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V for political revenge!

If you think this is a post for some eyes glazing over boring political story well you may be half right! Or half wrong depending if you’re a half glass person! Doesn’t matter if your democrat or republican or independent, or just liven with no real interests of political news or conversation. The truth is, political decisions in washington DC affects us all! With this being a new year, political things are coming down the pipe towards us with an election later on in the year. Like november or some such. Who really keeps track. But I think these political party’s have just screwed up life for us all. No need to blame one of the two major party’s . More like they have both equally screwed up the economy/ the country. Blaming each other for the same things, forgetting the will of the people all at the same times gives them equal guilt for the greatest of sinful temptations by the ruling class. Greed of absolute power! This is why we have absolute corruption from the top down.

Seem to me they who are in power learned nothing from the movie V 4 Vengeance. But then these vampires of power would have to venture out of the halls of power, and risk the bright sun like light of the theater in order to see it.

Some would say there has to be some term-limits set on the politicians and this would save the day. Still others say they have to spend more money they don’t have.This will save the economy / the day. Still others come up with the ideas that we need more honesty in people who become politicians. This will save the day. Sorry to cut the last one short, but just how is that going to be? We are all looking to save the day by using vampire like people who would spontaneously combust if they ever told the real truth to people. politicians are like illusionist! Seems like they are not really paying attention to what is going on. But they are just setting up the next trick. They may be hiding their eyes so as to give an appearance of not looking, but they are watching anyway. Gauging to see if the illusion has worked?

No real need to be fooling ourself’s about the whole nature of a politician then if we saw the movie. They’re all scum, who will do any thing to stay on top and say or do anything to make sure that you and I will be on the bottom. Isn’t it funny they don’t believe in the top down theory of economics also known as trickle down. But they sure do apply this theory to themself’s, and the power they “Weald over us”. I guess trickle down only really applies to scum as they take a leak, just so they can pee on us all!

This year we will have plenty opportunity’s to talk to our neighbors at the water cooler about all of the different failed polices of government. But then most of us will be quiet about everything political, but overly vocal about who won American Idol, did you see the latest movie, Did you see entertainment tonight and what or who ______ did?

My parents once told me, as I’m sure as yours did also. That political talk, or religious talk will start more fights at any time and any place if there attempted. More fights than two cheating spouse, who just found out the other was cheating on them at the same time. If you throw into the mix political talk. Well then you have a real supper star cage match, saturday nights at the fights. It’s entertaining to watch. But not so entertaining to be one of their kids, having to live with the after math. Yet this is what it is like to be one of the many non involved, in political discussion of things. Not saying for anyone to join the into the corruption, but to keep up with the news of it all. Or like me, trying to see some of the humor in it all, by watching others fight about it.

Take the occupy movements around the country. They are bitchen about some who are or have become rich, while others / everyone have just become a little poorer. Yet they expect the corrupt government, who had a hand in it, all long the way. To fix it! Ha, Ha, that’s just reckless. Isn’t that like asking a vampire to give you a transfusion?

By the way over spending tax revenues by governments as their polices, has only produced seeing our money devalue over time. That’s why everything has become noticeable more expensive. Not that we have too much money held by only a few. Occupy movements only think the supper rich need to have less, and that will give each of us more. But wrong! Remember when our parents said a millionaire was rich? Now a millionaire has to be multi millionaire, or billionaire. One or two million doesn’t even cut it. Look at their lives ( our parents of course.) The average income in the 1970’s was about $30,000.00 per year. Now days it is $50,000.00. But in the early 70’s gas was priced at .50 per gal. I remember in the year 1987, in my neck of the woods gas prices move briefly past the $1.00 mark. I thought the world was cruel to expect us to pay this outrageous amount of money. Then in nothing flat $2.00 per gal was the standard. For a rich person this price move doesn’t hurt so much. If we then took the price of gas at the pump as the standers for our average incomes. Our incomes should be about $180,000.00 per year average. do to the inflation of gas prices. But because it is the price movement on everything, brought about by government policy’s that hurts the value of our money and that hurts us each more and more.

So why does it cost so much now? The money is less valuable. Nothing more than that. Just that easy to say. Look in the 1860’s a hand crafted mens suit cost about a $20.00 gold pieces. That same amount of gold to-day would still get you a hand crafted mens suit. Inflation increases the cost of everything. Governments controls inflation by printing money. Spending more than we can possible have. Only causes us to barrow money. But money has no real value except the taxing value of that country and its economy’s ability to pay it. It only looks like you have more money. Think of it like this. You have a pencils about 8 inches long in its length. The pencils length this is your ability to spend, or the value of money. By braking the pencils in two gives you two pencils who are shorter yet still does everything the same. Your buying power has shrunk. That’s inflation, and government printing money is just braking the pencils so they become smaller and smaller. All the while still saying you have more money in your pockets! But is your living standard better with shortened pencils?

Being rich in the 1860’s might have been, just having a few hundred thousand dollars to your name. Yet to-day a few billion is the same kind of rich. Or at least rich to the point that everyone believes is far more money then anyone can spend in a life time. A government that will not protect the value of its currency is a government that is slowly killing its economy and its people’s buying power. Remember debt just in-slaves the person who has the debt. When a government barrows more money then it has, it then in-slaves everyone!

Democrats blame the republicans for spending more money on wars. During Bush it was about 4 trillion in 8 years. But during the democrats in control republicans complained we have spent 4 trillion in 3 years. In both cases it is money that we don’t have! So we have in 12 years spent as a nation about 8 trillion dollars. What wrong with that? We have spent in 12 years more money then 223 years of previous government spending combined!

For democrats or republicans to blame it on ________ Is the illusion. The true problem is not anything other than, governments run away spending. If it were not for this spending problem, other things wouldn’t have to be so expensive. Money like the US Dollar would have a greater value, as I have already pointed out. The mens suit, and gas thing.

If we wish for true ( V is 4 vengeance ) at the voting polls. WE the people should vote for any one who is financially responsible. After all if we the people can’t spend to our hearts content, so “Why should government”? I know they have the printing press. But the one and only thing that gives the ( Mona Lisa ) great value is, there is only one! Why then should we be mad if there is someone who has become very rich because of God-given talents to produce new and wonderous things. It isn’t the fact of being rich that should get us mad. It is the fact of all of the money we have or saved is being devalued greatly by the carless over spending of our vampires of government. These disciples of destruction who’s only wish is to feast on what is left of the economical carcass of the USA. If they succeed at killing the golden goose, it might as well be a real life recreation of the night of the living dead for the economy we leave to our children.

It is not a Democrat or Republican policy alone that got us here! It was the policy’s of ” We can run up our credit card bill as a nation. Because our politicians have only fully intended to pass on the bills to the next generation as the price they should pay for giving ourself’s the grand illusion of being the richest nation on earth!

Has our youth woken up from their adolescent sleep? By their protests like those of occupy wall-street are they increasingly so open to the actions, like those in the movie ” V Is for vengeance ” ?

Just how you decide to vote this november is for you to decide, and only you! Remembering just how you voted in the past has influenced life, just as it has in the passed before you could vote. So then this coming vote will influence your kids futures just as much. So the responsibility as to whether they have a better life, then your’s is currently. Fully depends on if we intend on give them the bills of the past, for things that out lived their usefulness in the present, and are left to be rebuilt on over drafted credit limits?

Our founders believed: ” Debt is buying a horse on credit, and having to still pay for it long after it has died. Not much of an improvement in the future.” quote unknown.

” V ” can be for Victory over our spending problems!

” V ” can also be for vengeance for a crumbling future, and an unwilling enslavement of our kids, leaving them in having to repay our debts.

What will our youth be thinking as to what ” V ” stands for next? Will it lead them to take vengeance on they’re irresponsible elders?

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


4 thoughts on “V for political revenge!

  1. People really need to read solid authoritative history, and think (both activities may be out of reach for recent graduates). Just the facts, not flaming words or emotions or wild promises.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | February 27, 2012, 5:00 pm
  2. Great read! Very honest and probably spot on. Who knows about that? We get lied to so much you could be completely right but I agree with it for the most part.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it–one of the big problems is that there is too much shit. It’s not even that it’s expensive but that it exists and we “have” to have it. Entertainment is extremely expensive. All of our little gadgets don’t help our wallets very much. Occupiers have to take note that not everyone is meant to be rich. How about you go to a few less Phish concerts and buy a little less dope. That way you won’t have to complain so much.

    Manage your money a little bit better and you’ll be a little less angry.

    Posted by mooselicker | February 18, 2012, 9:45 am
    • Well said sir. That was the point I was making. I’m tiered of government types as well, trying to help those who refuse to help themself’s, even in the least. These people need some incentive to get off their butts and do something useful. Out of all our tax money we all pay to the government, I thing that money should go to help people who realy need it! That money shouldn’t go to those who don’t care about themself’s. We as people shouldn’t provide for their entertainment needs either! All the best. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Posted by mindwarpfx | February 18, 2012, 9:56 pm

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