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The three “W’s”

When my Mom uses my full name when she calls to me, my first thoughts are of the 3 W’s: wisdom, warning, and a whipping. None of which were welcome at the time. Because all I wanted to do was play.
It’s funny how distant memories are brought forth inside of some present realities. It’s as if I can still hear her. Wow! When Mom said, “you may not want to listen now…but someday you’re going to hear me.” Was that pointing towards some future haunting? The mind is a beautiful thing. As for Mom’s–they are super hero’s. How else would we hear them so far into the future?

Enjoy the small stuff.

My book of intention.

Have you ever noticed that people that write motivational books some times become wealthy? Where do they keep all the books on how to fail?

Where does self motivation come from when self gets stuck in a rut?

Do you have words of intention? Words that inspire you, quotes that are close to your heart? Quotes after all should be words of inspiration, no matter who said them in the first place.

Too many times we hear something that goes in one ear thinking its note worthy enough to remember. But just as fast it’s gone! Or has quickly gone out the other side (the other ear) and you can’t remember it. So how is it supposed to inspire you, move you to actions, or stop you just for a moment to think before choosing or making an important life’s choice?

My solution is to write down note worthy quotes heard on any day, said by anyone, and writing them down in a booklet. Given the chance, I try to review them on that same day next year. I tend to re-read them while having morning coffee, I try to learn something about myself in the process. Oh yeah, you can always review them sooner. But I have found that just making the effort to review once a year you’ll remember, or jog your memory just enough to be able to then re-sight those quote to someone else who may need the inspiration that they gave to you.

I don’t believe we as people need to become some kind of quotes machine. Spitting out quote after quote as if we could just hammer wisdom home into the heads of others. No one should presume to be better than everyone else like that. But I do believe our experiences and things we have learned are passed along to people when we speak with others. Every quote no matter how popular it is today or was yesterday, was someone just having a conversation with someone else in passing.

A quote is just words, spoken by people or written down, or gems gleaned from conversation that you’re over hearing from others, or things we’ve hear on the radio, TV, or…. They are words that inspire us after all to do more, or become better, inspirations that nudge, given to us to cause action within ourselves. They are at times snowflakes that become a snowball rolling down a hill. That nudge then that causes the stuck to become unstuck. Because the unstuck are unstoppable.

My words of intention / inspiration for me today are……

“Today is a good day to be a good day!” Quote unknown

“Your attitude will always determine your altitude.” Quote unknown

Lift your spirit on your own good choices to live like no other, so you can return gifts like no other. There are no re-do’s, no refunds in life. Fly high on positive attitudes, and be that wind beneath someone else’s wings.

All the best to you all,
from my vacation spot–San Diego California.

Exploding file cabinet. take two.

Exploding file cabinets, like Life sucks at times. But making the best of it, is the only improvements we can make, while also living it to its fullest.

“Failure is not on my to do list today!” Quote mindwarpfx.

Yes it was a sunny day and I was moving. Not so bad to do on a sunny day, but moving sucks! Finding places on the truck wasn’t so bad, but time-consuming at best. Placing this over here because it fit better, and that one over there, and don’t forget to cover those things with a blanket just to keep from scratching things up. Oh Yea that can fit… Well the truck was full, I had one file cabinet to go! Jumping up in the back of the truck to re-arrange things, making some room, is when it happened. Like slow motion at first, out of the corner of my eye I caught the file cabinet going over board. With a thud, then a poof of papers, like leaves in the wind, my file cabinet has exploded on impact with the pavement!

Somewhat funny now to think about that experience, and I’m sure that you have some experiences like that as well? But the papers that were flying around in the wind like leaves. Are just like some of my memories of my dad. Life sometimes gives you experiences like tiny explosions. The kind of experiences that can be a disaster at the time. It’s just life, all you have is a mixed up pile of leave as memories, experiences, and knowledge that was passed down to you. It took the time to just file them away in your mind. But now your mind the file cabinet has exploded on impact of these experiences! But what happens when your world is turned upside down? When life is like your file cabinet exploding?

The exploding file cabinet syndrome! Yes your mind is just a file cabinet. You have all of your experiences tucked way in there. Everything that you have experienced as well as all that you have learned throughout the years, good or other wise. Placed just so into files in your mind. When you have more experience, or memories with one person. Then you’re mind opens up the file, and you’re subconscious files the memories away, into those files just inside your mind. So if you wish, you can access them when you remember these times and events. But when a tragedy strike’s like the passing of my Dad… well, some times the files and the cabinet just explodes! Memories and events are not the same any more. The ones you wish to re-examine latter are just like… ( Where did I put them ?) kind of out-of-order. It is more like a fading picture that was left out in the sun to long. The colors are all faded and only the strong / bold ones remain. You remember the times, but the details are fuzzy, faded, you fear is their lost, or forgotten, gone forever!

So what do you do? Picking up the papers from the true file cabinet was easy, but the sub conscience ones are just impossible, or so it seems at times. But the mind is a wonderful thing. It has a reset button in it I’m sure. Over time you remember pieces and put them back into the proper files in your mind. Some times it is like just having a thought of … Oh yea. Then a simile comes over your face and your mind has already placed the memory back into the proper files. At other times you get together with family or friends, and old memories of events are revisited, and in that proses other memories come back to you, some you will share, others are your to keep to yourself. The point is it takes time. Nothing is lost for ever! It may seem like it at first, but it is only still a thought away. With the proper stimulation your files are rebuilt. It is only when we choose not to revisit those memories, as well as repeatedly make the choices not to revisit them with family and friends. That’s when the old picture that are faded, seem to fade bit by bit. Ultimately those memories fade away totally.

To remember our memories that we have is a good thing to do. It may unleash tears of pain or joy, as well, get you to miss people’s allot, or is it just the times, the ones we shared that miss? But these things are you’re experiences, as well as what makes you who you are. The files we keep may become messy, but we can clean them up. If missed placed them? We can find them! Keeping in touch with family / friends rebuilds them. If the pain is to great or to negative in remembering, just let the wind take the negative away! In the end we will over come, our file cabinet explosions!

Cheers 2 YA DAD! Missed but never gone!

all the best!


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