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The word of the day; “Imprest”

“So do you think this will serve as was expected, with the agency?” Abby inquisitively asked. Not quite sure if her solution was any good. She paused, allowing time for a reaction.

Paul stood silent studying her for a moment. Is this a test of his skill, or just a genuine–I’m not sure of myself kind of question? He didn’t quite know how to break it to her. Tired of dragging her along behind him in his career, he didn’t need her to fray his coat tails. He had seen what happens to fag’s when he was in the navy. Those tattered ends of ropes were cut off and thrown overboard. His career wasn’t going down the tubes for some young good-looking thing, flashing your baby blues and men twice his age jumped quicker than a teenager with a hormone problem. Paul knew that she had gamed an advance out of this special project, so free advice in making her look better than how she physically looked was out of the question. But how to tell her that also didn’t also make him look totally like an ass, he needed some back-handed tact, but what?

“Have some confidence women!” He uses just a bit of forceful tone. “You deliver great work. Stop being so….”  Wanting to use a different word, he paused, for his timing was impeccable with these kind of conversations, and a pause was just a tool for increased intrigue.

“Take what you have. You worked hard on it and your better than you see yourself. So off you go. Take it to the editor and chief, get your much deserved imprest—don’t imagine you can squander money on this trip, though!”

Abby was happy sort-a-kind of, with the response. But how did he know she had taken an advance payment for the job? Did the self-appointed king, the editor and chief, happen to say something—“taking the kings shilling”—so now she had to serve? Before she could muster a response, glancing up, Paul disappeared into the conference room with a client. Leaving her there, pondering it farther, whether her work was up to what was expected, or was this just a way to cut dead wood, average talent?

The word of the day “Imprest” somewhat old but fun indeed, don’t be confused with the term of “fag”, it truly was a term used in the navy to describe the frayed end of rope. Words are indeed fun to learn about and in trying to use them, as a part of woven work is where the talent of the writer comes to play, just for some verbal fun.

All the best.

Janitorial terrorism… or just what? Some sound advice.

Public bathrooms should have a warning label on the doors. Do to janitorial terrorism this facility is a public health hasard. A true blizzard of excrement, toiletries, bodily fluids, excessive toilet paper, over use in the most improper way of liquid soap, wet floors as a slipping hasard, and the occasional over flowing toilet. This is the occasion ( Every day ) may I mention. Should one enter, please properly prop the door open so that a quick escape can be made. Should the door fully close behind you note that some wise guy put crap on the door handle. So no unexpected surprises to the unexpected human trying to open the door by using the door handle, should happen. Should you get trapped note that there is no cell phone signal in the bathroom for your safety. All though getting trapped in just such a place is the maine reasons for posting this warning in the first place. Enter at your own risk! Side note there maybe still, the smart ass that put the crap on the door handle inside. No farther explanation necessarily offered, but a sure clue will be offered.

Clue: the crap is on the inside door handle! Einstein!

Nothing like getting a warning when your under pressure! Not really paying attention to warnings. Only to tell you that your about to be up to your lower lip in crap like hell. That clicking noise you just heard was the door closing behind you.

unfortunately if there was a warning for most public bathrooms it would be posted by some obscure governmental law, requiring the sign to be posted on the mirror inside the bathroom. Placing the sign on the door as one should take some time to read before entering in the first place. Would be to simple. After all the governmental law is there to protect you from other people like you. Besides this looks like a government job and no one needs protecting from them. Right? By the looks of things laws are ment to be broken, or this bathroom would never needed the warning placed on the mirror in the fist place. But at least you have been warned.

It doesn’t matter if you enter a bathroom from your local mom and pop gas station, or if you’re entering a bathroom in a government building. The surprise is the same. Oh it may not look like exactly like I explained in the beginning of this post but some were not mention just to protect the innocent so to speak. That is, some governmental agency official told me. “If I mentioned their bathroom they may have to give me a swirly!”

True to form. You all out there have entered a bathroom like this before. Right? It wasn’t your brothers roommates bathroom that looked like this? What in god’s name caused people who wouldn’t act like this in their mother’s home bathroom. To go out of their way to over use the privilege of a public bathroom? Is it just a terrorism act? Terrorism of the janitorial services. Or some may even say this the doing of some homeless people, who are at war with society. Or is it just a legion? Revenge of ex-lax suppositories?

I like to think it is or was some rebel kid who was forced to clean the bathroom in his mother’s house with a tooth-brush as some punishment for something he did. But what parent would think the punishment of cleaning with tooth-brush fits the crime of acting out like….? I got in trouble allot as a kid but I never wanted to act out like this. Oh ya! I got mad as hell at my parents, and what kid didn’t. But they would have killed me for this kind of actions.

Maybe it is a frat house prank? An endless prank at that. Because the bathrooms keep on looking like this. I could imagine a ex-lax chocolate cake given to some kids in the frat house just before they all went out on the town. But that’s because I just got through watching Ace Ventura, Pet detective. Ace did just that to his bud. All though his bud has more control over his back side. Then from the looks of the people who used the inside of this bathroom.

I can only guess about guys bathrooms, and the shape they are in. But the next time I have to go and enter one like this… I’m going to the lady’s room. Right after I figure out how to get around the crap on the door handle.

A friend of mine told me that there is no difference to the shape of the lady’s room over the guy’s bathroom. Now that surprises to me! Girls are supposed to be sugar and spice and every thing nice aren’t they? So how can these lady’s act like this when picking up socks are some of the misplaced things they complain about at home. Home bathrooms never look like this. All thought, a friend of mine never cleaned house at all. That’s right! They who will remain genderless just moved just before the stove covered with grease exploded in fire. So If your kitchen looks like this. One could only imagine about the bathroom. I personally use the rule of thumb. Never crap where you eat! I need to expand the rule to never crap were you can’t wash your hands. Rules out most public bathrooms then.

The other day I got pulled over by police, for doing 65 in a 35 speed zone. My excuse was I have to use the bathroom, and have to get home. Besides have you ever seen this public bathroom before? I tried to fumble around with my cell phone to show him the picture I took. The look on his face was interesting to say the least. But he still gave me the ticket. He didn’t care about my pressure inside my body just the pressure on the gas pedal.

So what do we do? How can we fight the janitorial terrorists of the bathroom world?

President Bush had some advice about fighting terrorists. He told the nation. ” Do not let the terrorists win! Keep doing what it is you love to do. Go about your normal days as if nothing has happened. In that way they ( The terrorists ) who ever they are will not get the satisfaction of success.”

Some sound advice I thought. But I’m still buying some depends underwear. As my effort in defeating the terrorists. Now if I only knew where they lived. I have to do a change.

Stay safe in the public bathroom world. Be vigilant of the janitorial terrorists.

This could be coming to your public bathrooms near you if the government doesn’t get off its butt and fixes things. http://usat.ly/zjjXVJ#.T3IJBiYq6xY.twitter http://usat.ly/zjjXVJ#.T3IJWRy7W2k.twitter via @USATODAY

All the best.

Got it made in the shade…

What does it take for a fantasy to be foiled, leading into disaster of sortes? Fantasy’s are just that a dream! They are just for fun, not to be acted upon. We all have had some kind of fantasy of some grandeur in our lives, especially when we are faced with tough things to go through in them. Rather then living on a hope and a prayer. We should all see our lives as imperfect, they are just the tests that will make us stronger in the end.

” Don’t worry about the things that life gives you, and are beyond your control. But worry about the things that are in your control, yet you choose not to control them.” Unknown quote.

Making improvements or just trying to improve the excitement level in life, doesn’t mean that we should delve into the wrong side of behaviors. The dividing line between good and evil. Yes I do believe in those two things as the influence to every choice that someone can make. It may be fun to fantasize about being in the “Great train robbery”, and getting away with it. Then being able to rest and relax in the sun. Reminds me of the Van Halen song that goes like ” Got my toes in the sand, got a drink in my hand, Bills are played and got it made in the shade and all I need is a women! Under stand?” Okay I singing and dancing around the house, making like I’m the rock star that I am. But that’s the good kind of fantasy, being in the great train robbery is the kind that leads to prison more than likely. The good and the evil kind of fantasies, which can lead to the wrong side of choices.

If we are trapped in life, beyond our control by choice. Do we then have responsibility’s for our actions? Do we have the right to act out of vengeance for why we are in this mess in the first place. If life gives you lemons make lemonade?

Being trapped in a wheelchair isn’t easy on so many levels. As to why we may find ourself’s in such a place in life? Isn’t the true question to ask. It is just life’s lemons! So these people who have to endure this kind of existences may find it somewhat easier to fantasize about a different time and place. Just to pick up spirits a-bit. There is that song again… Bills are paid and I got it made in the shade. Oh smile and laughs a-bit, at the very least people!

A fantasy of sorts, are the escapes that people need in life, just to take a break from the reality. It is when the lines of fantasy and reality’s blur a bit, or when we strap on beer goggles and view the possibility’s in front of us. You know the 3 or 4 look like the 10’s. In some cases and after a few more cases of beer the 1’s look like the 7 or 8… maybe even 10’s and you just won the loto of love. But then you are really drunk, and aren’t able to perform. With a splitting head-ache the next morning the only thing you are able to remember is ” Man that woman had the deepest voice I have ever heard! ” Then reality kicks in… Was that a… Oh God no! Tell me it isn’t true! When imploring a fantasy into your choices leave the beer goggles to someone else.

Choosing between the good side of life or dabbling into the excitement of, the evil side. consider the consequences of choice. If you are in a wheelchair consider the price to be paid for new-found excitement.

Stan was making his way up the street towards the convenience store. This day was the same as all the rest. It was sunny, with a slight breeze from the sea. Stan hardly took notice of the day at hand. He was transfixed on his destination. He commanded the wheelchair with total control. His skills of the joy stick, guided his wheelchair around obstacles with ease. It didn’t matter if he was passing others walking along his path, or up or down the sidewalk ramps, his speed didn’t slow down much!

With a swoosh of the automatic doors opening, Stan rolled into the store. The clerk greeted him with a smile, but Stan hardly took notice. Moving through the narrow pathways of products offered in the store, his chair stopped in front of the coolers where the beer was kept. Stan struggled with the doors and retrieved a 12 pack of his favored beer. With a slight movement of the joy stick and the chair wheeled around and made its way to the checkout counter and the clerk.

” Will that be all sir?” The clerk again, then smiled at the costumer.

Stan hardly heard what the clerk said to him, do to the accent of the man speech. Glancing only for a moment making eye contact he responded. ” Ya. There is!” Producing a knife, and pointing it at the clerk, he then made full eye contact. His eyes looked cold and determined, noticing the clerk surprised look along with some confusion as well. He knew he had a narrow window of opportunity, with the element of surprise. He ordered! ” Give me all your money! Now! Do you want me to do something? I’ll flay you like a fish! Lets go, all of it now!”

The clerk was robbed twice in this month, last time by a 16-year-old who pressed the gun into his mouth. This time he didn’t fear the robber. This punk in a wheelchair of all things… I’m going to knock him out of the chair and call the police. He thought. Backing up at the same time away from the cash resister. Moving slowly with the stealth of a lion about to attack his pray.

” Hay! Didn’t I tell you… get your ass over to the cash, and give it all to me!” manoeuvring his chair to counter the movements of the clerk.

“Just take the beer and go!” He commanded, at the same time pointing towards the door.

“What? Old man…” Stan was puzzled and didn’t quite know just how this was playing out. Trying to work it out in his head at the same time trying to look intimidating. The voices of his conscience was telling him to get out with the beer. Yet the arm holding the knife was influencing him to go for it all! “Dud I’ll cut you… just give me the money! You’ll get it back from the insurance.”

The clerk now was moving around the corner by a candy display, in full view of each other. For a short moment of time they didn’t move, or say anything. How could this wheelchair bandit think he would have even a half of a chance with robbing anyone? The thoughts of a former police officer, the job he had in his country of his origin. He was now looking for the right opening to strike.

With the speed of a striking snake! Stan was now bitten! The fight was on! The clerk was in an award position for fighting, like he was leaning over a counter, do to the position of the seated robber. His arms were flying around striking Stan in the face. Stan was maneuvering to avoid the lashing strikes as well trying to hang on to the knife and beer at the same time. The other hand was trying to direct the movements of the wheelchair in full retreat. The clerk was trying to unfasten the seat belt that held the robber into his chair. The legs of the aslant didn’t seem like they could maneuver, so the belt was keeping him up in the full seated position. Just what the seatbelt was designed for. His intentions were to knock the robber out of the chair and then move the chair out-of-the-way and call the police to arrest him. With the seat belt keeping this from happening, he now was trying to hit him, along with trying to turn him over completely! Wheelchair and all, if he must!

Stan realized quickly this clerk wasn’t to be messed with so he went to plan “B”. He struck the man in the legs 3 times quickly, with the hand that was holding the knife. Each time the knife plunged into the clerks leg the pain was registered on the face with the look of disbelieving agony. The clerk fell backwards, holding his leg and letting go of the wheelchair robber. All the while yelling at him in his native tong. Spinning the chair around and out the door. Stan realized I could have killed the man for what? BEER! Thoughts were bouncing around his head like BB’s in a railroad box-car, with “what the Hell!” and ” How do I get out of hear with all my ill-gotten loot of Beer?”

Down the street just as he had come. At a fast pace and with great manoeuverability weaving around people and obstacles. The skill of having used the chair for a while. With the sound of the sirens in the distance he decided to catch the next ally. Swooping into it he headed towards the back and then around the end of the building.

Suddenly Stan lunched forward, stopped only by his seatbelt, as his chair came to a compleat stop! If it weren’t for his belt he would have been thrown to the ground in front of his chair. He quickly looked around and assessed the problem. With his heart still pounding he slowly realized he was trapped in loose sand. The biggest problem for a person in a wheelchair. A hazard I suppose for living neer the beach. Caught like a fly on fly paper. Stan waited for the inevitable end of getting caught and arrested. With only time on his hands he thought… If I’m going down for this may as well drink these beers or they will get warm.

The name that was used in these events was the work of fiction, but the story is true. Read the link and read the true story. It should help in pointing out there is always a different way to find excitements in life. Even when the end of the stories are the same. You got it made in the shade…. you’re finding yourself relaxing with your toes in the sand, and a drink in your hand, and your thinking…….?

http://usat.ly/AhgEqJ#.T0kQR_H-sU4.twitter http://usat.ly/AhgEqJ#.T0kQRyfnJdo.twitter via @USATODAY

Thanks for the read. All the best!

Over rated? The responsibility’s of happiness? ( with butt loads of money)

Do we have the responsibility’s of our own happiness? Can someone else have the job to do this for us, on our own behalf please? Should we give this job away, or what?

I had someone ask me the question ” Can you or any one make me happy please?” When I heard this at first I was surprised. But did the quick thinking, and didn’t answer to fast, in fact I didn’t answer it at all. The way I see it, just a Damned if I do, and or damned if I didn’t answer. So I quit while I was a head. But that didn’t stop me from wondering about that question and how funny it was to be asked in the first place.

Isn’t life supposed to be experienced? Rather than having it work out as expected? Success is not guaranteed just by showing up, but in having to make some effort in getting there. At times we get short-changed in some goals we have for ourself’s. That’s why life should be experienced! I say. The good, the bad, and the indifferent??

Some people must look at the experience of life, as getting to one goal and then to another, or at the least having successfully gotten to a goal, as the point of measuring up one self for success or happiness? But what if it doesn’t come as fast as we wish for? Can we still find happiness? What if life gives us a delay in getting there? It doesn’t mean that we will never get there, or does it? Is life stacked against us? Is it?

We all have our own up’s and downs in life. But whether we stay up and or down is more of a choice we make on our own! If we always look to the negative side of life, then we may not even be try, in getting after our goals or even letting ourself dream them. But having too much of a positive out look may bring us to unrealistic views in life as well. Thus when we get knocked down, depression may set in. Setting ourself’s up for a let down, just as we are met with unseen challenges. This is what its like to swing back and forth, between the up’s and downs. So how do we just stay kind of in the middle of the road, on these moods?

Some may feel like setting smaller goals? But I find these people are in need of instant gratification, as a way of finding self-worth, and a worthwhile goal for their efforts. Still others are looking for people who will help them get there. But are these just followers of sorts who fancy themself’s as leaders? Not that we don’t need help from others at times, we shouldn’t expect them to help in order to succeed.

We have lots to learn from the successful people in our world. All we need to do, is follow their success, and learn how they got there, in order to find our success. Yes I do think my success is different from yours, or anyone else’s. The first steps of success is learning the art of dreaming. Each of us dreams differently, and has diffident dreams. So success is not just getting to one thing, or having the same things!

Example of todays success:

Butt loads of money! Nice indeed to wish for, it makes it a lot easier to be able to pay the bills! To also have the things of money like, homes, cars, vacations, women/men, getting to be on TV, and not having much to worry about, simply because you have butt loads of money. You may say “It’s all good!” right? But then you find you are just a target. Having friends from grade school, or people who you don’t even know! Who will then call themself’s your friend. Just looking for free hand outs? Funny how it is when other people see you in having money, they easily come to believe that you should also be willing to buy their friendship. The government will also look to you as a villan, for having money, calling you the greedy rich! Sounds like more worries in having money, then when you were just looking for more money? Besides look at all of the movie stars who have drug, or alcohol problems, and relationships that only last long enough to spend all of the moneys they have, or just staying in these relationships long enough, just to get better divorce deals. Only the lawyers then will get about 1/3 to 1/2 of what the take is in the deal. So now you have now come full circle. Are you still looking to success as defined as getting to, or having,” butt loads of money”?

Just an example I know. It comes down to management of all we do, or have in life. But what we do with the unexpected things that come up in life? How do we handle it? Is that the true measure of success? You know give a man a fish or teach a man a fish. It doesn’t make much sence to me to worry too much about getting to a goal or goals we set for ourselves. Enjoy the trip along the way in getting there. As long as you’re doing something. Like working at it! That’s the most important thing! Getting there is just the mile marker, in finding a new place to fish.

” The greatest sin in life isn’t in getting knocked down! But in staying down!” Quote unknown to me, but you may have heard it before.

In the end, it isn’t what we have, or what we loose in life. That makes us happy or unhappy. It is not just in the joy of our ups, nor is it in the hating of our downs, that leads to our happiness. It’s not even in the getting to our goals, that leads to our happiness in the future. Well maybe just short-term happiness that is? No! I think it is in the attitudes we have and those we express in living our lives. It’s the attitudes that give us the inner strength to get up when knocked down, to take the next step, and enjoy the trip along the way, to share in the joys with someone else who looks like they may need it. To strengthen ourself’s by a positive attitudes. That will also  give us the strength to carry those who have all but have given up on their dreams, as well as giving us the strength to share a gift of our dreams with a stranger.

Positive attitudes are the secret to happiness. You can gain the world and yet still feel alone! In this place and time, we share these moments, with everyone we come in contact with in life. It is how others see us then, or the attitudes we express. That will make the difference, in our journey through life. Making it then as good as it can be.

Having things is great! But having happiness is better! You have a better chance at both when you apply a positive attitude in everything, and towards everyone!

Expect nothing other than an equal opportunity to chase your dreams in life. Do not believe the fallacy that everyone will and should have equal out comes, through unequal efforts in life!

Remember! Charity resets the attitude when we get to big for our britches! It also reminds us that the only thing we totally control in life, is our choices, our actions, our attitudes.

Maybe then we may choose to ware something other than spandex, thus relieving the squeezing pressure on our brains. That would make me happy. How about you?

Happiness to all! All the best!

Less is more.

LESS IS MORE I TELL YA!!laughing yet? Okay, maybe a smile…. just a little one at least? Who ever came up with this saying. Should be enjoying less of something somewhere, having fantasizes about having more, at some point. Some stranger I never met before said this, some time ago really loud, forcing me to over hear them.. I just hate that though! I’m  just trying to over hear stuff for my blog on my own, but some times people just force the issueses.Their not saying these things to me, but in ear shot of me. So might as well have said ” hello everyone!” Just keep right on explaining, with your overly loud voices. I thought I had some talent in over hearing people. But as it turns out, I just hang out in places where just overly loud people congregate. So yes, they said it loud like…. ” are you listening to me yet?” and then they added ” Less is so much more! You know what I’m saying?” Their friend just nodded agreeing with them.” If they just put less of that perfume on that would be so much more! Like less is more! You know?”

No! I don’t know! I just don’t know if that is entirely true? Less over powering perfume, ex-girlfriend, salt on my food, and free loading friends, and I will buy in! But on the flip side. Less clothes on people at the beach….. ? But less clothes on aka.”fat people”, the word, and what it does means, along with ” LESS” seem out-of-place. Somewhat like a pregnant nun in a monastery! ( Not trying to make fun of the over weight people out there. Or pregnant nun’s in some monastery out there. But I’m asking myself just one question on the pregnant nun thing. Just how was that…..?). I digress! But sex sells! But some how Bathing suit company’s don’t even try to sell thong’s to the over weight. Prehaps it is in trying to avoid giving out a negative mental view, that the would be models wearing these swim suits would give people the wrong ideas. I guess the thought, and picturing these views in the mind is too much! Like picturing ass floss! Well you get the picture for yourself’s.So that’s how it started, with just how can it be possible that, “less is more?”

Swim suits at the beach? Just saying, is less really more?

Living in a state with lots of hydroelectric power. You know lots of dam’s, so we have cheaper power or so I thought. But in answering myself I have to say,No! Some how some environmentalist’s thinking holding back water, so we the humans can use the water to make more electricity for our homes, doesn’t make much sense. Less is more? Less water for the fish isn’t more. less water for hydro electricity now that’s more! But this mind-set only leads to more of a power bill. The fish is some what happier, the fishermen are somewhat sad tho. But with so much more water to fish? The fisherman’s complaint is, we have less fish in more water. Because it always boils down to how anything elects us or even more importantly me. The impact of it I say! Just having to come to the point, or some sort of decisions, that we make for ourself’s as to what is better between, likeable / unlikable? Less electric power with a higher cost to me, and my frozen fish start speaking to me and say “eat us quicker please.” Also less water for humans and more for the fish, leads to less water for showers for humans! The thought of that is just rank. Humans shouldn’t smell like fish. Less is more? Having less showers…? You know just what I’m thinking?

If we eat less, is that more? Weight Watchers, and Jenny Crag wouldn’t think so. Yet less of a body fat index is a good thing, along with a smaller food bill each month. Buying smaller clothes as well. But that is more of a, less is less thing?

Less alcohol consumption is great! Where is the more?

Less booty calls is defiantly more! Less sexually transmitted diseases between people who are living a more permissive lifestyle. Less unwanted pregnancy, as well less unwanted children, and fewer worries by nun’s or pregnant nun’s as well. It is all less, on these. So where is the more on all of the less booty calls? Maybe more horny people who are unhappily, stressed out, angry, or people who will then perhaps have a renewed need to look for a good relationship, rather than a life of takeing anything that will do. Less is more…? Confusing more then ever?

Less bills is…. less bills! That could lead to more money in the account right? Probably not. Less bills often leads to more spending of my money for fun, and less money in the account. So less doesn’t fit with more. Having my bills sent to someone else’s address will lead to less bills, and should help with the money problems. Or does it? But to pull this off, leads to impersonating someone else ( Identity theft!) This leads to less bills at first but defiantly more jail time after you get caught. This is true with this scenario for sure.

Driving my car less, does lead to more. Less gas consumption, does puts more money in the bank. Less maintenance on that car, does put the ca ching back on again. But some people all ready skip this maintenance thing and keep on driving. (Not recommended!) But you will have more time to yourself if you didn’t drive! But with less friends! Because you’re not driving the car. You may have more money to get all of those, less things, But then less, was for not!? Have to draw some guide lines for thing called,” less is more!”

Like less laundry, leads to more dirty clothes. Now I have to wear them to work!

Less work leads to homelessness, but feels great at least in my mind for just a quick thought.

Less entertainment, leaves one bord!

Running around a nudist beach seems like fun, and freeing. With less clothes, it will seem like, more of sorts. More feelings of being free? With all of those nude body’s tho, you would then have to be blind, not to see that being less endowed is truly less. ( guys don’t let it bother you too much.) I’m sure you have heard that size doesn’t matter, from someone before? And this should give you the feeling of more again. Or does it? This gives way to having some angry crappy thoughts of ” less is more? What BS!”

Less work, when at work? Yes that’s the ticket! So it may seem. Just have to present it to my boss and get him or her to agree with that?? This could backfire and lead to less pay, or unemployment? Unless you are all ready working for the government. In which case less is more, of a work place slogan!

Less worry? Well that is more!

Less laughter or smiles? No thanks! That’s just stupid, or too much like less antiperspirants. Using it only on one underarm, and alternate from day-to-day as using less? Half as much? Is that using less? Will this lead to half a smelly person? I choose to be the half of the people who don’t smell at all, using antiperspirants on both underarms at once every day. So less is more? Or more is less?

The more I just think about this, the less I want to think! The more I hope to resolve this soon. Because less thought on this is great!! All I wish to have is not less, but more peace of mind please. The less we wish to do, or have of something, the more unhappy someone else is. Just a fact! Do to the fact that they were hoping to sell you more of that thing? So for people to be happy we need more of everything just to be able to say to our friends ” I got more than you do!” They will never answer you with ” See that guy living in that box? The one over there. That one with less? Now that’s more!” No! They will always look at some rich guy or girl and wish they could have what he / she has! Rather saying “I wish………”

If you are one of those people, or prehaps you are the people who I over heard saying, “less is more.” with regards to the persons who was using too much perfume. How about being honest with your acquaintances. Just say, ” If you didn’t worry so much about the use of water, and how much water fish have? You maybe able to once again take showers regularly. Not having to coverup with drowning yourself with perfume! After all, the more you use of it, the more you prove that it will never become less.  The less you use of that perfume you’re wearing, the more everyone else will know that you are the one who is smelling like ass. Therefor less will never become more in every way. Just being honest with you!”

More honesty hurts at times, and less of it hurts us all!!

More is not less. But less is more of having less, untill you get to the point of having nothing! At that point, what ever little you gain, you will have gained a little more.

Is less, more?

All the best!

Political back bone

Political talk could be boring to some, but I have some things to say anyway. I understand that all politicians are habitual liars, it is what we pay them for. If we are going to have the need of these professionals in government, they better be the best of the best liars. The problems with this is we also expect them to be truthful with all of us. That’s just believing in the tooth fairy of sorts. To lie to our neighboring country’s, or in negotiations with our enemy’s is expected, they better be good at it. But to lie to us, as the nation who put them in power in the first place? Look when hiring a professional liar, what part did we not understand.? They lie!!

listening to their speeches is somewhat funny to me. They lie, and we all still tune in as if they would now be telling the truth. News flash ” politician tells the truth and forgets to lie!” Kind of like in the movie Liar, liar. Just like in the movie, they can not lie anymore? Just a dream, but it would be great! Look at it this way. When Anthony Wiener was sending pictures of his junk around the net, and the media was trying to have him confess to it all. He may have just said ” You are all right! I did send my junk around the net by tweeting It.” If only! But that would have shown some back bone, despite of the lack of judgment by him for tweeting it in the first place. To then lie about it by saying instead ” Someone hacked the account.” Wrong! ” It was just a joke, ment only for a few!” Wrong! It didn’t matter what he was saying, the problems was, he didn’t understand that he is a target for scandal, as all public people are. So his choice of behavior was the problem not the lie. But true professionals think they are the best of the best. So he behaved, as was expected.

We are always forced to have to read between the lines, with everything politicians decide to say. It becomes a guessing game of sortes. In this way we guess, then the politician comes back to say ” No, that’s not what I ment to say.” and spins a new angle to the same old lie.

Give yourself some political ex-ray vision glasses to see through all of the political theater of the day. They all strive to be the best in the olympics for lies. These olympics are held in DC. in the government swamp. The swamp is a cesspool of sorts, awash with seemingly endless moneys, and political BS. So the want-to-be politician is just a mud wrestler of sorts. With no real back bone. Yet claims to have a backbone of steel, but it is a backbone of steel fashioned more like a slinky toy, than a rigid backbone for the proposes of leadership through strength. With squared shoulders holding his or her’s head high. The politicians head is held onto the body’s back bone with a spring, giving the head the effect of a bobble headed toy, just a bit more rigid than the back bone. Only being able to moving their heads to the political winds of the day. using the words that they do, being half-truths at best. They find themself’s up right, only do to the fact of the endless pools of liquid money they swim in. Like being in water everyone is weightless, give the impression that they are able to stand upright on their own.

Without some kind of principles, values, or the use of moral high ground, they are only consumed with their party’s victory in any elections, thus hoping more in turn for their own reelection. They sell the most valued asset they own ( Honesty ). With out honesty to keep themself afloat in this pool of limitless moneys, they stretch their slinky back bones out to the max in order for their feet to reach the bottom of the pool, and in keeping their bobble heads above all of the BS.

It is there by no surprise to me that when in this kind of position the politicians of the day doesn’t wish to make waves. The attitude of moderation, or at least the hope of compromising, as being the best way to keep government moving, without making waves. If we only would drain the swamp of government, we could all see that these slinky backbones bobble headed politicians have as much ability to hold themself’s upright as trying to build a tower of jello to great hight, in order to reach the sky’s. Yet these professional liars, would try to convince us, with gifts of more moneys to some, and to the rest of us new taxes. They would then say. ” We could build the tower of jello to the sky better!” But what would be the purpose of that?

Eat more jello, before there is a shortage caused by these futuristic dreamers, who only live in the swamps of DC. and feast on the political BS of the day, washed down with the drink of endless tax payers moneys. All the while nodding their heads to the political winds of the day, telling the same old lie, that BS doesn’t stink!

Did anyone hear the weather report……………?Oh! You say a BS storm is coming?

All the best!

Psychic mind play, or assumption

Looking for something to do. My wife and I decided to go to the biggest fair in our neck of the woods. It came every year this time of the year. They had lots of things to see like hobbies that people entered in some contest, farm goods, the biggest pumpkin ( this years winner was 987 lb), games for kids, rides, and shopping things, like for adults (home improvements or seen it on TV type of stuff ), and of course food and more food. As we were sitting down to eat the biggest hamburgers that you have ever seen. They were at least 8 inches across in size. definitely a two-handed operation in order to eat this one for sure. It was at this point that I saw a line of people waiting for something in a tent like thing. But what was in the tent like thing? Then I saw what it was, through a space in the crowd. It was a ” Psychic “.

I asked my wife ” Just what would you ask a psychic at a fair?” She shrugged he shoulders as if to say I don’t know. She had a mouth full of the burger, and couldn’t say.

She was on to something. I wouldn’t know what to ask, net alone, asking someone at the fair’s psychic booth. Do they really know something of my future? I think not! I’m a non-believer I guess. Come on! Your not a believer are you? If so why don’t the psychic’s just tell you what you were going to ask and the answer as well, before you even ask it? Just a thought!

Do you know to open a booth at a fair it is only a matter of money. That’s right, just pay the fair, and the state a setup fee, and you’re in. No licence to get. No degree to get from some college. But on that note lets face it, what college teaches the arts of psychic learning? There is no proof of accuracy. No ratings need to be post for the public to see in your place of business. Just a tent of some sort, pay some fees, and have the big brass ones to tell the public just what they wish to hear, in a believable way. And ” Poof “! A new psychic is born.

Are people just in need of some kind of reassurances that the future will be good for them? But what if there is someone who asks “How long of life will I have?” Hope the cards come up right, or your psychic has the nerve to just lie. But wait! Why lie? That implies that he / she knows something worth that $5.00 you paid for that question. I mean if the psychic sees you, and your over weight, and eating two of those big burgers all by yourself. Well then it is a real good guess that you may have a shorter life then someone else, who is just eating right let’s say. It is just making good odds, then placing the bet / guess. Not to pick on the over weight. But just as an example the psychic is then just a odds maker, who gives out vague answers to people. In turn they can interpret for themself’s good or bad or in-different.

I just think people make assumptions about the psychic, and then ask their questions. Making an assumption is dangerous though. By doing that, you’re not really looking for a real true answer. Assuming that this person knows the future better than the next guy, just opens the door wide! For you becoming an ass. You have heard the saying “When you assume anything you usually end up being an ass, or making one out of yourself.” I’ll give some examples to you all out there. Like you need it? But some may not know, what we should already know.

I had a ex-girl friend that thought she was becoming a psychic. ( this was an assumption on her part) With no track record of predictions, that came true or other wise, or lets say with some kind of accuracy on previously predictions made. She was convinced that she was now a new psychic. A fantasy of sorts. “POOF” ! Just like that. She said to me one day.

“Your going to have an accident, that may, or will be serious, or even fatal!” She paused. took a deep breath and then said. “Your not my future. So I’m leaving.”

I had come to know all ready, for a few months now, that she was going down that road of well… How do I say it without being too crass? Okay! Well she was a crazy bitch! I never told her this at the time but she had some ideas that were off the charts. Like this one wasn’t? Ya right, I’m believing that, so you all out there are too? Not! By telling me this bit of info, then telling me this was because of her dreams. Also saying to me that some have or will ( her dreams ) come true. Then saying to me,” You just don’t know all that was to come, or to be”. Simple fantasy was all the proof she needed In her small crazy mind that she now was a psychic. Like I said POOF! Down, crazy train tracks we go!

Just how this hit me was a surprise at first. But then I wised up quickly. She was history, I knew that, and that is that. So I had to play some kind of lasting mind games with her. Why not! She is crazy. In her world, it was upside down and inside out from reality already. So I thought, She will never know the difference.

“That is just shocking! But your sure?” I paused just to get her looking back at me. ” Come on! Help a guy out here. If you know something tell me some details so I can avoid this crap for myself.”

Psychic’s can’t change the future, we just see it at some times.” She was seriously trying to explain this crap to me. ” I can’t tell anyone  anything of my life either. So get use to it! accept it for what It is.” Thinking she was out the door she turned to leave. More convinced, that everything was coming true as she had stated it.

“But would you let some one just walk into traffic when a bus was going to hit them, or would you just be a cold bitch and say It is, what it is?” I set the hook! Now all I was doing was playing her, she didn’t even see how this was going. She didn’t say anything. She put down some of her things, got some paper asked for a pen, then wrote something down and asked for an envelope, placed it in, sealed it up, and placed it on the top shelve of the book-case. ” Don’t read for at least 30 days. By the way I’m not a cold bitch!” She exclaimed. Satisfied that she had given some proof of her new powers as a psychic.

As she was going I sort of quickly when to the door and called out. “I have had some dream just like you have, just like that! They came true too!” She looked back with the kind of look of your full of crap! ” No really! And I can give some details!” I said trying to rub it in a bit.

“Okay! Ass! stop making fun, and get use to it! I’m leaving!” She said with a determined voice. As If She thought I wanted her back.

” Ya! What I see in your future is higher taxes, death at some point like all of us, and your really crazy, You may want to get that looked at. Your assuming that you’re a psychic and you know what kind of person that makes an assumption are! ” She smiled and flipped me off, as she drove off.

Well at least my track record is better than hers as a psychic that is. That was 15 or more years ago now. I’m still kicking! Oh, and what was in the envelope? The time frame that she saw me getting into that accident! In short she was wrong on everything! Just her fantasy or the voices in her head. She now is or was paying higher taxes, well when she did, or for the while she was working at least. She to is still kicking ( alive ) but the end will come to us all guaranteed. She now lives in an insane asylum! She should have gotten that looked at sooner, If only she would have seen me as a co-psychic, that is, and listened to me. But for a get well card I sent her the envelope with the note she had written to me years earlier. With a note saying. “psychic.. I see! You should have seen this coming then!”

Example number two: This guy and girl lets just call them lovers. They were expecting a child any day now, and decided to go to this fair to get some relaxing in, out on the town before becoming parents.. Just in front of the psychic’s tent she asked while they were waiting. ” Have you ever cheated on me?”

“What kind of question is that?” He responded.

“Well we are standing in front of a psychic and I could have asked them.” She said teasingly.

“Honey, no need to be afraid. The answer is no! So ask away if you must.” He responded

“Don’t you wish to ask me the same question?

“No! I know the answer all ready.” He responded with confidence.

And the assumption was made. When we believe in something that is nothing more than our own believes, with nothing to back it up, then you may be… There were times in the relationship that were rocky. He could have questioned these times, but didn’t. If he would have believed in the psychic he could have asked. But to this guy it was entertainment, nothing else. Over confidence or making a bad assumption left the door wide open, or is it that, true love is blind?

Day came that the baby was born and all of their friends and family were gathered looking for the baby’s arrival. The nurse came out and presented the newest member of this family. The father instantly saw that the baby was a different ethnicity then his. “There is a mistake here! He can’t be my son / daughter, child! There is a mistake here!”

” No! This is your kid.” exclaimed the nurse. ” You can believe it or not? But your wife just went through hell giving you a healthy kid. So give some………” The voice was being drownded out with disbelieve. Thoughts instantly going back to the rocky times in this relationship.

Prehaps so, a mistake was made? But maybe he should have asked the psychic at the fair? Maybe he shouldn’t have made the assumption in the first place? There should have been some time in the relationship where… Well You shouldn’t make rash choices in believing something or getting paranoid with life, and the events in it. Just look at the possibility’s of things that could be, in terms of odds. What is the likely hood of that? Or just the possibility’s of what could reality be? That is what a so-called psychic does! But never assume to know anything without proof, you’ll end up the broken-hearted ass!

I suppose you could still ask the so-called psychic if…. ( Fill in the blank space ) But it might be well worth your time to check the percentages. The times they are right / wrong! I’m batting 66% or 2 out of 3 on my predictions that is. Just-say-in.

The future is not determined by some psychic telling you what to choose because of what they supposedly see for you. But to live life by the choices that you will make, then moving forward into the unknown possibility’s, we all call the future.

All the best!

Views from a fish bowl !

Views from a fish bowl at least for the fish must be somewhat distorted. The curvature of the glass and the water gives an appearance to everything of being distorted. To the fish this twisting of reality’s outside of the bowl to creat the distortions must seem normal, or their eyes may have corrective lenses much like glasses are for humans.

Looking out my front window at the neighborhood when it rains seem like that. We live in a fish bowl of sorts. The neighbors are doing what they have to around the house, just as I’m doing. So what is noticeable about them, is also what they must notice about me?

But my neighbors have quarks and behaviors that remind me of the wild kingdom animal show. Not saying that I may be reminding them in the same way, but it is my views of looking at them now. I’m not saying that the people look like animals, their behaviors do all of the reminding.

I have these neighbors that like to ware their pants half-ways down their legs, with boxer shorts hiked up to their arm pits or so it seems. all the while they have a belt on those pants. Just for what reason? This look is like a person that has longer torso of a body, and real short legs. The pants pockets are riding at the back of the knees, so looking at them trying to get their wallets out, is like watching a limbo contest. Getting in and out of a car is funny as well. Having to grab their crotch and hike the pants up so as to swing their legs into the car, could be painful if one miss judges how much of a grab! It isn’t just the kids that dress like this. Maybe the dad was making fun of the kids when I saw him but? I could see him and all I could think was, you all have very colorful butts. instantly these people became the baboons.

Before you all get all racist ideas about me, let me tell you all! That these people are white. Not that color should have anything to do with anything. It is just every time I see anyone dressed like this. No matter what or  whoever it is. It still reminds me that way. No one has the need to show colorful boxer shorts and half your ass, when and if the shoe fits. So ware it!!

My other neighbors are loud and yell at their kids a lot. Don’t get any ideas about them just yet. In this house there are 3 signal women and what must be their kids. They tend to stay by themself’s but the kids are nice kids. They often come over when I’m working in the yard, and talk to me. But the moms just yell at them rather than come over to where the kids are. They yell out the windows ” Time to come home!” or when the kids are rough housing, ” Stop fighting!” Just like that. So no. Not that I think that they are abusive. Just lazy and loud and obnoxious. These people I called bully bulls. If you ever have been around a farm the bulls are always quiet types. But really loud when they want something, or when they are putting out a warning. It always takes you by surprise. So some times I’m working in the yard and then they yell, just when everything has been real quiet, just makes me jump, look up quick, always looking for the bull.

The neighbors in back of me well I call them the ants! Lets cut to the chase. This family is big and getting bigger every year or so it seems. When we first took notice of them they had 3 kids. We hardly saw the father, except for when he barbecue in the back yard. We see the kids all the time. But we saw the mom only a few times in the corse of a year, she is always pregnant! They now have 6 or 7 kids and counting. When other family comes over to their house it is like living next door to a school. I counted 30 kids over last get together they had. So like disturbing an ant hill. The kids come poring out all of the doors to the house. So That’s why they are the ants!

The other neighbors across the way from me are just funny to watch. They are bigger people and love to sit in the front yard. They talk about what they are going to do, and then disappear. Some times it is days untill I see them again. They do a little of what we hear them say their gong to do. ( they also talk real loud as well. ) Then they vanish again. At times they are just sitting in their chairs in the front yard for a few hours, then gone again. Working times are no real set times, or the times change often. With no real set schedules these people have come to be known as the whales. Because it just reminds me of going out to do whale watching. Some times you get to see them, some times not.

All Of my neighbors are nice people and I talk to them often, or when I see them. I never call them by the animals names that they remind me of. But It is more of a mental thing for me to look at their activates, just then being reminded of the animals that they are acting like.

Looking out of my fish bowl this is what I see. It may be distorted to give people names of animals, but it is fun as well. People really do look like other animals in the world. After all we are animals too. the views from my fish bowl are distorted by all the rain drops. I wish it would quit raining!

All the best!


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