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There are stories, and then there are storykill’s.

I could just start this story off with the phrase: I see dead stories everywhere. There you go! And that’s exactly how it’s going to be started off. It is befitting, after all, you’re probably wondering what a “Storykill” is right about now? Well another writer of sorts coined the word. Much of this post is not a copy but an idea duplication of sorts. After all we’re both Seahawks football team fans and have to live with the aftermath of an epic storyKill.

Exactly what is a “Storykill”? To describe it I guess,  it would have to be similar to buzz-kill or killjoy, storykill described as Seth said it, is that feeling left behind that haunts you when choices alter the course of your narrative—propelling you to that not-so-happy-ever-after that would have defined your story as a tragedy. It is those epic fails so often we’re reminded of by family, friends, or our ex’s, that truly haunts us.

Ok. I’m just now recovering from the tragic Supper Bowl Seattle Seahawk’s loss. In short a “Storykill”. The hawks had one of those unreal seasons after coming off a supper bowl win the previous season. But after an iffy start to the season, my hecklers were starting to beat me down. “The hawks are just a lucky team and not all that good.” “We gave you that last one buddy.” Those were the kinds of things said to me, with that last one said to me by a Denver broncos fan. A 49’ers fan said,” the hawks are a JV team now!” Wow! It was hard, but I have been a fan of the hawks from the beginning, through all  of those embarrassing losing seasons, so it’s hard to discourage me.

The hawks this season made it a habit to be a second half team. They came back from a sure losses in the 3rd or 4th quarters of what seemed like the last 8-10 games of the season. They took that style of play right into the supper bowl. In fact right into the last seconds of that game. Friends became discourage watching the games, throwing up their hands, thinking all was lost. But then it happened–or so I thought.

After one of the most unlikeliest catches of all time (in any sport ever) the hawks end up on the 3 foot line—first in goal. Just 3 feet from the glory of winning two supper bowls in a row baby….they lose? Instead of handing the ball off to beast mode as they called their running back, they throw! They throw an interception. Some say they handed the win over to the other team (Who will forever remain nameless for me). I sat in shock. We threw an interception! We lost! How was that even possible?

Storykill struck, and struck the Seahawks hard. Every sports fan has their own stories of disappointments where their team let them down. Just a hand full of unlucky fans though have had to live through such an epic fail of this magnitude, laser etched or so it seems, into the memory banks as well as into the inter-web—creating ghosts that will mercilessly haunt them for the rest of their lives. After all it is just an entertainment, It’s just supposed to be a fun game.

I have had to repeat that more than just a few times—but yes it’s just a game. Why do sorties like this affect us so deeply? It is now a dead story—and those dead stories, right from the very moment of completion are also hardest to bury. It can be the same feelings anyone gets when your favorite character played by your favorite actor gets booted out of the story line. Sometimes by an unexpected surprise, a twist in the story line itself, and still at other times due to true life happenings. It’s the same feelings when the bad guys win in the movies, or in the office where you are working with inter office politics. Storykill’s don’t just happen on TV or in sporting events. They can hit close to home too. Fairytale weddings ending in divorce, causing splits, criticism and hate, and children’s pain. There can be also those children born against all odds with loving parents who struggle against those odds—only to see positive promise along with bright futures dim with drugs, alcohol, and addiction; or for that person who passing their final test in getting their degree; a degree where no one sees worthy enough to hire you. Life is filled with storykill’s, dead ends, disappointments that at least in our minds view “weren’t supposed to happen this way.”

Life is full of storykills, or stories that can kill the human spirit. Some believe, every person that they come in contact with when hearing their life’s stories, that life is unfair and needs to be equalized somehow? But where do we draw the line, and how do we quiet down the complaints, in an effort in separating the complaint of unfairness, to the stories of just dumb luck, and or the ill effects of just dumb choices made and their uncomfortable personal outcomes? Success in life isn’t an exercise of keeping score of what you have in comparison with what I have. Stop keeping score at the football games so to speak? Just how would anyone equalize the inequality in different appearances in supper models and the average person? When will we just see life as it is? Being unfair! Weather we like it or not life is just plain unfair. Plastic surgery may do the trick for some people? Even so life isn’t always perfect or fair—plastic surgery some times leads to more surgery–and plastic surgery doesn’t always age well for some people.

When we look around our lives, we can certainly find plenty of storykill’s, we may also have plenty of people who will constantly remind us of a few as well? But living life isn’t about measuring up to some lofty standard someone else set for us. Aren’t we all just trying to overcome life’s odds? Storykill’s are nothing more than a wrinkle in our life’s stories. Challenges presented to us to keep us from being bored with living. Making an effort, or making unequaled effort’s in overcoming those challenges is what keeps us young in spirit and in heart. Storykill’s aren’t the death of the author’s story as they intended it to be, but the reminder to the author that a new wrinkle has developed and a new chapter now needs to be written.

All the best.

Thanks to Seth Pierce who to my knowledge coined the phrase “StoryKill” and who I also quoted.

Go Hawks!

Zombies VS. Strangegoids!

Zombies VS. Strangegoids!

What is wrong with this picture? Wait for it….allow the picture to materialize in your mind’s eye after you read the next paragraph?

Here is an excerpt from the Seattle police blotter:

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect got onto the bus at 3rd Avenue and Pike Street wearing a nylon stocking mask pulled down over his face. He sat down and kept to himself until the bus reached the 6000 block of California Avenue SW. He then stood up, brandished a handgun and began pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them.”

Wow! Need I say more?

Do you have the mental picture in your mind of what just happened a few days ago in the city of Seattle, on a Metro bus?

So what’s wrong with this picture?

I just want to say there are reasons why people avoid riding the Metro bus system at all costs. How about just for starters; being able to leave and go to your next destination without a significant loss of your day, or without having to wait for the next bus.

So having freedom is a good reason not to ride the Metro bus. I understand that cars are expensive—but freedom is worth every cent, and an increased amount of safety thrown in for free seals the deal for me.

If you have to ride the Metro bus system, let me say this: I’m sorry! Secondly, if you’re seeing an odd person getting onto the bus while they’re wearing a nylon stocking mask—how did society reach that point where everyone just sits there looking the other way at strange or weird, thinking nothing of it.., or, thinking that’s what people do normally while expressing their individuality?

Dealing with strangers is just a societal reality, but this usually happens on your own terms. Not always so when you’re riding the Metro bus? Captive to some degree, you’re stuck having to deal with people who are quite obvious, by their own choices in life “Strangegoids”; harmless for the most part, until someone kindles your memory of some long forgotten horror movie, where the killer or crazed criminal in fact is also wearing a nylon stocking mask, who is also 100% of the time up to no good. Nylon masked thugs are always the ones doing the robberies, murders, assaults and attacks. The “Nylon mask is an attempt to obscure their true identity from being identified as one of your neighbors; yet most movie producers commenting about the violence in their movies, often explain it away as being nothing more than, “Art coping reality”. So seeing someone entering the Metro bus wearing a mask on Halloween, one could think it to be normal, and just looking away? But on any other day or night, it’s time to kick survival into high gear, forming a plan in your mind as what to do next when “Strangegoids” appear at the next stop?

Did it really have to get to the point of the masked man, brandished a handgun, and then pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them, before people took notice of the Strangegoid wearing a nylon mask?

Shouldn’t the driver of the bus have acted differently towards him before he got onto the bus?

Should you as a citizen who volunteered to be placed on the bus for a short time in a captive situation have complained, no, demanded to get off the bus for your own safety sake when “Strangegoids” appear? Is that bigoted? Is that unjustly casting judgment, or stereotyping people?

In that small window of time from the moment a 911 call is placed and the arrival of the police / help, who is responsible for your safety?

Hats off to the guys who subdued the masked-gun-man. Certainly they’re cars were in the shop getting serviced or something– because that’s why they were riding the Metro bus on that day. Too the rest of the mind numb people who sat there and looked the other way, accepting, Strangegoids in their company on the bus as being normal, as being something that’s just out of their control, and so they did nothing… Well maybe it’s time you looked into “evolving” into a survivor… or at the very least getting a good used car? Just saying!

In the best case scenario—with a car, and if Strangegoids were Zombies riding on the Metro bus, you’d be safe in your good used car that’s zoom–zoom… zooming right on by, as your friends brains were being eaten. In the worst case—Strangegoids wearing nylon masks could be robbing your friends as the wheels on the bus were going round and round, and again you could Zoom off to get help.

In the movies who gets away and survives horror’s calling by getting on the bus? If art is coping true life, it’s best not to be behind the curve, doing something that was already proven as the wrong move to make on the silver screen. That’s just being stupid.

If the Pentagon can war-game out any eventual attack by Zombies, I’d say sit up and take notice of the Strangegoids all around us and devise your best plan for self-preservation. After all, aren’t Zombies just Strangegoids that have died and come back to life?

Liquid sunshine

Positive attitudes come alive in the sun. Just the facts, and only the facts I say. But truth indeed it is harder to get angry at anyone, or about any time spent on the road in traffic while trying to getting home from work while the sun is shining. A kind of break from liquid sunshine days. When I get stuck in traffic and the sun is also shining bright, I start to think about the beach. Before you know it. I’m striping down to swimwear to soke up some rays. Hay a birthday suit is swim ware isn’t it? Not all so strange then. But driving a big truck has its advantages to it. I’m much higher up off the roadway, making it harder for people to stare me down. sneaking a peek, being in a birthday suit and all.

But this is washington state, and in the time it takes to get from work to home again, the clouds have over shadowed my path. A sun desert of sorts, this state is hell I tell ya! Clouds! More and more clouds, with a sprinkling of occasional sunshine mixed in for those rainbow to enjoy. Mind trickery! I think the rainbow just gets people all hopeful that the weather is changing for the better or something. But changing from what? let me see… Changing from the occasional rain storm to the everyday sprinkling of constant wet droplets of misting rain. Now there is something to look forward too!

Wake up people of Washington? This is the land of coffee and Starbucks. You all should be on a caffeen high! Knowing that rain is the wet blanket put on your fiery desire to play in the sun. So yes rain can be abusive to the hopeful at heart.

With the few sprinkles on my sunny days, which is almost every day around here. Its more like we are not surprised with every day like that around here. I say take advantage of the situation and play dead on your blankets at the beach with your swimwear for that truly healthy natural tanned look. ( Remember tan-lines are sexy too! So please don’t follow my traffic swimwear, when on the beach.) Natural tan’s are so much cheaper as opposed to the fake and bake tan’s from any tanning salons. At $5.00 per 15 minutes sections in the tanning beds.Washington has an over population of fake and bake tanning joints. I think we have so many tanning places as more of a public safety play though, then anything else. Those vampires from Forks. Washington ( the ones mentioned in the twilight books ) tend to come to Seattle a bit too much and we need protection! Locking them into a tanning bed is great protection. Trying to determine just who is a vampire is somewhat more difficult. Besides who really wants to hang out at the tanning joints anyway?

Washington does have the best of blue sky’s now and then. Like the song says ” The bluest sky’s are in Seattle.” Yet we call our self’s the emerald city. Blue / gray sky’s, emerald-green trees… what the! All we in the city want, is more sunshine! Come on! Warm up the concrete jungle a bit, Big orange beach ball in the sky. So we can dry out somewhat. Knowing that, ” No rolling stone grows moss on it “. This explains the coffee addiction out here. Got to keep moving because of the obvious. I must also say as a disclaimer that no moss grows on stones in the sunshine either. Had to mention just to show that I’m truly unbiased with my observations.

Have you ever considered why we in the pacific north-west have so many sightings of bigfoot? Because rolling stones grow no moss. Bigfoot’s are truly people who have awaken after a long slumber in the forest after a night of drinking, and then trying to shake off all that moss. Why else do we see what we see. Then nothing! Even in heavily populated centers, we have sightings of bigfoot. But when the investigative people show up. These people who have already shaken all of their moss off, point into the other diction. Offerings of some misdirection’s of sorts, just to cover-up the embarrassing facts that they fell asleep. Besides in all of the videos I have ever seen bigfoot in. They just look like some people I have worked with, and are in need of a good cup of coffee. Just saying! Don’t get mad. You know who you are… Don’t be a hater.

I’m beginning to think that Washington needs to tak advantage of all of the rain we get out here. Those Californians need and want our water and hydro electic power, just one of the blessing, in having more liquid sunshine then we really need, and at times want. So if we sell them power from our dams. Right? Why does it have all of us upset? This causes us all who still pay for our electric power bills to scream out loud. Selling hydro power to California, while building coal power plants in Montana to supply the population of Washington with their power needs and our future growth! Now how is that green? We are overly crazed with green energy, we call ourself’s the emerald state, we have this reusable power source in hydro power, yet we do what? Sell cheep power for a profit to Cali, and charge the living crap out of our people for coal power? Haven’t you all hear the government doesn’t like coal power?

I say cut the power to Cali, let them survive on their own solar power, it is green, and there isn’t any shortage of sun in California. Leave ours liquid sunshine alone. This new plan of mine will drop the prices. Increase the green energy use in the state as well. That’s better for the world anyway. Besides we can still sell our excess liquid sunshine by bottling it up and sending it there. Express like if needed. I don’t think California is in the position to negotiate with us on this one. They are more fanatical about being green then we are. Besides they have more sunshine then they know what to do with. It is not likely that they are going to be shipping bottled sunshine our way.

Their TV ads say.. ” Come to California and enjoy the beaches, wine, the sun… ect ” but we also have to accept drinking bottled water if we go. I have just seen to many signs about recycled water in use here. When I have gone to Cali. Just what is recycled water, you ask? Purified water from sewage treatment plants. Not a lie! Truth! Well I don’t really know if the tap water is the same water. But I have never seen two signs over two separate water hose bibs, or two different facets of water in any of the houses I have gone into. Where on one sign it says this is drinking water, and on the other this is recycled water. Just to keep the confusion down to a minimum. Never seen that. Just the big public ones at the edge of town that points out the fact they recycle water here. So there, clams to fame of the sun for great and glamorous tan’s and all. Is just the half of it. But don’t drink the water! Now who is giving who a colon sunburn?

Our add’s for coming to Washington could be… Come! Drink the coffee, wake up to the liquid sunshine. The ultimate green power. You can swim in it , drink it, make power from it, even make some of the best beer from liquid sunshine. Ever wonder why beer has the color of… It is liquid sunshine after all. At least in Washington, beer brewers use liquid sunshine. Besides when we get a sunny day we have the bluest sky’s, and everyone goes around nude just to soke up as much ray’s as we can. Okay the last one was a stretch. But we have bigfoot! We will keep the lights on, for all of you who come to visit. Best of Washington’s night life, sea food, and out-door activitys.We have plenty of green energy power from our hydro dams. Unlike the solar power made with solrindra power, or not in the state of California. We will never recycle our water here! We ship that water by pipe line to Cali. They just don’t seem to mind. Besides untill they come up here they never really know the real taste of water anyway.

Call it bigfoot wisdom! I would rather have an over abundance of liquid sunshine, and be able to vacation in the sun, while escaping the rain. Then have to read a post on liquid sunshine and wonder if the water I’m drinking for refreshment, really tastes all that different in Washington state.

Just some thoughts and most asked questions from washington state guests;

liquid sunshine in Washington state comes in the form of rain, yet the sun shines 12/7 365 day a year at 20,000 feet altitude.

Questions most asked by visitors to Washington;

Why all of the water shortages in the summer time in Washington state? Answer; We have vampires in Washington, the grass is not naturally brown from water shortages it is from vampires of sorts. Read my post ” I see vampires “. You will understand. http://wp.me/p1MnB3-Yy

You ( we, or someone in Washington state ) should create a new product of bottled sunshine, liquid sunshine thirst aid? Answer; Sounds healthy to me. I’ll work on it.

Does all of that liquid sunshine shrink clothing when you travel to other places like California? Answer; Well I will let this picture explain that one for you.

Cheers to you all. All the best of liquids, or liquid sunshine to everyone!

For name’s sake!

Names are or were at least given to people and places, that reflected the names meaning. Names mean things, for name’s sake, just as all words do. Remember the little saying ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never heart me!” My parents also included ” Names ” into the mix of this saying as well. But true names do have meanings. So as all new parents are about to become mom’s and dad’s they pick out names that sound good to say, but will also have some good meanings to them. Each parent hopes their kids will live up to the meanings of their respective names given to them. You wouldn’t like other kids to make fun of your son / daughter, because of some poor thought-out name picked out in a moment of momentary lapse of judgment? Some people change their names legally just for this reasons. I knew a kid who’s last name was ” Doll “, This kid caught hell from all of us kids in school. Not for his last name so much but for the rearranging of his last name to fit funnier with his true first name. ” Hairy “…. we used to changed it up for him. So his last name became his special trade mark, that his parents gave to him. I suppose a poorly picked name to fit with a last name is just plain cruel, or just as cruel as a birthmark that covers one half of your face. Not that this kid had such a birth defect, or mark. His parents must have ben drunk that night they picked out his name. Not to have seen into the future to see all the kidding he was to endure.

So you see the names we pick out for just about everything we choose to name will matter. If you’re trying to plan out a new city and pick out the city’s name to be ” Hell ” well people probably wont like to move there. Just saying. The signs welcoming people as new residents and visitors alike will be to scary. ” Welcome to Hell!” Doesn’t have the right ring to it!

Some city’s named their city’s twice because it sounded so nice. New York New York ( NYC ). Then there is Pairs… to some sounds like the language of love, romantic. No surprise this has recently become a girls name as well. Porsche is also used to name girls. But these names are given, not because of some special meanings they have. But because they sound like some fond memory’s of people, places, great times, experiences, within someone’s life. I personally don’t know about naming kids after real fast sports cars. The fact they are also usually girls who are named this! Gives the wrong impressions anyway. Who as a parent would like their daughter thought of, as fast and fun to drive?

Some times people and the people who run city’s also try to name things like roads, parts of town, parks, mass transit lines, buildings… ect. They some times use acronyms. Like ( NYC ) for New york City, ( NFL ) for National football league. Just to name a few of the acronyms biggies that everyone knows. It makes it easy to advertize things and shorten things up as well. If it is catchy! Then it will brand the place that uses it. Much like the catchy slogans. You know like ” The big apple! ” Everyone knows what being talking about if they use that one.

Just what in god’s name were the city fathers thinking in Seattle, Wa. ? These wizards of super knowledge came up with a mass transit line name of ” South Lake Union Transit ” for their light transit trains that are servicing the South Lake Union area of the city. No real surprise then that someone or prehaps the brain surgeons of the naming comity came up with the acronyms of… wait for it! “ S.L.U.T ” The slogan was also promoted as ” Come ride the S.L.U.T “. You can even buy T-shirts with ” Getting everywhere fast! I ride the S.L.U.T ” I guess you shouldn’t knock it till you have tried it! ( I’m just saying. Not a slogan being used on some shirt. )The problem with names is the unintended misuse of the names by others. By teasing or just rearranging for amusements. But when the city has a hand in the fun of naming mass transit lines like the name S.L.U.T just what are the intended messages that are sent to people by their use? Aw yes! Fun times in the city of Seattle. At least with a shirt like ” I rode the S.L.U.T , seattle, WA.” as the souvenir gift someone gives you. You now have been equipped with some quick knowledge as how this all has happened. Now it is up to your quick wit, to come up with something funny, in answering all the teasing you’re going to get, when you put your shirt on and leave the house. Did my friends really ride some lame mass transit train named the “S.L.U.T“, or is it just some drunken confections they’re trying to make along with some joke, as a gifted T-shirt? For name sake… think some things through please! Before naming something in hast.

All the best!


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