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Secret responses

Some people say, “Blogs are for opinions”. I agree. But include, “If blogs are for opinions, then for everything else we have MasterCard and Wikipedia.

Ok! I could expand on that point some, but you get the picture.

We shouldn’t try to please everyone, is the real message. But what I have found, by stirring the pot we can also stimulate thought in the most stubborn of minds. A post maybe my thought for that moment…but that moment is now gone. It could just be my ADD acting up? Or it could be my love of playing games (devils advocate) that is. So in an instant my thoughts may have also changed? Perhaps your’s too? Such is the blessing of freedom–or dare I say “free speech” in the internet world filled with child like push button wonderment.

My writing is my virtual space, my online home. In telling people what my opinions are, or at times giving my explanations about those same opinions, or my this and that on some social commentary, new story’s, humor, or musings. The readers can create an opinion of their own about what was written. So in this light of giving an opinion, I guarantee that people will respond… No matter if it is good, bad, or indifferent. People often respond without even trying to type any responses, or without even knowing they’re responding at first. Their hidden response is made without even uttering an audible word.

Question: Is thinking about what you have read, a response to anything you read?

A chameleons lying tongue

Each day I start it with saying, “I’m going to have the best day of my life.” I end my day Knowing all the while I have had my day made completely or so it seems of half made efforts. Not intentionally but humans tend to do what is easiest or with the least energy expenditure.

Of course according to Zig Ziglar… “The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most, for what you want now.”

In the animal world it is all about being different and making it known to all that you’re different. Bright colored feathers displayed, whooping antics that catch the eye and attention, funny to humans in their own way but serious stuff for animals. So what is it with humans; who only want to be different compared to each other, but work so hard in being the same? Working so hard at times without any notice even to us that non conformity is conforming to something isn’t it?

Have you ever seen a slow motion movie of a chameleon catching a meal? Incredible! Something simple like a bug comes within range of their lightning fast tongue? POW! Bam! Quick as lighting, truly incredible how long and fast these funny animals’ tongues are and accrete at that with the placement of the end of the tongue in order to catch that bug. On one such show I was watching, the tongue shot out, and hit the bug knocking it off some branch and kept right on going for what looked like a full extension. On the retraction the tongue got caught on that same branch, the chameleon had to struggle to get it back with his bug prize still attached. I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Just the look of surprised on the chameleon’s face struggling with his tangled tongue sent me over the edge.

Last night was one such moment in my life when I received a chameleons worth of a tongue lashing. POW, what a surprise! It knocked me back a bit. It caused me to sit up and take notice, to adjust some accountability, self-awareness, through self-reexamination.  A question that hit me right between the ears, could I have been a human chameleon for most of my life, without ever taking notice of it before or even admitting it to self within my mind?

Humans are king of the world! Aren’t we? But I never saw a human chameleon before. At least until I took notice of my strange ability’s to be a chameleon. I learned or should I have said, what I saw within me was how I was living my life as a chameleon. Ever since I was very young I would lie or make up stuff. If people asked about me or what my true opinions are about stuff I would be quick to react… I thought I was just embarrassed, but didn’t really know why I chose to act this way. I hadn’t learned the multiple question test hints for idiots yet—go with your first impressions because they are usually are right. I along with everyone else in the world through assumption thought we all were taught not to lie? But assumptions made usually leaves an ass dismayed. If we weren’t taught to lie how did we come up with doing it and get so good at doing it? Certainly if I were taught to lie I should then be able to cast some blame onto that one person away from myself and onto someone else, right? Not that lying is a problem for me. But total honest presentations of “self ” maybe, as it is for most people?

It wasn’t till later that I learned that I had a fear of rejection. You hear about “fear of rejection” haven’t you? It is often these days presented as some over used psychobabble term thrown about to look smart in a calm way, while frantically looking for a better excuse for lying. But I didn’t identify with it until last night, as a way for people to become chameleons. Hiding in plain sight just melting into your surroundings like butter on hot toast, a David Copperfield magic trick with our true identities fantastically played for our egos. By living this way we become better than Mr. Copperfield all in the same to say the least, like nothing short of making the statue of liberty disappears, but somewhat different. One well-placed lie and presto, we have become the greatest magician! Hiding, yet in plain sight. Better than Mr. Copperfield? We have just blended, molded, or massaged ourselves into what everyone around us expected us to be. Welcome to the wild world of being a human chameleon, because I know you and I have done just that as well. At least I’ll admit to it, so have you I’m sure….???

So, many times over this last year I learned that I did things, when I was young and even now being so much older. I acted against my values, morals, and beliefs, all to “belong” to people or some group….?  In finding a friend, to be a companion, a more complete stranger to a stranger, who was just looking for some kind help? So the newest animal in the world is… (Head hung low) me….. The human chameleon.

Reexamination time sucks doesn’t it?

My reaction to life’s troubles was becoming a better chameleon, hide, distort if necessary, as my tools of the trade being human, building “Better”? But a better what? At times doing whatever, and then having to explain it later to my conscience, as it wasn’t totally untrue… so it doesn’t qualify as a total lie? Just a slight bend in the road. A small distortion! Should I just admit it, my distortions accomplish nothing but a better built camouflage for the porpoises of deceit, to hide my true self-identity, or some insecurity? Hiding what everyone else sees “the perfect flawed me”? To be less different, to be more like everyone else? Why should I strive to be perfect, when everyone else isn’t so perfect themselves?

But admitting to one self we could do better, that required some honesty. Humans have hidden honesty while erasing it to a lost art form, it seems well hidden behind what has become a white or black lie, as the definition to being dishonest or not. But let’s face it; white or black, a lie isn’t anything but a different degree of that same short coming. Why are there any degrees at all? No one likes to be lied to, so never except one over the other.

As humans, we make improvements to our soundings all the time. We paint our homes, inside or out, just for change, for those small yet uplifting improvements. Even these small things make a difference to our behaviors, our attitudes. So why not make them with ourselves?

Well this time, it was about what I didn’t do because of the fear of rejection. It’s a beautiful thing to learn something intimate about yourself and wanting to be stronger as a result of some self-education.  Courage comes into the mix of things; I must be stronger now so to be able to stick to my values and voice my opinions when appropriate. It doesn’t mean I’m looking to change my acquaintances, friends, or complete strangers, or even my significant other, to share in my values or even judging them by them. Being able to exercise my new-found ability, my true power to say no guilt free, is my choice in feeling unashamed, without the preconceived assumptions of self, as being ridged, stubborn, strange, confrontational or unlikable.

Because there is no graceful way to back out of something we excuse ourselves and act without thought; leading us down that spiral staircase to the bottom of a bottle feeling poorly about self.

Solution: Being a chameleon is all about being one with your soundings, hidden in plain sight. But being a human is all about the subdual “POW factor” the individual but a noticed one. Allowing other people to see you for who you are. Imperfect as we all are, different in every way while being structurally the same. Making us all interesting, and worth the efforts in getting to know each other on a personal level. It is about the simple things within our caricatures, not the hair, the tattoos, piercing’s, clothing, cars, the jobs or even the income we make. It isn’t about what we believe in, or what funny religion we have or don’t have. It shouldn’t be, about having to be a clone of what has been presented in print, as the perfect human; but celebrating the imperfect differences within our identical structures of being human. While taking the extra time to realize, and enjoy the moment shared without expectations of getting something in return.

Each day I start with saying I’m going to have the best day of my life. I end my day with saying I had the best day of my life. During the day as I drive to appointments, I say to myself “I’m having the best day of my life.”  Frowning on that kind of attitude is hard to do. I have tried! The best thing about all this is, with a positive altitude it is hard to hide in plain sight. Why would you? We’re humans are top mammal and supposed to strut our stuff. After all what kind of impression could we make in presenting ourselves, devious of coerce as king of the jungle with a mouse like roar presentation?

A chameleon slapped me on either side of my face one day. Telling me that all mammals are not the same, stop trying to be the same, stop living life to someone’s else’s expectations all for fear of rejection. Life isn’t fair! The two mammals, the dolphin and the camel want to be friends, but it isn’t going to happen no matter how well placed the lie. Even David Copperfield isn’t that good.

Despite of the fact that I’m a slow learner, and I maybe the last human chameleon on earth. (I doubt that anyone else has had this problem?) I am taking evolution into my own hands, as I’m going to try to kill, (send to extinction) what I believe to be then the last human chameleon of its kind. All for a better life for myself. Because life isn’t all ways fair! So the human chameleon must go!

that “OH” moment

Have you had that “OH” moment when you at first meet someone new? Certain kinds of people may spark your interests, motives, or lusts, but not talking about them right now? Not excluding the above…but talking about being social, but nor necessarily limited to just being social either; just allowing for you to produce your own excuses for going out meeting people. But the question still applies all the same. Have you had that “Oh” moment when you are quietly telling yourself, you have just reached you’re limit with this person, what ever that limit is? But the only response you can visualize or say out loud, usually with some kind of funny, or surprised expression of…. OH!

You know the look? Because you all have been there.

Like take this chance meeting–the person and you are engaged in conversation, small talk, when the other person says. “I was once in an insane asylum, but doing better now. Those therapists can do wonders you know?”

“OH”! Quickly you start to fumble with the right excuse, without offending, while looking nonchalant for the exit. It isn’t that anyone cares why they were in the asylum, or if they are better now? You don’t care to find out for sure. Your not going to be a social experiment of sorts as seen in a horror movie? Nore are you asking why would anyone say that just out of the gate, by blurting it out to a would be stranger……you?

Or how about; you’re sitting at the bar enjoying a drink while unwinding. You strike up a conversation with someone, when the conversation moves to how unclean the bathroom is, and how few people wash their hands after using the bathroom. The other person is picking at the beer nuts and offers up the comment. “Yea, have you seen the bathroom sinks, and water fosses? They are just gross. I think someone even took a crap in the sink once, and it never got cleaned up properly. I just looked at it in horror and moved out the door again.” Looking up and making eye contact with you they adding. “Beer nuts?” sliding the bowl over while taking another few, and popping them into their mouth.

Not wishing to make accusations or assumptions, or even asking any questions to any facts there of, on this subject matter. You respond in the usually way, “OH!” extending a flat hand and saying. “No thanks, to those nuts.”

How about when you ask someone out on a date— The women says she needs to watch her figure and would like a salad. But then orders finger foods, drinks, and a stake….? Looking up at you responding. “Not to worry, she has an active metabolism.”

You don’t want to question her? Of course you want to believe that? But you can’t say. “Are you eating for two?” just another way in asking are you pregnant? Instead you have nothing else to say but…”OH”!

Or that one that is constantly on the cellphone while you’re eating dinner with her? You’re thoughts play different scenario’s— she’s setting up another date after you buy her dinner? Maybe just another date for drinks with a guy she likes better than you? No matter the thoughts of possible excuses running around your head. Your response is…”OH” in that moment, because if you’re buying dinner aren’t you also buying exclusivity of her attention? I know. OH!

How about this one I saw on TV once. Two people found each other, dated awhile, fell in love. While on their way up to the marriages alter, one confesses to the other because they’re riddled with guilt, so they whisper. “I want to start our union with compleat honesty.” You node your head in compleat agreement. They go on. “I once was a dude. But surgery was even more successful than my wildest dreams.”


I know that one is rare! But with all of the crazy reasons for getting altered with surgery, net alone more and more stories in the world of people changing themselves. There is an increasing chance of just this happening to someone in real life? Then what? Is this fraud, or robbery of individuals making good faith choices in their own lives? Will it be an “OH” moment? Or….?

Check out this story from the net; Belgian discovers his wife used to be a man after 19 years via @Telegraph http://soa.li/QE4xMLT

As you can see there are lots of different “OH” moments in life. Just how we respond to them is even a more interesting than the events where your responses were just… OH!?

Do you care to share? Come on be brave, light our giggle fuse, and let everyone enjoy past fireworks of real life happenings with those “OH moments.”

All the best.

God’s common sense VS. “Thug rules of charity”?

If you have ever been robbed before, or even if you were one of those special people who helped / rescued a person in trouble before, common sense isn’t a problem to understand, or even practice. It is those text-book theorists, who clams are to be disciples of wisdom, but then fail to use any, that then present the ideas— God, Evil, and Gun control, and lets also include ” Common sense, have nothing in common to each other. But then there is my question… What is right or wrong with, “God’s common sense  VS. “Thug rules of charity””?

It isn’t because I’m smarter than anyone. I’m not! But I do believe in some simple truths. God’s common sense can be explained like this. Placing your trust in God, believing that he gave you a brain to use to your full capacity, would be individually and personally empowering. To also take responsibility for using it, even when and if, you the user may come to think, your brain has met its capacity to do so. So many people are there already with the gun control issue. Not to say it may be a challenge at times? But then if you believe, you can then take hold of God’s hand, as your reassurance, that you can do all things with him. Of course accepting the concept of a God, or arguing with yourself, if there even is a God? Could leave you thinking that government will do a better job?

Though you walk through the shadow of the valley of death, you should fear no evil. If you believe in God, and trust in him, this is reassuring. If you don’t believe, and find yourself in the valley’s shadow, confronted by someone who wants your wallet, money, watch, car keys, and your wife and first-born, or your life? In short all of your stuff and maybe your life after all have been taken from you! Let’s just call it “Thug rules of charity”? Because believing in mob rule, has you accepting the role you have to play. Redistributing your efforts and stuff to those who need!

This kind of mindset is identical to the thoughts of government doing everything, because people with charity aren’t doing it voluntarily! All to avoid being called out by those thugs and their entire gall saying. You are the one with a problem of “Greed” not the ones who would take out of need!

While you are fumbling around looking for all that they are demanding of you, for your charitable contribution. You may be contemplating whether or not to pray to God. But then a thought comes to mind. God may have given you some common sense to use before getting to this point? But you didn’t listen. Like a strike of white lightning, you think… perhaps someone will call 911 on your behalf. Government and their agencies will come to your rescue… so stall if you can?

As luck would have it, someone did call! The time it takes for the police to arrive to your aid, the thug could have stabbed you several times, emptied his guns ammo clip into you and your family, or choked the living crap out of you. The main point is that police officers arrive at any crime scene ready to investigate just what happened to the victim/s? Police officers are also armed with adequate weapons to meet any possible remaining threat once they arrive. So why not some less violent confrontation methods? Why not control the kind of weapons, and ammo clips for the police in the same way as the population? If you think that is stupid? You should remember that there are no stupid questions in life. Just misleading answers of those who think of you as stupid— liberals, and government alike.

The only real question is whether or not you would at least at some point put up a fight, a struggle, or some kind of opposition while you wait for help to arrive in order to save your own possessions, family, or even your own skin, let alone the life of another (Like for instance you come upon a women being raped, beaten, or some such)? If the answers to these type of questions are about to be met with some kind of opposition in your thoughts as you read this. Then I must also ask…Would you stop to help someone who was in a car accident, a burning house? How about a dog or cat that a car ran over and is in the middle of the road? What is the difference?

The way I see it is, if you don’t want people to have guns (for whatever flawed reasoning) it is because you don’t wish to do the dirty work of being free, accountable, or responsible! You are a safety whore! A GREEDY person who wants to have the same things others do, “SAFETY from evil doers!” except your totally greedy about it! You would want somebody else to stop and help you in any and all examples already given in this post. All the while reserving the right to justify your inaction to do the same, because it would jeopardize your personal safety, in defending someone else safety. Or you just don’t trust yourself in doing what is right by the law, and if you had a gun? It could tempt you to pull the trigger on the unsuspecting. Not that you’re bad or evil—– the Gun is!!

So what was God’s common sense? Whether you decide to defend yourself and family, or how you personally choosing a weapon to use in such defense, or if you’re going to ever defend in some way against some stranger, or if you chose to do nothing at all? GOD gave us all the sense to know that evil will always be with us. So to use equal weaponry in opposition to the evil that exists, to the emanate threat you’re facing in your shadow’s or in your valley’s, we have God’s gift to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. Unless you’re totally fine with insulting your creator who made you, and gave you more brains than you’re choosing to use? Why should anyone have to defend anyone’s burning house, by un-zipping and peeing on the fire, or helping someone in a car accident by walking the other way, or helping a women that is being beaten and raped by blaming the type of clothing she wore as your running away, and thinking, “Hope she had the time to get some of that free government birth control?”; or even when your left defending yourself and wife and kids from an illegal gun-toting criminal who is blind to following any law and is personally threatening everyone with it? Why should we have to wait for any help from government so far away? Was New York re built with government’s help after the hurricane that devastated parts of the city? Yea, that was real fast in helping people. NOT! Would it be using God-given common sense to quickly look around for the closest butter knife to offer as your primary weapon of choice for a gun fight?

Why should we ask government to out-law, the law-full use of self-protection equal to your evil opposition’s weapon of choice?

Why beat around the bush then? If we can do away with needless deaths of good people at the hands of evil people using a gun; 100% of the time crime is stopped by police officers with… wait for it… a gun! Why out-law the gun, when it makes perfectly good sense to out-law evil people and their actions they choose to use, no matter what the weapons they use?

If you’re liberal, and therefore think guns are bad, and criminals are just good people who are misunderstood, as well harbor a secret / not so secret support of evolution and or abortion? Consider, that the thug wielding a gun in your face, demanding your stuff or you’re life. Is the proof that evolution left on its own, was right in part? We don’t need government to get involved in tinkering with evolution! That gun wielding thug is evolution’s abortionist! Because you’re too stupid to even want the opportunity to choose, (Or use your God-given common sense) to choose the fastest acting, best weapon available to you in defending yourself. But instead you place your blind faith in cowering in fear, waiting for government help to arrive, while praying, hope it doesn’t take too long to get here.

Isn’t that kind of like…… if you should be a prisoner in prison and the one complaining about being raped in prison, hoping that guards will stop it, and soon! At some point in the near future at least you should having the willingness, to then realizing the facts are, it’s the guards who are playing match-maker for profit at you’re expence?

Are you ready and willing to accept those guards, as you’re only protection in this social asylum? When in historical terms of fact, up until the creation of the United States of America, there is a 100% accuracy rating, that all other Governments the world, over the last 6000 years, were all to willingly abusing their people, and their God-given rights, one of which as being— the right to self-protection?

So tell me again, how is it using your GOD given common sense, when you are willing to give you’re GOD given rights away to the devils of the world/government powers, who do abuse them? Isn’t that like saying? “Thanks GOD! But no thanks! Freedom to choose is so over rated! Bless us with tyranny, because we are running out of things to complain about these days.”

All the best.

Five surgeons discussing Obamacare.

A friend sent this on to me as well. Good funnies like this can’t be just hidden on one social network.
Truth is I’m not a fan of Obamacare at all. Not because it is a bad thing, but it is full of empty promises without any personal responsibility’s. I come from the belief that people should protect that what they have as far as health. The “O”care just gives people the feel of entitlement, being able to live forever regardless what kind of choices people make for themselves and at the expense to someone else at that. Not that we shouldn’t care for those who truly are in need of help and can’t care for themselfes.The way to drive costs down is a free market system with limitations on insurances manipulative actions in the market place.
When governments get involved in anything the waste of people’s resources goes up, services goes down and the overall result is a managed decay. That and government can not guess what will happen with any future costs 6 months from now net alone 10 years from now.
Free enterprises have created the innovations of medical advances that we enjoy today, and that only happens when unlimited success is given in exchange of great God-given talents and people that are driven to use them for maximum impact.
Doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you are on…. we all can use a good laugh now and again. it is funny indeed, enjoy. The best funnies are the ones that also have some truth within them. I’ll let you decide which one that is….
Subject: Love This One!! Subject: Five Surgeons!
Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the Best patients to operate on. …The first surgeon, from New York, says, ‘I like to see accountants. When on my operating table when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.’
The second, from Chicago, responds, ‘Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded.’
The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, ‘No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order.’ The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: ‘You know, I like construction workers…Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over.’
But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when he observed: ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine.. and not one leg to stand on. Plus, the head and the ass are interchangeable.’

Ever peed in the shower?

Bathroom multitasking is being presented as greener, better for the earth? Is there a limit to being too green, for us citizens of the earth? Should we be going yellow in the showers for the new green life-style? Under a story published with the title “Have you ever peed in the shower”, they explain the how’s and the why’s, as well as the ins and outs of your fellow earthly neighbors and their bathroom habit’s.

Have you ever peed in the shower?
Almost 75 percent of poll-takers have.

Let’s start with a few facts: Toilet flushing accounts for almost 27 percent of indoor water use in a home. The amount used per flush ranges from a gallon in eco-friendly models to a whopping seven in older types. Where are we going with this? We beseech you: Save water. Save the planet! Pee in the shower! OK, we won’t insist. But it isn’t really that gross. Unless you have an infection, urine is sterile and nontoxic. Proponents of “urine therapy” even believe it can help treat athlete’s foot. Heck, Dr. Billy freely admits that he is a shameless shower squirter. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/30646209/ns/today-today_health/t/peeing-shower-filthy-or-fine/#.UPxf2nwnxLk.twitter via @todayshow

If you noticed within this story they state that people who would practice this ritual would save water over every kind of toilet produced? An all-around good thing? But do we need to save more water with eco-friendly toilets, or produce even friendlier ones, coming in the near future? At least one country has taken the leadership role, the Netherlands? Story is as follows.

If only George Costanza had lived in the Netherlands. A city councilman in the town of Aa en Hunze is encouraging residents to pee in the shower in order to conserve water. Politician suggests going green by going yellow in the shower http://on-msn.com/13lIKWI via @msnNOW

If saving water is of top priority, why don’t we just go all in? Think of the savings with eliminating the toilet? The carbon foot print from the production facilities eliminated because the shower seems to be the answer? On the other hand think of all of those showers per day that people would take just to flush….. You know? So a rational person has to question the true savings in water consumption? Perhaps eliminating the shower then? For that same water savings, and carbon footprint savings to boot? We don’t all have to take daily showers do we? But we need to have access to the use of a toilet, and at times, several times per day. Just saying! But I thought that was just plain oblivious?

So if you must? Here are some fast and loose rules of the road in “Bathroom multitasking”.

One must only urinate in his or her own shower.

One should wait until the water is flowing.

One should only urinate in her shower when there are absolutely no drainage problems. If your shower collects standing water, do your very best to refrain from peeing into it. I don’t know why since urine is technically very sterile, but it just feels gross. (And yes, apparently that is where I draw the line.) Besides do you know just how hard it is to aim for that little hole in the floor? You probable already do know, if tried it?

Do not urinate in the bath.

One must never urinate in the shower at the gym. Just way this rule, when I have already said and it is true …”urine is technically very sterile”, you have to accept that it is gross to stand in someones elses puddle.

One must never urinate in the shower when a houseguest. see the above rule…

One should try very hard not to urinate in a shower shared with roommates. this is obvious! But if it is a request by said roommate or roommates, you may want to question motives?

One must never urinate in the shower when bathing with another person. Unless, of course, it’s by request. Still questioning motives here as well.

Never urinate in the bath or the shower in a hotel.

Never poo in a shower, unless you have a plunger handy. That should be without saying, plunge away at the mess without standing in the shower. Unless you’re at a hotel, and it is checkout day. But really think about it first……

Just some rules of the road, of course if you’re willing, and ready to become more yellow then green? Remember going green has some extra work to it, in saving the planet that is. A trade-off has to be realized then, and you’re compliance if you’re unwilling, will also become more of a future regulation passed by some government agency? How they are going to know if you’re complying with these new reg’s is well…… let’s just say big brother is going to enforce them. If you get my drift. I’m personally hoping this becomes a reality long after I have peed my last though. Big brother and I don’t agree much!

The only other option for saving water, and going to the bathroom at the same time, is to stop drinking so much water, soda pop, beer, and any other liquid where water is the main source or ingredient. This way you’ll go less to the bathroom, flush less, and there is less demand for liquid products, less pressure on natures water supplies as well. All for leaving more water with nature where it belongs. At least according to those who are ultra-green. If we don’t start saving water soon we will all have a future of bathing in recycled water/sewage, and the beer made of it…. I don’t need to mention why we should just start peeing in the shower then, if you get my mental picture right? Or is this just to far, on the wrong side of things?

But then I have faith and a strong belief in the human ingenuity able to work out these problems for some kind of improved future. Because a future of recycling water (and you can pick the way this will be accomplished in your mental mind’s eye) isn’t really moving forward as a society, that is also at the top of its innovation game. Going green with recycling water or peeing in the shower has some kind of resemblance of a third world modern recreation, with some modern conveniences thrown in for good measure.

So would you? Could you? What other inconveniences would you put up with, all to satisfy some unrealistic God complex, that man can save totally, what we for the most part don’t, and can’t 100% completely effect by mans actions, or can be totally control by them?

Death of the Dollar bill or death of government wasteful spending?

As Congress looks for opportunities to save money, the Government Accountability Office recommends that lawmakers start by looking at what’s in their own wallets.

It has been said that printing new dollar bills, which only have a lifespan of about 5 years, is just good money thrown after bad. A coin would last for around 30 years of service, producing a savings of around 4.4 billion dollars over that time. But then that only works out to around 146 million per year or .50 cents per person per year in total savings. Surly we can find other wasteful spending to cut in order to save all of that extra weight in our pockets.

Some would say. “If I lose one coin per year on my own, then we already pay for the government changing the dollar to a coin.”

Still others say. “If the government wants this change, they have to make it mandatory by removing dollar bills from circulation; the population as a whole will never voluntarily choose coins over bills.”

But then isn’t that having the mindset that government knows best, the population is there to serve the needs of the government? In other words a command and control style of socialized government telling its citizenry what they will have, and when or if they will like it?

Finding wasteful spending to save people money as well reduce the weight of their tax bills and the weight in their pockets should have high priority. Take all of the wasted money spent on green energy over the last 4 years. Some 90 billion dollars on companies that are now out of business today, Bankrupt!! That works out to $270 dollars per person wasted. Over that same 4 years it works out to be $67.50 of lost coins. Sadly that just one other wasted government program out of the many programs protected by the various government providers of pork spending.

Certainly we could find other waste to cut then providing a forum to debate whether we will lose the paper dollar or not, at such a small return to us all at this time? Think of the savings of not having to write those checks for $67.50 for bankrupted companies, the same amount of money would save the dollar for another 135 years.

Should we change our paper dollars sound, to the sound of loose change in our pockets?

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Living anniversary’s

What will I do when I grow up?

Anniversary’s are for the most part, some kind of mile stones in life. Some event, or at least some celebrations of events within a life, lived well. Just some of the quality’s of the all mighty anniversary. August happens to be exactly such an event for me. This month one year ago, marks the one year anniversary of my entering into the blogosphere world. Not that my ramblings are like any others. Other then they are indeed ramblings. Like a BB rattling around inside of a boxcar. Stories and ideas bounce off my cranium. The mind then commands the fingers to type out a new blog. My views of the world, or at least my corner of it, are expressed as it were. Being the self anointed ” King of the world ” allows any subject matter to be blogged about. As it is with everyone else in this writing world of ours. We make an attempt to express ourself’s in some way’s, just to give others the same views of events, places, stories, or dreams, or even unsolicited opinions. Wrapped up within 1000 words or so. If pictures are worth a 1000 words? Then these mental pictures within our minds view, are worth a few posts of several 1000 words each. Hopefully presented in an interesting and entertaining way. So in living life to the best of our ability’s. We really do live for the living anniversary don’t we?

Remembering all of the anniversary’s as we move along life’s conveyor-belt .Can be a challenge at times. The conveyor-belt just keeps on moving. But the minds memories at times stop short, dwelling over a special memory or two. Remembering your first date? First kiss? Isn’t an anniversary exactly. Having the next one of those is!  Only teens celebrate these kinds of things as anniversary’s though. One year marriage anniversary’s…. 5 year….10 year… 20? These are all mile stones of successes of sorts. Adult celebrations of the most popular anniversary’s out there. Special indeed! Specialized Anniversary’s with differences of degrees. When these days people seem to change marriage partners like changing underwear.

For my anniversary. First! Let me thank you all, for the following of this blog. If you do indeed follow? Thanks! I would rather have fellow followers then a numbered amount of stalkers. Causing me to nervously looking over my shoulders at night. Allowing my mind to play some mind games, with some unwanted second guessing, of all the people I meet. Indeed no one likes to eat at an empty restaurant, so having other people following you along the way through life, is some what comforting. Knowing that we all have somethings in common to share. Life experiences. So once again thank you all, for the follow.

Next I would like to thank all of the people who haven’t yet followed this blog. Yes, thanks to you for coming over to the ” Mind warped ” side of life. Just reading my ramblings on a regular basis is encouraging to me to keep on writing. After all, I do not write perfectly. As some of you must have noticed. I don’t write perfectly at times for the entertainment value. At other times I forget to hit the edit button, or I hit the publish button in an effort to save my draft by accident. But this imperfect expression gets you to laugh I’m sure. ( It does for me when I re-read my older posts / published drafts.) So in this way it is successful at the very least, at giving out some smiles. At times, unintended consequences ( verbal mistakes ) when they happen are the funniest, as well the easiest to remember, or to reenact.

I find if I set the bar really low it is easter to clam that instant success for myself. Unless you’re at a limbo party? Then success, is measured by how low you can go. Along with alcohol, this means your about one notch above passed-out, when you’re the most successful. But then all that this proves is that our standards are set low. In short success is easier if you have low standards. Nothing like instant success right?

My purpose for writing this blog from the beginning. Was to improve myself, along with my writing skills. A skill that for the most part can be improved upon, by those who are willing to practice at it. For myself it is somewhat harder to trick into doing the work of improvement, that it desperately needs most of the time. For just this kind of improvement, in writing, practice makes perfect. So I’ve been told. A total selfish reason of course. I know! But don’t we all just engage in the practices of self-interests? With everyone else, though to a smaller degree, the hell with them. It’s more like ME FIRST! Isn’t that self-interests?

Zigging and zagging my way through the writing world of expression has been therapeutic at times for me. Take some of the social commentary’s I read, and then feel I need to express myself on the same subject matter. After the traditional 20 minuets of swearing, and fighting myself from writing those thoughts down. I alow my blood pressure to come down a notch or two, and then find other words to express my over heated opinions. The result is less swearing. Not all that bad of a thing. In truth, it doesn’t take all that much thought to swear. But finding different words that also gets those pointed points across to who ever may read them. Is work! The magic that good writing is made of. Reading other people’s works is also helpful. Like reading the dictionary by Prentice Hall. Now that’s one hell of a writer! Short one word summary’s, that also mean so much more. Obviously the king of the shorts, in the writing world. Well not so fast with my delectation of some new kings. I did see an electrical contractors truck with the slogan written on the side of the van that said. ” Let us.. remove your shorts! ” Prehaps the king of electrical work, or a gigolo with tool belt, who does still make house calls? I guess the bar on the newly declared kings of the world needs to be raised up a notch or two?

Truth is, with our first written words, we have all had fantasy’s of being the greatest of writers out there. I have! But then I hit spell check… and realized that great wasn’t all that much of a goal to shoot for at my level. ( Note to self. Must raise the bar to a loftier level before ” Great ” can obviously be applied.) Wouldn’t you give anything to see the first ramblings of Steven King? A Steven King at five years old, probably thought he was great. But at 45 thinking the same thing? Seem like he would be stuck in a rut. If you achieve the status of king, what is next? The word great is like pizza. Hot or cold it is all good!

Being that its my birthday, just one year old as a writer, and an anniversary for my blog, at the same time. I have realized I have a lot of growing up to do. But I have time, and practice on my side. So improvements I’m sure will certainly follow soon? Who knows someday I will be the next hottest thing out there? Dream big or go home, I have always said. Or on the other side I could be one of the first people to be arrested by the thought police, for some of my political ramblings? Either way it successful writing, because people would have taken notice. Maybe the things that I wrote, have gotten them to think about the subjects a bit first. If emotions are somehow brought to the surface of someones personal thoughts after reading or thinking about what they have just read. Its sweet success! Not that my choice of words are better. But one mans garbage is another mans gold mine. Not that dumpster diving is all that lucrative. It is more like the government has taken all of the gold and left you the shaft. Don’t follow in my mistakes, or was that foot prints? Both will lead to the same place. Unless I’m making my way back from that wrong turn, two mistakes ago. Working my way back from humble town located in ” Mistakes Vill.” Using these examples, improvements must certainly be on the way. Just over the horizon, around the next corner….?

Well now that I have set the bar one notch higher for this next year. Look out world. Here I come! As for the last year these are the most read posts of mine by popular demand. The top ten by volume of readers, at least opening up the blog page and having a quick look inside.

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Factions are next. Stories that have both fact and fiction that are shaken not stirred. Because sometimes we are just to young to remember every detail other than the punch lines…

From my life, true stories just like number 10. Some real bonus posts all for the same low price…… ?

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Because unemployment is so high now days. It doesn’t hurt to think outside of the box with marketing your skills for that 100 K plus job for the government. you heard it here first!   15 ) Beer czar! http://wp.me/p1MnB3-Sw

Thanks for making this experiment more than fun and feeling more like a kick in the junk at times. But really! Thanks so much for the follow, reading, or in general going through my dirty laundry.

This next year I’m setting the bar just above the dirty laundry. So Look out Steven King, and the writing world. The warped mind has arrived, we’re one years old now! What are you going to do when you grow up?

All the while remembering that if every day were filled with if’s and but’s, and cherries and nuts then everyday would be Christmas.

All the best.  Cheers!

Love those eyes!

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say. But my love your eyes are full of the first dim lighting of the new day. A kaleidoscope of swirling colors. Different mixes, a painters painting of dancing light. Catching glimpses of both dim and the bright light, while displaying subtle shades of the same colors. From the calm to the explosive! Colorful display’s, like the first flash of the fishing lure, attracting a fish from the darkened deep waters. I gaze deeply into these changing globes of color. Contemplating these mystery’s of surprise, being surprised with the sudden colorful displays of changing conditions, like a sun rise at first light. These colors to your eyes playfully display dancing light, like the flash of lightning across the tapestry of darkened sky’s. A mystery of sorts, who stands behind the windows of the soul. Like a traveler who has come a long way, full of excitement, and exciting experiences to tell. Experiences expressed in total reverence and silence.

Who dares to look my way? Are these the same questions passing through your thoughts, along that outward gaze? Or is it just two strangers, some poor souls quietly window shopping while looking into the others windowed soul? Searching, and discovering, just observing new mystery’s, like anticipating the uncovering new lost treasures. Like the shimmering first flash of gold in the pan! Leading to a quickening of the pulse, with excitement of discovering something so precious. So it is my love when I see the golden colors, streaks of golden threads hidden among the different shards of browns to the blacks to your eyes. Like shadows that passes slowly across the days pathway. Illuminations of different textures, different never seen before shades of colors. Only to vanish with each blink of your eyes. A ripple cast upon the surface of a calm pool of water. The blink changes everything. What at first is the ability to see deep into the depths of your windowed soul. Disappears, with the subtle distortions of the ripple, changing colors and my ability’s to focus on them. But where is my privet voyeur view, sneakily stealing a view into your windowed soul?

Gently and softly you give the skin on my cheeks a fluttering of your eye lashes, like the breeze of the humming birds wings in flight. With the gentil cresses of your butterfly kisses, that warms my heart and soul. Slowly you once again looking into my eyes, with that mysterious sparkling, glitter like explosions of firework lighted sky’s. Splashes of glittering colors splashed within your eyes. Like a masters paint brush, who has masterfully chosen, vivid colors like those expressed in fine art.The fireworks of celebrating love is expressed with each bold yet barely noticeable breeze of your butterfly kisses you give to me. Contemplating the work of the mystagogue within a captivating trance. Slowly you draw the curtains to your windows of your soul. Closing your eyes, once again drifting off to sleep. Have I ever told you, I love those eyes?

All the best.

Pictures provided by free picture web page. ( MSN picture of the day.)

Aw! Vacation or time for some personal development?

Aw. Vacation! Is forever too short of time off, from everything, with in our normal routine. Time seems to speeds up at the very moment we take some time off from work. Just to mock us in addition to the mind games we already play on ourself’s. Take the day off from work, presto the 8 hours spent at work will be gone in what seem like a flash. No surprise then, that we fool ourself’s in thinking thoughts of vacation, within some perceived stress free zone called the get-a-way. Would this be living life perfectly? Vacations are indeed fun! Do not ever underestimate them in the least. But don’t allow them to distract, and deceive you into some shallow thought. Getting you to believe in some fantasy world of the unrealistic day-dreams. Aren’t vacations, times off, a short get-a-way, and yes even R-n-R, just descriptions of some fantasy within our minds? Waiting to be made into memories of our reality’s, some life’s experiences we hope to live out. How many times do they live up to the high standards of our day-dreams, of what it will be certainly be like when we get there? Going to some tropical place only to find a hurricane barring down. Dishing torrential rains on what started some months ago as some sunny thoughts. With toes in the sand, a drink in our hand, unlimited fun in the sun, compleat R-n-R. Aw! The Vacation! Or time for some personal development?

With vacations we don’t have many deadlines, as we do with work. In fact we have thrown them out the window! No bosses telling us that. ” There is someone else that wouldn’t mind doing our jobs if we don’t. ” A way to reduce the bosses need to read the new book of ” Modern slaves! The bosses hand-book of lies, to evade having to give out raises, or time off.” No unhappy clients wondering why their orders are being held up in customs. Why not some other poor sap’s orders? No phones to answer, no product to move, no lies to tell in trying to excuse yourself from working any more overtime. No! Not any one of these stresses to haunt you, while your out on vacation. But believing that there isn’t any stress to deal with while on vacation? Is just a fantasy of those who never have gone on vacation before.

What can go wrong, will often go wrong! The journey is the destination. The unknown world of vacation is only half of the trip. Usually half of your time off as well.

Well I have two tickets to paradise, minus the pearly gates and some guy called Saint Peter, for the low, low price of half off. The exchange rate of some completely stress free permanent vacation. Presented as the deal of the century. But the thrill of death is just some what short of what our fantasy are telling us, just what it will be like to be on permanent vacation. My ideas of vacation as I’m shure your’s is. Would be more like the above ground type! Welcome to the completely wrong mind-set, of the unrealistic vacationers universe, the ones that we call a short get-a-way vacation. Created by fantasy alone. Setting realistic expectations is the first step in truly getting the most R-n-R in the shortest time frame. Forgetting this, is just filling a ten gallon hat with twenty gallons of bull crap.

It doesn’t matter if we are to use airplanes, trains, or automobiles, acting as our transporter device. Thinking back to your last vacation, and dealing with all of the above. Thank God! That some pimply face teenager hasn’t invented time travel yet. Everything that can and will go wrong with airplanes, trains, and automobiles, the ones that you’ve already experienced. Doesn’t need to be magnified into reality within time traveling vacations. No need to re-live those problems or add any new problems to the long list of them already running. Who wants to throw into the mix of things time travel, in getting you to your vacation? If you ever had jet lag? You’ve experienced time travel to a small degree. Just a few hours worth. Now think about a few years worth! Let your imagination run wild for just a bit with that one. Aint that a bitch!

Just think of the TSA agent in charge of running the time machine security screening. You would have to go through practically in the nude. People can not bring some kind of weapons of the future into the past. You know? TNT, AK-47’s, underwear bombs… and some such. Running the time machines time dialer is a nother. Everything is on touch screens. Even the instructions on how to do it. The words of ” How to do it,” doesn’t mean free porn! Pay per view, or other wise. Picking a time and place? Examining the many possibility’s and charges to go along with it all.  Choices on top of choices. Are you feeling the stress? Extra charges and advanced pricing according to time zones and year zones traveled. Check the appropriate boxes; indicating that you have read the governments instructions on payment methods, taxes, and restrictions. Understand them is always optional. Checking the boxes; indicating that you have read the disclosure statements and understand them…? Excepting all and any risks….? Even the small print. The small print that says…? Check the box if you agree? Example: If you travel on the 29 of February, and you’re looking to be out on vacation for a year. Will you have to come back on the next February, 29th? So is that one years worth of chargeable vacation, or a forced additional 3 years worth because it would be leap year? Extra charges and taxes are going to be what? Reading the small print we find. These charges may be disputed or waved only in the event of penguin stampede in Phoenix Arizona in August at noon most days! Exceptions may apply, or be changed without notice. Your hearing from behind you. ” Just check the boxes a bit faster. My vacation time is running out here!” Putting away your magnifying glass. Your thinking by now. “But that is more like wining a lottery of sorts.” If the time traveler device is invented to extend even more options to the vacationers planing universe. The future is going to suck! Longer lines and even slower readers of the old, who have yet to catch up to the technology of the day.

So using airplanes, or trains, or cars to get to the distinctions we dream about. Still has familiar, yet different problems to it, then the ones with time travel. But still applying the same stresses all the same. Air travel is just a suitcase full of stress. First you have to take off your shoes, exposing your holy socks. While waiting in a really long, slow-moving line. Going to the bathroom will only have you starting at the back of the line once again. So you hold it! If possible? Mind over matter…. Now you’re wondering, why you had that extra cup of coffee to keep you awake. Trying not to pee your pants, is doing the job of keeping you awake, just the same as all that caffeen. Who knows maybe even better than the caffeen! Don’t worry! Be happy! Your going on vacation!

Arriving at the TSA agents station, you empty your pockets, send your shoes through the bomb detecting ex-ray machine, and prepare for your molestation. Standing like a flash’er, the TSA agent explains he or she is fully trained to detect underwear bombs of all types. While feeling you up with that sick kind of smile. Just unnerving! So this is vacation? No surprise that so much alcohol is served in flight. Of course the alcohol is the number one reason for making you feel stupid that your luggage went to tim-buck-two and you are standing in customer no service, wondering just where in the heck is, time-buck-two? Listening to a pre-recorded voice of a bad accented customer service agent in tim-buck-two explaining in a mary-go-round fashion. Telling you! That they are actively trying to work out some glitches to the system. Your blood pressure is going through the roof, and that background music ( The song; Don’t worry, Be happy! ) Is the newest source of stress. But then finely, in your hurry to get the hell out of the airport. Fully frustrated! Just running from the fears and memories of the TSA agent. Grabbing the wrong suitcase identically to yours. That they conveniently found in the back room and presented as your’s. May in all hurry get you to the vacation destination, fun in the sun, rest and relaxation. Indeed all of these experiences have put you on the beach, with a thong bathing suit, you didn’t pack for your vacation, two sizes to small.

Air travel seem to get you there in record speed. But in all reality, air travel is nothing more than a faster pace shoveling of stress from one sea-shore to another.

Driving is good way to go? But then driving always made me tired. Driving for 10 hours a day, for days on end to get across the country. Seem too much like work. That’s just the beginning of vacation. You will have to repeat this posses to get back home. After all of the hours trapped in a small box full of what seem like family, but interacts with you more like complete strangers. Conversations of repeating catch phrases ” Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom! I’m sick… have to throw-up… never mind! ” Not to mention the gas from that last mexican fast food pit stop. Is just some of the fun of traveling by car. Swearing after wrong turns, or at the navigator for misleading the adventure. While flipping-off other drivers, after getting cut off. Is that, the kind of examples you want to teach your kids, your impression of what fun is? Driving doesn’t alow for a good stiff drink to calm nerves. But is more of a caffeen over dose, shooting your nerves totally to hell. Just to keep you awake for a few more miles, all to stay on schedule. Sounds like vacation, a short get away, some rest and relaxation… success? Or a stress filled exhaustion, on the high-way to an early heart attack?

Do we ever slow down? Why must we feel the need of doing the unimportant twice as fast? We never seem to work on relaxing, the reason for the vacation in the first place.

We should take some time to work on our own lives, making the  improvements to our abilities to take on the world when we return to it. Relaxation techniques would help? Working to improve our own values, within work, home fiance, home, family, working relationships…. and so on. The personal side of working on ourself’s. No one has to know just what we are working on. Yet takeing some time to ourself’s in order to accomplish addressing these within ourself’s, is far more relaxing. There is no dead-lines to this kind of self examinations, while on vacation. This has a better chance in leading to more relaxed times, as well as getting into some new kinds of chill-ax-en when at home. As you can see there is no need to run here, and then there, and then.. “Oh God we are late for the bus tour, swimming class, sight-seeing “, blah, blah, blah…. and so on. Can you feel the stress. No real need to get stressed out, while on vacation trying to enjoy what ever our dreams say vacations should be….? If you’re trying to relieve yourself from the memories of stress from everyday life why pack-up all that stress to bring along while on vacation? No real need to live life shaken, when stirred is just fine in mixing it up a bit.

Really! Vacations aren’t that bad. But if vacations are filled with all that stress while on them. You could always just go to the airport, getting felt up by the TSA, and then call it good. At least that stress would feel like it is truly being left in the past, on your way out of the airport again.

Just relax…. chill…. life is truly good. Making some improvements to yourself’s will make the time in-between vacations feel somewhat more stress relived. The experiences on vacation more memorable, life while waiting for your next vacation more tolerable. Aw! The vacation, or time for some personal development? Dream on!

All the best.


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