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Public requests…….It to “exhausting being a woman,”

Public requests…….It to “exhausting being a woman,”

If happiness could be a pile of money, would it be wrong to request a donation of one dollar from each of the 300 million or so citizens of the USA? All donations could be given directly to me. After all, its such a small amount to be given and it would make such a huge impact on my happiness.

Now that I set the stage properly with a scenario of subject matter and thought to go along with it……

If anyone was in an auto accident and thrown face first into, or thrown though the windshield, I would think nothing of someone making a request of their insurance company or some charitable entity to pay for cosmetic surgery. I would also think the worse of the company that would refuse someone who just survived such an accident and refused them in kind.

But then that would be using common sense, logic, and the proper amount of appropriate compassion. Today we have had a compleat generation or two of people who have barely heard the word “NO” as an answer given to what they have asked for, (realistic or not) net alone that answer being a stern “NO”. Followed by an explanation of how unrealistic they are in making such request. ( not that all questions and requests should be answered with a no. Just the crazy ones.)

Because these people haven’t heard the great answer of “NO” all they know is to constantly push against boundaries. Making the boundary the enemy, so all attempts must be made to erode them away. It’s the boundary that is keeping them from true bliss, happiness, feelings of self-worth. It the barb wire fence of boundaries that keeps people from becoming accomplished and therefore successful in life. That’s the thought process they convince themselves of. They believe they are entitled to having everything they want. It’s that frame of mind along with the attitude “you owe it to me”.

Yet these same people except certain boundaries or are all to willing to create some new ones of their own, so long as it doesn’t confine them or their desires. They are used to acting without ever contemplating that a society without boundaries is a worthless society, caustic, a sign of a decadent and decline.

From UK daily mail
Transsexual says “to exhausting being a woman,” wants public taxpayers to pay to change him back. As if now, two wrongs will make a right? Because the public payed for his first surgery, now he thinks the public has an even greater responsibility for the second. Only basing his need on fleeting emotional demands.

“A transsexual who had a £10,000 sex change on the NHS to become a woman now wants the taxpayer to foot the bill for a further £14,000 of surgery so she can become a man again.
Chelsea Attonley, 30, who was born a boy and called Matthew, said she now finds being a woman ‘exhausting’, is tired of putting on make-up and wearing heels, and now accepts that she should always have stayed a man.”

Throughout this story he gives the impression though it’s a bit offensive, summarizing his view of femininity and the female sex to nothing more than “heels and makeup.” Women are more than the way they speak, the makeup and clothing they wear. Women aren’t carictures that can be easily copied by some Nip-n-Tuck style of self-mutating surgery and then swiping on some lipstick as the finishing touch to being a new age woman.

He goes on to complain that women aren’t so easy in excepting him as an equal. But then he only sees the goal of becoming woman as high heels and a slathering of lipstick after vanity surgery.

In life we have to except it’s not always “Fair”, there aren’t any equal outcomes to every kind of efforts made. And so self-worth, or individual happiness comes from ones “Self”, not from modern skills and talents of some Frankenstein like surgeon willing to fix the mentally ill with the myth of reassignment surgery.

According to Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

If the man from the UK Daily story (or anyone else in those same shoes) desires to be happy, let him or her gain employment and save-up for and spend their own money on whatever they feel will make them happy. Expecting society to spend taxpayer money on his happiness out of some misguided compassion for him in his plight. Is denying society their own happiness in place of yours.

It’s not naive of me to believe we can bring out the best in people if you know just how to act. Some times that means having to say, with no uncertainty of terms….”NO!”

We are all equal. Different, but equal, which means that no one is better than me. That no ones own happiness can then be dependent on commandeering money (of which money equals hours of ones life) in order to find happiness at the expense of another’s.

Vanity surgeries, because you believe that is what will make you happy is the responsibility of the individual buyer to provide for ones self. There is no difference to buying a vacation, no one would expect another person, a neighbor, another tax payer, to provide that to them for the sake of finding happiness. It’s not society job then to make anyone happy. And so the answer should always be a resounding defining roar of “No! Absolutely NOT on the publics dime!”

All the best to everyone.

Do you have any thoughts?

Transsexual Chelsea Attonley who had £10k surgery on NHS wants to be man again | Daily Mail Online http://t.co/a7r40GoONx
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’ | CNS News


It is what it is!

Life is the best it can be if we look to ourself's to do what we must. To be happy, do what your heart tells you to do. If you look to others to do them, then we will allways be disapointed. Life is to short to sit around for the actions of someone to act on our behalf. If it is worth something to you. Do it! If you value it then keep it safe, If you love it then share it. life was meant to be shared, thus enjoy every moment. All the best!


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