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Blessing desert’s.

If only people were like cactus (without the porcupine like quills of course) being able to gather up those showers of blessing, both big and small, like a cactus gathers up water for those dry times.

My word of intention / inspiration today is blessing(s).

Sometimes its so easy to feel blessed, everything goes just right or just a bit better than expected. One could call that a blessing. At other times when everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. Blessings are harder to recognize. It’s at those times blessings are hard to find net alone count up. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t had any blessings durning these droughts, their just smaller so harder to see–blinded by problems and pre-occupied in finding solutions, blessings become invisible you know?

Its at these more trying and difficult times that I follow this quote to the letter. It seems to remind me, though blessings maybe smaller in size, fewer in number, we need to be patient. Waiting for things to materialize isn’t always the easiest assignment. Expecting only the big things, like they often say, go big or go home, leaves one to often without proper amounts of water–allowing ourselves to become wilted, confused, and believing we’re in a blessing desert.

So grab some shade, a cool lemonade, and use this time tested blessing math.

“When I count my blessings I count twice! “

All the best.


Quote of the day

My few words of intention are…

“Be with someone that makes you happy. After that, life figures it’s self out.”

Enjoy Labor Day everyone. Enjoy the people close to you and celebrate the fact that you live in a great country. I’ll drink coffee to that.

My book of intention.

Have you ever noticed that people that write motivational books some times become wealthy? Where do they keep all the books on how to fail?

Where does self motivation come from when self gets stuck in a rut?

Do you have words of intention? Words that inspire you, quotes that are close to your heart? Quotes after all should be words of inspiration, no matter who said them in the first place.

Too many times we hear something that goes in one ear thinking its note worthy enough to remember. But just as fast it’s gone! Or has quickly gone out the other side (the other ear) and you can’t remember it. So how is it supposed to inspire you, move you to actions, or stop you just for a moment to think before choosing or making an important life’s choice?

My solution is to write down note worthy quotes heard on any day, said by anyone, and writing them down in a booklet. Given the chance, I try to review them on that same day next year. I tend to re-read them while having morning coffee, I try to learn something about myself in the process. Oh yeah, you can always review them sooner. But I have found that just making the effort to review once a year you’ll remember, or jog your memory just enough to be able to then re-sight those quote to someone else who may need the inspiration that they gave to you.

I don’t believe we as people need to become some kind of quotes machine. Spitting out quote after quote as if we could just hammer wisdom home into the heads of others. No one should presume to be better than everyone else like that. But I do believe our experiences and things we have learned are passed along to people when we speak with others. Every quote no matter how popular it is today or was yesterday, was someone just having a conversation with someone else in passing.

A quote is just words, spoken by people or written down, or gems gleaned from conversation that you’re over hearing from others, or things we’ve hear on the radio, TV, or…. They are words that inspire us after all to do more, or become better, inspirations that nudge, given to us to cause action within ourselves. They are at times snowflakes that become a snowball rolling down a hill. That nudge then that causes the stuck to become unstuck. Because the unstuck are unstoppable.

My words of intention / inspiration for me today are……

“Today is a good day to be a good day!” Quote unknown

“Your attitude will always determine your altitude.” Quote unknown

Lift your spirit on your own good choices to live like no other, so you can return gifts like no other. There are no re-do’s, no refunds in life. Fly high on positive attitudes, and be that wind beneath someone else’s wings.

All the best to you all,
from my vacation spot–San Diego California.


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