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Zombies VS. Strangegoids!

Zombies VS. Strangegoids!

What is wrong with this picture? Wait for it….allow the picture to materialize in your mind’s eye after you read the next paragraph?

Here is an excerpt from the Seattle police blotter:

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect got onto the bus at 3rd Avenue and Pike Street wearing a nylon stocking mask pulled down over his face. He sat down and kept to himself until the bus reached the 6000 block of California Avenue SW. He then stood up, brandished a handgun and began pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them.”

Wow! Need I say more?

Do you have the mental picture in your mind of what just happened a few days ago in the city of Seattle, on a Metro bus?

So what’s wrong with this picture?

I just want to say there are reasons why people avoid riding the Metro bus system at all costs. How about just for starters; being able to leave and go to your next destination without a significant loss of your day, or without having to wait for the next bus.

So having freedom is a good reason not to ride the Metro bus. I understand that cars are expensive—but freedom is worth every cent, and an increased amount of safety thrown in for free seals the deal for me.

If you have to ride the Metro bus system, let me say this: I’m sorry! Secondly, if you’re seeing an odd person getting onto the bus while they’re wearing a nylon stocking mask—how did society reach that point where everyone just sits there looking the other way at strange or weird, thinking nothing of it.., or, thinking that’s what people do normally while expressing their individuality?

Dealing with strangers is just a societal reality, but this usually happens on your own terms. Not always so when you’re riding the Metro bus? Captive to some degree, you’re stuck having to deal with people who are quite obvious, by their own choices in life “Strangegoids”; harmless for the most part, until someone kindles your memory of some long forgotten horror movie, where the killer or crazed criminal in fact is also wearing a nylon stocking mask, who is also 100% of the time up to no good. Nylon masked thugs are always the ones doing the robberies, murders, assaults and attacks. The “Nylon mask is an attempt to obscure their true identity from being identified as one of your neighbors; yet most movie producers commenting about the violence in their movies, often explain it away as being nothing more than, “Art coping reality”. So seeing someone entering the Metro bus wearing a mask on Halloween, one could think it to be normal, and just looking away? But on any other day or night, it’s time to kick survival into high gear, forming a plan in your mind as what to do next when “Strangegoids” appear at the next stop?

Did it really have to get to the point of the masked man, brandished a handgun, and then pointing the gun at people’s heads and robbing them, before people took notice of the Strangegoid wearing a nylon mask?

Shouldn’t the driver of the bus have acted differently towards him before he got onto the bus?

Should you as a citizen who volunteered to be placed on the bus for a short time in a captive situation have complained, no, demanded to get off the bus for your own safety sake when “Strangegoids” appear? Is that bigoted? Is that unjustly casting judgment, or stereotyping people?

In that small window of time from the moment a 911 call is placed and the arrival of the police / help, who is responsible for your safety?

Hats off to the guys who subdued the masked-gun-man. Certainly they’re cars were in the shop getting serviced or something– because that’s why they were riding the Metro bus on that day. Too the rest of the mind numb people who sat there and looked the other way, accepting, Strangegoids in their company on the bus as being normal, as being something that’s just out of their control, and so they did nothing… Well maybe it’s time you looked into “evolving” into a survivor… or at the very least getting a good used car? Just saying!

In the best case scenario—with a car, and if Strangegoids were Zombies riding on the Metro bus, you’d be safe in your good used car that’s zoom–zoom… zooming right on by, as your friends brains were being eaten. In the worst case—Strangegoids wearing nylon masks could be robbing your friends as the wheels on the bus were going round and round, and again you could Zoom off to get help.

In the movies who gets away and survives horror’s calling by getting on the bus? If art is coping true life, it’s best not to be behind the curve, doing something that was already proven as the wrong move to make on the silver screen. That’s just being stupid.

If the Pentagon can war-game out any eventual attack by Zombies, I’d say sit up and take notice of the Strangegoids all around us and devise your best plan for self-preservation. After all, aren’t Zombies just Strangegoids that have died and come back to life?

Aw! Vacation or time for some personal development?

Aw. Vacation! Is forever too short of time off, from everything, with in our normal routine. Time seems to speeds up at the very moment we take some time off from work. Just to mock us in addition to the mind games we already play on ourself’s. Take the day off from work, presto the 8 hours spent at work will be gone in what seem like a flash. No surprise then, that we fool ourself’s in thinking thoughts of vacation, within some perceived stress free zone called the get-a-way. Would this be living life perfectly? Vacations are indeed fun! Do not ever underestimate them in the least. But don’t allow them to distract, and deceive you into some shallow thought. Getting you to believe in some fantasy world of the unrealistic day-dreams. Aren’t vacations, times off, a short get-a-way, and yes even R-n-R, just descriptions of some fantasy within our minds? Waiting to be made into memories of our reality’s, some life’s experiences we hope to live out. How many times do they live up to the high standards of our day-dreams, of what it will be certainly be like when we get there? Going to some tropical place only to find a hurricane barring down. Dishing torrential rains on what started some months ago as some sunny thoughts. With toes in the sand, a drink in our hand, unlimited fun in the sun, compleat R-n-R. Aw! The Vacation! Or time for some personal development?

With vacations we don’t have many deadlines, as we do with work. In fact we have thrown them out the window! No bosses telling us that. ” There is someone else that wouldn’t mind doing our jobs if we don’t. ” A way to reduce the bosses need to read the new book of ” Modern slaves! The bosses hand-book of lies, to evade having to give out raises, or time off.” No unhappy clients wondering why their orders are being held up in customs. Why not some other poor sap’s orders? No phones to answer, no product to move, no lies to tell in trying to excuse yourself from working any more overtime. No! Not any one of these stresses to haunt you, while your out on vacation. But believing that there isn’t any stress to deal with while on vacation? Is just a fantasy of those who never have gone on vacation before.

What can go wrong, will often go wrong! The journey is the destination. The unknown world of vacation is only half of the trip. Usually half of your time off as well.

Well I have two tickets to paradise, minus the pearly gates and some guy called Saint Peter, for the low, low price of half off. The exchange rate of some completely stress free permanent vacation. Presented as the deal of the century. But the thrill of death is just some what short of what our fantasy are telling us, just what it will be like to be on permanent vacation. My ideas of vacation as I’m shure your’s is. Would be more like the above ground type! Welcome to the completely wrong mind-set, of the unrealistic vacationers universe, the ones that we call a short get-a-way vacation. Created by fantasy alone. Setting realistic expectations is the first step in truly getting the most R-n-R in the shortest time frame. Forgetting this, is just filling a ten gallon hat with twenty gallons of bull crap.

It doesn’t matter if we are to use airplanes, trains, or automobiles, acting as our transporter device. Thinking back to your last vacation, and dealing with all of the above. Thank God! That some pimply face teenager hasn’t invented time travel yet. Everything that can and will go wrong with airplanes, trains, and automobiles, the ones that you’ve already experienced. Doesn’t need to be magnified into reality within time traveling vacations. No need to re-live those problems or add any new problems to the long list of them already running. Who wants to throw into the mix of things time travel, in getting you to your vacation? If you ever had jet lag? You’ve experienced time travel to a small degree. Just a few hours worth. Now think about a few years worth! Let your imagination run wild for just a bit with that one. Aint that a bitch!

Just think of the TSA agent in charge of running the time machine security screening. You would have to go through practically in the nude. People can not bring some kind of weapons of the future into the past. You know? TNT, AK-47’s, underwear bombs… and some such. Running the time machines time dialer is a nother. Everything is on touch screens. Even the instructions on how to do it. The words of ” How to do it,” doesn’t mean free porn! Pay per view, or other wise. Picking a time and place? Examining the many possibility’s and charges to go along with it all.  Choices on top of choices. Are you feeling the stress? Extra charges and advanced pricing according to time zones and year zones traveled. Check the appropriate boxes; indicating that you have read the governments instructions on payment methods, taxes, and restrictions. Understand them is always optional. Checking the boxes; indicating that you have read the disclosure statements and understand them…? Excepting all and any risks….? Even the small print. The small print that says…? Check the box if you agree? Example: If you travel on the 29 of February, and you’re looking to be out on vacation for a year. Will you have to come back on the next February, 29th? So is that one years worth of chargeable vacation, or a forced additional 3 years worth because it would be leap year? Extra charges and taxes are going to be what? Reading the small print we find. These charges may be disputed or waved only in the event of penguin stampede in Phoenix Arizona in August at noon most days! Exceptions may apply, or be changed without notice. Your hearing from behind you. ” Just check the boxes a bit faster. My vacation time is running out here!” Putting away your magnifying glass. Your thinking by now. “But that is more like wining a lottery of sorts.” If the time traveler device is invented to extend even more options to the vacationers planing universe. The future is going to suck! Longer lines and even slower readers of the old, who have yet to catch up to the technology of the day.

So using airplanes, or trains, or cars to get to the distinctions we dream about. Still has familiar, yet different problems to it, then the ones with time travel. But still applying the same stresses all the same. Air travel is just a suitcase full of stress. First you have to take off your shoes, exposing your holy socks. While waiting in a really long, slow-moving line. Going to the bathroom will only have you starting at the back of the line once again. So you hold it! If possible? Mind over matter…. Now you’re wondering, why you had that extra cup of coffee to keep you awake. Trying not to pee your pants, is doing the job of keeping you awake, just the same as all that caffeen. Who knows maybe even better than the caffeen! Don’t worry! Be happy! Your going on vacation!

Arriving at the TSA agents station, you empty your pockets, send your shoes through the bomb detecting ex-ray machine, and prepare for your molestation. Standing like a flash’er, the TSA agent explains he or she is fully trained to detect underwear bombs of all types. While feeling you up with that sick kind of smile. Just unnerving! So this is vacation? No surprise that so much alcohol is served in flight. Of course the alcohol is the number one reason for making you feel stupid that your luggage went to tim-buck-two and you are standing in customer no service, wondering just where in the heck is, time-buck-two? Listening to a pre-recorded voice of a bad accented customer service agent in tim-buck-two explaining in a mary-go-round fashion. Telling you! That they are actively trying to work out some glitches to the system. Your blood pressure is going through the roof, and that background music ( The song; Don’t worry, Be happy! ) Is the newest source of stress. But then finely, in your hurry to get the hell out of the airport. Fully frustrated! Just running from the fears and memories of the TSA agent. Grabbing the wrong suitcase identically to yours. That they conveniently found in the back room and presented as your’s. May in all hurry get you to the vacation destination, fun in the sun, rest and relaxation. Indeed all of these experiences have put you on the beach, with a thong bathing suit, you didn’t pack for your vacation, two sizes to small.

Air travel seem to get you there in record speed. But in all reality, air travel is nothing more than a faster pace shoveling of stress from one sea-shore to another.

Driving is good way to go? But then driving always made me tired. Driving for 10 hours a day, for days on end to get across the country. Seem too much like work. That’s just the beginning of vacation. You will have to repeat this posses to get back home. After all of the hours trapped in a small box full of what seem like family, but interacts with you more like complete strangers. Conversations of repeating catch phrases ” Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom! I’m sick… have to throw-up… never mind! ” Not to mention the gas from that last mexican fast food pit stop. Is just some of the fun of traveling by car. Swearing after wrong turns, or at the navigator for misleading the adventure. While flipping-off other drivers, after getting cut off. Is that, the kind of examples you want to teach your kids, your impression of what fun is? Driving doesn’t alow for a good stiff drink to calm nerves. But is more of a caffeen over dose, shooting your nerves totally to hell. Just to keep you awake for a few more miles, all to stay on schedule. Sounds like vacation, a short get away, some rest and relaxation… success? Or a stress filled exhaustion, on the high-way to an early heart attack?

Do we ever slow down? Why must we feel the need of doing the unimportant twice as fast? We never seem to work on relaxing, the reason for the vacation in the first place.

We should take some time to work on our own lives, making the  improvements to our abilities to take on the world when we return to it. Relaxation techniques would help? Working to improve our own values, within work, home fiance, home, family, working relationships…. and so on. The personal side of working on ourself’s. No one has to know just what we are working on. Yet takeing some time to ourself’s in order to accomplish addressing these within ourself’s, is far more relaxing. There is no dead-lines to this kind of self examinations, while on vacation. This has a better chance in leading to more relaxed times, as well as getting into some new kinds of chill-ax-en when at home. As you can see there is no need to run here, and then there, and then.. “Oh God we are late for the bus tour, swimming class, sight-seeing “, blah, blah, blah…. and so on. Can you feel the stress. No real need to get stressed out, while on vacation trying to enjoy what ever our dreams say vacations should be….? If you’re trying to relieve yourself from the memories of stress from everyday life why pack-up all that stress to bring along while on vacation? No real need to live life shaken, when stirred is just fine in mixing it up a bit.

Really! Vacations aren’t that bad. But if vacations are filled with all that stress while on them. You could always just go to the airport, getting felt up by the TSA, and then call it good. At least that stress would feel like it is truly being left in the past, on your way out of the airport again.

Just relax…. chill…. life is truly good. Making some improvements to yourself’s will make the time in-between vacations feel somewhat more stress relived. The experiences on vacation more memorable, life while waiting for your next vacation more tolerable. Aw! The vacation, or time for some personal development? Dream on!

All the best.

Human bulldozers!

Human bulldozers! What? How can a human be a bulldozer? Yes that’s what I must have thought when it happened, but there I was and it was just a new fact of life now days. People! Love them, or just hate them? Each of us must pick as to which one it will be. To those who hate them ( people in general as being ” Them ” ) Just a short observation. Save the world from all of your hate and lock yourself away and hate at will, or all that you want, with in your own self-imposed prison. But if you crawl out from under your rock… hate in compleat silence and keep it to yourself! No exceptions please! If you love them ( people in general I’m speaking again) love the differences and one at a time please! It is the differences that makes, all of us in the world worth discovering. love is truly in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure that someone out there in the real-world thinks that a bulldozer can be, or to some are completely SEXY!

Recently some occupy people were protesting in my neck of the woods. Something about the military sending supply by railway to the port, for shipping overseas. War is hell all by itself, but then people who love to protest war don’t think about that at the least. They only see the world as what they want it to be. Even if it is unrealistic. Thinking to-day we have professional protesters whose interest is only to bitch about something. So their protests are more of a self-directed and misguided protest. May I add. Their protesting the men / women in the military that have no choice in the where and when. They simply must go to war if so order. These protesters should protest their politicians not the grunts carrying out the orders given. But these protesters by protesting, just decided the way to go is, getting in the way of the trains transporting war supply. Apparently these protesters didn’t know, or care to find out about trains. This mother who brought a little girl to the protest, then decided to use her ( The girl ) as an ultimate manipulation, just standing her ground against the on coming train. STUPID! STUPID! BITCH! (sorry about the word Bitch.) But some times stupid should be just paralyzing painful! Stopping stupid in its tracks. If some one, then still chooses stupid over good reason. In just such an instance… well extreme pain…. survival of the fittest is the rule, that rules the day.

She was asked by some news reporter as to what she was thinking? The answer… ” Well they should have seen myself and daughter and stopped the train. But they just kept on coming! Who does that?” Pain.. extreme pain I say. How did this brainless  person become a mother, and how will she pass-down survival skills to her daughter? Well even the stupid can multiply I guess. But with regards to the train stopping? Well these trains can take up to a mile to stop. Depending on the speed and the amount of weight of all of the freight and cars pushing on the engine. In short! THEY DON”T STOP ON A DIME! Oh ya! the engineer saw you and your daughter all right. But despite applying the brakes just had to sit there and watch with horror. Ever thought about these brave men and women who have to live with this for the rest of their lives? Despite applying the brakes, they have to watch stupid in action, unable to do anything for the survival of the helpless kid placed in harm’s way by their parent.

Just like this women, there are people who do this kind of thing with their driving as well. Yes they do! Not that they are protesting anything. But maybe getting to work faster? They cut off a semi-truck just so they can see or take the next exit. Maybe thinking they will move faster, or just thinking they are moving to slow and… or getting off the starting line with too much speed so…. Only finding out traffic is holding up the speeder drivers from moving faster. The truck is moving with traffic after all. Once again these drivers explain to the police officers who are investigating the accident they cause. “Well they have brakes and should have seen me instead of hitting me.” The pain of stupid just wasn’t in the injuries they certainly suffer by getting into the accident. But should have been accidents preventing paralyzing pain. ( Just a dream I know. But one can dream.)

The problem with evolution is….. 20 million years later or so and stupid keeps finding some how to adapt and survives another day. How? Stupid, shouldn’t be smart enough to survive or adapt. Extinction would and should have been its fate. The only other way for stupid to survive, is for people who are just on this side of the border line of stupid, who then tend to save the more stupid, in order to disguise themself’s, that their lacking in IQ points. No other way to explain it!

Walking along on a sunday afternoon. A day out on the town so to speak with my wife. We were trying to take in some community event. Tones of people! So true to form. Put lots of people into a small place and you get people who think they should have privileges over everyone else.

At first I started noticing that people with baby strollers, were just pushing through the crowds. In some cases they were just bumping into people or at other times, they were just going ageist the grain of movement. You know? People have this herd mentality, and move along with other people in the same direction, speed, and pace. Like lanes of traffic, some going to the event and others leaving. Some Moms and Dads with strollers just think people will see they have a baby, hopefully stopping in their tracks. Clearing the way for them. So people are using the defenceless baby’s as the human bulldozers. Going through the crowds like virgin ground, clearing the human trees.

I try to be polite with people. I’m in no real hurry when I’m out on the town with my wife. After all, we are just enjoying time spent together. No need to hurry through our day. But if anyone knows how to get some extra hours on days like that please drop a line and let us know.

But when people use kids like this just because they feel entitled to do what ever they wish, with no regards to their kids safety, I then have problems with people at times! Getting bumped into, time and again. I can handle alright. But getting knocked down and then having insults hurled at me. All because I didn’t see them, when they were the ones that hit me… Then yelling at me without checking first with their kid to see if they are okay, then checking with me for the same thing. But no! Choosing to yell at me, as part of the verbal training of their kids on how to sware at strange people in public, as the lesson of the day. The training, all good parents should teach their kids on how to be great human bulldozers some day.

The only thing these people could find to meet their match, was this old guy in a wheelchair. After all who is going to hurl insults back in the direction of little kids and stupid? After the collision this parent just broke into the same routine. Yelling first before realizing they plowed into an old man in a wheelchair. This old guy didn’t have too much patience either. Nor did he like kids and just out swore the parent. so the parent just strolled away at a high rate of speed.

Just where are they going so fast as to use their kid’s stroller as the bulldozer to clear a pathway through the sea of humanity, come hell or high water? The beer garden! The stroller parked just outside with one parent on guard and the other drinking down a beer quickly, after a while, giving in to the old switch-ola of parents and the responsibility’s of guard duty’s of the bulldozer.

I don’t know about you? But there should be a new attraction in town. Two screaming stone sculptures of paralyzing stupid people permanently pushing an empty stroller! In excruciating pain may I add! As the new art works in the park. Named, the human bulldozer! ( The stroller has to be empty to give a signal to everyone else that these kind of people just should not be parents.) For these parents who had no regard for their kid, or other people. Who had to cross through what seemed like impossible crowds of people. People who would have only liked to enjoy some sun, spending time with loved ones, while out and about, just enjoying life itself. But then.. stupid people had to get their beer fix! Like a crack cocaine whore at a free crack cocaine giveaway in the middle of the buzzy freeway. With no regard to anyone else’s enjoyment of a sunny day. Or their personal safety, net alone their kid’s safety. For them BEER was just more important!! It is one thing if you choose these kind of actions on your own, to play in the middle of the freeway of sorts. But bringing your kids into the picture just to gain an advantage for yourself? Shows compleat selfishness on your part! The mom by the way, looked somewhat like the person who was on TV saying “The train should have seen them and just stopped on a dime!”

Small kids should be asking their parents or anyone who will be listening to them… ” Hay why are those stone statues screaming while pushing a stroller?”

“Oh! That’s what happens to people who are really stupid! So do your home work and never become a stupid people.” Is the answer that should be given..

” Why are they screaming?”

” That’s because stupid also hurts really.. really bad!!”

I say Never use or abuse your kids! Life’s gift to you should be great pain, for those who have no greater importance for their kid’s, only to be used as a human bulldozer, in order to get your way. If you feel like this Just never leave the house untill your kids are adults and moved out on their own. Save the rest of us in having to deal with your stupidity. Better yet! Don’t have kids in the first place!! It is better for the kids that way. As for these kind of parents… who love beer more than kids. You deserve a special place to live out your addictions all alone. Go to hell with your misguided attitudes and your use of The human bulldozers!

At least I feel better now!!

Kid’s… must have a greater value to you, then even yourself, If your going to have them!

In dealing with the public in general. People have to know their own limitations!!

All the best!

With gas soon to be $5.00, We need a beer Czar!

With unemploymentt at too high of a range, oil prices too high, and gas going to the unexpected $5.00 per gallon. We the people, need the answers to these problems that say “genius!” Okay! Maybe that’s just a bit over the top. But solving problems and making life better all in the same time isn’t too much to ask? I say a car in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, and affordable green energy for the nation. Just to kick the nations in the oil-producing world in the nuts real hard! Enter into the mix the need for the beer Czar!

First I must say, being under employed these days I’m offering my services to the government for the future job of being the beer czar. Why do we need a beer czar, you ask? Well we have plenty of czars who do… Well it slips my mind as to the exact excused that the government uses as why we have czars in the first place. Maybe it sounds socialistic, and the government kids, like the sound when they say czar? But who really knows? I’m only interested in the position because it pays on average $120,000.00 per year for all of the other czars out there. So why should the beer czar work for less? Besides that’s better pay with benefits then any job in the non-government sector. When we have a Nintendo czar / video game czar, in the government already. Don’t we need to round out the entertainment / czar’s positions in government?

I guess when president Obama said “we can not afford to fall behind the Europeans and the Chinese with green energy research.” It struck me! Well it may have been that bio-diesel truck in front of me. The exhaust smelled like french fries, instead of the usual sick diesel smell. Going past the brewery at the same time gave me the subliminal message to get some beer-batter fried fish and chips. Imagine that! Toxic gases could inspire me to get some fattening foods, net alone give me the idea of the beer czar. Or is that why we refer to those gases as “Toxic?”

Look Germany is Europe’s main source of green energy used in their electrical grid. But at what cost to their economy? In fact, recently they said they will no longer support their green energy through solar electricity. It was not worth the cost, they said. So for America to take the number 2 spot on green energy is somewhat easier. But  what about using beer as the source of future energy? It is green! It has a solar component to it as well. After all the barley and hops are grown in the sun. We may be behind Germany with the beer purity laws, but give us time. We need a beer czar first.

Re-engineering the internal-combustion engine is the first step. The cost of doing this should be easy. But finding the money to do this should be easier still. finding extra money for this among the wasteful spending dollars not yet spent in government. No one is looking, so with beer no one cares. Instead of spending good cold cash on some muslim country that will only find some reasons not to sell oil to us, and or curb oil production to raise prices, or just finding some new reasons to hate. You know some crazy outrageous accusations calling us all “the infidels!” You know who they are… wink, wink. I don’t see a need to spend money on putting our balls into a vice and then letting some other country who hates us put the pressure to us. Ya! We may be tough.. but that is needless pain to endure. Why pay for the self-abuse in the form of buying oil, from people who call us Infidels? No matter if it is individually or as a country. The beer czar would reduce foreign oil consumption, thus reliving the pressure on our country’s balls and economy alike.

With grain alcohol mainly made with corn. We are only cutting into the food supply. Cows = beef, chicken = take out food, and pig = pork bacon, they all eat corn. But if we are going to make alcohol from our grain it will rise the price of meat. So I say let the whole world hear the roar of our muscle cars engine, let the alcohol be the life blood of transportation, and with beer there is no such problems. Who eats barley? I mean barley as some food stuff on your diner plate. Not in this country anyway. We as the Germans, make beer from it. After all meat is meat and man has to eat. So lets put beer into our cars tanks, and let the beer wash down our meat that we eat. A win, win in anyones book.

As the beer czar I would have to regulate it. Some would be for fuel and some just for enjoyment. Beer fuel would be safer to use then gasoline. When there is a car crash and a leak from the fuel tank, one spark and poof. But with beer being the fuel of the future, people would just run for empty containers to hold the spilling beer. More like a keg’er on the highway. What about slipping on some icy roadway, ending up down the hill aways? Stuck with no real rescue and with nothing to eat but salty crackers. What to do? Tap the beer gas tank and wash down the salty crackers. Alcohol also keeps people from freezing in the cold you know. That’s why those High mountain dogs, the ones with those kegs of hard alcohol around their necks. Trained to find the strangers and give them something to keep from freezing to death. You know the ones? Of corse the alcohol would keep them from remembering that the dog would also try humping their legs while they sleeping off the alcohol. No such problem with beer in the gas tank.

The beer czar’s main job would have to be, tasting the different blends of course. With brewery showing up in Boston and Colorado, and all up and down the west coast. Building a brewery is much easer then a refinery for gas. Quicker as well. No need for the EPA to over regulate the brewery’s of the future. Hell The unemployed with a few classes could produce their own fuel on the kitchen stove in their own homes. Giving them the transportation fuel to get to work. At a lower cost then gas. If you don’t have a job to go to, you could drink the extra beer… not while driving of course. Just looking out for the poor among us. Now I’m sounding more like the president. So I’m right for the Job!

With all the crazy stories coming out of washington DC these days. Going green for our energy needs. You know! Solar power or future fuel from green slime algae. Would you rather put that soon to be $10.00 per gallon gas into your gas tank, or that green slime biodiesel? Who really knows how expensive that’s going to be? What does that green slime biodiesel smell like anyway’s? I would rather smell toxic gases coming from the truck in front of me that smells like beer batter fish and chips. So filler up with Coors. Not the light stuff! Regular… for this hot rod! I could use the extra octane in my tank. Besides I like the sound of kicking those oil-producing country’s in the nuts real hard, with the roar of my engine. Beer in my tank and the sound that their cracking nuts make! Now that’s true green energy!

Help a guy out and let your public official know, “We need a beer czar!” Might as well be me!

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Got it made in the shade…

What does it take for a fantasy to be foiled, leading into disaster of sortes? Fantasy’s are just that a dream! They are just for fun, not to be acted upon. We all have had some kind of fantasy of some grandeur in our lives, especially when we are faced with tough things to go through in them. Rather then living on a hope and a prayer. We should all see our lives as imperfect, they are just the tests that will make us stronger in the end.

” Don’t worry about the things that life gives you, and are beyond your control. But worry about the things that are in your control, yet you choose not to control them.” Unknown quote.

Making improvements or just trying to improve the excitement level in life, doesn’t mean that we should delve into the wrong side of behaviors. The dividing line between good and evil. Yes I do believe in those two things as the influence to every choice that someone can make. It may be fun to fantasize about being in the “Great train robbery”, and getting away with it. Then being able to rest and relax in the sun. Reminds me of the Van Halen song that goes like ” Got my toes in the sand, got a drink in my hand, Bills are played and got it made in the shade and all I need is a women! Under stand?” Okay I singing and dancing around the house, making like I’m the rock star that I am. But that’s the good kind of fantasy, being in the great train robbery is the kind that leads to prison more than likely. The good and the evil kind of fantasies, which can lead to the wrong side of choices.

If we are trapped in life, beyond our control by choice. Do we then have responsibility’s for our actions? Do we have the right to act out of vengeance for why we are in this mess in the first place. If life gives you lemons make lemonade?

Being trapped in a wheelchair isn’t easy on so many levels. As to why we may find ourself’s in such a place in life? Isn’t the true question to ask. It is just life’s lemons! So these people who have to endure this kind of existences may find it somewhat easier to fantasize about a different time and place. Just to pick up spirits a-bit. There is that song again… Bills are paid and I got it made in the shade. Oh smile and laughs a-bit, at the very least people!

A fantasy of sorts, are the escapes that people need in life, just to take a break from the reality. It is when the lines of fantasy and reality’s blur a bit, or when we strap on beer goggles and view the possibility’s in front of us. You know the 3 or 4 look like the 10’s. In some cases and after a few more cases of beer the 1’s look like the 7 or 8… maybe even 10’s and you just won the loto of love. But then you are really drunk, and aren’t able to perform. With a splitting head-ache the next morning the only thing you are able to remember is ” Man that woman had the deepest voice I have ever heard! ” Then reality kicks in… Was that a… Oh God no! Tell me it isn’t true! When imploring a fantasy into your choices leave the beer goggles to someone else.

Choosing between the good side of life or dabbling into the excitement of, the evil side. consider the consequences of choice. If you are in a wheelchair consider the price to be paid for new-found excitement.

Stan was making his way up the street towards the convenience store. This day was the same as all the rest. It was sunny, with a slight breeze from the sea. Stan hardly took notice of the day at hand. He was transfixed on his destination. He commanded the wheelchair with total control. His skills of the joy stick, guided his wheelchair around obstacles with ease. It didn’t matter if he was passing others walking along his path, or up or down the sidewalk ramps, his speed didn’t slow down much!

With a swoosh of the automatic doors opening, Stan rolled into the store. The clerk greeted him with a smile, but Stan hardly took notice. Moving through the narrow pathways of products offered in the store, his chair stopped in front of the coolers where the beer was kept. Stan struggled with the doors and retrieved a 12 pack of his favored beer. With a slight movement of the joy stick and the chair wheeled around and made its way to the checkout counter and the clerk.

” Will that be all sir?” The clerk again, then smiled at the costumer.

Stan hardly heard what the clerk said to him, do to the accent of the man speech. Glancing only for a moment making eye contact he responded. ” Ya. There is!” Producing a knife, and pointing it at the clerk, he then made full eye contact. His eyes looked cold and determined, noticing the clerk surprised look along with some confusion as well. He knew he had a narrow window of opportunity, with the element of surprise. He ordered! ” Give me all your money! Now! Do you want me to do something? I’ll flay you like a fish! Lets go, all of it now!”

The clerk was robbed twice in this month, last time by a 16-year-old who pressed the gun into his mouth. This time he didn’t fear the robber. This punk in a wheelchair of all things… I’m going to knock him out of the chair and call the police. He thought. Backing up at the same time away from the cash resister. Moving slowly with the stealth of a lion about to attack his pray.

” Hay! Didn’t I tell you… get your ass over to the cash, and give it all to me!” manoeuvring his chair to counter the movements of the clerk.

“Just take the beer and go!” He commanded, at the same time pointing towards the door.

“What? Old man…” Stan was puzzled and didn’t quite know just how this was playing out. Trying to work it out in his head at the same time trying to look intimidating. The voices of his conscience was telling him to get out with the beer. Yet the arm holding the knife was influencing him to go for it all! “Dud I’ll cut you… just give me the money! You’ll get it back from the insurance.”

The clerk now was moving around the corner by a candy display, in full view of each other. For a short moment of time they didn’t move, or say anything. How could this wheelchair bandit think he would have even a half of a chance with robbing anyone? The thoughts of a former police officer, the job he had in his country of his origin. He was now looking for the right opening to strike.

With the speed of a striking snake! Stan was now bitten! The fight was on! The clerk was in an award position for fighting, like he was leaning over a counter, do to the position of the seated robber. His arms were flying around striking Stan in the face. Stan was maneuvering to avoid the lashing strikes as well trying to hang on to the knife and beer at the same time. The other hand was trying to direct the movements of the wheelchair in full retreat. The clerk was trying to unfasten the seat belt that held the robber into his chair. The legs of the aslant didn’t seem like they could maneuver, so the belt was keeping him up in the full seated position. Just what the seatbelt was designed for. His intentions were to knock the robber out of the chair and then move the chair out-of-the-way and call the police to arrest him. With the seat belt keeping this from happening, he now was trying to hit him, along with trying to turn him over completely! Wheelchair and all, if he must!

Stan realized quickly this clerk wasn’t to be messed with so he went to plan “B”. He struck the man in the legs 3 times quickly, with the hand that was holding the knife. Each time the knife plunged into the clerks leg the pain was registered on the face with the look of disbelieving agony. The clerk fell backwards, holding his leg and letting go of the wheelchair robber. All the while yelling at him in his native tong. Spinning the chair around and out the door. Stan realized I could have killed the man for what? BEER! Thoughts were bouncing around his head like BB’s in a railroad box-car, with “what the Hell!” and ” How do I get out of hear with all my ill-gotten loot of Beer?”

Down the street just as he had come. At a fast pace and with great manoeuverability weaving around people and obstacles. The skill of having used the chair for a while. With the sound of the sirens in the distance he decided to catch the next ally. Swooping into it he headed towards the back and then around the end of the building.

Suddenly Stan lunched forward, stopped only by his seatbelt, as his chair came to a compleat stop! If it weren’t for his belt he would have been thrown to the ground in front of his chair. He quickly looked around and assessed the problem. With his heart still pounding he slowly realized he was trapped in loose sand. The biggest problem for a person in a wheelchair. A hazard I suppose for living neer the beach. Caught like a fly on fly paper. Stan waited for the inevitable end of getting caught and arrested. With only time on his hands he thought… If I’m going down for this may as well drink these beers or they will get warm.

The name that was used in these events was the work of fiction, but the story is true. Read the link and read the true story. It should help in pointing out there is always a different way to find excitements in life. Even when the end of the stories are the same. You got it made in the shade…. you’re finding yourself relaxing with your toes in the sand, and a drink in your hand, and your thinking…….?

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