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With gas soon to be $5.00, We need a beer Czar!

With unemploymentt at too high of a range, oil prices too high, and gas going to the unexpected $5.00 per gallon. We the people, need the answers to these problems that say “genius!” Okay! Maybe that’s just a bit over the top. But solving problems and making life better all in the same time isn’t too much to ask? I say a car in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, and affordable green energy for the nation. Just to kick the nations in the oil-producing world in the nuts real hard! Enter into the mix the need for the beer Czar!

First I must say, being under employed these days I’m offering my services to the government for the future job of being the beer czar. Why do we need a beer czar, you ask? Well we have plenty of czars who do… Well it slips my mind as to the exact excused that the government uses as why we have czars in the first place. Maybe it sounds socialistic, and the government kids, like the sound when they say czar? But who really knows? I’m only interested in the position because it pays on average $120,000.00 per year for all of the other czars out there. So why should the beer czar work for less? Besides that’s better pay with benefits then any job in the non-government sector. When we have a Nintendo czar / video game czar, in the government already. Don’t we need to round out the entertainment / czar’s positions in government?

I guess when president Obama said “we can not afford to fall behind the Europeans and the Chinese with green energy research.” It struck me! Well it may have been that bio-diesel truck in front of me. The exhaust smelled like french fries, instead of the usual sick diesel smell. Going past the brewery at the same time gave me the subliminal message to get some beer-batter fried fish and chips. Imagine that! Toxic gases could inspire me to get some fattening foods, net alone give me the idea of the beer czar. Or is that why we refer to those gases as “Toxic?”

Look Germany is Europe’s main source of green energy used in their electrical grid. But at what cost to their economy? In fact, recently they said they will no longer support their green energy through solar electricity. It was not worth the cost, they said. So for America to take the number 2 spot on green energy is somewhat easier. But  what about using beer as the source of future energy? It is green! It has a solar component to it as well. After all the barley and hops are grown in the sun. We may be behind Germany with the beer purity laws, but give us time. We need a beer czar first.

Re-engineering the internal-combustion engine is the first step. The cost of doing this should be easy. But finding the money to do this should be easier still. finding extra money for this among the wasteful spending dollars not yet spent in government. No one is looking, so with beer no one cares. Instead of spending good cold cash on some muslim country that will only find some reasons not to sell oil to us, and or curb oil production to raise prices, or just finding some new reasons to hate. You know some crazy outrageous accusations calling us all “the infidels!” You know who they are… wink, wink. I don’t see a need to spend money on putting our balls into a vice and then letting some other country who hates us put the pressure to us. Ya! We may be tough.. but that is needless pain to endure. Why pay for the self-abuse in the form of buying oil, from people who call us Infidels? No matter if it is individually or as a country. The beer czar would reduce foreign oil consumption, thus reliving the pressure on our country’s balls and economy alike.

With grain alcohol mainly made with corn. We are only cutting into the food supply. Cows = beef, chicken = take out food, and pig = pork bacon, they all eat corn. But if we are going to make alcohol from our grain it will rise the price of meat. So I say let the whole world hear the roar of our muscle cars engine, let the alcohol be the life blood of transportation, and with beer there is no such problems. Who eats barley? I mean barley as some food stuff on your diner plate. Not in this country anyway. We as the Germans, make beer from it. After all meat is meat and man has to eat. So lets put beer into our cars tanks, and let the beer wash down our meat that we eat. A win, win in anyones book.

As the beer czar I would have to regulate it. Some would be for fuel and some just for enjoyment. Beer fuel would be safer to use then gasoline. When there is a car crash and a leak from the fuel tank, one spark and poof. But with beer being the fuel of the future, people would just run for empty containers to hold the spilling beer. More like a keg’er on the highway. What about slipping on some icy roadway, ending up down the hill aways? Stuck with no real rescue and with nothing to eat but salty crackers. What to do? Tap the beer gas tank and wash down the salty crackers. Alcohol also keeps people from freezing in the cold you know. That’s why those High mountain dogs, the ones with those kegs of hard alcohol around their necks. Trained to find the strangers and give them something to keep from freezing to death. You know the ones? Of corse the alcohol would keep them from remembering that the dog would also try humping their legs while they sleeping off the alcohol. No such problem with beer in the gas tank.

The beer czar’s main job would have to be, tasting the different blends of course. With brewery showing up in Boston and Colorado, and all up and down the west coast. Building a brewery is much easer then a refinery for gas. Quicker as well. No need for the EPA to over regulate the brewery’s of the future. Hell The unemployed with a few classes could produce their own fuel on the kitchen stove in their own homes. Giving them the transportation fuel to get to work. At a lower cost then gas. If you don’t have a job to go to, you could drink the extra beer… not while driving of course. Just looking out for the poor among us. Now I’m sounding more like the president. So I’m right for the Job!

With all the crazy stories coming out of washington DC these days. Going green for our energy needs. You know! Solar power or future fuel from green slime algae. Would you rather put that soon to be $10.00 per gallon gas into your gas tank, or that green slime biodiesel? Who really knows how expensive that’s going to be? What does that green slime biodiesel smell like anyway’s? I would rather smell toxic gases coming from the truck in front of me that smells like beer batter fish and chips. So filler up with Coors. Not the light stuff! Regular… for this hot rod! I could use the extra octane in my tank. Besides I like the sound of kicking those oil-producing country’s in the nuts real hard, with the roar of my engine. Beer in my tank and the sound that their cracking nuts make! Now that’s true green energy!

Help a guy out and let your public official know, “We need a beer czar!” Might as well be me!

Thanks for your support! All the best.

No strings attached

No strings attached relationships seem like the new trend of today. But are they really. Seem people like to come and go as they wish throughout their lives unencumbered by excessive baggage. Usually this means other people in tow. I’m not saying or talking about kids. But even sometimes kids I’m sure feel like this. People and relationships that I hold at the center of this conversation, of which most people these days. Just like a life free of the attachments of strings, with all sorts of relationships. I don’t think it is only the young or the unexperienced people who enjoy this kind of relationships. Most people look at relationships as an obstacle to freedom to do anything, anytime, spontaneously. This then can lead to the expectations of having it all, with no strings attached.

1) Work is probably the biggest string that is always attached to us, or should I say to everything we have. We buy everything on credit these days, so we have the bills as the strings to our lives to prove it. This leads to excepting, having to engage in some what personal relationships with people at work. No one goes to work at a job, with the ideas of making new friends. But this is a possibility. Some people may even complicate things for themself’s by adding the romantic aspect of the already strange quarks of working relationships that exists at work. But working is just a self-indulgent necessity for a paycheck, just a way for paying for what ever we haven’t had the will power to save up for. So we value being able to work just slightly above having fun. People may also be fun, but not totally necessary in looking for or finding something fun. It is not surprising that people who show up for work on monday always start looking forward to their friday / weekend. It is just a mental exercise. A cheep way to cut all strings for a few days, a fantasy of some sorts before the reality of having to reattached same old strings just in time for work again. Aw Mondays, love them or hate them.

2) Friends are a source of some of those strings also in our lives. We tend to have just the amount of friends as we have spar time. All though family is valued just above friends. So if we had to rate a list of spar time relationships they would be 1) family 2) best friend 3) friends with similar interests 4) acquaintances who also call you a friend 5) people who you have done something with in the last 6 months, and maybe available to do something when everyone else is occupied with doing something without you.

3) Romantic relationships had to be placed in the number three spot because, this is a part of life that people may just have different kinds of relationships that may be defined as romantic relationships. Obviously, someone you have just met, and maybe you’re giving them the chance to go towards romance will be far down the list of any list you may have. But as the relationship heats up, will then they may move up the ladder. If you are a hit it, and quit it kind of person. Your more of a no strings type. This kind of relationship will always be lower on the list. If you have more than one romance at one time person. You to may rate these people as a way of finding importance of them, to you. But they will never achieve the status of being put higher on the list then three. If you fall in love and still not to in love to a point of marriage, then you may move them into the number 2 spot. Fully excepting as well understanding you are excepting a new string in life. But one that is somewhat more important than just friends.

As explained then you can see that we are attached to some kinds of relationships with others in life. The struggle is trying to maintain the razors edge tap dance of having and maintaining relationships. No matter if, we are the kind of person who is the balance beam acrobat type. Who can do all kinds of razzle dazzle kind of moves, that impresses the audiences like in a gymnastic performance. Or if we are the kind of slow-moving and calculating type, who’s always looking at the pro’s and cons to everything.

If we only look to every relationship as somewhat of an incumbrance to our life’s. Taking away our ability to be free and spontaneous. We may reconsider this. Truth is we need relationships in our lives to some degree. The challenge is finding the degree of importance of each one. Just diving into one because we are spontaneous. Usually puts us, into life’s blender of sorts, set to liquify. But avoiding relationships or at least limiting them will put us in a place of needing help and finding out we are all alone.

So we can see strings of life as something that is only pulling us in every direction, all at the same time. Or we can see these strings as just frayed pieces of our security blanket in our lives.

Strings of life can also be life rope of hope. Giving us the ability to climb out of a hole with the help of others. Just as strings of life can also be the rope that binds us, rendering us helpless.

All the best!

Water or beer, cures dehydration?

Most creatures along with humans are made of 70% water, so drinking water is natural.

The European union has new regulations regarding water and the drinking of it. Drinking water shouldn’t be such a troubling thing so as to have a governmental agency to become over involved in the regulation of it’s uses, saying: ” There is no proof ( Scientific or other wise ) that the drinking of water from bottles helps to re-hydrate in cases of dehydration.”

Why is this governmental agency getting overly involved in the acts of drinking water in the first place? Why should they have to set the amount of daily water consumption a person should have in order to pursue good working bodily functions and good health?

You know just when your body needs water, being thirsty is the body’s way of telling your mind ” Get some water man! It’s been too long of time sence my last drink! ” I don’t think people who are thirsty need someone to tell them to drink water. If your stuck in the desert and come upon some water, you would brush aside the scum on the top and drink it down. The human body can survive days without food but only a day or two without water before problems set in. Low water in the  body’s system is dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration are, headache, low blood pressure, light handedness, difficulty of urination, or discoloured dark urine. Just to name a few of the biggies.

Do you think water will help me?

If you’re heading towards becoming dehydrated your body will be telling you just what to do. All though some illnesses can cause you in becoming thirsty like( diabetes ) for one, over active people in warm weather can also become more in need of water thus more thirsty, over normal conditions. That’s the point of our body’s telling us just what it needs and when it is needed.

Yet in the European union, water has become a major issue of late. The need of regulation of their bottle water company’s, and their advertisements of the product they sell, seem to be the problem. Companies that claim ” Drinking water will aid in, or  even cure dehydration, or aid in the rehydration in cases of dehydration”. Can not be permitted. This can result in a two-year prison sentence now with the new regulations, and laws! Just crazy when you think about it. But having to contemplate just such madness, is a sure cause of your next headache!

I have heard of, and witnessed government’s micro management of every kind of things before. But personal water consumption? Considering that we all are made of 70% water, as far as living things go at least. Most modern people just drink too much diuretics! I can see that most people can have some sort of dehydration going at any time. Drinking too much diuretics like soda, beer, alcohol, coffee, and tea just to name a few of the majors. Most people are leaving out the drinking of water because it tastes like …. nothing! This can lead someone down the road to mild dehydration!

Why can’t water bottlers say that ” Drinking water can help with or even cure mild dehydration “? It’s water! Having to get an approval, or a government involved as if it is a drug, is just ….? Should governments get involved with this in the first place? Just what is the harm in these claims by water company’s? It’s not making false statements. Maybe incomplete statements? Only because dehydration can have many causes, like being caused by illnesses. But when you go to the hospital being dehydrated, an Iv solution hook up, is the call by most doctors. The solution is mostly water!

When you consider that EFSA ( The European food safety agency ) wasted 3 years of time to draw their conclusions as well as this ridiculous regulations of bottled water. We  who choose to live in the reality of life, should come to question their sanity. As well as the need for them to have totally waste the tax payers money.

The EFSA defends their ruling by saying ” Water doesn’t reduce the risk of dehydration. But to alow clams, and or advertisements by the water company’s who bottle water, is only trying to imply that there is something special about bottled water. this kind of mind-set is not a responsable claim to making. “Yet this same agency along with the UK’s Nutritional Society, who also agrees with the study findings of the EFSA.

Drink more water and eat less watermelon! Water has less calories!

These agencies also say ” That in order to have a balanced diet and promote good body functions and all a round good health. It is necessary to drink 2 leaders of water daily.”

Funny! How it is important to set standard dosages of the amount of water one should drink. without taking in consideration of the age of a person or their size, sex, or the activity’s of these individuals. Without also excepting the clams that water is a requirement for all living things in avoiding dehydration, or that the drinking of water for the purpose of re-hydration of ones self is a good thing.

What should the governments point be, by having great details about the use of water, and its proper dosages for people through immense broad generalizations, as being the standers of the day? Yet overlooking the facts of its necessity in order to avoid dehydration, as well as allowing the bottle water company’s in making this claim?

If we as people of a modern society allow our governments to take over every aspect of life, through a socialization type of government taking over totally. We will be greatly disappointed with an over reaching power grabbing attitude. We could then easily get to a point of outlawing common sense! Is this the new normal?

Don’t be fooled by a government who’s only excuse is to try to explain the easily explainable, in an overly difficult and overly complicated way! Someone tried to defend governments way of complicating everything or so it seems by saying to me : ” Government and the job of governing people is like making sausages. Everyone likes to eat them but doesn’t like to see what goes in them!”

I say ; ” Governments attitudes, like making the posses of governing with legendary insane micro management of every aspect of our lives. By the over use of overly complex posses, designed only to confuse the people they govern. Through the unrealistic regulations, as well as new laws, only leads people in having less freedoms! To freely exchange the responsibility’s that are ours in the first place. In except a life of ease, presented by a government-run by totally intoxicated politicians, with the ultimate drug of total power over you. Is the total avocation of ones own freedoms! Leaving you no other choices other than excepting their views, as well as their choices made for you in everything. This amounts to the same amount of freedoms as the government feeding you a excrement sandwich, with the only real concern of making you ask if it is okay to wash the bad taste out of your mouth with a little water!

Did I hear you say please?

Reference : @Telegraph EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration http://tgr.ph/u32dnG

All the best!

10 years ago and yet feels like yesterday.

                        In remembrances of 9/11 we all were differently impacted by those events on that day now 10 years ago yet feels like yesterday. With the shock and disbelief I was glued to the TV that was giving out the reports that day when suddenly…. It’s hard to remember without some feeling bubbling up to the surface once again. It is truly amazing and shocking as well, how time has passed by, and yet it still feels like yesterday.

Was it the approaching anniversary of those horrible events that got me thinking about it again, or was it more about those images on TV from that event, or is it every time there is another terrorist attack in the news that reminds us over and over? Just how hard do you think it is for those loved ones of the victims of 9/11 whose days just seem to be somewhat empty, being reminded by another terrorist attack that someone else will have the same feeling of being incomplete, and or having unfulfilled dreams?

One thing is clear to me, those terrorists on 9/11 had choices that they made! They made the choices of hiding in the dark of night, just to plan evil plans and events for their misguided ideas of terror! Just as we are able to make choices every moment of every day, the choice of good or evil! I happen to believe that this country is a good one but not a perfect one. Despite all of the problems we have and all of the financial troubles, we as a country still try to do the right things. The history of the world is filled with civilisations and empires, built, and dominated by leaders of tyrants! Freedom is yet young on the world stage of ways to govern. Maybe it is America’s 15 minuets of fame brought about by the events of 9/11 ? Other countries have some of the same freedoms as we do in the USA, but none have, or have had as much of it, or for as long of time, with the ability of its populist to be able to speak out ageist its leaders / governments. But that is all good and well, only the smallest part of what makes a country good or bad. It’s the people who have the strange ability of living free, with that gift they are more willing to share the experience with others. Individual choices of good and evil, is the major differences expressed more openly through being able to live free. I believe that freedom and the more a government alow’s for its people to have it, the more these people will go out of their way to defend it as well share it, with others. The experience of freedom is only as great as the cost is, in order to keep it!

I wish to thank all of the first responders, the fire fighters, police officers, medical staff’s, and the men and women in uniform in our military! All of you  pay the highest price for our freedoms! So that we can be truly free from fear of all of our enemy’s both foreign and domestic, or from the disasters within our borders and lands, both natural or man-made, no madder if it is caused by accident or purposefully.

For those who were called to duty on 9/11 in the face of disaster, fully knowing of the dangers and yet keeper’s of faith, along with that strange ability to maintain a reassuring face, for your loved ones as well as the unknown strangers alike. Who while buttoning your last buttons of your uniform, were still able to fight the fear from within! Who chose to run towards danger, rather than run away from it all in fear! All for honoring their call to duty, to attempt to save, by all means possible the least among us, who gladly would choose to exchanged places with a stranger, to encourage hope, strength and peace, to whom at that time may have given up!  Welcoming the chance to walk through the valley of the shadows of death, and fear no evil, all in the days work! Hero seems to small of a term to be calling you, but heroes you all are. Missed but not forgotten! 10 years ago, yet seems like yesterday!

Politically tarred and feathered?

The political landscape today  in general, is just a reflection of society. True change to this system and the political process, will come when the people in mass get tiered of seeing their own true reflection represented by the kind of leadership in the nation!

The perfect political system does not exist, just as there is no real perfection in people. Discovering this truth or even considering it is just as easy as looking at one’s self and comparing to what is believed to be perfection. No doubt your own spouse, or friends, boss, or even your dog! Would just as soon tar and feather you with their knowledge of your imperfections.

It is also the same with these political leaders of the day. The internet and other media will ultimately and continually confront the fallibility in society’s politicians, professors, police officers, even priests or preachers, and yes our president as well. Society is ever increasingly becoming jaded, cynical, and skeptical with the unmasking of these pillars of society. We all have seen sports heroes, politicians, corporate America, actors, actresses as people for the most part turn to greed. All to get it! In their view, as long as I get it faster than the other guy is able to get it! But just what is “IT”?

So what if we manage to get “IT”?  What is cost to ourselves, our families or careers? So! Are self adsorbed as to give up on the ideas of right, or wrong, the positive or the negative? To justify our actions, choices or positions in life? Have we become so blinded or blindfolded with self, that we do not realize the power of influence that we have by how others see our reputations?

All the while just what happened to the popularity of having a good influence, positive attitude, values, and principles, which we would apply in everyday life? Did I just suck the popularity right out of the integrity deficient room / life?

Integrity or the lack there of is more of an inside job. People struggle with integrity issues because they look towards others; they then justify their own actions with in that prism. The greed of their own wishes leads them into the circumstances of forgetting their own principles, values, or the direction of their moral compass, at the great cost of their reputations!

“Character is made in the small moments of our lives.” Quote Phillips Brooks

Our political leaders use the justifications for their own actions within government saying.” We must come to some sort of agreement for the sake or the good of the country. We will not certainly get, all that we want! But with compromise we will work towards our goals.” That should works well, if we were deciding about just where to build a bridge! But what if the question is the difference of right or wrong? How is compromise to work then, with out loosing principles, integrity, reputations, and our moral compasses? Some things can not be compromised, in public, or privet, or in the back rooms of some kind of deal making posses, without loosing reputations in the process. Yet people look to the other guys and what they are doing as all of the moral justification needed, to justify their own actions or the lack there of.

The tea-party as a political force in today’s politics is now getting the attentions of our leaders in government. They would like to see them defined as radicals, uncompromising, rigid, moralists, and wreckers of the democratic way of life! Yet it is only an over sight, of those in power that do not wish to look at themselves as having given up on principles, and convictions of a higher integrity within themselves. Today’s public has one of the lowest out looks on our government’s abilities to govern. No surprise here when we look at their integrity, principles, values, moral standings, and how they used these, or not, on how they have voted on policies, and laws of the land.

The short slightness of elected officials, as to being open to self examinations, and reevaluation of ones self is the problem! Their actions have become clouded with the attitude of “the end justifies the means!” So their decisions have been as such, without the proper usage of principles, values, consciences, and integrity, only to suffer the loss of reputations with the public voters. Even at a place in time when the public has much of the same problems.

Government official’s solution to this lack of reputation is? LIE! Deceive! Discolor the tea party’s true reputation! Blur the political landscape in such a way as to deceive those who are uninformed, or use the system of paying off with political favors, that on their own look like briberies,given to those they would love to have voted for them. In the end nothing changes and the system remains the same. Yet the longer this is the case the greater mistrust the public has of the political officials, and their control comes into question, if not in jeopardy!

The influence of the tea-party on the process in government thus far has had a huge in pact on our leaders influence! For instances for the first time these “Kings and Queens of government see that the ways of doing business in government must come to a change! A different’s in doing business from the old ways, to new ways of doing business to yet remain in power. Yet this is the biggest problem  for them . Those that have come to rely on the briberies, and free give always, (the old status quo) are looking at these politicians as sellouts if things do not remain the same. Realizing if they change the status quo they will lose something. On the other hand those that have been compelled to support the old status quo with out seemingly being listened to, are also looking for changes to take place to a more even playing field so to speak.

So the reputations or the lack there of, is the focal point within the politicos in government. The tea-party has and is the loudest voice shouting out to our government saying “Enough already!! Give us some true Principles, values, integrity, different direction of the country’s moral compass, a different direction with national debts and the way we pay them off, in the most uncompromising of ways, that not only concedes this generation tax burdens as being to large, but will reduce the next generations need, to be enslaved by a bigger tax burden yet to come!”

The tea-party is just a magnifying force of the populists hoping the government will finally be listening to the people wishes. If they could see there folly, they may regain some of their reputations, as well regained some of the government’s influence over the people.

Integrity is not determined by the circumstances! It is the willingness to do the job at all cost, while preserving what (principles, values, integrity,reputations) one may have or try to gain for themself, while choosing the best way to go. Having integrity will never have you looking over your shoulders, or worrying about, what will happen now!

So here we are if the government gets its way “same-o, same-o, status quo!”           “People of this nation as well as the people of the generations yet to come will get tarred and feathered!!”

If the tea-party influence grows in strength, based on unmovable values of principles,  and integrity!                                                                                                                                 “Then polititions of government or a good number of them will be tarred and feathered!”

Politically  speaking in either way, there are  some that will have to endure “GETTING TARRED AND FEATHERED!!”

All the best


What is it all about?

           Well it is all about my ideas in my head, to put it bluntly. It is about ME! All right then… it is more, how should I put it? The thought in my head at the time. Much about anything good or bad or neither as well some good old bitchen put into the mix. Truth is “I see stupid people!” and at times they look like me. Ya that’s right some of the stupid things I have done… well just, “Stupid I tell Ya!”.

           Life reflects actions of everything that people happen to do. So the things I complain about no matter how stupid !Well! Did that! Or soon will! Or just cracks me up watching it in action. The truth is we all see stupid people, or we are just avoiding the reflections in the mirror.

           Just complaining for fun is well “Stupid” but trying to bring attention to a problem ,or just looking for people to follow you down that road to self re-examination, well that’s good! Right? It is only stupid people who think they have nothing to worry about,and just as easily refuse to re-examine them self’s. We should not avoid the mirror, because we may break it. No! Not at all, but it gives us the chance to take a look at ourself’s and just laugh about? US! If we will not do the job well someone else will! So here is looking at you kids.

           The one that only bitches in a non stop way will ultimately be in the room by themself’s, and deservedly so! Just being as much fun as poking a stick in a wasp nest in a closed room. But to bitch out loud to everyone in the world, for the purposes to look at ourself’s, and our society’s that we live in. That’s therapeutic!!

           So lets take some time to laugh at the stupid things in our world, because when I’m through with all I have to say well it will be a better place, mostly because you all will be laughing at me, or will I be the reflection? You maybe laughing at your self’s?

           So a good mix of things some fun, some plain stupid, some to bring a tear to your eyes (just to keep them from drying out) “Ya that’s the ticket, no sappy stuff!” some things may piss you off, or cause you to respond. Maybe some other stuff, that will come to me when I’m not Bussey laughing at myself or the stupid things in the world.

          So there you have it! It is about seeing things in my corner of the world much like the things in your corner I’m shure. But seeing things with someone’s else’s eyes well ,that’s grand. I think by now you are getting my humor or about too! so all I have to say to that is…….. “WELCOME TO MINDWARPFX”! These pages may slap you around a bit, Or just tickled you’re funny bone!

all the best!

Words have new meanings!

          Have you all noted that all words are not used the same way as they once were? Maybe not the same way, or used in the same sentences, or by people who apply their meanings to them. Or is it that we no longer alow people to express themself’s the same way?

          political speaking, we can not use the same words as someone in the streets. Just a fact and I do not make the rules here. But saying the four letter words like …. oop’s just about let some fly! You get the point? You would never have a politician saying those kind of words in front of the masses, right? So it is safe to say that political correctness has and will change the way people use words, some for good and some for worse. But what about other words where the meanings are being changed by political correctness? Like.. do I dare say them now, and here….. well you bet I will! I’m not for one for stopping when a point should be made. The word is ( Racist)!

         Have you ever been called this just because you disagree with the people who you were with? How about just because you disagreed with a politician and their views, policies? Welcome to the party so to speak! The word has been hijacked from the true meaning and given a new definition. The political correct one. NOT! People just apply words like this just because they can not argue with brain power, or the art of persuasion. You happen to disagree, and bam! Hit with small-minded BS, (political correctness).

         It is not that I do not believe in the fact that racists and racism, has not been damaging to everyone in the world, not only my country. But to call one because they disagree with….. (You fill in the blank) then you are the misguided user of the word. You are insulting those that have truly been on the receiving end of racism!

        More than that, it is the misguided soul that uses words like that  is leading us down the road of loosing our GOD given right to be out spoken with free speech.

          “Free speech was designed to protect offensive speech, for non offensive speech needs no protection.”

           It’s not that we should go out to offend  people with speech of ours, but just to keep in mind that no one like our governments should control what is offensive speech. Ya, the four letter words well that’s just over the top. But to be called racist just because someone doesn’t like what you are saying or what you’re words mean for real…. that’s something else!

          The old word (Speakeasy) used to have a meaning also. A place to go to get liquor at a time when liquor was illegal to get. So people would go to the speakeasy’s and get drinks. I say it is time to apply a new meaning to this word, just to catch up to those who would apply, misguided ones of course, like new meanings to the word racist.

          (Speakeasy) definition: to speak easily, freely about anything, and should be given the fair chance to explain with other words in a most persuasive way possible.

          Enjoy free speech, and speakeasy!

          “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” G. Beck

          all the best!


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