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Coffee! What’s in your cup?

Coffee has become my life’s escort. It isn’t a question for me to ask why or how come? Just to sit back and enjoy the ride. After all, didn’t we find ourselves alive and full of life without having asked to be?

Do we need to question the very essence of what makes us all different yet all similar?

Perhaps some of you are still looking for yourselves—yet still alive just the same. And imagine, without having been asked. Why do we need to explain ourselves and our innermost passions or feelings to anyone? Should we? I mean, maybe to our closest of friends perhaps? So what if coffee holds that special place in our hearts, in my heart, secretly or outwardly it shouldn’t matter? It shouldn’t change the way you’re looking at me, now that you know about my life’s cherished escort.

To acknowledge passion or passionate feelings towards something or someone is the essence of being alive. It’s not just my pounding heart that makes me aware that I’m alive beyond my own living of life. We are all individuals, with individual likes and dislikes—hidden or boldly held out in the open for friend or foe to see. So I will admit it. For me it is coffee. And coffee is so much more than caffeine. It is the ability to relax and reflect in a still quiet moment. In that morning ritual, at that afternoon break, or that night cap just before bed with a decaf blend. Enjoying my safe harbor, the warmth of my love, within the sights and sounds of our rat race lifestyles held at bay. Even if its only for a fractional part of my day, it allows me to dream a tad as I watch the clouds of light colored creamer swirling then mixing into the blackened liquid–now turned light brown.

Perhaps it’s all about those slower moments, those portions of the day where we steal time to relaxed with each other for a bit; giving into to those probing thoughts of new goals, quests, or desires, or a moment to ponder and study a new philosophy, or just an escape for awhile. That moment free from all time commitments? Time affords us an open opportunity to wonder and quietly question our existence or its meaning. Time, has also never been asked to be. So it is what we all have in common.

So it really doesn’t matter what is behind your passions or feelings, or how we use the time that we all have. There is no need to justify or explain yourself to anyone unless you choose to? It is our time, our life, our choice so take some ownership to when or if we should explain our motives our Feelings—just things in the end where at times we have a love hate relationship. No huge concern need be made, no renewed why, or how come needs to be offered.

Feelings are meant to be felt. Those feelings or reactions needn’t be shaped by outside expectations to justify emotions or having felt them as you do. After all feelings can be simple or completely complex, hidden within or just as explosive as firework displays? I think of them as being simple like coffee. Rich and creamy, full flavored, cold, or hot, like the tickling warmth of a lovers touch. Imagine what feelings stir your memories or just brings back a smile to your face while remembering the last time you enjoy them. Maybe it’s just as simple as the last opportunity you have had to be or be left alone with a cup in your hand. Perhaps emotions can add to, or even spark something within, an addition to life, to those enjoyable indulgence we search to treated to.

Like going out to Starbucks and enjoying the atmosphere, the opportunity to watch and to observe people? Who really knows what secretly makes us tick, or quickens the pulse? Coffee maybe that dream that favorite place where secret indulgences meet life to embody what I crave. An opportunity that brings to life my love. Living while finding the interesting and exotic. That pure delight, that smoldering spark, a moment in which we can share simple and beautiful things in the company of others? Coffees and its aroma expresses a different time and place, the exoticness of her elements within soil, sun, rain, and air, all of which is captured within a single and solitary bean turned into my liquid incense the aroma that soothes. The warm cup in the hand and that sent taken as I breathed it into my nose, imprints an imaginative spectacle of different exotic places and their hillsides where coffee has been blessed to grow. Specifically it is coffee that brings new and vivid colors to our creative imaginations, to our emotions and thoughts held privately and unshared.  Caffeine quickens and renews our abilities to polish life, to take the ragged edge off, allowing a moment to awake us to dream still more.

It’s clear, that the range of our experiences with coffee won’t fit into the narrow confines of logic and reason. We may search but never find those answers. And if we did find our answers to all our questions, would they be the same; would they be different to everyone, like feelings, emotions, passions, or our own zest for life while living it?

We may become muses of ourselves; to share or want to be shared with, to be accompanied into an exploration of those deep rooted passionate feelings for another human being, or our willingness to share all life and what it has to offer us. And why not? It would be a twofer… Enjoying the elixir of life—a lifetime worth of dreams comingled and explored, and expressed, while being embraced in its aroma and your company, all the while holding a cup of coffee. An experience shared with the apple of your eye, that one and only sitting in the chair across from you. So why not ask this one, out of all those people in this coffee shop–is this chair taken……
Why wait? A life awaits to be enjoyed, to be lived, one cup at a time.

All the best.

Auto-rewind days

Do we always have to pick between winning or losing? Are there situations that reward people in the same way regardless of which we pick?

When it comes to Sunday mornings I can’t decide. When Sunday’s start like this…when all of the family crawled into bed the night before together… Don’t laugh. You have been there occasionally, at least a time or two? If not, after reading this post, imagine it for awhile by closing your eyes.

It happened like this one Sunday morning. It was after all of the family had crawled into bed. The dog, three cats, Mom and Dad, not to add to our sleep, but to stay warm. Summer was giving way to a cooler fall. The alarm had been playing 80’s tunes for some time now and the sun playfully peeked in on the family through the cracked drapes in the window.

The dog and cats had tried their best to awaken someone, anyone to serve to them breakfast. But it was only a half hearted try and again quickly fell asleep in their warm surroundings.

At last there was movement, a quick bathroom break and then the usual feeding mission, followed by starting the coffee maker, and than a quiet tip toeing walk back to bed. The beds warmth was unmatched to the cool morning air throughout the house. Besides without coffee in my hands, sipping and smelling the aroma, who can really say they were truly awake yet?

What seemed like just a moment of time slowly slipping through my fingers; while listening to sounds of off-tempo coughing by the electric coffee maker. Trying its best in keep-up with it brewing by coughing and spitting the last of its brew in time with the beats of some 80’s tunes playing on the alarm clock. After all this was the sounds of my audio pacemaker starting my heart pumping and the taste buds weakening, while the rest of me was still suffering the effects caffein withdrawals unprepared to leave it warm hide-away.

Finely I could wait no more! I need caffein! Throwing the covers aside my mind sang the only morning tune it knew by autopilot, “it sure is nice waking-up to Folgers in my cup “. It could just as easily be explained as being my autopilot morning sleepwalking routine. From the view of those on outside looking in, it could just as easily have been like observing the march of the ants. Dad followed close behind by Mom, then the dog, then 1, 2, 3 cats….followed by sounds of clanking coffee cups, and then the stirring of spoons mixing sugar and cream into a light brown mixture. Then a bit of brief silence followed by sounds of slurping hot brew.

Indeed Sunday morning had arrived for all of us now sitting in the front room, sipping coffee and enjoying gentile morning kisses from the sun, while still Dreaming of our warm place.

Having finished our coffee, all following again in a single file line back to bed. After all Sundays are auto rewind days, morning doesn’t end till noon and we needed to prepare for the next alarm after it’s preset short snooze.

The cure for dumb luck??

Events that should not be mentioned are the hardest things to also write about. Because we shouldn’t mention them by name at the very least I guess? A request I may or may-not follow?  I have blogged about my love of caffeine/coffee’s and it’s delivery system and the overuse of coffee as well. I may have mentioned the bane of my existence as…. pain-killer medication? This one is not for me! Not that I love pain, in fact I run from when I can. So I qualify for a wimp award at the very least. That’s my story and I’m going to stick to it. You can choose your own excuses or just use mine?

Any who… everyone loves followers, or co-complainers of their wretched misfortune in life, or at times even with your great happiness; we love the co-party-goer quality, our friends that we barely know who will also buy us drinks, commiserating with us, but more of a personal reason to celebrate while saying “Glad you’re not me!”

The mix of pain-killers and caffeine, those complete opposite drug that affected the user very differently, seem to be my biggest problem of late. Surgery will do all of that for you though? It did for me. Not that I see myself with a problem either. I just don’t like the effects of them. So I will explain how I got here…..

It started last September, when I came home from work one Friday. The end of the work week and I was looking forward to some relaxing fun with my wife. I parked the truck in the driveway, swung the door open and slid out of the seat. My first step when my right foot hit the pavement had me crying inside like a baby. My outward appearance was like a pink flamingo of sorts, holding one knee in pain, and standing on one foot. A living but obnoxious yard decoration. I could only guess at the color of my face. I’m sure it was red. I was instantaneously sweating and sweat began pouring off my face. I tried to use one hand to wipe my brow; but that damn pain in the knee was like if someone was taking it off with a knife. While rubbing and massaging it I found a lump that also moved from the side of the leg to just under the inside of the knee-cap. That freaked me out all by itself.

Besides the pain, moving parts that moved when I wasn’t trying to move, and no recollection of injury, old or new, nothing out of the usual at work, and no outward wound. Left me just standing there, petrified, with an overabundance of freaky nuisance pain. To say it was an irritation is an understatement. But how long can I stand here on one leg, before falling down? Because I fear pain to no end, I stood there about 30 minutes. I’m sure the neighbors were looking at the strange display, and wondering themself’s, as I was?

Strang thing though, not one of them even bothered to ask me “what’s wrong, do you need help?” Guess I need to live in a better hood?

As sudden as the pain came— it went! In shock, I wondered into the house, up the stairs, and over to the couch. Attempting to sit down caused it again. I went 50 feet and upstairs, with nothing, no sensation of the slightest pain, but sitting down? Like a bad horror move the pain that wouldn’t die. It was out to do me in, like an out of control invisible knife cutting and slashing at my leg.

Stubborn, I didn’t want to go to the doctor either. Well that and the cost of it all— not having medical insurance, and the fact that the pain came and went so quickly. I saw the scene being played out.. I would go to the doctors and they would in turn, find nothing, charge me up the wazz-zu, only to arrive at home. Then cursing them out for resuming the position of standing on one leg with horrific pain again.

Of course doing nothing had little to no chance of a cure. I had the time bomb of pain in my knee, and I need supper man and his ex-ray vision as my doctor to figure it all out. Faster than a speeding bullet to me, the guy in pain seemed too slow.

By that Monday it was gone for 24 hours, convincing me of being healed. By that Wednesday the devil was back. Like a yo-yo swinging back and forth between cure and pain I decided to used a knee brace of my wife’s and well-la cured again for sure— till I took it off again and then…?

Feeling the moving piece of what ever was in my knee, just under the skin, convinced me I need surgery. This time I listened to the doctor… the voice that also plays doctor at times in my head, usually right after watching an episode of the TV show “HOUSE”. He cures weird stuff and this was defiantly qualified as being weird. But the doctor would also be expensive. Suffering through the next 6 months I raised the necessary funds, saved my business by positioning it so I could take a leave of absence. Then, and only then, I when to the doctor.

First one said. “ I can’t find it, don’t see it, nor do I feel it, and you don’t have any pain right now? We could take an ex-ray and see or maybe a MRI?” Just as I thought the first time. These doctors are…? I seemed to have lost conscientiousness for a moment. The dreaded MRI–at a cost to a non-insured individual like myself? Did I hear that right, an MRI? Might as well empty your pockets and then your bank account. I went with the ex-ray.

Much to my surprise the marble size lump showed up like stone just under my knee-cap. This doctor sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon said, “Well there is good news and bad. Good news is–you don’t need a MRI. The bad news is you need surgery.” Funny that is what House said too! “There is a bone somewhere just floating in your knee, and that will not fix itself. But if it doesn’t hurt you or bother, you can wait with surgery?” That TV show is good. Spot on with the diagnoses, now confirmed with my surgeons second opinion.

I elected to wait. I’m not the government that can just print money, or spend your tax money on my what looks like a pre-existing condition. With in my head there was an election brewing. This election lasted about one week. It was close with the votes, depending on the condition of…and the if and when the devil of pain returned. After surgery won a close election. It would take two more weeks till the surgery could take place, I continued to work limitedly up till two days before. Call me crazy! But I refuse to live by government hand out, till I can’t do anything for myself.

After surgery I was introduced to doctor feel good ( Pain-killers). Because even a small drink of alcohol gets me buzzed, and a life time of never taking even an aspirin; drugs and me don’t get along. They knock me out! I hate wakening up and finding out that I have slept for what seems like days of my life. It is my life an I hate to use it that way.

Who wants to have a lifetime worth of memories poked full of holes by drugs, legal or other wise, used properly or abused. NOT FOR ME! But at times one needs some pain-killers. When I get tired, I go for the caffeen, fully knowing it is a drug of sorts too. But I would bather have caffeen in coffee then something stronger turning me into a jellyfish. But that just me… you can decide for yourself.

Oh yea, the doctor said. “I broke my knee-cap on the inside of it. Just a strange fluke of dumb luck.” Remembering I didn’t fall, have an accident, or injury, past or present. I just stepped down onto my driveway at home, something I had done thousands of times in my 40 some years of life to this point.

I’M so through with dumb luck, and pain-killers. Broken bones too, being this was my first. I guess if your going to have some dumb luck in life, your also entitled to having some doctor feel-good drugs to recover from it.

If it wouldn’t be for dumb luck I wouldn’t have any at all. Providing that I’m not like that Bruce Willis move, “Man of Glass”, I should make a full recovery, and be running again.

Side note: I took doctor feel-good for only one day. But just siting around is killing me. I can’t wait to be able to walk again, and run again. I used to run a 7 minuet mile and held that pace for over an hour. Not being active is turning me into Pilsberry dough boy. Not that I’m complaining. Just drawing back the tapestry of my life and allowing you all a peek into it.

So what kind of dumb luck have you had?

All the best.

Ps. It has been now 13 days since surgery, 12 days ago I had my last pain-killers (When I think about that I guess I’m like Dexter on HBO… I killed those pills.) Picture me laughing right about now, it will giggle me for a while at least. But I went out today and just walked about 1/4 mile. I’m not going to say how long it took me. Point is… I’M back on my feet, and pain-free for the most part. But defiantly free from all (except coffee) drugs of any kind–even aspirin. Woop, it up. Cheers to me and all of you to.

Liquid sunshine

Positive attitudes come alive in the sun. Just the facts, and only the facts I say. But truth indeed it is harder to get angry at anyone, or about any time spent on the road in traffic while trying to getting home from work while the sun is shining. A kind of break from liquid sunshine days. When I get stuck in traffic and the sun is also shining bright, I start to think about the beach. Before you know it. I’m striping down to swimwear to soke up some rays. Hay a birthday suit is swim ware isn’t it? Not all so strange then. But driving a big truck has its advantages to it. I’m much higher up off the roadway, making it harder for people to stare me down. sneaking a peek, being in a birthday suit and all.

But this is washington state, and in the time it takes to get from work to home again, the clouds have over shadowed my path. A sun desert of sorts, this state is hell I tell ya! Clouds! More and more clouds, with a sprinkling of occasional sunshine mixed in for those rainbow to enjoy. Mind trickery! I think the rainbow just gets people all hopeful that the weather is changing for the better or something. But changing from what? let me see… Changing from the occasional rain storm to the everyday sprinkling of constant wet droplets of misting rain. Now there is something to look forward too!

Wake up people of Washington? This is the land of coffee and Starbucks. You all should be on a caffeen high! Knowing that rain is the wet blanket put on your fiery desire to play in the sun. So yes rain can be abusive to the hopeful at heart.

With the few sprinkles on my sunny days, which is almost every day around here. Its more like we are not surprised with every day like that around here. I say take advantage of the situation and play dead on your blankets at the beach with your swimwear for that truly healthy natural tanned look. ( Remember tan-lines are sexy too! So please don’t follow my traffic swimwear, when on the beach.) Natural tan’s are so much cheaper as opposed to the fake and bake tan’s from any tanning salons. At $5.00 per 15 minutes sections in the tanning beds.Washington has an over population of fake and bake tanning joints. I think we have so many tanning places as more of a public safety play though, then anything else. Those vampires from Forks. Washington ( the ones mentioned in the twilight books ) tend to come to Seattle a bit too much and we need protection! Locking them into a tanning bed is great protection. Trying to determine just who is a vampire is somewhat more difficult. Besides who really wants to hang out at the tanning joints anyway?

Washington does have the best of blue sky’s now and then. Like the song says ” The bluest sky’s are in Seattle.” Yet we call our self’s the emerald city. Blue / gray sky’s, emerald-green trees… what the! All we in the city want, is more sunshine! Come on! Warm up the concrete jungle a bit, Big orange beach ball in the sky. So we can dry out somewhat. Knowing that, ” No rolling stone grows moss on it “. This explains the coffee addiction out here. Got to keep moving because of the obvious. I must also say as a disclaimer that no moss grows on stones in the sunshine either. Had to mention just to show that I’m truly unbiased with my observations.

Have you ever considered why we in the pacific north-west have so many sightings of bigfoot? Because rolling stones grow no moss. Bigfoot’s are truly people who have awaken after a long slumber in the forest after a night of drinking, and then trying to shake off all that moss. Why else do we see what we see. Then nothing! Even in heavily populated centers, we have sightings of bigfoot. But when the investigative people show up. These people who have already shaken all of their moss off, point into the other diction. Offerings of some misdirection’s of sorts, just to cover-up the embarrassing facts that they fell asleep. Besides in all of the videos I have ever seen bigfoot in. They just look like some people I have worked with, and are in need of a good cup of coffee. Just saying! Don’t get mad. You know who you are… Don’t be a hater.

I’m beginning to think that Washington needs to tak advantage of all of the rain we get out here. Those Californians need and want our water and hydro electic power, just one of the blessing, in having more liquid sunshine then we really need, and at times want. So if we sell them power from our dams. Right? Why does it have all of us upset? This causes us all who still pay for our electric power bills to scream out loud. Selling hydro power to California, while building coal power plants in Montana to supply the population of Washington with their power needs and our future growth! Now how is that green? We are overly crazed with green energy, we call ourself’s the emerald state, we have this reusable power source in hydro power, yet we do what? Sell cheep power for a profit to Cali, and charge the living crap out of our people for coal power? Haven’t you all hear the government doesn’t like coal power?

I say cut the power to Cali, let them survive on their own solar power, it is green, and there isn’t any shortage of sun in California. Leave ours liquid sunshine alone. This new plan of mine will drop the prices. Increase the green energy use in the state as well. That’s better for the world anyway. Besides we can still sell our excess liquid sunshine by bottling it up and sending it there. Express like if needed. I don’t think California is in the position to negotiate with us on this one. They are more fanatical about being green then we are. Besides they have more sunshine then they know what to do with. It is not likely that they are going to be shipping bottled sunshine our way.

Their TV ads say.. ” Come to California and enjoy the beaches, wine, the sun… ect ” but we also have to accept drinking bottled water if we go. I have just seen to many signs about recycled water in use here. When I have gone to Cali. Just what is recycled water, you ask? Purified water from sewage treatment plants. Not a lie! Truth! Well I don’t really know if the tap water is the same water. But I have never seen two signs over two separate water hose bibs, or two different facets of water in any of the houses I have gone into. Where on one sign it says this is drinking water, and on the other this is recycled water. Just to keep the confusion down to a minimum. Never seen that. Just the big public ones at the edge of town that points out the fact they recycle water here. So there, clams to fame of the sun for great and glamorous tan’s and all. Is just the half of it. But don’t drink the water! Now who is giving who a colon sunburn?

Our add’s for coming to Washington could be… Come! Drink the coffee, wake up to the liquid sunshine. The ultimate green power. You can swim in it , drink it, make power from it, even make some of the best beer from liquid sunshine. Ever wonder why beer has the color of… It is liquid sunshine after all. At least in Washington, beer brewers use liquid sunshine. Besides when we get a sunny day we have the bluest sky’s, and everyone goes around nude just to soke up as much ray’s as we can. Okay the last one was a stretch. But we have bigfoot! We will keep the lights on, for all of you who come to visit. Best of Washington’s night life, sea food, and out-door activitys.We have plenty of green energy power from our hydro dams. Unlike the solar power made with solrindra power, or not in the state of California. We will never recycle our water here! We ship that water by pipe line to Cali. They just don’t seem to mind. Besides untill they come up here they never really know the real taste of water anyway.

Call it bigfoot wisdom! I would rather have an over abundance of liquid sunshine, and be able to vacation in the sun, while escaping the rain. Then have to read a post on liquid sunshine and wonder if the water I’m drinking for refreshment, really tastes all that different in Washington state.

Just some thoughts and most asked questions from washington state guests;

liquid sunshine in Washington state comes in the form of rain, yet the sun shines 12/7 365 day a year at 20,000 feet altitude.

Questions most asked by visitors to Washington;

Why all of the water shortages in the summer time in Washington state? Answer; We have vampires in Washington, the grass is not naturally brown from water shortages it is from vampires of sorts. Read my post ” I see vampires “. You will understand. http://wp.me/p1MnB3-Yy

You ( we, or someone in Washington state ) should create a new product of bottled sunshine, liquid sunshine thirst aid? Answer; Sounds healthy to me. I’ll work on it.

Does all of that liquid sunshine shrink clothing when you travel to other places like California? Answer; Well I will let this picture explain that one for you.

Cheers to you all. All the best of liquids, or liquid sunshine to everyone!

I’ll be good, with the last drop!

That’s right I’ll be good when I get the last drop of coffee out of this mug. Past my teeth, beyond the tonsils, and down the hatch. It travels the normal pathway untill it gets into my bloodstream, racing along untill the caffeine hits my brain. Signals then sent from my brain, to the heart, saying “Speed it up buddy, he is awake now. So lets get-er-done!!” Well in a perfect morning at least. But today, monday morning, and those don’t always go as smooth or as planned. Besides perfect is all in the definition of it. Some mornings just have a little different kind of perfect to them. This monday morning may be just that way?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Followed by the usual music being played on the radio alarm-clock. My eyes just a crack, enough to find the glowing alarm, then hitting the button, turning the damn thing off!

“Crap! Its morning again and got to get to work.” I was thinking and sleep whispering all at the same time. ” just a few more….”

Beep! Beep! Beep! slapping the off button a bit harder this time. Just frustrated because its morning. Not that I hate mornings. But the working mornings are the worst. Throwing back the covers just enough to get my legs out and myself sitting on the edge of the bed. Stretching my arms up till they are touching the sky, and turning my head from side to side, loosing up a bit before making the final plunge, feet to the floor and assuming the standing position. Yet somewhat asleep still.

No sooner than my feet hitting the floor then I get the unexpected different alarm awaking. Standing on the cat’s tail! She lets out the loudest of screams! Followed by cat claws running up and down my legs or so it seems. My heart is now pumping without the aid of coffee, practically knocking me back into bed.

” Come on! For real? Out of all the places, on my side of the bed?” I was yelling in my mind, but trying to be some what quietly yelling at the cat. So not to wake-up my wife. Knowing her, she is laughing quietly, faking being asleep while just listening to me moan and groan.

Retrying to get back to a standing positions on solid ground. I start to make my way to the dresser. I’m using my feet as if I were blind. Slowly sliding one leg forward and then back and forth, followed by a slight step forward. My version of a blind mans white cain, all to avoid any more unexpected surprises. Once at the dresser I pick out some new clothes for the day. All by the use of my senses, touch and feel of course.

Without turning on the lights I make my way to the bathroom and place my new cloths on the vanity. Then I make my way down the hall into the kitchen. Here is where I can finely turn on some lights, that won’t disturbing my love. Although my eyes are now somewhat used to the dim low light situation. Despite that I turn on the lights! Forgetting that we changed the 50 watt lightbulbs with something like the light of GOD!! Instantly blinded once again, like looking into the direct sunlight. Now I know just what a cockroach is saying, or thinking when someone turns on the light. The same thoughts are running through my mind. I need coffee now more than ever! Fumbling around the coffee pot and sink I get the magic into the brewer, and with a some frazzled nerves so far this morning, I press the button to start the process. Finlay relief, with the first sounds of coffee brewing. The nerves calming down some what, with the sound. So it is for the caffeine addict in me.

With a few minutes before the coffee is drinkable, I turn off the lights and make the blind man walk back to the bathroom. Kind of multitasking, making coffee and now for the three “S’s” ( Shower, shave, shine, ). Once in the bathroom with the door closed, and with a flip of the switch, the familiar flash of light leading to temporary blindness once again. But this time I’m more prepared for it. I must be more awake.

After the three “S’s” my mind is drawn into the coffee’s mind-set. Telling my body to function in the manner of feeding the addiction, the sooner the better. Without real thought my feet take over and with the body along for the ride, we all scamper back into the kitchen. cupboards open and close, finding the biggest mug among the collection of mugs. The refrigerator opens and closes loudly, as arms and hands retrieve the cream. Everything seems like a well orchestrated well run machine. My eyes just seem to look at the production the mind is putting on. I never knew that making a mug of coffee was so entertaining before. Yet it was nothing but the selfish mind looking to use everything at its disposal, accomplishing the task of feeding the addiction. If it were up to the mind only, we would have a direct line of an IV, pumping caffeine into the system 24-7. With my mind using the body like a run away train, the noise is too much for my wife.

” Hay! You out there. Just what the hell is all the noise all about?”

The mind has the body briefly stop to call out the prepared answer. ” Nothing dear! ” Then back to the blizzard of activities.

” That’s not nothing! What gives? Are you…”

“Yes I’m making you coffee dear! You caught me red-handed. Be there in a few.”

Just what the mind needed. Now making a second mug without even having taken the first sip of this one. It is all about the cover story, and then the follow through. This hides the true addicts motives. Finishing up the second mug of coffee, but just before delivering the coffee to the queen of my life in bed. The first sip of my coffee…. With trembling hands the lips slightly part and the liquid libation is delivered to the taste buds. With signals delivered to the brain, confirming the liquid containing caffeine is in fact coffee, the nerves are quieted down with the calm of an addict receiving his first fix after a long dry spell.

“Here you go honey. Your coffee on this wonderful morning.” I present a perfect mug just the way she likes it.

” So what is the special occasion? ”

” Oh nothing! I just thought you would like to have some before going to work, so why not in bed?” Smooth. Very smooth, great cover mind. I’m thinking. Sounds so much better than I’m just feeding my addiction!

” That’s nice but you do know that it is sunday morning, right?”

“What!” The mind is laughing inside I’m sure. This body is so easy to manipulate, what would all of those parts do without the mind? Thoughts running wild, while the facial expressions are fully hiding the true motives of the early morning activities.

“So, After your coffee we can snooze a few more minutes / hours, since it is Sunday then!”

My wife looking somewhat tired still, finishes up hers, and then we snuggle up together. Seem like a snap of my fingers and she is fast asleep once again. As for me! Well with coffee’s caffeine fully taken over my body and mind. The chemicals and mind trickery erasing all weariness from me. I lay there having to listen to the quiet sounds of the tick, tick. tick, tick, the mocking of the alarm clock. With each second ticking by as if to say. ” Who’s your daddy now!”

I’m really beginning to hate Mondays with a passion. Because weekends are just to short, made ever shorter by abusing caffeine. Tick, tick,tick…….

All the best.


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December 2019
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