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Dear Santa this Christmas I want to do away with PC?

No! I don’t have any thing against personal computers, the other PC. No! It’s the( political correctness ) kind of PC, that I have a big problem with! Are you tired of stopping your self from saying something that is common place with most people. But then people who have most problems with others who are not PC are of sorts most problematic, of the uncommon people kind. Just what is the world coming to? Is the question I’m sure you have heard a time or two, as I have. Disappointing that we even have to ask, as if we have no control over our world. We are not the powerless! With only the PC people being the all-powerful. In fact it is the other way around, the weak, and thin-skinned, who are un-sure of themself’s that drives them to a point of total manipulation, in order to force us  unwillingly so, into some sort of political correctness. Also known as being PC!

Words have meanings or so we have all thought. That’s the purpose for a dictionary. To give us a way to look up words and their meanings. To be able to use them correctly.The PC types only have the goal of changing the meanings of words and their use of them in the publics mind, by way of force, manipulation, embarrassment, and when all else fails, use the powerful  lawsuits! Shouldn’t it all be for a positive change if any? Yet PC people have changed these meanings of certain kinds of words. All to rearrange the mindset of society in excepting their political views more easily. It is for the total self-centered, self-indulgent, to be able to appease themself’s, into believing all is well with their lives, and or the choices they’re making in living life. Maybe to cast out of their minds all doubt, or to give into the pinky and the brain thoughts of taking over the world! It is funny that these groups who are in the minority, are trying to control what goes on in the lives & minds of the majority. In a free country, and one who decides things by the attitude of ” Winner takes all!” it is a battle of the definitions of words and the use of them. Only taking on an attitude of complete control through manipulation, for their purposes of avoiding ones own problems with feeling guilty by their own chosen actions or inaction in life. This mind-set of the political correct kind, has only convinced themself’s they are not weak but most powerful.

Those who would use PC in order to change society. Often use it, without the use of really good thought. They are only offended by some words or phrases, and mad as hell because of it.To a point of needing to change this attitude, unjustly so. They often replace these words and phrases, which are ridiculous, if not out right stupidly so! Should anyone oppose their attempt to change words. They have the notion to attack these people with the belief of ” You don’t care about others!” A misguided view indeed. Those who wish to blindfold themself’s with PC attitudes, do not seem to recognize their own self-imposed over barring opinions, of self, as an offence of others. Not recognizing that is being stupid! They often replace words, phrases, and with them the attitudes of average people, in believing these new words are so much better to use. Because they then will not be stepping on other people’s toes. Yet they seem to over look, when in a mine field one shouldn’t make sudden moves!

Going to the US POST OFFICE to mail out some packages for Christmas. I came across many of my reasons why I don’t like to go there. First I got there, the line was out the door with others who had the same thoughts running through their minds. Second the US Post Office has become a place for the homeless to go and stay warm during cold weather. Much like other governmental buildings like libraries. There is a place, the outer court where the PO boxes are, that the homeless just sit and wait for spring I suppose. But for the people like myself who are clearly just trying to conduct business. This only complicates things by creating a human obstacle course.

In the back of the PO box court there was several people just sleeping. In the front of the room by the doors that also lead to the main room where the Post Office was located. There was this young man, who was engaged in a battle with darkness. This epic battle between good and evil. Yet true to form, evil was invisible to all but this young warrior. He seemed to be using kung-fu and some ninja like moves in order to gain the upper hand. The upper hand was  scaring people for sure. Everyone was giving as wide as possible the room needed for the battle that was raging on, while going through this doorway entering the post office.

Once I entered the post office I immediately saw the over sized display of Christmas cards and envelopes. Just for the last minuet forgetful person who suddenly realizes. ” Oh crap! Ant Ellen! At least I have to send her a card.” Not saying this happened, but the thoughts was going through my mind, as I was wasting time standing in line waiting my turn.

Just what is it with the post office and their polices. When a line is out the door they always have just 2 of the 4 stations that are available to serve the public open. Or someone is standing there but not doing anything. When asked they reply. ” I’m at lunch!” At 10:00 AM?

Slowly inching my way closer and closer I come into ear shot of hearing some conversations between the person at the counter and people sending their things off. What a break from the great views of the people in front of me and their backs. Sweet noise. Voices at last other than those who are only complaining about the line. Complaining doesn’t make it move faster. It is just what it is. Hurry-up and wait!

” Merry Christmas! ” a good spirited person said to the post office man behind the counter, as they stepped up to him.

He looked up at the new customer and smiled. ” Sorry I can’t say that! But what I can say is happy new year! So happy new year!” again smiling and then adding. ” How may I help you today?”

Thinking to myself. Did I hear that correctly? What was that?

The man then said he was chasing after some stamps, and wanted to mail off this big box. Seemed unfazed by the statements of the postal worker. Was this the effects of PC? Was this man just wanting to mail and run, just no time to even ask why? He finished up his business and off he went, hoping not to have to repeat the presses so it seemed.

” Next! Can I help the next person please?” The postal worker then called out. The whole line then moved what seemed like two steeps forward, and back one just to give some room for the person in front of you. So it didn’t seem like you were invading their space too much.

” Dude! What is it with you? Don’t you realize it is Christmas? Would it hurt to say Merry Christmas?” This customer was bold I thought. Somewhat making a scene, yet justifiably so.

” Sorry. But we at the postal service have guide lines we must follow, so not to offend any one.” He smiled. Then asked in a friendly voice. ” Now how may I help you today?

” Offend!” The customer laughed. ” You have a Christmas display over there that is bigger than life, right in front of people waiting for your slow butt! And you are not to offend others? Please!” he then sorted out some letters just what he was going to mail out. ” I would like to mail these with 2 day delivery and these here with… when ever santa gets in his US postal slay, and over the house and then drops them over the side.”

Now here is someone with no use for PC people and there stupid systems. They can’t say Merry Christmas? But only saying happy new year. Yet only standing practically under the Christmas banner for all to see, or is it just to sell Christmas cards? Any one see the wisdom behind that one? If your one of those who doesn’t like the fact of, christian celebrations like Christmas? Get some thicker skin, or stay home. Yes my thoughts were working over time. But then it hit me! No one else was even saying with the lowest of voices to each other, anything about this brave soul who was taking on the unrealistic post office rules.

” Hear is your money! You may take some time to see that it says right here IN GOD WE TRUST on it.” He slapped the money down on the counter, and jabbed his index finger onto one of the bills indicating just where it was printed. ” Next time when you, or your kind try not to offend people, check to see just what opinion is in the majority and what opinion is in the majority! Merry Christmas jerk!” Then he to walked out. obviously upset, and offended. The PC postal polices failed for sure.

” Can I help the next person please?” The counter man seem unfazed by the last in counter. I don’t think he saw that he was offending people with the political correctness ordered on him by this governmental agency of stupid polices. Just how does someone become brain-dead to the point of not even seeing it! That in trying to stop the offence of some, you will always offend the rest,if not all!

As the postal man finished up with the consumer in front of him he said.” Happy holidays!” Probably thinking he was smoothing over some ruffled feathers of those still in line.

” Same to you sir. Happy holidays to you.” The customer answered, with a smile. What seem like more of a Christmas spirit in her, then with some of the last few customers. She turned and was gone as well.

Did she realize that she made a choice not to at least express her opinions of what she felt. About what she had to have over heard? Did it matter to her? If not! Why?

I told this story to some of my friends, just what I saw in my experiences at the post office. Most of them got involved with some sort of conversation about the Christmas season in a favorable way. But then there is one. Who thinks that the government has a job to do, making everything fair, and even. Who should also have a separation of church and state like attitude towards everything religious.

“Do you think the government should teach religion in school?”

“No! Are you crazy?” He responded harshly.

“Well they already do! They teach evolution. A belief of sorts, that requires faith. OH ya so does religion. What say you?”

My bud was silent, but still here, so he may still listen to me? ” You do know that religion is a belief that can not be proven with out some doubt, and so, the same things are true with evolution. Because with everything between the two religions, the question remains unanswered. What started it……..? Can you prove it?” I said. But may friend just remained silent, but thinking about what I just said.

“Well would you be surprised if I said we have separation of church and state already?” He shook his head. Bracing himself for what was coming. “Well we do. The separation is not in new PC rules of the day. But in the fact that government doesn’t have an official church. You don’t see anything wrong with a government agency promoting Christmas cards, Yet not being able to have friendly greetings to go with the season to say Merry Christmas? Using Christmas for profit is grand? But has nothing to do with christian believes, and saying it promotes the believe of christians?”

“Well we can say Happy Holiday!” He exclaimed hurriedly.

“Now that’s what is wrong with political correctness ( Being PC.). It makes people with not enough common sence to rub together to show just how stupid PC has and is becoming. The root words and organ of this phrase comes from the old phrase that people with more common sence, used to say THESE ARE THE HOLY OF DAYS. Making a reference to their religious seasons celebrations. This later became HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”

When we have a government only concerned with separation of church and state as not having nothing to do with any religions celebrations. Yet reserves the right to profit from it! They show just how evil they have become. Why do we have to make these separations when we are a christian nation by the over all believes of the population. 97% believe in some sort of GOD. This could then go to say they have believes of such, so they may also go to church. A government should simply reflect its population. If the people choose to say happy holidays, or Merry Christmas, then what is wrong with those who are employed by the government, to be able to choose for them self’s as to which they would respond? As long as it is kind and respectful to all.

Trying to save someone’s offence from Christmas, or the religious aspect of it all. By making polices that along with political correctness should save everyone unequally so, feeling un-comfortable within their own mind-set that is. Some sort of common sence should then come to the surface. Realizing you saved one persons offence, by offending the other persons in your employment. Because they may have these kinds of religious believes. In the end Political correctness ( Being PC ) only completely offends the freedom of thought, equally for everyone!

We have freedom to think, and think as we wish. We have laws to control actions, not thoughts. We have free speech, to speak out as well. There is no need to protect the offended! For they have the freedom to move on and not listen to it. Free speech was and is designed to protect offensive speech. For non-offensive speech needs no protection!

“A person changed against their will, at the end of the day, has the same opinion still!”

Be careful what you wish for!

Merry Christmas. All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


4 thoughts on “Dear Santa this Christmas I want to do away with PC?

  1. I’ve never heard of anyone get upset over the mistake of thinking they celebrate a different holiday. It was probably 2 people ever. We’re all pretty forgiving.

    Surprisingly, nobody wished me a happy holiday this year. I like that. There’s nothing bad about saying “Merry Christmas”

    Posted by mooselicker | December 24, 2011, 2:15 pm
    • I live in a vary left state (political thoughts) that is. So it is a hard thing for people to live and let live here. They all have a attitude. They need to have a happy laughing spirit one, I think. Or read some good blogs like your’s, just to learn to laugh again. Just so you don’t feel left out Happy holidays, merry christmas, and all that good stuff. Thanks for your looking through my stuff on my blog. It can be funny some times, but you never know just what you find in between all of that dirty laundry. Just a thought. All the best! Cheers 2 ya!

      Posted by mindwarpfx | December 24, 2011, 5:18 pm
  2. Great post. People need to lighten up and stop looking for offense – and a reason to complain. Dear Santa, please return tolerance, willingness to agree to disagree,to live and let live, and civil discourse. (And maybe a little sense of humor topped with a bow.)

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | December 24, 2011, 12:26 pm
    • Thanks for looking around my blog, and as well for the follow. The willingness to disagree or agree is something that has long been lost with some. But isn’t this the true source of honest knowlage? Or have we all become to believe ” I’m right!” so everyone else is wrong!? Humor is my escape, just finding it hard to laugh about some things. Thanks for people and their blogs like your’s. Thanks again. Merry christmas / happy holidays. All the best. Cheers 2 ya. :^)

      Posted by mindwarpfx | December 24, 2011, 5:07 pm

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