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Auto-rewind days

Do we always have to pick between winning or losing? Are there situations that reward people in the same way regardless of which we pick?

When it comes to Sunday mornings I can’t decide. When Sunday’s start like this…when all of the family crawled into bed the night before together… Don’t laugh. You have been there occasionally, at least a time or two? If not, after reading this post, imagine it for awhile by closing your eyes.

It happened like this one Sunday morning. It was after all of the family had crawled into bed. The dog, three cats, Mom and Dad, not to add to our sleep, but to stay warm. Summer was giving way to a cooler fall. The alarm had been playing 80’s tunes for some time now and the sun playfully peeked in on the family through the cracked drapes in the window.

The dog and cats had tried their best to awaken someone, anyone to serve to them breakfast. But it was only a half hearted try and again quickly fell asleep in their warm surroundings.

At last there was movement, a quick bathroom break and then the usual feeding mission, followed by starting the coffee maker, and than a quiet tip toeing walk back to bed. The beds warmth was unmatched to the cool morning air throughout the house. Besides without coffee in my hands, sipping and smelling the aroma, who can really say they were truly awake yet?

What seemed like just a moment of time slowly slipping through my fingers; while listening to sounds of off-tempo coughing by the electric coffee maker. Trying its best in keep-up with it brewing by coughing and spitting the last of its brew in time with the beats of some 80’s tunes playing on the alarm clock. After all this was the sounds of my audio pacemaker starting my heart pumping and the taste buds weakening, while the rest of me was still suffering the effects caffein withdrawals unprepared to leave it warm hide-away.

Finely I could wait no more! I need caffein! Throwing the covers aside my mind sang the only morning tune it knew by autopilot, “it sure is nice waking-up to Folgers in my cup “. It could just as easily be explained as being my autopilot morning sleepwalking routine. From the view of those on outside looking in, it could just as easily have been like observing the march of the ants. Dad followed close behind by Mom, then the dog, then 1, 2, 3 cats….followed by sounds of clanking coffee cups, and then the stirring of spoons mixing sugar and cream into a light brown mixture. Then a bit of brief silence followed by sounds of slurping hot brew.

Indeed Sunday morning had arrived for all of us now sitting in the front room, sipping coffee and enjoying gentile morning kisses from the sun, while still Dreaming of our warm place.

Having finished our coffee, all following again in a single file line back to bed. After all Sundays are auto rewind days, morning doesn’t end till noon and we needed to prepare for the next alarm after it’s preset short snooze.

Cats! Rats! Brats! Drugs of…?

Have you all wondered about big pharma (big drug companies), and why they have never looked in the drug delivery system in cats! Yes you are reading the words correctly. CATS! They have to be on drugs. No other way to explain it! Talking about the domestic ones, not the cats or big cats of the wild verity. Domestic cats can sleep for what seem like 14 to 23 hours a day, They can space out on a wall for what seems like an eternity, all the while hoping for some kind of movement of a shadow… or who knows. They can and will play with their food, even if you starve them for a while and then let a mouse loose! Ya you’re right, they will play with it. They will also play with their tails like it is the first time they have seen it! They will jump, and run for all it is worth like a drag racer off the starting line, running for …… that’s right there is never a finish line for the cat, because when they stop they have the surprised look of ” What? Was I running again? So what’s it to you?” then off once agen. All most as sudden as it has started the cat / drug addict crashes and burns,(sleeping like they were partying for days) but no! 1 to 2 hours at best.

Sounds like a drug right! Wired and running for no reason, seeing something and barely recognizing it,playing with their food. (Okay that one we will let slide. Food play is some fun if ……. Well (skip! Note to self!)) Then crashing ,and sleeping like the dead. Just how does the cat go from “I’m so sleepy, and I’m going to close.. what! What! Was that! See ya! Got to run!

Yes it is the drug delivery system in the cats brain. You are just now coming up to speed with me, right?

With a drug delivery system  like in cats, why would we need alarm clocks? Why would we need coffee makers or even coffee ? Why would we need to buy thousands of dollars worth of entertainment? Why would we need ambition to get what we wish for? We could have the same drugs, like the cat! I mean run like hell after it, and get it, and play with it, like the cat and mouse. Point is we would run after it like the drag racer, non stop just full throttle baby! No coffee required!

Why have not big drug makers of our time at least looked into it? just why the cat is like that, what chemicals stimulate the brain so the body would act? Can we make it possible? Look at the good we could do with the drugs that would come out of the research! On the sleep thing, like instant sleep drug, that the cat has and does. We could give this to prisoners in prison. Never would we have to have a riot again,  we could save money because we do not need that many guards, if they are sleeping like cats! Law enforcement could use the drug of sleep on crowd control and rioters, and those that were amp’ed up a little too much on the drag racer drug of ambition as well. Little old lady’s could have slept drug in a can like mace, for the (mother mugger thug’s) that are up to no good!

I know you’re saying that some people already are running around looking like they just saw their own tails for the first time, they need no more stimulation. Right? But for entertainment, drag racer drug! Just a small amount would be great for us. Just pull up a park bench ring side seat, and  see how dizzy they will get before the sleep drug kicks in.

Well it is fun just thinking about the possibility’s, and or why cat’s act like that. I still think it is a drug delivery system in their brains giving them just some of this, and some of that. It could be fun for some, it would control the rats, and interesting and fun to look how it would affect the brats. But in the end it would be more of the same! DRUGS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I will stick with COFFEE!

disclaimer; No cats,rat, mice, brats, no one was starved or mistreated, in or around the observation of cats and people in the weighting in of this piece. imagination was the only influence!

all the best!


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