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Purely political celebrity adultery

” Nothing for the most part is accomplished by doing the totally unnecessary twice as fast! ” unknown.

Purely political celebrity adultery, seem to be the focus as well the common denominator of this election season. Those who would vote based on the celebrity status of any politician. Rather than their performances, substances of policy’s, and or their affect on the country’s economy, and the people’s future in general. These people should looking at these things that lead someone in deciding or making a good decision at the least. Picking a politician on political celebrity is just a simplistic way of deciding, which one to committing political adultery with, as a way in deciding who to vote for. Do we need a political celebrity? One who is loved, or one who is committed in doing the job? Is the popular choice then, hidden among the schemer’s, scoundrels, and suckers, clothed in pure political celebrity?

People who have totally deceived themself’s to such an extent, as to accept any policy’s offered to advantage themself’s over others. Rather than having to make a determination as to what is best for our country as a whole, now and in the future. Who would then criticize these policy’s or the political party’s presenting them as lacking. No matter if it was the Democrats or Republicans offering them up. As all people in this society, we have a responsibility to hold our politicians to their promises that they make. Should they over promise and under deliver? Why would they be justified, or qualified to hold the offices that they have been elected to with such presentations? Berne Madoff was arrested for running a Ponzi scam. He promised to his first investors outrageous returns. He then paid these returns to some investors, by ripping off newer investors. This created buzz with all his investors. New investors, as all investors in the end were ripped off by Mr. Madoff. The public out cry was, this man deserved to go to prison or worse. Yet when a politician does little more than the same thing, they are then considered for reelection.

President Obama doesn’t even make a good attempt to hide the facts of his outrageous lies, policy’s, and the effects that they are having or going to have into the future. Example: The Bush tax cuts. ( a reference to president Bush.) This is just a look back some 10 years or so at a cut in tax rates in order to get the economy going. Enacted then by president Bush. A reduction of current tax rates, only accomplishes setting some new tax rate. To the democrats and president Obama, who don’t really want to recognize this simple fact. Who only refer to this with regret, of having to deal with some reductions in taxing revenues to spend. By some imaginary loss of tax revenue, being why they refer to this as a tax cut, instead of a resetting of tax rate. They don’t even recognize the effect it has had on the economy good or bad? So then choose to lie about any positive effects. Obama has been consistently complaining that the economical down was, because of these tax cuts.

What makes his argument dishonest, filled with distortions, lies, political slight of hand within the games being played out, as political theater. In fact, his policy’s had to embrace a come to Jesus moment. Extending them now twice in three and one half years of his presidency. If these quotes ” Tax cuts! ” are believed by these wizards of smart to be damaging to the economy and the governments abilities to spend. As they have openly claimed. Then why extend them at all? Is that not an admission


of failure of your own ” Tax and spend policy’s ” Mr. Obama? You can’t be on both sides of any problem and clam that one side is wrong, while claiming yourself as being the guiding light to the right side, the right policy’s to enact. While declaring to all who will lessen to be controlling spending, and growth of government.

Obama care ” ( as the health care reform ) is more accurately described as ” Obama Tax! ” Yet President Obama presented it as a mandate, penalty, but not a tax! Yet the supreme court declared it to be unconstitutional unless we call it and enact it as a new tax. So it has become Obama Tax, the largest tax increase in the world! Yet Obama continues to lie, distort, deceive, and misrepresent himself and his policy’s. In an effort to divide a nation, for his benefits of reelection.

” I have never understood why it is ” GREED “to want to keep the money that you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money. ” Sowell

Democrats who will not except that their policy’s are doomed to failure. Only because they have all been tried by other shortsighted abusive governments of the past, as well in the present. Currently in Europe. Are just doubling down on bad policy’s, presented in dishonest populareist ways of over promising and ultimately under delivering. In short the tax payer never gets what is presented to them at any time. Mr. Madoff when to prison for just that. One only needs to pay attention to the changing policy’s proposed to saving Social Security. No one seem to be asking who spent all the money? Where did it go? Or why do we need a government to mishandled a forced savings account in the first place? That has only been proven, to have been mishandled, mismanage, abuse, and wasted, for their dishonest exploitations of some abusive power over the people.

Why not a free market policy? One that allows people to take responsibility for themself’s. By allowing them to save tax-free for retirement, for their healthcare? Instead government providing support of people destroying their opportunity’s with self-abuse through, smoking, drugs and drinking alcohol, having children before they can support themself’s, providing unhealthy policy’s of the food stamp programs, and after school breakfast, lunch, and even some diner programs. All of whom provide opportunity to abuse the systems without excepting the consequences of their actions. Why not force people to save for their own safety net. Instead of forced taxation, for redistribution of all individual wealth, in support of misguided charity.

What happened to the idea of Ben Franklin; ” We in America have a national religion of neighbors helping neighbor.” Instead we have become a nation of belly aching, cry baby’s, expecting government to do everything for us. How is it that the present day policy’s of Obama, isn’t helping our economy, and unemployment? Could it be that they try to raise taxes for some nobel causes. But then spend these taxes on some wasteful fantasy’s of solar power. Last week we created 84,000 new jobs, but added 85,000 people on Social Security disability payments. Adding more people to the social net and fewer people to the work force. We are becoming a nation of more and more takers, rather than a nation of makers who will through prosperity support charity. It isn’t governments job to decide success and failure, who will be getting a bailout and who will not. Capitalism works best when there is an element of a healthy fear of failure to it. Other wise how do you decide what success is?

Where are the politicians who would work to in-power people to do for themself? Where are the policy’s that support the people’s ability’s to realize their own true talents, and personal potential? Instead we get politicians who’s only goals are to divide a nation, pitting one class against the other, or one ethnicity against another. For the purposes of dividing and conquering, for the rule of tyranny.

The real issues in this election is do you like higher taxes, bigger governmental growth, less individual opportunity’s equally distributed to all? In other words an average existence, void of rich and poor. With the outlook only having to make an average effort, for a slothful existence as the new definitions applied to what is to be the new successful. Where making an unequaled effort will only be refered to as ( “Being greedy!” ) rather than supporting someone in making an unequaled effort, in make some new products, or improvements through innovations, or inventions, for everyone’s enjoyment. Do we really want a command and control government?

Asking a government to do something for you, when your only to lazy to do for yourself. All the while expecting a life of ease, and irresponsibility’s. Is too much like asking your parents to pay for your existence, while you go off to play. You might look at your kids and ask yourself. ” Is that what they too will expect of you, to do for them when their all grown up? ”

politically looking towards your politicians to create a life of ease, with false promises, and political slight of hand. Is creating a political celebrity worship within yourself. Purely political celebrity adultery, expecting some futuristic fantasy of lies in becoming reality’s for the individual exploitation. All to meet your greedy, laziness of equal fairness, that only seem to be in a state of consistent redefinition of its self.

We the people don’t need a popular, or even loved politician to run for the office of the president. We already have that, and it has been disastrous. Proven by our nations 16 trillion dollars worth of debts that our grand children who haven’t been born yet will have to pay. The true definition of ” Taxation without representation! ”

We need a politician who will be looking to do the tough job of what seem to be somewhat unpopular. A CONCIERGE, a guardian of the God-given, constitutionally guarantee of liberty’s! Who’s only motivation is to do what is in the best interests of preserving individual liberty’s, expanding them beyond the present day for future generations. Preserving their liberty’s, and their expectations to have the same liberty. Not some memory of past liberty of yesterday. By limiting governments growth, taxation, uncontrolled spending, and finely balancing the budget for ever and all time going forward. Wrap up in a message of the best is yet to come.

To my fellow countrymen, who’s only motivation is to only seek out the purely political celebrity politician who will misguide, mislead, deceive, cheat, and lie while repeating past mistakes, by presenting failed policy’s of tyranny. Clothing these politicians in unnatural admiration and public love. Is to blindly, give up your freedoms and liberty’s to some slavish worship of some political celebrity adulterer! Who will only cheat you of the promises offered, with a gift of over promise and under delivering. Dishonest people who belatedly lie, don’t deserve reelection. We must all have a higher self-worth, then to alow purely political adulterers to openly lie without consequences in the voting booth.

All the best.

” Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. ” George Washington Carver

” Nothing is more obvious in making excuses, that person really has no intention of making any efforts, to solve a problem. ” Mindwarpfx

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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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