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The dangers of butter knives!

the dangers od butter knives!

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) –  It seem that butter knives are just to dangerous in the hands of school age children who don’t know better. But then recently in the light of political correctness, other stories have boiled to the surface of our modern asylum. Stories of the boy who got in trouble for throwing imaginary hand-grenades, killing imaginary villains of the world; because he thought of himself while playing an imaginary game of the mind, as imaginary super hero saving the world. Are we now killing the inspiration of any future super hero, who may also see the need and have the willingness to save us from ourselves?

Boy, 7, suspended from school for throwing imaginary hand grenade http://blog.sfgate.com/sfmoms/2013/02/06/boy-7-suspended-from-school-for-throwing-imaginary-hand-grenade/

Have we forgotten that schools back in the olden days taught to imagine, to dream, innovate, invent, while providing inspiration, and encourage students who would guide us all into the future? All sorts of modern products and devices were the result of such an education. Schools should then be dreamland’s of sorts, visionary zones?

Instead we have transformed them to become prisons of insanity, devoid of freely promoting common sense, critical thought, and to dream big or go home. The creed of winners! Isn’t that the way to preparation for a changing future?

We should teach to impress, to create an excitement of learning in students, over the false education that these schools of modern age now teach. Today we paralyze critical thinking through the magnification of present dangers, like those butter knives, and imaginary hand-grenades. We inspire as well teach kids to trust teachers and administrators or other government employees, over even their own parents, by confiscating lunches; declaring them not healthy, uneatable, as if loving parents don’t really care? Lessens that certainly can imprint all sorts of fear in the minds of our youth today.


ATTLEBORO, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – From a toy gun to a butter knife, a new controversy has arisen over an item a student brought to a local school Wednesday.

Morgan LaPlaume, a Wamsutta Middle School student, was simply trying to cut her fruit for lunch because she has braces and can’t take bites out of whole fruit, says the LaPlaume family.

During lunch, the vice principal happened to be walking by when he reportedly saw Morgan with the butter knife, took her to his office, and issued her a suspension.

In the land that gave birth of unlimited imagination, the creed of being “all that you can be”, as well as inspirational entertainments delivering new dreams, imaginations, through the stories of “Super Man” and others,( where good always triumphs over evil). Why do our teachers seem to be behind the learning curve? It seems that only in the specialized education systems of teaching the handicap; is where teachers are still teaching the lessons of self-reliance, the can-do-attitude, supporting efforts through inspiration of overcoming obstacles?

Today we create insurmountable walls out of false standards and the fear of bad lunches, butter knives, and the free will to imagine. We have allowed the evil change to take place, of what we once was thought our teachers were, ” the Supper men and women” of education. But now, allowing them to be transformed into the “JOKERS” of the day!

God’s common sense VS. “Thug rules of charity”?

If you have ever been robbed before, or even if you were one of those special people who helped / rescued a person in trouble before, common sense isn’t a problem to understand, or even practice. It is those text-book theorists, who clams are to be disciples of wisdom, but then fail to use any, that then present the ideas— God, Evil, and Gun control, and lets also include ” Common sense, have nothing in common to each other. But then there is my question… What is right or wrong with, “God’s common sense  VS. “Thug rules of charity””?

It isn’t because I’m smarter than anyone. I’m not! But I do believe in some simple truths. God’s common sense can be explained like this. Placing your trust in God, believing that he gave you a brain to use to your full capacity, would be individually and personally empowering. To also take responsibility for using it, even when and if, you the user may come to think, your brain has met its capacity to do so. So many people are there already with the gun control issue. Not to say it may be a challenge at times? But then if you believe, you can then take hold of God’s hand, as your reassurance, that you can do all things with him. Of course accepting the concept of a God, or arguing with yourself, if there even is a God? Could leave you thinking that government will do a better job?

Though you walk through the shadow of the valley of death, you should fear no evil. If you believe in God, and trust in him, this is reassuring. If you don’t believe, and find yourself in the valley’s shadow, confronted by someone who wants your wallet, money, watch, car keys, and your wife and first-born, or your life? In short all of your stuff and maybe your life after all have been taken from you! Let’s just call it “Thug rules of charity”? Because believing in mob rule, has you accepting the role you have to play. Redistributing your efforts and stuff to those who need!

This kind of mindset is identical to the thoughts of government doing everything, because people with charity aren’t doing it voluntarily! All to avoid being called out by those thugs and their entire gall saying. You are the one with a problem of “Greed” not the ones who would take out of need!

While you are fumbling around looking for all that they are demanding of you, for your charitable contribution. You may be contemplating whether or not to pray to God. But then a thought comes to mind. God may have given you some common sense to use before getting to this point? But you didn’t listen. Like a strike of white lightning, you think… perhaps someone will call 911 on your behalf. Government and their agencies will come to your rescue… so stall if you can?

As luck would have it, someone did call! The time it takes for the police to arrive to your aid, the thug could have stabbed you several times, emptied his guns ammo clip into you and your family, or choked the living crap out of you. The main point is that police officers arrive at any crime scene ready to investigate just what happened to the victim/s? Police officers are also armed with adequate weapons to meet any possible remaining threat once they arrive. So why not some less violent confrontation methods? Why not control the kind of weapons, and ammo clips for the police in the same way as the population? If you think that is stupid? You should remember that there are no stupid questions in life. Just misleading answers of those who think of you as stupid— liberals, and government alike.

The only real question is whether or not you would at least at some point put up a fight, a struggle, or some kind of opposition while you wait for help to arrive in order to save your own possessions, family, or even your own skin, let alone the life of another (Like for instance you come upon a women being raped, beaten, or some such)? If the answers to these type of questions are about to be met with some kind of opposition in your thoughts as you read this. Then I must also ask…Would you stop to help someone who was in a car accident, a burning house? How about a dog or cat that a car ran over and is in the middle of the road? What is the difference?

The way I see it is, if you don’t want people to have guns (for whatever flawed reasoning) it is because you don’t wish to do the dirty work of being free, accountable, or responsible! You are a safety whore! A GREEDY person who wants to have the same things others do, “SAFETY from evil doers!” except your totally greedy about it! You would want somebody else to stop and help you in any and all examples already given in this post. All the while reserving the right to justify your inaction to do the same, because it would jeopardize your personal safety, in defending someone else safety. Or you just don’t trust yourself in doing what is right by the law, and if you had a gun? It could tempt you to pull the trigger on the unsuspecting. Not that you’re bad or evil—– the Gun is!!

So what was God’s common sense? Whether you decide to defend yourself and family, or how you personally choosing a weapon to use in such defense, or if you’re going to ever defend in some way against some stranger, or if you chose to do nothing at all? GOD gave us all the sense to know that evil will always be with us. So to use equal weaponry in opposition to the evil that exists, to the emanate threat you’re facing in your shadow’s or in your valley’s, we have God’s gift to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. Unless you’re totally fine with insulting your creator who made you, and gave you more brains than you’re choosing to use? Why should anyone have to defend anyone’s burning house, by un-zipping and peeing on the fire, or helping someone in a car accident by walking the other way, or helping a women that is being beaten and raped by blaming the type of clothing she wore as your running away, and thinking, “Hope she had the time to get some of that free government birth control?”; or even when your left defending yourself and wife and kids from an illegal gun-toting criminal who is blind to following any law and is personally threatening everyone with it? Why should we have to wait for any help from government so far away? Was New York re built with government’s help after the hurricane that devastated parts of the city? Yea, that was real fast in helping people. NOT! Would it be using God-given common sense to quickly look around for the closest butter knife to offer as your primary weapon of choice for a gun fight?

Why should we ask government to out-law, the law-full use of self-protection equal to your evil opposition’s weapon of choice?

Why beat around the bush then? If we can do away with needless deaths of good people at the hands of evil people using a gun; 100% of the time crime is stopped by police officers with… wait for it… a gun! Why out-law the gun, when it makes perfectly good sense to out-law evil people and their actions they choose to use, no matter what the weapons they use?

If you’re liberal, and therefore think guns are bad, and criminals are just good people who are misunderstood, as well harbor a secret / not so secret support of evolution and or abortion? Consider, that the thug wielding a gun in your face, demanding your stuff or you’re life. Is the proof that evolution left on its own, was right in part? We don’t need government to get involved in tinkering with evolution! That gun wielding thug is evolution’s abortionist! Because you’re too stupid to even want the opportunity to choose, (Or use your God-given common sense) to choose the fastest acting, best weapon available to you in defending yourself. But instead you place your blind faith in cowering in fear, waiting for government help to arrive, while praying, hope it doesn’t take too long to get here.

Isn’t that kind of like…… if you should be a prisoner in prison and the one complaining about being raped in prison, hoping that guards will stop it, and soon! At some point in the near future at least you should having the willingness, to then realizing the facts are, it’s the guards who are playing match-maker for profit at you’re expence?

Are you ready and willing to accept those guards, as you’re only protection in this social asylum? When in historical terms of fact, up until the creation of the United States of America, there is a 100% accuracy rating, that all other Governments the world, over the last 6000 years, were all to willingly abusing their people, and their God-given rights, one of which as being— the right to self-protection?

So tell me again, how is it using your GOD given common sense, when you are willing to give you’re GOD given rights away to the devils of the world/government powers, who do abuse them? Isn’t that like saying? “Thanks GOD! But no thanks! Freedom to choose is so over rated! Bless us with tyranny, because we are running out of things to complain about these days.”

All the best.

How may I be of service?

The question never seem to be answered. ” How may I serve you? ” Or how about ” How can I be a service to you?

The occupy movements of the world have all but faded way. It finely dawned on me these people didn’t check with themself’s to see a brighter future then the present. By asking themself’s. ” What value do I bring to the world or society?

People don’t seem to use their talents. God-given talents to provide themself’s a job at least. Talents that they can improve on, perfect, find new ones, market these talents for their benefits. But rather use their unreal expectations to demand a good paying job from all potential employers. Without making a good effort at doing the job to the best of their abilities, or without a concern with, bringing more business to my employer? People like occupy wall street types just act like over grown baby’s. Adults that never really valued themself’s as, what exactly do I bring to society as my valuable contributions. What value do I present to society? How may I be of service to society. Like adolescents, they only grumble and complained, demand. Never really truly recognizing that the responsibility’s to life, as well as living it well, as being their’s.

People tend to look at what they have right now. Never wishing to go backwards. Only forwards! Yet at times we all have to take two steps backwards, to be able to then go forwards again. With all of our financial life’s, we have to lose some to then win again. If we are unwilling to lose some, then we truly can’t win can we!?

The laws of capitalism are easy to follow; ” With out risk of failure, there can’t be any true success. For it is the chance of failure that we all try harder to keep from failing.” Freedom or the freedom of choice says. ” We can choose failure or success for ourself’s. We only have to be happy with our choices and the outcomes of choices we make. We there for have the ability’s to choose to be as big as we wish to be. Or we may then also chose in being only small.”

These occupy wall street types are just cry baby’s, adult kids, filled with envy, jealous, lazy dispositions. Seeing only what they would like to have, or live like. With out wanting to make an effort in getting there by their own efforts. They would gladly live off of their parents / or society for the free handouts. Spending their inheritance for their selfish self’s. Without even a second thought of asking what value do I bring to society? What will I then leave as an inheritance to my offspring in the future?

Instead these young people look to those who have worked hard to attain things in life, with envy and jealousy. Never looking at themself’s to improve their talents. They make comments like. ” We can’t work that kind of job for that kind of pay.” or ” There are jobs that American’s just will not do. We need to have a higher minimum pay for these jobs. ” Yet if you would ask them to tell us just how high of a minimum wage would have to be for a good starting wage? They never seem to give a straight answer. It isn’t the amount of pay then. It the control of who will say in a socialists way, what you will have to pay! A command and control type of society.

If minimum wage was raised to $20.00 per hour, that being better than the average wage in the country right now. What would that do for the price of a hamburger at McDonald’s? Would that also make people make a better effort at doing the best job possible for their customers?

If only people would ask of themself’s how can I improve my value to society. They wouldn’t have such a bleak out look on the jobs markets. We all can bring our best efforts to society’s market place and have a job for ourself’s. It is all about self interests. That also gives everyone in society the opportunity’s to pursue their own interests, or successes.

So what value do you bring to society?

Bill Gates is rich beyond his wildest dreams because he brought great value to society. Same with Steve Jobs and Apple computer. Shouldn’t we then ask of ourself’s what value do I bring to the market place?

Doing the best job possible at what ever we do is just the search of that value. We can there for improve everything, and expect a greater amount of pay while doing it.

We should be saying to Mr. or Ms. employer: I will bring 100 thousand to 150 thousand dollars to your business for the 50 thousand dollars your going to pay me. Rather then expecting 75 thousand without any track record to go on.

Doing the best job at being a waiter or waitress, always asking your customers how can I be of service to you and doing this job better. Will improve your talents, thus your tips / income. You will have brought greater value to the market place both for your customers and employers.

Being the best at or trying to improve at your job / talents you have will always garner a higher wage then someone who will only show up to collect a pay check for just being  there. So What value will you bring to the market place in trying to be the best at what you do?

Asking the question; How may I bring of a better service to you Mr. or Ms. market place?No matter what you do for employment will always gain for yourself the highest pay. It is this self-interest to improve ones self that will make the strongest society and economic growth. Anything short of this, is just trying to eliminate failure, killing capitalism at the same time.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country! ” JFK

It by our one efforts that we find any social values, and a way to market them for the highest pay possible. Choose well, rather than cry about your choices.

All the best.


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