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Monday night football Headline SeaHawks vs Redskins

Ripped from today’s headlines about the Monday night football game, SeaHawks vs. Redskins.

The battle lines are drawn, the game plans are in place, and the winner is yet to be crowned.

Did I mention that both sides of any issue are equally offended by the other? So hear my question, “is it posable to out law hate without recreating new hatred?”

It is my opinion that this is what political correctness is exactly doing in our society today. And all by itself is shamefully and disgustingly limiting everyone’s ability to live within some perceived life of equal free speech freedom.

The name “Redskins, or Washington Redskins” is fast becoming a manufactured outrage du jour of the day. It is political correctness run a muck. It is the total discard of FreeSpeech. Because free speech is the protection of offensive speech, because non offensive speech needs no protection. Political correctness goes beyond the speech and enters the arena of personal intent and thoughts behind the speech used, and judged by popular political motivations. Thus it is the slippery slope of controlled thinking, acceptable group thinking, an engineered thought proses or a type of re created mindset for the purpose of group control.

In an interview with a sports commentator this question was asked,
“Would you be moved to stop using it (the uses of the team name “Redskins”) if the company that we work for or if the FCC were to fine you or fire you for using that name, would that move you?”

This was the answer given,
“Those would be very powerful motivating forces for me,” he acknowledged, adding that he thinks the FCC stepping into this debate is out of line, a type of government over reach.

Nobody even attempted to confront this type of question as being out of line. The media which stands on their soapbox preaching the right to free speech seemingly forgot the issue in its hurry to tilt the scales of popular opinion. This type of questioning is out of line because of our rights in this country’s founding to give everyone equal ability to openly speak, to have free speech.

Think about it for a moment apart from the popular words of news hype. If you as an individual fear finical impact, or fear the power of your employer to pressure you into a thought proses of having to act as they demand, where is your freedom? What if your employer demands you to vote politically a certain way….have certain religious affiliations…..beliefs, or demanding individuals change their beliefs….,or except their union view? Isn’t freedom cast a side then?

And we haven’t even entertained any what “If’s” should government place demands into that picture.

Listen to the interview, some of these points aren’t even brought up or even presented for open air debate. The political correct mind creep has already excepted a power greater then free speech without even seeing–today we will try to control any opposition, tomorrow we will control those who we today call friend.

Without free speech you don’t really have freedoms, because everything someone can say or do, can also offend any other person.

Its time we think of political correctness / the effort to control speech to a curtain groups way of thinking, as being to much like this….Evil preaches tolerance till it’s dominant, then it seeks to stamp out good.

In deciding good or evil in anyone, it is necessary to except that we all may be offended or could be the offender. It is in the content of character within individuals that drive their actions or gives individuals the power to just walk away. Because a person changed against their will is of the same opinion still.

All the best. Enjoy your freedom to speak up or out on this subject.
PS. Enjoy tonight’s game…..Go! Hawks!

For the audio and script of the interview click link below.

Dori Monson won’t shy from saying ‘Redskins’ during MNF broadcast http://t.co/ns7G3OazMW

Replay monday-night football !

On a previous post titled “Monday night football!” I needed some revisiting of this subject matter. Because of the responses I got from some friends of mine. So we are going to have sort of replay moment of monday-night football. On my last post I didn’t make it to clear for all whom may have read it. Sorry! I didn’t wish to promote the wrong ideas. Too replay, ESPN pulled Hank Williams song for monday-night football because he made some statement that ESPN disagreed with. So they claimed, or their defenders claimed, they made a business decision for pulling it.( for more on this in details read previous post of mine titled “Monday night football.”)

Dont get too much ahead of me on that. I agree with the right for ESPN to be able to pull the song if they wish. I also disagree with the reasons they may or may not have expressed to the general public, as to why they pulled it! It is still a free country last I checked.

ESPN just has implied by their actions, that they made a business decision. But what Williams said was of a political nature. Not a sports commentary! Should they even have reacted too it? These were his own opinions I must say. ( In an interview not conducted by ESPN I must add.) We all should be able to agree, to disagree in our points, or our views in every subject in life. I say “celebrate the differences of the points of views, and free speech at the same time.” The general public is educated to some point to be able make their own decisions in everything that they see, or hear in the media. They have the ultimate power to turn it off, change the channel and so on. If big media makes the decision to pull a song or an interview, or what ever it is, that a public person says or does, because they disagree with them. They are then voicing their own views on the subject matter to the public as a whole. Just by their own actions or lack of actions that they may choose to take. A free country should alow for this kind of actions by free companies of the media. But at the same time those who conduct interviews should control their own question in that interviewing proses, sticking to the subjects discus, so to stay in line with their own audiences that they have. Example sports media should then keep it on sports, news on news, religious on religious, political on the politics, and so on. The very moment that in this case (ESPN’s pulling of Mr Williams song because of political statement), they then have crossed a line in a round about way airing out their own political views to the general audience. Not a sports points of view. ESPN should have made a bigger effort to remain neutral, un-jaded, unbiased. But they didn’t!

Should ESPN or other media complexes be involved in determining society’s value system, or political views to be in consistent to theirs?

But all of you are saying ( the people who talked to me on this as being the all!) that they have the right to their views and air them out to the people. I say, right they do! But if they are going to let their own political views out then they should also alow others to express their points of views as well? That’s an open and free non biased media. If they disagree with statements made? Then why not put out a statement like this…. ” Mr Williams view are his own expressed opinions, not necessarily the ones of this station, or its advertisers, or its hosts.” But ESPN did neither to date, that I’m aware of? Perhaps they did, but most of the people who I had a discussions with just kept on saying that “ESPN made a good business decisions!”

Is this what it is all about then? Money? Trying then to control people with the ability to make money, or not, depending on, or weather or not they act out on your behalf? I do get that the parent company of ESPN has a lot to gain in revenues on political ads this election year. So I can see, that they may look at what was said by Mr. Williams as damaging to their ad campaign or their abilities to sell air time for the highest profit. If this is so, then they should be asking of themself’s ” Are we then bought and paid for by one of the two political views out there?” In which case only looking at this from this point of view, would make it a business decision for them. But why not have some political back bone for some values, or positive principles? By issuing a disclaimer or a rebuttal. This should have given ESPN the reassurance to get a good profit for their air time ads. By looking unbiased. This would show that they don’t have a one-sided opinions. At the same time putting some distance between their opinions and those of Mr. Williams.

Maybe it is just me, looking to the sinister side of people, as why I see it as thus? ESPN just was looking for more of an inline view of their opinions, from Mr. Williams, with regards to his political views. Taking their opportunity to be able to conduct their own business decisions, at the same time expressing their views through their actions and decisions. Mr. Williams views even tho given to some other news outlet happened to be the controversy. This kind of controversy was not to their liking, nor did they wish to explain away their own views in the proses. But considering they are a sports media outlet, not a political one. I think it was the parent company that put the pressure on them to act as they did. But who knows for sure? Maybe it was the NFL league it self? In any case ESPN should show some back bone, and have expressed these points to whom it may have concerned, rather than running from it and Mr. Williams. To then claim that some how, Mr. Williams statements were or can be damaging to their business, is to be thin-skinned, and misguided when you consider other people’s actions, behaviours, and statements of the past, by public people, or entertainers that ESPN has used before.

If they wish to make this kind statement, in the light of their own actions, and behaviors, then they should have some consistency with their actions and behaviors? Not being able to support Mr. Williams song because of what he thinks of the political land scape as he see it, is just plain wrong! When no one is holding anyone else to these same standers. Anyone else in sports or the entertainment world should then expect to be treated the same way, and held to these same standards as Mr. Williams was. Over the years there has been lots of domestic violence behaviours by sports players. Drug and alcohol abuse, or drug dealing charges brought about to sports players, or how about the one of the most resent examples of bad behaviors and actions by public person. The animal abuse charges and conviction for dog fighting, and gambling on the out comes of these fights just to name a few cases. Yet no such standards of a so-called business dictions by ESPN, The NFL, The Media as a whole have ever been implemented! Shouldn’t we all expect that money isn’t everything in business or to a point of having such opinions? Or should business just be about prostitution, and sell it’s self, in place of values or taking some valued actions? When we have this kind of inconsistency it can be said it is truly greed that is out of control! Using people with obvious problems just to make money, rather than standing on some values is just crazy. Using sports players like this? All the while choosing to overlook their problems, is silently supporting those poor behaviours by those who are engaging in them! When these public media outlets come to a place of having consistency with their behaviours then we, the public may believe them more or have a greater respect for them and their actions. The truth is in sports, if you have great talent then you as the talent will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. But the talent pimps ( The Media ) will get there share of the action. The players or the entertainers then become to the media outlets, the commodity of sorts that will insure profits. So when these people make poor decisions and or get caught, the sports / media complex will get better deals for them, by using their influence on those cases. By public services they should perform, or reduced sentences, or a well-come back with open arms and bigger contracts of money. these sports / entertainers star that still can still be a fan base draw, and get the fans in the stadiums seats. Are the source of the media’s income or a part of their revenue stream. Should the media or the public overlook passed behaviours, once some kind of price has been paid by them? Or will these actions just be overlooked once again? All in the name of profit!!

If these business would be totally honest and have some principles of values, with their moral compasses in the right place. Then maybe they would not have been so quick to disassociate themself’s from Mr. Williams. Or maybe they would make consistent business decisions, and refuse to take interviews, or broadcast games when these sports stars of a lesser value systems are involved in them. All just for, “in the name of consistency!” If they are interviewing song writers, or performers to entertain at games, then maybe they should search high and low to see what these people have said. Just to see! As well to remain consistent with their views or concerns? At least in doing so they would then look less greedy, and more value orientated. Isn’t that what good business decisions are made of? With regards to their decisions made about Mr. Williams and his statements, I see it as ESPN only considered  it, on how it was going to affect the bottom line, and how they wanted to sell political ads from their parent company, or that the NFL placed some kind of pressures on them. You in the public who may be reading this. May still think that ESPN doesn’t sell political ads? But we must consider that the parent company does! Besides if ESPN is nonpolitical, then they should have acted and made decisions that were nonpolitical in nature! They should stand for something of values and not just act in such a way that can be seen as valueless, or greedy, and therefore out of control. A simple disclaimer on what was said would have ended it all, rather than opening up Pandora’s box of questions as to why with Mr. Williams, and not with others? This decisions by ESPN opens the door to what kind of values and actions, behaviour, statements, or political views would be supported by their sports media complex, and those whom they decide, to invite in having something to do with the business. Should they be vocal with their inactions through their actions? As some sort of reactions to what ever, or who ever says something, or acts out? Should they as well be overly vocal with actions taken in such cases? Or do their actions alone express consistency with their opinions as a whole to the public, as to what they believe in? So shouldn’t consistency have a higher value in it then? Or should we all only have the best consistency that money can buy, as the standard of the day?

As a society we should decide not just what values we should support. Instead of only selling our standards to the highest bidder.

When we as the people, public or privet, can no longer express our opinions openly and freely. Or should we come to a day, that the public air ways are only controlled by people who only wish for their opinions only to be expressed! It is on that day we all loose freedom as a whole.

ESPN please leave the judging or the ability’s of being judgemental to your audience! Please just give us all a non jaded, sports reporting of sports out there! Stop politicizing our entertainment! Most of all stop acting like your network needs to get involved with the gossip of he said or she said, and just broadcast disclaimers. We all would be happier. Thanks!

All the best!

Ps: Susan Sarandon ( hope I spelled it right?) But the point with her is what she has said of late? She said ” The pontiff,  or the head of the catholic church is a nazi.” A reference to having to serve in the Hitler youth during WWII. I wonder if she has to lose some work or the possibility’s of her acting, work, for what she said? Much like Mr. Williams did with his ESPN’s indorsements? Just a question and a point? Media just hold yourself’s accountable to have some consistency?? If it is your self-imposed responsibility to censor the media world or society as a whole! Then do a better job!! But maybe it is time you all realize it is a free market out here. Let the public decide who, or what, we will support or when we will pull our support ! For the story on calling someone a nazi see this attachments.   http://t.co/ItNNiZ77

Monday night football.

Monday night football doesn’t seem the same now that the song ” Are you ready for some football?” by Hank Williams Jr. has been scraped by ESPN. I simply do not understand that when someone is asked to give their opinion on a subject that they can’t then give their views. But they are expected to give come clap trap political correct answer to it all. The unfairness of it all is that  people of the media, can get away with what ever they want to, with the regards to giving their own opinions, when they clam to be unbiased in any way. They use their power to wielded over people like a bully in grade school going after your lunch money, by giving the impression they can make you or break you.

Hank Williams Jr. got himself in trouble when he made an analogy that was a bit racy, or over the top, salacious, and even seen by some as extreme! But it was the best way to make the point, that two groups were on opposite sides of most issues that they would have or at present would be supporting, or as unlikely ever in coming together to the same opinions.

He said. ” That president Obama and speaker of the house rep. Boehner, golfing together.

Was like the Nazi leader Hitler and Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu playing

a round of golf.”

Because Boehner is more of a balanced budget guy, and Obama is more of a tax and spend guy! They are just opposites of each other. They are just as far apart as the sun and the moon. They are not going to get any closer any time soon.

Okay! If that is his opinion then what is the brouhaha all about? He is entitled to an opinion, or is he only entitled to have an outlet to his opinions as long as it has been pre approved by the network? After all they asked the question that Hank Williams Jr. thought he might make perfectly clear as what was ment by it! Were they all at ESPN pissed-off because he was so clear? No way to spin the story but a negative one towards Hank. Did they forget about free speech? Did they over look that free speech was designed, and for protecting offensive speech? Because non offensive speech needs no protection! I guess that ESPN didn’t get the memo about free speech, or the flip side, did they get a memo that they are now expected to becoming the enforcer’s by stifling free speech.

No matter what way, if you do not like other people’s opinions then don’t ask for them. Try the delightful art of interviewing someone with only asking ” Yes / No” questions. But then stick to the examples of leaving your opinions at home as well. Leaders need to lead by example, rather than by decree.

If the government has some how gotten involved in what the media can air or not. Then it is your job to fight for your free speech, as well everyone else’s free speech rights. Remembering when Hitler’s quest for supreme power came into being, by the slow erosion of everyone’s rights.

First they came for the other guy and his rights, and you did nothing!

Then they came to your neighbor’s house to take his rights, and you did nothing!

When they came for you, there was no one left to help protect your rights!

What Hank Williams Jr. said was nothing short of the same thing that other people haven’t already said. Boehner has been refered to as ” Holding the country hostage, a kidnapper of the economy of sorts.” The tea-party was called ” un-American, obstructionists, terrorists…” Just because they disagreed with the political left. apparently to be un-American is to disagree with the other sides opinions? If you all would just look towards history you may see that our founders disagreed with each other often. But they used the little known art of personation, so as to convince the opinion makers of the day. To be able to perswade someone, you must have healthy debate, in order to present your views.

Just to be an idea terrorists of the day, like those of ESPN or other media outlets, Weather by their own opinions or by the opinions of someone else, directing them more towards a political correct one. Is just wrong! Hank Williams Jr. opinion today, and maybe ESPN’s opinion tomorrow? Sorry I have to call it as I see it! If your asking for an opinion then buckle up for the ride and except  what kind of answer you get! Political correctness and the people who have this kind of attitudes are fast becoming the new thought police. With the government as the writers of the new dictionary of political correct terms, all to judge everyone’s thoughts by!

Advice to ESPN! When you or some other network interviews someone with an opinion question, then except the hard-hitting answer that you may not personally like as nothing more than a sack! Take the loss of yards, and get back in the game with the next play! If you must hate? Then hate the game not the player!! Other wise how can you ever be ready for some football? If you’re only playing defence, then expect to lose! In making a point of two opposing sides that are totally opposed from each other than expect more analogy’s of two opposing sides as examples, just like the political people (Hitler and Netanyahu) or (the devil and God!)

” A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth as well falsehood, in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people!” Quote John F. Kennedy

Ps. Not referring to the point that Hitler is the devil but close, nor I’m not referring to Netanyahu as being God, just impossible! Keep with the ideas of free thought on this side of insane please! If you can?

Now what time is the monday night football game on? All so I can fire up my Hank Williams CD! Are you ready for some football?

All the best!

Ps. I must say that ESPN didn’t do the orignal interview that is the main point of this piece. But the reaction of ESPN on a political point of view when they are a sports network as the real issue. Sorry for the confusion if any.


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