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Gratitude challenge: day 7

Today the things I’m grateful for starts off with “mornings.” Not only should we all celebrate life, but another day of it to hopefully do better than the last. Priceless!

Amy Wise said it like this “Staying stale or starting fresh you choose!”

We can dwell on the facts that life isn’t all that fair, or we can work to make it as fair as possible for those we come in contact with. Although this morning is great and all, I’m still having internet problems and the tech says another week of this to go. My apologies for irregular posts on feeling grateful and this challenge in general. But that proves that living life is challenging. It’s a dance, so keep on dancing.

2) challenges
After all any challenge pushes us along to those places we all have said, we would go if only…(we all to often say “later”). When someone challenges us, there is an expectation to preform with a double helping of healthy competition, a competitive spirit to out perform those who challenge us, to rise to the occasion, to win fair and square.
In short challenges get us moving–what moves you?

3) cookies

Who doesn’t love the cookie? Besides competition makes me hungry for junk food. Is a cookie really junk food? Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the reason I have trust issues. Never the less, I will eat both just as easily as one or the other. I just don’t like it when my taste buds are all prepared for the taste of chocolate, then it comes up with raisin flavor’s. I guess that’s why there are split personality cookies (chocolate chip raisin)?

4) tech support

Because cookies can’t solve everything without milk, and tech support is that support that helps me clean up my connection issues like sweeping up cookie crumbs. Problems with the internet hopefully solved, just need to wait for new equipment to be delivered. And then we once again we will have the internet back for more than 1 minuet at a time followed by 5 minuets of “re-loading”. :^(

5) delivery people.

To the likes of UPS and similar services, delivery people are great. Providing they aren’t copying the opening few minutes of the movie “Pet Detective” with my deliveries? I have heard the horror stories of others, their packages that were delivered and looked like the aftermath of a shredded package bomb. So yeah. I’m grateful and feeling much gratitude for my delivery people. Disclaimer includes (All rights to change my opinion are reserved, they may change without notice everything is possible.)

6) Pizza
Is there such a thing like eating too much pizza? I love being married but sometimes I miss the days when I could sit on the couch in my boxers and eat an unsliced microwave pizza by myself. If I would do that now I’d look like an older fat guy. And that’s never good for anyone’s own appearance or sex appeal. Eating cold pizza in the morning while everyone else is sleeping–game on!

7) Out of the ordinary Humor.

Thank God for that. To see the funny in the ordinary things of every day life isn’t easy. But it can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, the somewhat boring into the interesting, and the doldrums of sad times into more hopeful and positively bearable times. “Laughter cures all”, my late Dad used to say, “I would rather have people laugh, and remember, and re enjoy those pranks, jokes, or just generally fun and funny memories, than all of my embarrassing short comings I fought to avoid but failed at. Even a bad joke is better than that.”

That sums it up day 7, thanks God, somehow you got me to remember Dad again. Send help, because I need it! Amen.

All the best.


Auto-rewind days

Do we always have to pick between winning or losing? Are there situations that reward people in the same way regardless of which we pick?

When it comes to Sunday mornings I can’t decide. When Sunday’s start like this…when all of the family crawled into bed the night before together… Don’t laugh. You have been there occasionally, at least a time or two? If not, after reading this post, imagine it for awhile by closing your eyes.

It happened like this one Sunday morning. It was after all of the family had crawled into bed. The dog, three cats, Mom and Dad, not to add to our sleep, but to stay warm. Summer was giving way to a cooler fall. The alarm had been playing 80’s tunes for some time now and the sun playfully peeked in on the family through the cracked drapes in the window.

The dog and cats had tried their best to awaken someone, anyone to serve to them breakfast. But it was only a half hearted try and again quickly fell asleep in their warm surroundings.

At last there was movement, a quick bathroom break and then the usual feeding mission, followed by starting the coffee maker, and than a quiet tip toeing walk back to bed. The beds warmth was unmatched to the cool morning air throughout the house. Besides without coffee in my hands, sipping and smelling the aroma, who can really say they were truly awake yet?

What seemed like just a moment of time slowly slipping through my fingers; while listening to sounds of off-tempo coughing by the electric coffee maker. Trying its best in keep-up with it brewing by coughing and spitting the last of its brew in time with the beats of some 80’s tunes playing on the alarm clock. After all this was the sounds of my audio pacemaker starting my heart pumping and the taste buds weakening, while the rest of me was still suffering the effects caffein withdrawals unprepared to leave it warm hide-away.

Finely I could wait no more! I need caffein! Throwing the covers aside my mind sang the only morning tune it knew by autopilot, “it sure is nice waking-up to Folgers in my cup “. It could just as easily be explained as being my autopilot morning sleepwalking routine. From the view of those on outside looking in, it could just as easily have been like observing the march of the ants. Dad followed close behind by Mom, then the dog, then 1, 2, 3 cats….followed by sounds of clanking coffee cups, and then the stirring of spoons mixing sugar and cream into a light brown mixture. Then a bit of brief silence followed by sounds of slurping hot brew.

Indeed Sunday morning had arrived for all of us now sitting in the front room, sipping coffee and enjoying gentile morning kisses from the sun, while still Dreaming of our warm place.

Having finished our coffee, all following again in a single file line back to bed. After all Sundays are auto rewind days, morning doesn’t end till noon and we needed to prepare for the next alarm after it’s preset short snooze.

Fantastic finishes.

Yesterday’s afternoon had gifted us with thunder showers, and torrents of rain mixed together with hail to a point of covering the ground with a thin blanket of white. Just as soon as it came, it left. Those helping howling winds pushed the clouds across the sky, like butterfly race horses in full gallop. The setting sun splashed the sky, with pinks and reds, that bled into golden oranges against the dark gray thunder clouds, who were in a full chasing dancing as they floated across sky.

The Godly jockey cracked the riding crop with excited anticipation for a fantastic finish, those last-ditch efforts to gain a win. With every crack on the back sides of those butterfly race horses; streaks of lightning burst into brilliant displays as if they were heavenly flash bulbs like those snap-shot pictures at races end, taken by angelic fans. Instantly the grand stands exploded, with a thunderous roar, and a heavenly cheer for the victor as they crosses the finish line by a nose. As the race finished, the angles low-toned chatter hushed into a quieter aftermath, washing away the evenings events, returning nature’s sounds back to those of a misting light rain or occasional petter, patter of heavier droplets. The thrill of excited competition has finally subsided, the arena emptied, the quieter bliss of springs shower rejuvenating earth returned with only the occasional songs of serenading frogs. At last a token given as a gift of peace, forced through a gap in those clouds, disappearing remnants of a rainbow given as sunlight’s last gasps of brilliant light and then it’s comforting last wish, good night to all.

Now that was yesterday, today, I got up early to enjoy the rising of the sun in a cloudless dawn sky. The quiet morning was interrupted by the chattering squirrel, scolding her youngsters, while searching for nuts. They scurried around checking their feeder for fresh deliveries of peanuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. Suddenly, not 15 feet apart, the squirrels and I were frozen. Starring each other in the eyes, standing our ground, rigged and statuesque, an attempt to remain hidden among the other yard ornaments. We stood quietly, not giving an inch, observing, wondering, unwilling to relent any ground.

We stared at each other what seemed like for a 15 minuet worth of eternity, but seconds in reality. Then suddenly a back fire of an automobiles tail pipe, interrupted our quiet staring competition like a shot-gun blast. Instantly our eyes wide open with surprise equal to the other. Oh the stories those eyes could tell, those chuffed explanations from each of those scattering, chattering, squirrels as they told each other stories of the stranger they have seen the day after the great storm.

This was my day, my night, my next morning. What was your day like?

All the best.

Picture via twitter picks pictures. Love this picture, home sweet home. enjoy all of your day.


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