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Gratitude challenge: day 4

Being grateful doesn’t require much of you personally, but if you’re looking in the mirror and its troubling (like for a vampire) it’s a chore indeed. For me I try to make it a labor of loving life.

I’m grateful for these things…

1) a job
2) some money
3) love
4) charity

With love, you may not have to search for all of these things too hard, but love can be a driving force behind all of these and more.

Having a job is just exchanging your time (a bit if your life) for money. So how much is your life worth? Are the things your buying for yourself worth the amount of “life” it’s costing you in exchange?

Sammy Hagar (a rock-N-roll star) had a song called “buying my way into heaven”. In the song he concluded correctly–that’s impossible! If a superficial rock star can draw those conclusions, why can’t we then? Maybe you have and I’m behind the curve?

If you have money from a job you can certainly use some of it just on yourself, but using some on others–ones you love, or people in need, certainly adds to self-growth, personal discipline, an improved attitude towards everything, making all else easier to let go of, what’s seems all too natural–Being selfish! If you have love for yourself–but choose to love others first (note that’s different to being selfish) you’ll find you will have more enjoyable working times, money, love, charity, as a result of loving yourself. Life becomes more enjoyable to live–seeing others un-expectantly brought to a comforting smile, as their worries are lifted. Or maybe un-expectantly charitable acts are returned to you by others. Some may call this karma. All of which are preferential to–only you against the world mantra / fending for yourself and only yourself. If that’s the way you feel, your job (if you have one) never is good enough–never pays enough, and in every situation the people you work with suck, it’s not the kind of work you would have chosen for yourself…but you needed to pay bills, so you took this stinking job! We’ve all been there, complaining our way to what we perceive to be heaven. You get the picture.

We need not live a life of extremes If only we take a look behind and beyond the mirrors reflection of self, how different this world would be? At least our little corner of it.

We wouldn’t buy ourselves something superficial, or treat ourselves with insubstantial or insignificant stuff, so why treat our jobs, money, charity, or our love, or how we make efforts in keeping all of that in that way? Honestly don’t we tend to do that? Treating self the best while treating other to some sliding rule of what we believe is good enough? With sliding rules we start building excuses don’t we?

We should try to love everyone as we love ourselves.

Gratitude challenge: day 2

I’m grateful for…
1) Time
2) Vacation’s

It’s funny how we all can get caught up in the moments of going on vacation. Our tempers seem to be balanced on that razors edges, everything needs to be perfect or else. Vacations rarely ever really go as planed net alone perfect?

Vacations no matter how short or long that they are, planed for or not, it seem that people never view them in the same way as a terminally ill person views the time that they have left to live life….where every moment is cherished. Instead we dread the proses in going and getting there, and rush around at breakneck speeds while there, that there’s no real differences to everyday life at home. Where was the break from monotony?

I mean think about it. We all can attract or subtract in some way’s with our chosen actions. We all effect our soundings, and more importantly ourselves. We’re a product of our own marinade sauce. Aged to perfection within our management / mismanagement within our own state of decay. We impart small pieces of ourselves as well collect pieces of others through rubbing elbows and shoulders with each other, through interaction / living life, we collect that what we then become. At times subtle actions will impact people like a hammers blow to the head. At other times we subtlety change without notice even unto ourselves. Why is it we over look life as being rare, delicate, or uncertain, while searching for the next big adrenaline rush? We often allow ourselves to hang precariously by tattered threads fooled into believing as well as feeling safe. While reserving the rights to complain about the size or shape of those threads to anyone within ear shot. Don’t we sometimes take far too much risk? Don’t we far too often choose the position for the most part that we find ourselves in. So by choice we can then choose our remedy.

We make assumptions that today will be repeated just like tomorrow, with the same or similar experiences as today. At times the conveyer belt of life moves us along at a steady pace to what we all know to well as to how this story will end–But still turn a blind eye towards it.

What would this world be like if only we valued what memories others will have, or keep of us, rather than what material things we may leave behind.

Thank God for vacation’s and an open mind to take some self-examination, revaluation, and time to repair personal tattered threads.


Everyone else if you would like to join this challenge here’s how.

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Aw! Vacation or time for some personal development?

Aw. Vacation! Is forever too short of time off, from everything, with in our normal routine. Time seems to speeds up at the very moment we take some time off from work. Just to mock us in addition to the mind games we already play on ourself’s. Take the day off from work, presto the 8 hours spent at work will be gone in what seem like a flash. No surprise then, that we fool ourself’s in thinking thoughts of vacation, within some perceived stress free zone called the get-a-way. Would this be living life perfectly? Vacations are indeed fun! Do not ever underestimate them in the least. But don’t allow them to distract, and deceive you into some shallow thought. Getting you to believe in some fantasy world of the unrealistic day-dreams. Aren’t vacations, times off, a short get-a-way, and yes even R-n-R, just descriptions of some fantasy within our minds? Waiting to be made into memories of our reality’s, some life’s experiences we hope to live out. How many times do they live up to the high standards of our day-dreams, of what it will be certainly be like when we get there? Going to some tropical place only to find a hurricane barring down. Dishing torrential rains on what started some months ago as some sunny thoughts. With toes in the sand, a drink in our hand, unlimited fun in the sun, compleat R-n-R. Aw! The Vacation! Or time for some personal development?

With vacations we don’t have many deadlines, as we do with work. In fact we have thrown them out the window! No bosses telling us that. ” There is someone else that wouldn’t mind doing our jobs if we don’t. ” A way to reduce the bosses need to read the new book of ” Modern slaves! The bosses hand-book of lies, to evade having to give out raises, or time off.” No unhappy clients wondering why their orders are being held up in customs. Why not some other poor sap’s orders? No phones to answer, no product to move, no lies to tell in trying to excuse yourself from working any more overtime. No! Not any one of these stresses to haunt you, while your out on vacation. But believing that there isn’t any stress to deal with while on vacation? Is just a fantasy of those who never have gone on vacation before.

What can go wrong, will often go wrong! The journey is the destination. The unknown world of vacation is only half of the trip. Usually half of your time off as well.

Well I have two tickets to paradise, minus the pearly gates and some guy called Saint Peter, for the low, low price of half off. The exchange rate of some completely stress free permanent vacation. Presented as the deal of the century. But the thrill of death is just some what short of what our fantasy are telling us, just what it will be like to be on permanent vacation. My ideas of vacation as I’m shure your’s is. Would be more like the above ground type! Welcome to the completely wrong mind-set, of the unrealistic vacationers universe, the ones that we call a short get-a-way vacation. Created by fantasy alone. Setting realistic expectations is the first step in truly getting the most R-n-R in the shortest time frame. Forgetting this, is just filling a ten gallon hat with twenty gallons of bull crap.

It doesn’t matter if we are to use airplanes, trains, or automobiles, acting as our transporter device. Thinking back to your last vacation, and dealing with all of the above. Thank God! That some pimply face teenager hasn’t invented time travel yet. Everything that can and will go wrong with airplanes, trains, and automobiles, the ones that you’ve already experienced. Doesn’t need to be magnified into reality within time traveling vacations. No need to re-live those problems or add any new problems to the long list of them already running. Who wants to throw into the mix of things time travel, in getting you to your vacation? If you ever had jet lag? You’ve experienced time travel to a small degree. Just a few hours worth. Now think about a few years worth! Let your imagination run wild for just a bit with that one. Aint that a bitch!

Just think of the TSA agent in charge of running the time machine security screening. You would have to go through practically in the nude. People can not bring some kind of weapons of the future into the past. You know? TNT, AK-47’s, underwear bombs… and some such. Running the time machines time dialer is a nother. Everything is on touch screens. Even the instructions on how to do it. The words of ” How to do it,” doesn’t mean free porn! Pay per view, or other wise. Picking a time and place? Examining the many possibility’s and charges to go along with it all.  Choices on top of choices. Are you feeling the stress? Extra charges and advanced pricing according to time zones and year zones traveled. Check the appropriate boxes; indicating that you have read the governments instructions on payment methods, taxes, and restrictions. Understand them is always optional. Checking the boxes; indicating that you have read the disclosure statements and understand them…? Excepting all and any risks….? Even the small print. The small print that says…? Check the box if you agree? Example: If you travel on the 29 of February, and you’re looking to be out on vacation for a year. Will you have to come back on the next February, 29th? So is that one years worth of chargeable vacation, or a forced additional 3 years worth because it would be leap year? Extra charges and taxes are going to be what? Reading the small print we find. These charges may be disputed or waved only in the event of penguin stampede in Phoenix Arizona in August at noon most days! Exceptions may apply, or be changed without notice. Your hearing from behind you. ” Just check the boxes a bit faster. My vacation time is running out here!” Putting away your magnifying glass. Your thinking by now. “But that is more like wining a lottery of sorts.” If the time traveler device is invented to extend even more options to the vacationers planing universe. The future is going to suck! Longer lines and even slower readers of the old, who have yet to catch up to the technology of the day.

So using airplanes, or trains, or cars to get to the distinctions we dream about. Still has familiar, yet different problems to it, then the ones with time travel. But still applying the same stresses all the same. Air travel is just a suitcase full of stress. First you have to take off your shoes, exposing your holy socks. While waiting in a really long, slow-moving line. Going to the bathroom will only have you starting at the back of the line once again. So you hold it! If possible? Mind over matter…. Now you’re wondering, why you had that extra cup of coffee to keep you awake. Trying not to pee your pants, is doing the job of keeping you awake, just the same as all that caffeen. Who knows maybe even better than the caffeen! Don’t worry! Be happy! Your going on vacation!

Arriving at the TSA agents station, you empty your pockets, send your shoes through the bomb detecting ex-ray machine, and prepare for your molestation. Standing like a flash’er, the TSA agent explains he or she is fully trained to detect underwear bombs of all types. While feeling you up with that sick kind of smile. Just unnerving! So this is vacation? No surprise that so much alcohol is served in flight. Of course the alcohol is the number one reason for making you feel stupid that your luggage went to tim-buck-two and you are standing in customer no service, wondering just where in the heck is, time-buck-two? Listening to a pre-recorded voice of a bad accented customer service agent in tim-buck-two explaining in a mary-go-round fashion. Telling you! That they are actively trying to work out some glitches to the system. Your blood pressure is going through the roof, and that background music ( The song; Don’t worry, Be happy! ) Is the newest source of stress. But then finely, in your hurry to get the hell out of the airport. Fully frustrated! Just running from the fears and memories of the TSA agent. Grabbing the wrong suitcase identically to yours. That they conveniently found in the back room and presented as your’s. May in all hurry get you to the vacation destination, fun in the sun, rest and relaxation. Indeed all of these experiences have put you on the beach, with a thong bathing suit, you didn’t pack for your vacation, two sizes to small.

Air travel seem to get you there in record speed. But in all reality, air travel is nothing more than a faster pace shoveling of stress from one sea-shore to another.

Driving is good way to go? But then driving always made me tired. Driving for 10 hours a day, for days on end to get across the country. Seem too much like work. That’s just the beginning of vacation. You will have to repeat this posses to get back home. After all of the hours trapped in a small box full of what seem like family, but interacts with you more like complete strangers. Conversations of repeating catch phrases ” Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom! I’m sick… have to throw-up… never mind! ” Not to mention the gas from that last mexican fast food pit stop. Is just some of the fun of traveling by car. Swearing after wrong turns, or at the navigator for misleading the adventure. While flipping-off other drivers, after getting cut off. Is that, the kind of examples you want to teach your kids, your impression of what fun is? Driving doesn’t alow for a good stiff drink to calm nerves. But is more of a caffeen over dose, shooting your nerves totally to hell. Just to keep you awake for a few more miles, all to stay on schedule. Sounds like vacation, a short get away, some rest and relaxation… success? Or a stress filled exhaustion, on the high-way to an early heart attack?

Do we ever slow down? Why must we feel the need of doing the unimportant twice as fast? We never seem to work on relaxing, the reason for the vacation in the first place.

We should take some time to work on our own lives, making the  improvements to our abilities to take on the world when we return to it. Relaxation techniques would help? Working to improve our own values, within work, home fiance, home, family, working relationships…. and so on. The personal side of working on ourself’s. No one has to know just what we are working on. Yet takeing some time to ourself’s in order to accomplish addressing these within ourself’s, is far more relaxing. There is no dead-lines to this kind of self examinations, while on vacation. This has a better chance in leading to more relaxed times, as well as getting into some new kinds of chill-ax-en when at home. As you can see there is no need to run here, and then there, and then.. “Oh God we are late for the bus tour, swimming class, sight-seeing “, blah, blah, blah…. and so on. Can you feel the stress. No real need to get stressed out, while on vacation trying to enjoy what ever our dreams say vacations should be….? If you’re trying to relieve yourself from the memories of stress from everyday life why pack-up all that stress to bring along while on vacation? No real need to live life shaken, when stirred is just fine in mixing it up a bit.

Really! Vacations aren’t that bad. But if vacations are filled with all that stress while on them. You could always just go to the airport, getting felt up by the TSA, and then call it good. At least that stress would feel like it is truly being left in the past, on your way out of the airport again.

Just relax…. chill…. life is truly good. Making some improvements to yourself’s will make the time in-between vacations feel somewhat more stress relived. The experiences on vacation more memorable, life while waiting for your next vacation more tolerable. Aw! The vacation, or time for some personal development? Dream on!

All the best.


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