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How to embrace the life you never planed on having.

Just what do you think about motivational speakers? Do they really work, on reacquainting some individuals with the motivation to go out and live life? Have we all come to be frustrated, with living to a point of not knowing how? So we need motivation!? Or is it that we never have really answered all of our questions, that we may have on living life? I certainly don’t have all of the answers either. But I guess you didn’t get the big dusty old book of the top shelve in your parents house with the title of, ” Life’s great rules book!” or was it ,”Don’t plan to much, life is disappointing! It’s all to make you stronger.” or this ” Success in 5 minuets a day!” But what is life’s success? Is it money, houses, cars ( luxury cars, or for “kids”, cars like in “pimp my ride!”), hot women, trips, jobs ( not the kind of jobs like… do you want fries with that? But important jobs.) and ect.. is that success? So just how do you prepare yourself for life, when you grow up? How do you embrace the life you never planed on having? do you know?

Watching the show entertainment tonight on TV. one night. I saw stories about “burnout in hollywood”. It was hard for me to relate to these people who seemed to have the world by its tail. They were ( I mean the people I’m talking about) all good-looking, they had money, homes, could do anything they wished for, and seem to have no problems finding good-looking people to be with or have as a spouse, in sharing life together. So what gives, working too hard? Having some troubles on how to spend their money, or where to spend it, or was it that they already have 5 houses full of stuff, and have more than one of everything? ( You know sending some my way was over looked from your lists! Thought you would like to know.) But for real! Was it the money, or finding the time for the spending of it, this clearly wasn’t the problem! Yet, here is the stories about burnout. After the show I had a better understanding. Drugs, alcohol, parties / over indulging of them all, loves and lovers that used them for  ATM’s!! All of these things would ware on a mind and the self-confidence or the esteem it controls. Mental conditions were also part of it, but was not mention. The condition, where one would think that everyone wanted their money, and they had little else to offer. Was this a way to live a life, where everything came your way because a lucky break, or your good looks, and or acting skills as the talents you possess. Success seemed like a curse on these people for some reasons, and life was just tarring them down despite a bright future. Maybe they never totally knew how to embrace the life you never planed on having.

motivational speakers, financial planners, business managers, groupies, also known as body guards, religious advisors, just to name a few, as these people had come to be trusted in there lives. They all were being paying for services that should have also included in it, looking out for their employer first! Right? But the folly of that is everyone looks out for themself’s first, then the employer. If they feel like they were about to lose their jobs because of what ever. They will find a way to build up the importance they bring to the table and try to give an impression that they are ir-replaceable. That’s “looking out for number one.” as we all know it. No one likes to be faced with, or have to deal with, the uncertainties of life. Few of us really control everything in life, and few of us control the things that we can in life. Both will give the impression that life is totally out of control. This is only a half truth, we can control some things in life, like where we are going to live, the kind of house we live in, what car we drive, who are friends are, and when we will do things with them, just to name a few things in our control. But the things we don’t control entirely is natural disasters, health, relationships, when we die…ect. I think you get the picture. What is important, ” is to choose to control what we can, and not to worry about the things that are beyond our control.”

So how do we then find value in our lives? If it isn’t the things we have, or do so much, what is it then? Do we give all we have away to the poor and then we will be happy? Trying to be there for all of our friends, or family, along with work, leaves not much time for ourselves to re-charge the batteries. So how can we find some importance with this life and then being able to embrace it?

There was Jill, laying as comfortable as she could in her hospital bed. The rush of all of the doctors, and nurses going from place to place tending to other patients, didn’t give her to much of a chance for peaceful rest in her bed. Her thoughts ran wild at times with questions. Why? Why me? I’m still young and for me to end up here is just… She was interrupted with a nurse checking up on her. She said ” How are you felling?

” Just okay, considering.” Jill answered. the nurse continued to check the all of her vitals signs. Jill was going in for surgery on a brain tumor. Risky at best, but doctors are better at this sort of thing now compared to a few years ago. The nurse finished up and reminded Jill ” next time we see you we will be going in for surgery prep. Okay?” Jill nodded, not so reassured that all was going as planed or will be okay. She tried to close her eyes to rest by staying calm. Out of the self-created quiet she had made for herself, she heard a voice. opening her eyes, thinking here we go, she was surprised to see a little girl.

“Hi. My name is Beth, what is yours?” Beth had a small voice, with a low tone, her face had a white kind of color to it but pleasant to look at. She was standing there looking at Jill with a smile, holding onto a pole with a drip bag attached to it,and a cord that ran to her arm.

“oh! Hi, I’m Jill, nice to meet you but.” Jill was cut off by Beth.

“So what do you have?” Beth got closer to Jill.

“Well.” Jill stopped briefly to gather some thoughts. How much do I tell her? She is so little, will she understand? ” I have a brain tumor, and will shortly go for surgery.” she said in deciding to spill the beans.

“Oh! Sorry for that! I have cancer.” Beth said. But Jill didn’t hear all that she was still saying. Her thoughts ran crazily through her mind. How is it possible for this little girl to have cancer, she is so young and hasn’t had a chance. Thoughts were interrupted by Beth saying. ” So ya. They did everything they could. Now I’m just here so they can make me more comfortably. But I would rather be home.”

” So You are…” Jill didn’t wish to scare this little girl but how do I say it, she searched for the words.

” Yes, I’m going to die here.” Beth said, but she didn’t have a sad voice. Strange, that she had a relieved kind of disposition about her. “But you will get better.” She added.

Jill thought about this young life that was okay with the cards dealt to her. But why? If she had this kind of problem like this, why is she not more, like angry, upset, disappointed, scared? Yet she was nice to talk to. She seemed like more concerned with how I’m doing rather than how is was. A nurse came into the room and interrupted the two. ” Have to give you this shot to get you ready for surgery okay Jill” said the nurse. Beth was at the foot of the bed just looking on as the nurse did her job. The nurse finished up and said “this will take some time but will make you drowsy.”

Beth inched up closer to Jill when the nurse left the room. She lifted up a raged stuffed animal that had been attached to her pole. “Here! This will help you sleep, and make you convertible as well.” She handed it over to Jill. ” You can give her back after your better, or you can keep her if you like.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Thanks so much.” Jill exclaimed sleepily, just trying to be kind. “I will give her back to you when I get out so she can make you comfortable again. okay?” The little girl placed her hand on Jill’s and just smiled back.

The nurses came back a few moments later and did final prep to roll the hospital bed and Jill out to surgery. Beth was over to far side of the room looking on. Jill though drowsy tried to look at her new-found friend as she was wheeled out of the room. Giving a small hand wave to her as she went.

When Jill came out of surgery, and was in the recovery room, she was still holding the ragged stuffed animal. Her thoughts went back to her little friend Beth. Wondering how she is? Hope I can see her soon to give her back the stuffed animal again. But .. what if.. no I’m not going there. She thought! A nurse entered the room to look after Jill and how she was doing. Jill tried to reach out to get the nurse’s attention. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” she said again, and again.

” Yes, can I get you some thing?”

” Ya. the little girl who gave me this stuffed animal. How is she? Or how can I give her back her stuffed animal? I would like to tell her it worked, and now she might need it more than I do..”

The nurse interrupted her. ” You need to be quieted down, and try to rest now.” Re-tucking blankets up.

“But she has cancer and may need this just to make her feel better!” Jill insisted.

” I don’t know what or who you’re talking about. There are no little girls or kids in this hospital. They would be in children’s, not here.” The nurse finished up with making her comfortable and then added. ” now try to rested up, you just got out of surgery. Okay?” Jill nodded. puzzled about it all. The nurse left the room and once again Jill found herself in an empty room by herself.

Like Jill we are often given a new lease on life, not by avoiding death by chance or luck, but realizing that we make mistakes and we have the ability to repair them. For Jill she realized that not always looking at ourself’s and the places we are in at life is the best for us. It makes us only have unrealistic outlooks, or expectations. Being happy is being comfortable with who we are, and knowing that we can always do better. So while we are trying to do better we should always share with other people who have less than we do. Just the act of kindness to someone who we may not even know goes a long ways for us. Much like the burnout’s of hollywood, when we only see ourself’s, in everything that we do, and we only do everything for our self’s. That is totally what will be limiting ourself’s with our actions, experiences, and things we have, draining us out, leaving us empty as people. Only looking for the next thing. But when we share with others, even what little that we have, or how much we have, would alow us to be filling ourself’s up unlimited, far beyond our brims.

We should recognize as well come to realize, that we all didn’t ask to be living, in this time, and place. But we all must choose to travel down life’s path way to its end. Some experiences are best to have been experienced by ourself’s, but they are few in number. Life was ment to be shared with people. Making it our goal to share ourself’s with others will make the experiences better and easer, besides you never know when you will be the recipient of get a helping hand from someone else in this way. When you’re only goal is looking at yourself, your missing out on the views in life, and the experiences that are beyond yourself. How then can you even begin to embrace the life you never planed on having?

“Would you like to be remembered by what you had in life, or what you were able to do with what you have in life?” Quote unknown.

Alow yourself to be venerable in life, is to be strong-willed in the living of life. Rarely do we get stronger if we don’t exercise ourself’s, by experiencing challenges in our life’s experiences, as well as overcoming them, is life’s exercise to strengthen the sole, and maximizing the living of ones life. Some of those challenges we will win, and some we will lose. Overcoming those challenges, along with the help of others, or by us helping others, or just our hard work, is what makes the winning sweeter! How will you embrace the life you never planed on having?

To give is better than to receive,and by far more in powering!

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


One thought on “How to embrace the life you never planed on having.

  1. Most people have an unreasonable expectation of what life should be like. The media is probably to blame for most of it. They’re too easy of a target, but wear else do we see smiling attractive people that are nothing like us?

    You got some good advice in here.

    Posted by mooselicker | September 17, 2011, 12:23 pm

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