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Debts and limits! ” It isn’t governments job to flush good money down the toilet after bad.”

It seem to me that when the credit card company’s informs those people who certainly have reached their limits of credit, that person should know something about themself’s and what action to then take going forward. But then some brain-dead people, or some adolescent still living at home may see this position differently. After all Government does! So why not see things the same way they do?

Obama said the other day. “The debt limit was and is being used as an economic weapon by certain political party’s.” ( paraphrased )

Did he suggests that the evil banks/congress was behind this kind of limiting? Did they not understand his well-intentioned spending? Every time I get the rejection from my credit card reaching its limits, that’s the first thing that pops into my mind. My things I need, everything I buy is well-intentioned spending, my important personal needs. Don’t they know how uncomfortable life is without TP?

The government gives away things like food stamps, but when it comes to free TP stamps, they must assume that everyone still gets news papers delivered to their homes. Why not TP stamps for everyone, just to make the world in our corner a bit more presentable, a lot less likely to smell like ass. ( If you have ever taken public transit, you know!) Making humanity comfortable, and life bearable, makes a more happy-go-lucky and willing taxpayer, and a whole lot less likely that those who are on the government dole will riot over not getting their fair share. That must certainly be the first job of government, in maintaining power?

Arguments can be made that government passes out too much free stuff. Some of late have even complained that we have become a food-stamp nation. No one is even complaining about the future limiting of people’s ability to have access to TP, net alone using it on a regular basis. Giving it away for free wouldn’t cause a shortage of it, but it would cause a small economic boom for more jobs in the paper products industry. A win, win solution indeed.

There are some in government who would say. ” It isn’t governments job to flush good money down the toilet after bad.” Is that saying something in a back-handed way about food stamps, or spending money on credit?

Doing away with credit limits for government social justice, is justified. After giving the ability for people to feed their own pie-holes with help from the government, and yet purposefully forgetting to include the opinion, give the people the means to take care of their own bun-holes, would be cruel indeed! On the same plane as torture at the very least.

It is governments job to protect the value of money. So printing new money to then buy the nations debt, explains away the need of having any debt limits at all. The bills always get paid with new money printed. Presto! Problem solved, just like going to work for a paycheck/new money, without having to do so. So it is with an overly simplistic way to explain high finance to what has become all to common place in the minds of the average citizen who don’t see any problems with these kinds of governmental solutions. Of course, what seem to be plain paper being used by most people as TP today. Will end up being not quite as soft feeling printed paper, with pictures of dead presidents and numbers on it tomorrow.

What was that all to famous quote by “Dirty Hairy” in the movies? ” You have to know your limitations!”

We must all recognize that things of great value are things in limited supply or limited in availability like some great work of art. A dead artist can’t make another great work, so there is what seems great value to the work that was done. So when the president asked for the ability to remove all debt limits on the nation’s ability to print, and spend. What he was asking for was to raise the value of TP that is still being made with that softer feel to it these days. While telling you that the value of the nation will certainly be reduced by its borrowing. Giving our kids the bills to pay later on down that so-called political road. Is that the work of some great political artist, and will his work represent great value tomorrow?

When you think about it…….. Global warming is slowly killing the planet by cutting down trees. So limiting our printing of money and borrowing money is also controlling the rate of growth of global warming. Wouldn’t it? Prehaps political hot air is the main source of global warming; causing the financial destruction of our nations buying power, with polices of throwing ourself’s over the fiscal cliff while trying to jump higher and higher mountains of unlimited debt without looking to see how deep the hole is first. Unlimited, leads to unlimited and unrecoverable failures, by not recognizing the danger in the first place beyond those limits set already.

“Toilet bowl politics looks for unlimited ability to maintain power by compleat political idiots with the policies of “limitless possibility’s” presented as political geniuses. But true genius recognises there are limits, insane idiots don’t!” mindwarpfx

Death of the Dollar bill or death of government wasteful spending?

As Congress looks for opportunities to save money, the Government Accountability Office recommends that lawmakers start by looking at what’s in their own wallets.

It has been said that printing new dollar bills, which only have a lifespan of about 5 years, is just good money thrown after bad. A coin would last for around 30 years of service, producing a savings of around 4.4 billion dollars over that time. But then that only works out to around 146 million per year or .50 cents per person per year in total savings. Surly we can find other wasteful spending to cut in order to save all of that extra weight in our pockets.

Some would say. “If I lose one coin per year on my own, then we already pay for the government changing the dollar to a coin.”

Still others say. “If the government wants this change, they have to make it mandatory by removing dollar bills from circulation; the population as a whole will never voluntarily choose coins over bills.”

But then isn’t that having the mindset that government knows best, the population is there to serve the needs of the government? In other words a command and control style of socialized government telling its citizenry what they will have, and when or if they will like it?

Finding wasteful spending to save people money as well reduce the weight of their tax bills and the weight in their pockets should have high priority. Take all of the wasted money spent on green energy over the last 4 years. Some 90 billion dollars on companies that are now out of business today, Bankrupt!! That works out to $270 dollars per person wasted. Over that same 4 years it works out to be $67.50 of lost coins. Sadly that just one other wasted government program out of the many programs protected by the various government providers of pork spending.

Certainly we could find other waste to cut then providing a forum to debate whether we will lose the paper dollar or not, at such a small return to us all at this time? Think of the savings of not having to write those checks for $67.50 for bankrupted companies, the same amount of money would save the dollar for another 135 years.

Should we change our paper dollars sound, to the sound of loose change in our pockets?

Read more: http://www.bankrate.com/financing/banking/the-death-of-the-1-bill/#ixzz2El4ucb9p
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How may I be of service?

The question never seem to be answered. ” How may I serve you? ” Or how about ” How can I be a service to you?

The occupy movements of the world have all but faded way. It finely dawned on me these people didn’t check with themself’s to see a brighter future then the present. By asking themself’s. ” What value do I bring to the world or society?

People don’t seem to use their talents. God-given talents to provide themself’s a job at least. Talents that they can improve on, perfect, find new ones, market these talents for their benefits. But rather use their unreal expectations to demand a good paying job from all potential employers. Without making a good effort at doing the job to the best of their abilities, or without a concern with, bringing more business to my employer? People like occupy wall street types just act like over grown baby’s. Adults that never really valued themself’s as, what exactly do I bring to society as my valuable contributions. What value do I present to society? How may I be of service to society. Like adolescents, they only grumble and complained, demand. Never really truly recognizing that the responsibility’s to life, as well as living it well, as being their’s.

People tend to look at what they have right now. Never wishing to go backwards. Only forwards! Yet at times we all have to take two steps backwards, to be able to then go forwards again. With all of our financial life’s, we have to lose some to then win again. If we are unwilling to lose some, then we truly can’t win can we!?

The laws of capitalism are easy to follow; ” With out risk of failure, there can’t be any true success. For it is the chance of failure that we all try harder to keep from failing.” Freedom or the freedom of choice says. ” We can choose failure or success for ourself’s. We only have to be happy with our choices and the outcomes of choices we make. We there for have the ability’s to choose to be as big as we wish to be. Or we may then also chose in being only small.”

These occupy wall street types are just cry baby’s, adult kids, filled with envy, jealous, lazy dispositions. Seeing only what they would like to have, or live like. With out wanting to make an effort in getting there by their own efforts. They would gladly live off of their parents / or society for the free handouts. Spending their inheritance for their selfish self’s. Without even a second thought of asking what value do I bring to society? What will I then leave as an inheritance to my offspring in the future?

Instead these young people look to those who have worked hard to attain things in life, with envy and jealousy. Never looking at themself’s to improve their talents. They make comments like. ” We can’t work that kind of job for that kind of pay.” or ” There are jobs that American’s just will not do. We need to have a higher minimum pay for these jobs. ” Yet if you would ask them to tell us just how high of a minimum wage would have to be for a good starting wage? They never seem to give a straight answer. It isn’t the amount of pay then. It the control of who will say in a socialists way, what you will have to pay! A command and control type of society.

If minimum wage was raised to $20.00 per hour, that being better than the average wage in the country right now. What would that do for the price of a hamburger at McDonald’s? Would that also make people make a better effort at doing the best job possible for their customers?

If only people would ask of themself’s how can I improve my value to society. They wouldn’t have such a bleak out look on the jobs markets. We all can bring our best efforts to society’s market place and have a job for ourself’s. It is all about self interests. That also gives everyone in society the opportunity’s to pursue their own interests, or successes.

So what value do you bring to society?

Bill Gates is rich beyond his wildest dreams because he brought great value to society. Same with Steve Jobs and Apple computer. Shouldn’t we then ask of ourself’s what value do I bring to the market place?

Doing the best job possible at what ever we do is just the search of that value. We can there for improve everything, and expect a greater amount of pay while doing it.

We should be saying to Mr. or Ms. employer: I will bring 100 thousand to 150 thousand dollars to your business for the 50 thousand dollars your going to pay me. Rather then expecting 75 thousand without any track record to go on.

Doing the best job at being a waiter or waitress, always asking your customers how can I be of service to you and doing this job better. Will improve your talents, thus your tips / income. You will have brought greater value to the market place both for your customers and employers.

Being the best at or trying to improve at your job / talents you have will always garner a higher wage then someone who will only show up to collect a pay check for just being  there. So What value will you bring to the market place in trying to be the best at what you do?

Asking the question; How may I bring of a better service to you Mr. or Ms. market place?No matter what you do for employment will always gain for yourself the highest pay. It is this self-interest to improve ones self that will make the strongest society and economic growth. Anything short of this, is just trying to eliminate failure, killing capitalism at the same time.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country! ” JFK

It by our one efforts that we find any social values, and a way to market them for the highest pay possible. Choose well, rather than cry about your choices.

All the best.

Dear bill collectors.

Dear bill collectors.

It wasn’t my intentions, not to send in a timely fashion your payments this month. But the truth is the check isn’t in the mail. Losing my job, then my wife, kids, dog, and then my truck breaking down. Has left me a little cash strapped these days. Of course my one and only friend told me. ” That if you try to play your country music records backwards, this would alow all of my stuff to be returned in do time, in the order of losing them. “ Because this bad luck started with losing my pay check first of all. ( Well, really second but I will explain later.). My best guess is, that it will return  to me last-of-all. Of course this is providing that playing my country records backwards works? I have faith, because when I play my Zeppelin records backwards. ” I hear that words also have two meanings! ” So then please have a little patience, as this could take some more time.

It wasn’t my intentions to take a few steps backwards, back down the stairway to heaven. But someone took the sign down that said. “ Slippery when wet! ” I didn’t expect getting pissed on, but here we are! No need to complain though. I’m still climbing higher and higher, after I take a financial breather. Governmental slogans of ” Hope and change. ” Gives me a positive out look, as well a renewed effort to keep-on trying. While I count out my last jar of loose change.

My ramblings may be some what annoying to you?  But it is just an attempt at full disclosure. Nothing to hide here. I just wished your collections department would have been more interested in lessening to me though. Seem like they’re the only friends that call me up. But like some friends, they all ways want, or need something from me. This can get old! What happened to talking? Or just checking in and seeing how someone is doing? But what did I expect from someone half ways around the world. Their time is money as well. Just a lot less money, then their American counter parts. Yet! Would it have hurt, to hear some of my historical summary? After all my money has been? Your clams, of just being yours. Taking an interest to what is going on with your money, I mean mine money! Wouldn’t have hurt anyone! Have some interest at least, or act like it interests you please. Seem like that last one is always left out on the collections 101 for foreign exchange students classes you surely do give to your collections department. May want to up date that one!

I may on the other hand, take some of my free government hand outs that I’m receiving these days. To run! Not walk! To the store, getting some color ink for the laser printer. Running should show you all, that I’m serious about getting you, your money as soon as I can. I’m not trying to take the easy way out! But working hard! Nor, do I run just for anyone, and their requests that they are make of me. It is a privilege reserved just for you!

The way I see it. If the government can just print more money. More then we have, or can possibly collect in taxes! Then why not little old me? The money may be funny money? But then look at the value of the American dollar lately! I have been told, ” the market is never wrong. ” So look at how the market values the buck of late, or at least how other country’s view the value of it.

If you-all can find some compaction for my position in life at this time. Please could you also forgive the late charges on my accounts? I’m sure you have gotten more in raising my interest rates to something more in line with a loan shark’s rates. So I have paid my share  of your exorbitant profits, that I’m sure also have been reported to the government, and the  stock market quarterly reports. So your stock price will stay high, so your bonuses will still be paid to you on time. At least you could do is call me, from time to time, giving thank for that.

Please, can you help people out like myself, and the environment, with cutting down on sending threatening letters to me. Threatening letters don’t work. Didn’t your mothers say to you. ” You can catch more fly’s with sugar, then with vinegar? ” I have gotten the message, I’m putting you on the top of the list. This letter in e-mail from, should demonstrate these concerns I have, and I’m commitment to solving them along with your help. I also have one small request. Could we all save some trees by cutting down on these kinds of letters please. Just think of all the trees, you and I will be credited with saving by doing this. Just a small request, but no less important. I may not be able to pay you in full right now. But I sure like to breathe fresh air, from the oxygen all those saved trees  will produce. A kinder gentler world with less threats in it would be better than turning to drugs / alcohol. Don’t you think so?

If you have any openings for employment, I would like to offer my skills in helping you all out, doing the job of collecting your moneys for you. I truly understand the issues of the day, and do believe, I can collect from others, that also owe you with some compassion. This would also speed up the repayments of my bills to you. Truly a win, win for the both of us!

Because I have just received the notice of power cut-off to my house. This will put more pressure on my endeavors of getting my stuff back as soon as possible. The record-player runs off the power as I’m sure you know? If you feel it in your heart to give me a job, I would hope it will not upset the order of returning my things to me?

This wouldn’t have been a problem if president Obama wouldn’t have wasted all that money on green energy. Solindra went out of business before completing my solar power panels for my house. That’s right they took my money just before I lost my job. So yes that will come back to me right after I get my old job back. After all it should in theory come back in the order of loosing them as I have pointed out earlier. The state wind power plants stopped working. Do to the facts of their too expensive to run, and the hydro power is being sold to other states for higher profits. Leaving coal power plants to produced the power for the rest of us who need it in this state. But then I haven’t been able to pay, and the government doesn’t like the contamination from coal, so that will soon close too. Leaving us all in the dark.

Soon I will have to start burning all of my furnishings in the house. At least the stuff that my ex left me with. No big deal! Just some bad memories. Burning things just for heat isn’t so bad. Cooking, and BBQ’ing the stray cat, or dog over an open flame of fire is kind of like camping. Besides I hear the president said it was delicious, so I thought of giving it a try. Saving some more moneys, for not having to go to the store for food. Giving more income to send to you. When I run out of the wood furnishings to burn, I will start following the government inspired actions. Of what to do in an emergency. Burn through your money! With all of the steady payments from the government I figure I will be able to keep up with buying ink, for the printing of money.  Keeping pace with the governments printings of money. Some bills like yours will then also be again paid for on a regularly bases.

Since the government is the new economy’s inspirations. We all should follow their lead, shouldn’t we? How about raising my credit limits so I can pay some of my smaller bills with the new credits limit you would be providing. Because You have my plan of get out of this mess, and the fact is, it is much clearer then the governments plan. You should then recognize I’m good for it! People really do not like anything, or anyone to get bailed-out. But a credit limit, doesn’t really need to be limiting. ( Please reference the governments outlook on this issues. ) It really is truth, instead of a bunch of BS! Raising my limits will just help someone else out of this mess. Because I would just spend it I’m sure. Think of the limitless possibility’s, by raising my credit limits. Which in turn will provide income to someone else to pay your bills with.

Any who! I hope you now have the fool-proof plan of fools? providing me with that huge credit limit increase. All so that money can once again flow freely. Who knows! If I pay my power bills first, or my green energy orders do get delivered soon? I will be able to live on in to my future receiving your friendly E-mails, requesting my payments, using tree saving earth friendly power. Paying your bills are of the most importance to me. Besides paying my power bills and playing my country music backwards. Filling my heart with renewed hope and change of my future returning to the past. The way things were before. A little dryer. A few runs higher on the stairway to heaven. Will be a brighter future indeed for every one.

Sincerely tequila tears!

Ps.  If you out there are trying the backward music thing along with me, and if I ate your dog? Well He will never come back to you! Sorry! Just thought you should know. I hope that it will never come to that though. Keep the faith, and playing those records backwards. It is the new going forwards! So it seems.

All the best!

Piss. OOps. Just what is plural for  “PS”? This post is not an indorsement, for counterfeiting money. It was just an attempt at humor. Print at your own risk! Thanks.

If you have balls? You need not apply.

Fueling the gender wars! Should I say? Promoting gender superiority! By acting out in such a way, that only gives the impression of superiority, one gender over the other. This doesn’t provide a workable attitude or even a willingness of working together, on any social issue. Promoting good respectable ways of improving things in society for all. Should be the goals of any and all genders. Just celebrating the differences between the genders isn’t enough anymore. No! Total superiority seems to be the only victory left in the war. Each side has dug-in deep into their positions and are just exchanging cannon shots of sorts. But then in the dark back rooms of government, there are those who are courting the government. To use on their behalf the social nuclear-weapons of the day. ( Laws & Regulations! Geared to taking total control, through manipulation of the enemy.)

Recently this news article was reported…


By Washington Free Beacon Staff

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) said Wednesday the Paycheck Fairness Act would be implemented through the court system if passed, in an interview on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown.”

“You have to obey the law and you cannot discriminate against a woman, if this were to be the law,” Boxer said. “You cannot fire her and if you fire her then you’re going to get sanctions by a fair court and a fair jury.”

This article and the quotes of Sen. Barbara Boxer ( D., Calif.) are shocking to say the least. The mind-set that is required to even think such, net alone openly presenting them as carefree attitudes of no big deal. Just correcting societal wrongs, is the job at hand. A self-absorbed superior thought processes, in implementing unfair policy’s and then trying to used them on the unsuspecting. This is the true shock of it all. This Senator really is committed to the cause of gender warfare! Which is deeply ingrained within her mind-set. What must also then be her most intimate of thoughts, set into motion through her actions as a Senator, supporting such policy’s as expressed.

As a male in this particular time and place in society, or at least, untill such a time that would warrant making the ultimate choice of a gender reassignment operation. I find it unnecessary to even in gauge in the battle over the biological differences of the genders. We should recognize these differences and alow people to play their roles with regards to their respective strengths, that each gender certainly has to bring to the table. Fighting just such a battle, unwilling to admit that all genders have certain strengths over the other gender. Is too much like kicking your own ass. For the purposes of relieving yourself of a head-ache.  Battling over such differences is futile. Resulting in blind stupidity!

At the expense of sounding melodramatic…each day I’m getting weaker and weaker. With the idea of having to explain to those who only seem to express themself’s as ” a Half Witt ” ! ( AKA. having a ” Half a Brain “.) Should we as people change these unrealistic thoughts, and unrealistic visions of differences? Those who would engage in the tactics using gender warfare to make personal gains for themself’s. Though attempting to making any changes to biological law in a half crazed way. Will only succeeding at weakening one genders strengths, while presenting the true weakness of false strength within the other. Expressed thoughts followed by misguided actions of crazy policy’s, always results in unintended consequences! With the same old gender differences still firmly locked in place.

It would be a better use of time and energy, in making efforts at working together. One genders strength complimenting the others weakness, making both genders stronger and equally so.

When a society places advantages on one gender over the other, instead of celebrating the contributions each provides equally yet differently by the roles each play’s. Then all that is created is renewed resentment, and mistrust. With the theological focus on, not working together to return to the biological balance, but to turn the biological scale to an advantage. This is not evolutionary law! To change in order to survive, by adapting to the environmental changes that are constant. But rather, angrily, and bitterly making an attempt to recreate God’s creations.

People who only look to the problems in life but never notice the good in life. Tend to also continue looking for new problems when the old ones are solved. It is a hidden hatred within those people that drives them!

Sen. Boxer and people like her. Seem to place a concern on the aftermath of poor choices by individuals. The evolutionary pain they must endure because of those poor choices. Never is fully realized. Failing to recognize the entire problem as something to encourage people to avoid. Rather they open the doors of some misguided charitable governmental policy’s. Presented fully disguised as a safety net, but acting as a social trapping net.

Is that not rewarding irresponsible choices, while promoting a painless outcome, because of those same choices?

Dealing with pain, is life’s way of teaching through the college of hard knocks. Reaching into a fire to retrieve that red-hot coal, that is tempting you to do so. Isn’t the wisest thing to do! no matter how alluring the red glow! The burning pain tells the brain with lightning speed. That was stupid! But the hand may still have to endure being burned, as well having to except some recovery time to heal. So it is with life choices. Government tries to remove the pain of learning from those fires worth of choice. The lesson is then prevented from being learned. Getting burned, and acting out stupidly is going to hurt.

What makes capitalism work, is accepting there is always the a chance to fail. People who are led to believe that government will prevent failure even with poor choices that people choose for themselves. Is just stripping away the human potential locked inside of everyone. Making them dependant and beholding to governmental policy’s of failure. Rewarding failure produces more of the same without much thought to it. Or making a better personal effort in preventing it!

Senator Boxer is proposing making mothers / women un-fireable is just sexiest! These policy’s will change business and society in a negative way. This also will limit women in the work place. Continuing to hold them at a disadvantage within the business community and society as well. Businesses will just limit their hiring practices of hiring women . How is this uplifting, or promoting a positive result.

I suppose the next step will be forcing business to hire women, who never will be able to lay them off for any reasons. All in the name of unrealistic equalization! Leaving such a disadvantage to being a man. Men will then be forced to play the ridicules game. Dressing up as women claiming to be transgender, or having gender reassignment surgery. Just to play along with the new false equal.

Isn’t equally just a bitch!? So in the future having a midnight shadow on your face, will not be overwhelming evidence of being a women, or a man. It will be all in the hiring practices that will make those determinations if government has its way. Like the TSA, a hiring agency will have to feel everyone up! If you have balls? You need not apply!

No amount of bitchen, or governmental policy’s will ever recreate any equalization of apples and oranges. Only the blind ” Half Witt ” will have convinced themself’s that a policy, along with manipulations, as governments persuasion. Will convince nature other wise.

All the best.

only useing half our brains.

Anybody with a half of a brain (aka “Half wit”) knows that “no president is in total or direct control of the economy. “In response “the job of the government (aka President and his policy makers) is to make polices!

The stimulus money isn’t free money. Nor did it go to stimulate jobs rather it went to unions as pay back (political speaking). When the government barrows money from (China) and alike it puts a drag on the economy due to interest payments. Borrowed money also devalues our money, as well the credit ratings because of our over spending habit.

All of these kinds of choices by government cause’s a rise of prices, like in  imports, the price of oil and in turn everything else. Yes oil, the thing that makes it possible to ships things in or out of the country, and with the cost of shipping goes to the consumer, as well higher prices do to inflation.

In short “people looking toward the government for more handouts should be less inclined to  sucking on the nipples of government and start to take some responsibility for ones own self.” Realizing that government with the help of social hand outs is only trying to buy your vote!

All the best


Diamonds by squeezing taxpayers!

Diamonds by squeezing taxpayers!
The government is always looking for new ways to get the last drop of money out of the people they are governing. So they come up with new ways to complete the job in a sneaky of way’s possible. After all people do not like to be squeezed out of their hard work!

Buffet said not to long ago, “the rich should pay their fair share for having become rich in America.” He also said, “I pay less by percentage of my income then my sectary does!” Well it is nice to know that all is well in the Buffet household isn’t it? But Mr. Buffet the tax code’s only job is point out the minimum payment in taxes do by the tax payer. That’s all! And if government does not like, to have spending controls, then it is government’s job to control their own spending! But that is a real bad joke!! Government is in the business of buying votes just to stay in power, and give the illusion to the people that they have a government of, and for the people! SHAME ON YOU! It is just a scheme!

Oh! Almost forgot Mr. Buffet, you could show some real rich leadership by paying more in tax rather than the bare minimum, or instead of donating 30 + billion to the Gates charity! But that would show leadership by example rather than bitch and moan! Government also is not a charity nor a very cost-effective way on running things compared to business like the one’s you run. “Is that the real reasons that you only pay the minimum tax, rather than an all in attitude”?

Government keeps on spending wildly, thus having to squeeze the people for the last drop of cash out of the economy, as well their wallets. It is if they think squeezing with great pressure on the people by rich guys like Mr. Buffet saying “They should be glad to pay”, that somehow they will create diamonds out of their Penney’s in their pockets!
I say “governments that do not check if Penney’s even exist in the pockets of the taxpayers of this land, may just be creating a bigger mess!! Placing a large amount of pressure on the already empty pockets of the golden goose economy will only succeed in squeezing the crap out of it!

All the best!

PS. You’re comments are well come.


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