of ones mind, young and old alike. Should be the voices one hears, like the old saying… ” Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!” Isn’t all that bad of a thing. Misplacing concern for how the young perpetrator feels or is made to feel isn’t something even to consider, as a replacement for some diminished safety in schools for the rest of our kids to expect. If you don’t think so! Then how about takeing the responsibility of explaining to the next victims in some school somewhere. That their safety wasn’t as important, then that of the perpetrators! I’m not advocating violence towards perpetrators of crime. But advocating youth perpetrators to be removed from every possibility of interactions with other youth in public schools, as part of their rehabilitation of the crimes they have committed. social issues

Why is it then so hard to teach the lesson of…. “If you can’t do the time! Don’t do the crime!”

There is no need to have a weak heart in administering punishments for crimes. Moving the punishment bar, isn’t having a greater sense of compassion. Misguided compassion is the fertilizer that grows crime to unbearable levels, by tipping the scales in favor of the criminals over the law-abiding.

Trust, and respect is earned! Just two pieces of common sense to rub together.

Vancouver rape raises questions about Washington law http://www.king5.com/news/politics/Vancouver-rape-raises-questions-about-Washington-law-148341845.html

Lawsuit Filed After Boy Says He Was Sexually Abused By Classmate « CBS Baltimore http://cbsloc.al/JvztFQ via @CBSBaltimore

All the best!

Good-by King! Welcome going nuts!

 Good-by king in welcoming going nuts as being the new normal.  What happen to all of those people in the occupy the crowd? Why no protests of loosing one of your food groups then? After all! Using all of those drugs, the munches’ set in. Your thoughts may be. A supper big candy bar is the pick me up of choice, that you need! No thoughts on loosing your choice in eating one of those big boys then? No protests?


The latest out of the candy world, is the king size candy bar is gone! That’s right! You as a potential consumer, will no longer have a choice in buying that big boy. It is all about controlling the addict, or about how much sugar people are eating. So the Mars candy corporation is down sizing all their candy bars. The regular sized bar is about 280 calories now. But they plan to down size them to 250 calories soon. But the big boy, king of the king size will have to go the way of the dinosaur. Call it democratic evolution.

The constant evolving thoughts of controlling governments, have only accomplished to turn adult people into crying toddlers at best. Assuming the roll of parenting to mandated popular choice. You know the kind of choices?  “You can choose any color you wish to have as long as its black!” was the choices offered when Ford first marketed his cars. Along with the governments know-it-all attitude of..”YOU SHOULDN”T HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE OR LIVE WITH THE RESULTS OF MAKING CHOICES!” The reasoning is “candy and eating too much of it, leads to diabetes.” Governments popular thought is… “people can’t control themself’s in only eating some of the big boy candy bars.” Displaying their own know-it-all knowledge of knowing better. They clams “it’s for your health.” This is why we need smaller candy bars. Are we then going to alow those of small-mindedness, but over inflated self-worth, along with wrongly opinionated over barring government, creat these official food czar’s? Who will just run our lives to a point. It will be great! Right? After all making choices shouldn’t be one of your simpletons tasks to do at anyway, or at any time in your lives. Yes Your choices may affect you and only you. But the government knows best. So making a choice for yourself with regards to candy and sugar is just going to be controlled for you. Or so the over inflated thought proses goes down that slippery slope dragging you with it.

Just what is next? The candy police at the nearest 7-11, checking your sugar levels, and marking the test results on your sugar card. You know the one? The one next to the driver’s licence issued by the same people. If you go past your daily limit of sugar, they will issue a ticket. Just think of it as when you are receiving this kind of ticket of course. Just as a reminder to slow down your speeding on the highway to diabetes. It is all about the policemen / sugar-police keeping you and others safe, right? The revenue from ticketing people will just subsidize health care anyway…. Right?

Smaller candy bars in the market place, along with uncontrolled or under self-controlled individuals buying them doesn’t make a healthier environment or market place. These kind of consumers will only be forced to eat more than one bar. I suppose one could then make the argument. That opening more than one bar is getting an increase in exercise.

If company’s just alow themself’s to be bullied by government like this with a false sence of doing good for their consumer. Then they deserve the consumer to pack it all in and stop buying their products. Never to go back to them again. After all, if just a smaller candy bar is the wizards of wisdom solution, for people eating too much sugar in their diets. Then ban candy bars out right! Totally! At least then you would have some street cred, as a community leader of health.

Let’s face it people. The unintended consequences of government meddling with your choices, isn’t doing anything  for your health.  But rather it is what takes your ability to control your life from you. With smaller candy bars it sounds good. But is it? What’s stopping you the consumer from buying 2, or 3, or 4, or mass more of the candy bars, then stuffing them into your face to get your candy fix. Someone could reason that you’re getting a weeks worth. What is missing from the view of government in seeing all of the empty but smaller candy bar wrappers around you. Government isn’t seeing the true picture of their adult toddlers they have created. Nor do they see “You” as their toddler stuffing your face with sugar by the spoon full straight from the bag with the biggest serving spoon you can find? Just serving up the sugar fix to the addiction. If one is an addict to sugar, binge eating candy bars will not be controlled with smaller candy bars. Then what is accomplished, in all of this?

Down sizing King candy bar doesn’t do anything for your health personally. But it does become more expensive to buy smaller candy bars for getting your candy fix. less product ( AKA SUGAR! ) at a higher cost to you the consumer. This produces a higher tax revenue for the government as well. If it was only for health reasons? Then we would BAN IT !  Thoughts are, down sizing the candy bars will have a health impact to the population, or so at least the reasoning goes. If it doesn’t? We then have to have  the sugar police! These are the loose ideas swimming around the toilet bowl of the liberal democrat’s mindset. Which then assumes it to be a win, win! Creating by forcing good / better health is win one! The sugar police is an unintended job produced by controlling sugar for public safety. Win two!

What makes this candy company’s collapse to governmental control, even more suicidal to its self. Is if this was all about health? Then they can be viewed as destroyers of health by the government then. The liability in a legal sense, along with manipulations of such company’s by the government, for the false sence of health, will actually drive them to bankruptcy or legal hell.

Because our parents, in this case ( the government ) knows best! It couldn’t be their lack of willingness to control candy makers on our behalf can it? NO! The governments excuse is ” We made them make the bars smaller. “So people couldn’t be held to have any responsibility’s for themself’s? Or should we?

Who’s health is it anyway? Shouldn’t the ones whose health it is have also the burden of responsibility and cost for it? If someone can handle the cost of destroying their health without the help of the government, or its involvement in such destruction. Then the cost of fixing it should be theirs as well.


If you have become half crazed with allowing the government to control every aspect of life, then you shouldn’t have any complaint when you get short-changed with your expectations. Don’t complain about the vegetables that will certainly be forced down your throat! Because of some misguided conception that they can prevent cancer, and do so cheaper than synthetic drugs. Also cutting the cost to the government health care system.

Don’t complain when you find yourself in McDonald’s ordering the supper size fries, with a big-mack, and shake. When your eyes pop out of your head viewing the burger. Its new size will resemble a 50 cent piece, supper size fries will only be one fry about 4 inches long, and your shake will be served in a 2 ounce size. All for the sake of reducing heart disease / diabetes in your life. Oh Yea! I all most forgot, That will be $10.50 please!

If government controls everything in your life, they will certainly be able to take control of everything for you in life. Society may rethink its position.  We in society are not needing any present help in deferring the cost for destroying health, we then certainly don’t need the governmental help in paying the cost of restoring health once destroyed! In other words. ” TAKE SOME RESPONCBILITY”S! ”

There is no need of wrapping ourself’s up with a false sense of victimhood, using flawed ideology of the liberal government. Who says ” We will do it all for you! ” As being the toilet bowl mentality, that we refuse to flush.

The attitudes of winners are I have been endowed by my creator with the right to pursue happiness. Which is determined by my life’s goals, and choices, being able to make choices for myself is what makes one an adult and liven free! In the aftermath of such choices we are also happier / happier adults.”

If you need a stress reliever? Enjoy-em while you have them. Other wise say. “Good-by king! Welcome going nuts! “

Mars Reduces Candy Bar Sizes and Promotes “Responsible Snacking” http://www.delish.com/food/recalls-reviews/mars-reduces-candy-bar-sizes-clone-1329747220?src=soc_twtr via @delishcom

All the best.

Cleansers of thoughts, with some lexicon cleansers to boot! ( and the hidding of racists in plain sight.)

Refusing to take some personal responsibility’s, is like taking a drink of water from a fire hydrant. We are never going to like the results! ” quote Mindwarpfx

Is it then time to ban certain words or phrases? Words all have meanings to them. This is why we use them to describe things, or to make a clearer description of things. Even when glancing through the dictionary someone can find words with similar meanings to them. Within the processes of using words, individuals can pick from the lexicon of sorts, the words that can be properly applied to the communications, explanations, or even their expressions that they wish to use. In a way that people can then understand them better. When we hear the term ( The N-word ) everyone knows the true meaning behind this phrase. Most people even know the historical content, or the origin of it. Yet upon hearing the phrase ( The N-word ) the first thing that comes to mind is the real word ( Nigger ). Within the person’s mindset, most if not all translate the phrase into the word, and set the meaning into what they are hearing within the speech given. It seem to me the word all by itself doesn’t make a racist. Yet some make clams that it does. The repeated use of it, just may be the racist views of some individual with a deep-seated secret hatred of people with dark skin. Just as it was historically. But in a class room setting when learning about the historical events of the past, or when learning about the literature of the past within a setting from when the term was invented and used. Is this then a study in becoming, or creating a racist views, or creating racism? Could this also be a form of racism? Is it really wrong to use it for instructional use only? Can the use of the term ( The N-word ) in place of the real word that everyone knows within their own mind, as to what those who would use it are meaning, can this be appropriate? If so? Why? Can ( the N-word ) being thus used in certain instances be used for the purposes of instruction and education rather than of hate, or the hate of one to another? Or is the use of ( the N-word ) in place of the word  “Nigger”, also one of the same? Just hate speech that one would use to some ends in a misguided difference of degrees, for the same kind of hatred? Is it time that we change the english lexicon permanently and abolish the word and the term along with any representations, or phrases of the word permanently from its use? Do we really need the mind control of some agency, a sort of mind police, or cleaning agent called the lexicon cleanser, in order for people to get along? Just some cleansers of thought, with some lexicon cleansers to boot !

In Portland, Oregon a teacher  was put on leave, because he used the word represented by the term ( The N-word ) in a way I would have hoped for, as only for the purposes of educational value of a historical study. (If there could any? ) But when it was expressed by a student that they were offended, the teacher then used ( the N-word ) as its replacement. Was this wrong? Was the student just overly sensitive? Is or was the school under some pressure to act on the behalf of someone who would be offended? Giving him ( the teacher ) a leave as some kind of Political correctness? Is political correctness solving anything? If so what exactly?

the book Huckleberry Fin has often come under fire for ( the n-word ) within this work. There are some who would like the book to be reprinted by changing the word, with the term ( the N-word ). Should we? Or is it time to exclude this book from educational instruction? If so what or who will make the definitions ( determined by whom ) as what is appropriate for everyone in kind, in determining any books for study? Is it possible to avoid offending some, without also offending someone else? In affect abolishing everyone’s offence of every kind. Can we really accomplish this at all?

Checking in with twitter as in doing some researching on the modern expression, of terms used by people in society today. Was truly eye-opening. You can find just about anything on the internet. Despite the fact that people on the net are not always who or what they portray themself’s to be. Despite having this knowledge I was able to find people using terms like.. ‘ Hay Nigga, What’s up my Nigga, You Nigga’s, or Don’t be such a gangsta Nigga and get with that bitch!”  It took only a few minuets to find such expressions made by people who also had pictures of people of color as their profile picture. This doesn’t always mean that they are what or who they say they are, even in these pictures used on their profile. often these comments were made to others, with profile pictures of people of color as well. So One must assume that these usages of the word, “Nigga ” was used like terms of endearment, non offensively. But I for one would have to believe if someone else were to try in using these terms in a non-offensive way, ( If that is even possible ) would then be met with extreme opposition. Even maybe by these same people prehaps.

Who then makes the determination of what exactly offends in society? Should there be some thought police willing to use some political creativeness of some lexicon cleansers, to scrub the offence right out of your individual minds?

Do we in modern society then have a hidden lexicon? Do we have a white language, and a language for people of color? Should we even? Do we have words now determined ( by whom exactly? ) to be only words used by one ethnicity? With words do we need different definitions depending on the ethnicity of the user?

In our modern language and the changes that take place over time. Has it just come to a point of using terms like.. ” (The N-word ), or the C-word, or even throwing the F-bomb, or describing things as being F’ed, F’en, or applying the end all to every kind of interchange by saying  F-OFF!! ” as being the educated way in using strong language of off-color,as being acceptable by everyone in an end all way? Seems like it to me! We even have these usages of terms in the TV out lets, and in the media in general, and in the news of the day, as well in radio broadcasts, even within our churches. Ministers, that I have heard using the terms of ( H double hocky sticks ), as the replacement for the word ” Hell ” or even ” GD ” as ” GOD DAMN “. But is this a true cleansing of language? Or more of a childish way of expression ” Wink, Wink, I’m getting away with something that I shouldn’t be saying in the first place.” All the while excusing ones self ” I didn’t say anything wrong!”

Have we all just become excepting of these terms like most of us in society excepting white lies over dark lies? Isn’t a lie a lie? Following our politicians who make careers on the basis of lies, by lying like a real pro. With no real fallout or opposition by any people anywhere. Isn’t this just a kind of reflection of how far we have come in becoming valueless.

Weather we use the term ( The N-word or the whole word ) how can anyone then be truly offended by usages of words and or of terms, which by definitions are one of the same, only difference being the ethnicity of the user? When there seem to be different definitions of what offends or what is plain offensive.( A reference to the terms being thrown about twitter. )

Words are not racist by themself’s. But words are invented along with definitions and applied to them by people who easily could have a racist mindset. These words should be then limited by their use, by everyone. Not by decree, or mandate, or some political correctness using manipulations of the people through fear. But because we have determined on our own as being wrong! If a term offends. Then the user of such terms is making a choice to offend. But is a teacher using terms to illustrate past hatred in as a historical context, out to offend? If everyone also knows before hand in hearing the term ( The N-word ) as referring to the whole word of ” Nigger “. as being offensive, is it not then just as inappropriate to use? If one offends then the other should also equally offend!

To many times, we in society look at the terms that people use as making a judgment about them, if not even an accusation of them. This leads to making an assumption of what was truly ment by their words, and the selection, or usage of them. All the while reserving the same thoughts within our own minds about the user in return. Just in secret. But does this lead to changing anything? If we just judge everyone to some self-imposed standards, shouldn’t we then live up to these same standards for ourself’s? In other words if we are offended, why would we even try to change the definitions of terms / words, all to be able to use them without the same offence implied?

People who choose to hate, can be found in every ethnicity. Finger-pointing of one group to the other, or to hijack a term, so that only one ethnicity can use it without offence. All the while reserving a different definitions of the same term, one being more favorable, and the other being hateful. Only applying a mismatched standard to its use, after determining the color or ethnicity of the user. Is wrong! Wrong! and even more WRONG!

We can not legislate new laws in a misguided efforts to control the thoughts within people’s minds. In essence creating the thought police by the use of political pressures of political correctness. This will only drive the haters under ground, back deep into the darkest of thoughts in their own minds of hate. In an effort to preserve their misguided ideas of a racial divide. In the end continuing to hate some more. Political correctness try’s to limit the thoughts in all people,( good intentioned or bad ) by making them feel un-comfortable for thinking. But those who hate, also choose to be uncontrolled in thoughts, even failing to control themself’s for the most part with themself’s.

We should never accept sweeping the dirt under the rug so to speak, as an approve exception for using the term ” the N-word ” in place of a word that we also have determined to be too offensive to use in public and just the same for the use in privet. Applying the lessons learned while we were kids, at least I’m hoping that all people learned this… ” If you don’t have anything good to say , then don’t say anything at all.” would be the best choice to make rather than using these terms. Some times this would be the most powerful speech of all!

If we feel that we need to describe someone elses offences by some use of terms, but just in that special way of saying it without really using the whole term in its entirety. Is just dancing with the devil, in order to be salacious? Not any real reporting of events, cases, or crimes. We really do not have to know every detail of every case down to just what word was spoken.

The media of the day is only interested in the tactics of agenda setting. Agenda setting is the idea of not being able to control what you personally are thinking. But rather in controlling people as a whole as to what they all are thinking. This changes people, and society by manipulations through political correctness. But changes brought about by manipulation aren’t real changes at all. Those who feel manipulated may change, but those who are not threatened by manipulation are for the large part unaffected, and so unchanged.

” A person changed against their own will is of the same opinion still.

If we continue to use terms like ” The N-word, or the C-word, GD, F’en, F’ed, or even throwing the F-bomb “, around just to mention a few. Are we not just producing an accurate reflection of ourself’s for all to see. A society of valueless people, or at best people who will do little to nothing to preserve values. How is this an improvement, within all of our relationships with each other? Isn’t this just a way for those who once were in your face racist’s, to have become the hidden racist’s in plain sight?

Untill we recognize that there will always be offences of some, by actions of others in everyday life. All the while if we don’t also excepting some personal responsibility’s in every choice we make. We then must realize we alow ourself’s to be influenced by outside forces of both good, as well as evil. Realizing this we can then make improvements to ourself’s if we would only choose to. This may also make some changes in society as well. Excepting an attitude of less than, while also excepting the usages of terms all ready mentioned truly damages us all as a society of people. We should celebrate the differences, as well influence each other in a more positive way. We can then choose to influence positive potential in everyone, instead of micromanagement’s of sorts using political correctness, only succeeding in a slower managed decay!

” Judge not anyone by the color of ones own skin, but by the content of ones character.” MLK

No amount of tyranny can ever control everyone’s own thoughts, of peace or hatred alike. So the ideas of equal justice and freedom are indestructible. But to obtain them is the challenge. They can only be accomplished by individuals making the choices of talking some actions ! ” quote Mindwarpfx

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V for political revenge!

If you think this is a post for some eyes glazing over boring political story well you may be half right! Or half wrong depending if you’re a half glass person! Doesn’t matter if your democrat or republican or independent, or just liven with no real interests of political news or conversation. The truth is, political decisions in washington DC affects us all! With this being a new year, political things are coming down the pipe towards us with an election later on in the year. Like november or some such. Who really keeps track. But I think these political party’s have just screwed up life for us all. No need to blame one of the two major party’s . More like they have both equally screwed up the economy/ the country. Blaming each other for the same things, forgetting the will of the people all at the same times gives them equal guilt for the greatest of sinful temptations by the ruling class. Greed of absolute power! This is why we have absolute corruption from the top down.

Seem to me they who are in power learned nothing from the movie V 4 Vengeance. But then these vampires of power would have to venture out of the halls of power, and risk the bright sun like light of the theater in order to see it.

Some would say there has to be some term-limits set on the politicians and this would save the day. Still others say they have to spend more money they don’t have.This will save the economy / the day. Still others come up with the ideas that we need more honesty in people who become politicians. This will save the day. Sorry to cut the last one short, but just how is that going to be? We are all looking to save the day by using vampire like people who would spontaneously combust if they ever told the real truth to people. politicians are like illusionist! Seems like they are not really paying attention to what is going on. But they are just setting up the next trick. They may be hiding their eyes so as to give an appearance of not looking, but they are watching anyway. Gauging to see if the illusion has worked?

No real need to be fooling ourself’s about the whole nature of a politician then if we saw the movie. They’re all scum, who will do any thing to stay on top and say or do anything to make sure that you and I will be on the bottom. Isn’t it funny they don’t believe in the top down theory of economics also known as trickle down. But they sure do apply this theory to themself’s, and the power they “Weald over us”. I guess trickle down only really applies to scum as they take a leak, just so they can pee on us all!

This year we will have plenty opportunity’s to talk to our neighbors at the water cooler about all of the different failed polices of government. But then most of us will be quiet about everything political, but overly vocal about who won American Idol, did you see the latest movie, Did you see entertainment tonight and what or who ______ did?

My parents once told me, as I’m sure as yours did also. That political talk, or religious talk will start more fights at any time and any place if there attempted. More fights than two cheating spouse, who just found out the other was cheating on them at the same time. If you throw into the mix political talk. Well then you have a real supper star cage match, saturday nights at the fights. It’s entertaining to watch. But not so entertaining to be one of their kids, having to live with the after math. Yet this is what it is like to be one of the many non involved, in political discussion of things. Not saying for anyone to join the into the corruption, but to keep up with the news of it all. Or like me, trying to see some of the humor in it all, by watching others fight about it.

Take the occupy movements around the country. They are bitchen about some who are or have become rich, while others / everyone have just become a little poorer. Yet they expect the corrupt government, who had a hand in it, all long the way. To fix it! Ha, Ha, that’s just reckless. Isn’t that like asking a vampire to give you a transfusion?

By the way over spending tax revenues by governments as their polices, has only produced seeing our money devalue over time. That’s why everything has become noticeable more expensive. Not that we have too much money held by only a few. Occupy movements only think the supper rich need to have less, and that will give each of us more. But wrong! Remember when our parents said a millionaire was rich? Now a millionaire has to be multi millionaire, or billionaire. One or two million doesn’t even cut it. Look at their lives ( our parents of course.) The average income in the 1970’s was about $30,000.00 per year. Now days it is $50,000.00. But in the early 70’s gas was priced at .50 per gal. I remember in the year 1987, in my neck of the woods gas prices move briefly past the $1.00 mark. I thought the world was cruel to expect us to pay this outrageous amount of money. Then in nothing flat $2.00 per gal was the standard. For a rich person this price move doesn’t hurt so much. If we then took the price of gas at the pump as the standers for our average incomes. Our incomes should be about $180,000.00 per year average. do to the inflation of gas prices. But because it is the price movement on everything, brought about by government policy’s that hurts the value of our money and that hurts us each more and more.

So why does it cost so much now? The money is less valuable. Nothing more than that. Just that easy to say. Look in the 1860’s a hand crafted mens suit cost about a $20.00 gold pieces. That same amount of gold to-day would still get you a hand crafted mens suit. Inflation increases the cost of everything. Governments controls inflation by printing money. Spending more than we can possible have. Only causes us to barrow money. But money has no real value except the taxing value of that country and its economy’s ability to pay it. It only looks like you have more money. Think of it like this. You have a pencils about 8 inches long in its length. The pencils length this is your ability to spend, or the value of money. By braking the pencils in two gives you two pencils who are shorter yet still does everything the same. Your buying power has shrunk. That’s inflation, and government printing money is just braking the pencils so they become smaller and smaller. All the while still saying you have more money in your pockets! But is your living standard better with shortened pencils?

Being rich in the 1860’s might have been, just having a few hundred thousand dollars to your name. Yet to-day a few billion is the same kind of rich. Or at least rich to the point that everyone believes is far more money then anyone can spend in a life time. A government that will not protect the value of its currency is a government that is slowly killing its economy and its people’s buying power. Remember debt just in-slaves the person who has the debt. When a government barrows more money then it has, it then in-slaves everyone!

Democrats blame the republicans for spending more money on wars. During Bush it was about 4 trillion in 8 years. But during the democrats in control republicans complained we have spent 4 trillion in 3 years. In both cases it is money that we don’t have! So we have in 12 years spent as a nation about 8 trillion dollars. What wrong with that? We have spent in 12 years more money then 223 years of previous government spending combined!

For democrats or republicans to blame it on ________ Is the illusion. The true problem is not anything other than, governments run away spending. If it were not for this spending problem, other things wouldn’t have to be so expensive. Money like the US Dollar would have a greater value, as I have already pointed out. The mens suit, and gas thing.

If we wish for true ( V is 4 vengeance ) at the voting polls. WE the people should vote for any one who is financially responsible. After all if we the people can’t spend to our hearts content, so “Why should government”? I know they have the printing press. But the one and only thing that gives the ( Mona Lisa ) great value is, there is only one! Why then should we be mad if there is someone who has become very rich because of God-given talents to produce new and wonderous things. It isn’t the fact of being rich that should get us mad. It is the fact of all of the money we have or saved is being devalued greatly by the carless over spending of our vampires of government. These disciples of destruction who’s only wish is to feast on what is left of the economical carcass of the USA. If they succeed at killing the golden goose, it might as well be a real life recreation of the night of the living dead for the economy we leave to our children.

It is not a Democrat or Republican policy alone that got us here! It was the policy’s of ” We can run up our credit card bill as a nation. Because our politicians have only fully intended to pass on the bills to the next generation as the price they should pay for giving ourself’s the grand illusion of being the richest nation on earth!

Has our youth woken up from their adolescent sleep? By their protests like those of occupy wall-street are they increasingly so open to the actions, like those in the movie ” V Is for vengeance ” ?

Just how you decide to vote this november is for you to decide, and only you! Remembering just how you voted in the past has influenced life, just as it has in the passed before you could vote. So then this coming vote will influence your kids futures just as much. So the responsibility as to whether they have a better life, then your’s is currently. Fully depends on if we intend on give them the bills of the past, for things that out lived their usefulness in the present, and are left to be rebuilt on over drafted credit limits?

Our founders believed: ” Debt is buying a horse on credit, and having to still pay for it long after it has died. Not much of an improvement in the future.” quote unknown.

” V ” can be for Victory over our spending problems!

” V ” can also be for vengeance for a crumbling future, and an unwilling enslavement of our kids, leaving them in having to repay our debts.

What will our youth be thinking as to what ” V ” stands for next? Will it lead them to take vengeance on they’re irresponsible elders?

All the best!

Who’s health is it anyway?

That’s right ” Who’s health is it anyway?” The daily news is full of some stories that have plenty to do with our health, but who’s behind the scenes, and why? Who’s concern is it if I choose to eat… what ever it is, that now is to be found to be less than healthy? Remember back in the day when there were plenty of stories on ” Coffee” and the health risks it presented to our body’s needs. That was then backed up with some stories on how coffee was found to be healthy to drink within moderation. Then the new stories of how it can cause cancer / cure cancer…..! Are you just as frustrated with the stories yet, confused, or just tuning out to all the chatter out there on health, and some new government studies on what is means to be healthy now? If your like me at this point, just pour your self a big mug of coffee and get amused at all of the conflicting news on any new health fad out there. What is good one day will most certainly be bad the next day. In short they ( who ever they really are ) really don’t know any thing about it!

If you’re trying to be healthy then fine, I see why you may have an interest about such studies. You have to excepted some facts, that your gean’s, the ones your ancestor’s gave you, may then play an even bigger part in the health equation. It may not only be how much we eat or of what we eat, or not eat at all. Just saying something like “smoking is bad” isn’t going to be the end all to any assumption made. To say you may have a higher degree of health problems “when you smoke”, would be more accurate. There is always a Gorge Burns in the mix. The one person or some group of people, who have been doing what ever is deemed to be “un-healthy” for the moment, as a daily practice, and have no real negative affect on them. Doesn’t make it healthy or unhealthy. But that’s the exception, not the rule.

For governments to get involved with some regulation of some product or substances. On the false premise that they must do this for the best health possible. Is just a wrong way of going about helping people. Why regulate the use of something with a future possible negative result? How about telling people what they now must do for some future positive result, concentrating on some positive activity’s rather than focusing on some negative ones? almost every thing that is good for you, can also be a substances, or action that will affect you negatively if used in excess.

Example: Some people who have been blessed with having reached the mile stone of living passed 100 years young, almost all ways are asked, “What they think is the secret to long life?” More times than not, they say something like, ” Having a shot of alcohol, moderation in everything and good gens.” But there is plenty of studies about alcohol and the negative affect of it on the body. Who is right? Some young wiper snapper who says it is bad, or some old person who seem to say what a big fool you are with every second that ticket by on the clock.

Life is to be enjoyed, not lived in fear of what is going to destroy some aspect of it.

So it seem like more of a bet in the casino of life with every choice we have to make when it comes down to what to do with health. If left to government to do everything for us then. We will certainly get over regulated by government. People who only call for governments to get involved are just people with weak dispositions, lacking the willful abilities to choose and live, with having made a choice in the first place. They only wish to have some guarantee to some likeable out come, or some fulfillment of their fanatics they create in their minds as how things should be. Funny when these people are faced with a somewhat different outcome. They wish to change the whole outcome thing, or at least cast blame on someone or something as their reasoning, in deal with this new unlikable thing in their lives.

There is a story going around right now that some people would like the government to get involved in regulating ” SUGAR!” Yes they sight that sugar is a menace to society as a health destroyer. They point out that it is also additive to people who tend to use to much of it. They also sight the added cost to society as a negative and the biggest reason as why governments need to regulate it. Are these people for real? Did they forget about the other substances out there in the food chang that are also addictive? How about everyone’s taste buds? We all train them. Like it or not we control or trained to our own likes and dislikes, no matter who their owner may be ( The individual person). We all train our taste buds to our determination as what tastes good. So yes! Food can be just additive. So lets face it! It is dangerous to everyone who isn’t getting it or understanding these simple truths. How about drink? Drunk driving is killing thousands of people every year. It could be regulated even more!  Right?

Yet we live with too much regulations from government already. Some of these regulations are costing people’s lives. Even when they are being promoted as being concerned government, looking out for you. How about the government regulating minimum gas mileage ratings for cars and trucks. For the automotive industries to achieve these limits they have cut down on the weight of steel used in each cars, and trucks. How many people are killed do to lower speed accidents that are also fatal to the occupants of these kind of cars. The regulation by governments are then not always the best solution to any problems out there. Nor do these governments doing anything for the good of its people and their health or safety, just because. It is a degree of money and control then, to these issues, rather than what is found to be healthiest for everyone.

When it is involves governments, it always comes down to money, and control. He who controls the money also has the control. Money all on its own breeds corruption uncontrolled. So this is why regulation never works to anyone advantage. The outcome is always an out of control government.

It is not wrong to study sugar and it’s effects on the human body, both short-term and long-term. But leaving it up to each and everyone to decide for themself’s as what to do for themself’s and how much to use of it. The truth is, to realize the dangers of sugar as possibly causing or interdicting hypertension, Insulin resistance, High triglycerides, Diabetes, and liver problems that also mimic the effects of alcohol and or alcoholism. These can all be contributed to some kind of sugar abuse or self-abuse through and by the using of sugar to an excessive amount.

If we are only going to use sugar as the whipping boy to one of the biggest health problems out there. Then we are making an incomplete assumption to the dangers to good health. What about Obesity? There is an obesity problem in this country, also an important and serious health issue as well. To signal out just one issue or to just label a signal food, or just one ingredient in that food, is to overlooking to a greater degree the health issues as a whole problem to good health. Picking only on one issue by the government or by some over active activism group. Which through intense lobbying of the government hopes to change the lives for everyone is short-sighted. It’s accomplishments then only will confuse the issues, and therefore adds to the problems. No to mention the unintended consequences. Remember the studies on coffee already mentioned. Some who were dangerous and then some who were great. Conflicting information at best. Resulting in total confusion.

To legislate human behaviors is impossible! It is impossible to legislate against stupidity, as well all forms of behaviors like compulsiveness, irresponsibility, and even impulsiveness, all of these traits are involved in the individuals choices that they choose for themself’s in everything. Successful control through intervention, by some legislature, is the first ingredient in failure. Every government that has tried it in the past has failed in the long run. For it is always met with resistance by all of those who are affected by it. Why not let nature take its course? Let nature regulate people who by their own choices, choose badly within their own lives, like diets, smoking, or whether they on their own will exercise regularly or not! The consequences good or bad from all of our choices are the price of living free and enjoying freedom. If we enjoy some sugar along the way, should we or anyone have to pay the price through taxes or over regulation for the sweetness of it? Who’s health is it anyway?

If it is only about the health cost to government or individuals, as the argument to regulating….( just pick something to be regulating ). Are you not then just removing the chef incentive for changing behaviours. Governments charge more taxes on cigarets, the overall outcome is reduces usage of the products. But when it comes to health no one has the responsibility’s of their choices, because of insurance paying the bills. If people were more directly affected by their choices and knew there was not to be a bailout of some sorts for their poor choices. They may then choose differently for themself’s. Instead of destroying what health they were given by abusive behaviours, or their self-imposed abusive habits. Who’s responsible for the health they would have at any time in life? Who’s health is it anyway?

Just some cute references ….http://t.co/6hPzpfhy

All the best!


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