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Getting moldy.

If you don’t work on yourself daily to improve yourself, it’s safe to say you’ll appear old and perhaps stale and moldy. Like bread if you wait to long to make a sandwich, it may become old and moldy too.

This week it’s time to look at yourself and make some improvements. Not that anyone is asking you too. It’s because you can, and by doing so you’ll then appear fresh, intreating, appealing, friendly, and the direct opposite of being bitchy, abrasive, rash, and uncomfortable to be around. It’s your choice how or who you’ll become. Because no one is truly born that way. It takes real work to stay that way without changing. The same amount of work as it does to change.

So today is your first day along with mine, to become moldy. Mold yourself into that person that someone else may want to steal you away for themselves. Like a child stealing their favored cookies from a cookie-jar. Mold yourself into that irresistible treat that others enjoy to be around, and enjoy working with. Mold yourself into the person you see yourself wanting to be for the rest of your life. Or at the least that person you wouldn’t mind being with for the rest of your life. Lets get to work. Let’s get moldy.

All the best.


Humor quote of the day

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Enjoy your day with a smile.

Mama, needs a new pair of shoes!

We all view ourselves as being somewhat successful until we look over that fence. Is that also the exact moment we become impatient?

Money has a funny effect on people. It makes us do strangely stupid things so we then have something to complain about when we see someone else with more.

It was on the radio where I heard, who can survive on a food budget of $5.00 per day? It took only a fraction of a second for my reply to be screamed out at the radio, unheard of course. “I can!!” I shook my finger at the invisible disc jockey. The talk then quickly went down that political road of misplaced and totally misguided need for more government charity of sorts. Not that there is anything wrong with charity! But the government! They can’t even balance their budget, net alone eliminate wasteful spending in favor of doing more self-proclaimed good.

Why do we all look for the “big easy”, that over sized score? To advantage ourselves in the abstains of making an reasonable effort on our own?

“Unequal efforts will harvest unequaled results.” Quote unknown

What would you do for the winning numbers to a lottery? A 100% chance of winning! Despite the facts that any lotto’s / gambling game of chance by design, produce more losers than winners. Why do people want to pay for an instant chance to revel in ecstasy? Yet while we all feel that the so called winners in life are just people that have more then we do. Stop throwing it all away! Why are we so reluctant to purchase conservatively a winning outcome, (at any reasonable price (unlike a lotto ticket)), some kind of something? Anything! Except that lotto like voodoo cream, that promises to remove some of risks associated with living inside a life of chance by 100% of the time betting on a underdog? That underdog is the player. Instead we bet our last dollar on that losers dream, receiving nothing, not even the moisturizing effect from the voodoo cream.

If you see yourself as a winner, then follow what winners do. (The same definition still applies–winners are people with more stuff / money / material things, than what we have.) So why don’t we follow those kinds of people? Gripping must be more fun for the majority.

Instant gratification is always a one way street leading towards renewed feelings of sadness, feeling lonely, disappointed, depression, or feeling under valued. Which leads to taking bigger chances and bigger risks. There is nothing to protect you from yourself if you don’t feel worthwhile, and precious enough to protect ones self from taking too much risk. Aren’t you priceless like I am? Or the way I like to feel about myself is that I’m a priceless work of self-art. Why does anyone need the excitement of winning big once in awhile, (Come on! Come on numbers! Come to Papa, Mama needs a new pair of shoes) or so says the rational of the gambler. Or should you only want to have steady small winnings over time, or small savings saved over time, turning those savings into a good sized nest egg? I know! That doesn’t carry the same degree of excitement with it. It’s hard to work for it—but betting $50 to win a weeks worth of pay….that’s exciting!

About as exciting as the self-invented sport of dodge the bill collector when your $50 short?

The problem with small winnings are that most people view them as picking up pennies in the street while trying to avoid the speeding on-coming steamroller. Usually first thoughts are–it’s not worth fighting traffic or waiting for traffic to subside to be able to pick those penny’s up! Even after picking them up, living the life of the ultimate gambler so to speak– putting your life on the line trying to avoid public ridicule from friends, there’s the question, Now what? What to do with bunches of pennies?

Truth is McDonalds perfected the picking-up of pennies, by exacting a few cents worth of profit with every transaction–repeated multiple times as fast as they can per day. Over time this leads to millions of dollars of profits. We all love McDonalds don’t we? Aren’t they also successful? Looking for a success mentor or just copying successful people or organizations can also lead to individual success.

On a personal scale what could you do in your life to change (by picking up pennies) your longer term finical outlook?

Remember it only takes small / very small moves repeated again and again over time to make a difference. And differences are made through advanced planing. Un-equaled efforts lead to unequaled results.

Example: American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad in first class.

Take a look around in your life and seek out big results with repeated small but easy moves to be made daily. You’ll be happy with the results over time. Maybe you’ll be a bigger winner than you thought of yourself at the same time?

So what’s your “Mama needs a new pair of shoes” move, those small moves that you’ve done in collecting a bigger piece of that successful pie?

All the best.

Blessing desert’s.

If only people were like cactus (without the porcupine like quills of course) being able to gather up those showers of blessing, both big and small, like a cactus gathers up water for those dry times.

My word of intention / inspiration today is blessing(s).

Sometimes its so easy to feel blessed, everything goes just right or just a bit better than expected. One could call that a blessing. At other times when everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. Blessings are harder to recognize. It’s at those times blessings are hard to find net alone count up. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t had any blessings durning these droughts, their just smaller so harder to see–blinded by problems and pre-occupied in finding solutions, blessings become invisible you know?

Its at these more trying and difficult times that I follow this quote to the letter. It seems to remind me, though blessings maybe smaller in size, fewer in number, we need to be patient. Waiting for things to materialize isn’t always the easiest assignment. Expecting only the big things, like they often say, go big or go home, leaves one to often without proper amounts of water–allowing ourselves to become wilted, confused, and believing we’re in a blessing desert.

So grab some shade, a cool lemonade, and use this time tested blessing math.

“When I count my blessings I count twice! “

All the best.


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