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Honestly… little white lies ?

WOW ! What happened to honesty? Honestly…little white lies, just become the new honest? Don’t parents teach their kids that telling a lie is bad anymore? I guess not, because people in general just use dis-honesty to their advantage, or to gain an advantage. When they get busted (and they all do) they use the excuse of ” It’s just a white lie! Not a big deal.” Or ” well in the realm of lies there is, black ones, and white ones, that wasn’t so bad!” Implying that they should be excused for their little white ones. But when they are on the receiving end of someone telling them a little white lie. Hell hath no fury like a liar scorn! I know ! I borrowed the saying as well as changed it to fit. But for real, the complaints of those liar’s being lied to is just like that. If it wasn’t bad enough that they lied to others, as well didn’t think anything about it. In their mind it was a little white lie. But that bastard, or bitch, that deceived them in the same way.” How dar they lie to me!” They say with the kind of anger that makes the son of satan tremble!

Religious people do it as well, all thou not as much, but just the same they believe the black / white thing about lies too! religion should have taught them better. Not to make perfect people out of religious ones, but they are  supposed to be aware of what is going on between good and evil. Having said that, yes I believe that a lie is a lie! It is just something that someone used in order to take advantage of someone else by their own choices. Because of that they believe in the lie, they make a choice based on a lie, they wouldn’t have chosen to do so…. if they would have known. So yes it make it an evil thing, or at least an evil lie. A church going individual that knows this and yet continues to act out, with this kind of dis-honesty, must certainly have their motives brought into question. Most church going people do teach their kids not to lie, not to sway anyone to believe something untrue. But liar’s are found at, and as well go to church in a regular way. People that go to church in a regular way, also as a habit have a value system that says that a lie is evil, or at least real bad. Everyone myself included seem to have a problem in calling someone out when they lie to them. The more public the liar’s the harder this seem to be. Why?

When you consider that politicians are professional liar’s, and lie on demand like a train dog, why are people who can figured this out, not interested more, in call them out on it? Why are people not more outraged, when they get lied to by our politicians? Yet ready to rip into people that they know that lied to them! ” Well, you can’t trust layers or a politicians!” so everyone say’s. No surprise that so many layers are also politicians right? When you look at a politicians job descriptions you would find these quality needed in order to be able to be an affective politician, as well-being able to do the job outstandingly so. Son of satan is trembling once again!

1) Look good in your appearance. reference ( Obama )

2) Be able to think quick on your feet, by choosing words carefully, and responding well to questions, all the while looking like you know everything. Remember also to looking good! (aka. look like a know-it-all !) reference ( Bill Clinton, Obama )

3) When you don’t know what you’re talking about, then lie! If your backed into a corner with questions you know nothing about then deflect the question to someone else. Who will then lie for you or on your behalf. If you’re all by yourself no one to deflect too, then lie your ass off! Not forgetting to be convincingly! smiling a lot helps with the deception!  reference ( Joe Biden , Obama )

4) When caught in a lie denied it, denied it, denied it and quickly cover with a better lie. reference ( Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Obama )

5) When representing this country to foreign leaders, or having to negotiate with other country’s / and there leaders. Then remember that this is the big time of liar’s convention. Lie most convincingly! No second chances here! Success here is being  able to tell everyone in the most convincingly of way to go to hell!! All the while they will look forwards to making the trip, getting very excited to get the directions on how to get there from you, is good!! deceptions are working! Remember to smile a lot, looking your best, dress you’re best, lie you’re olympic gold best!! reference ( Bill Clinton, Maxie Waters )

6) When arriving home and having to reporting back to the people in an address of some sort, remember you got into this office by being a convincing liar. look like you just returned, having removed satan’s balls with your lies or at least look like you’re the olympics champion, and you just received the gold! Keep a straight face, look you’re best and continue to do what your good at. Lie! Lie! Lie! reference ( Obama , Richard Nixon ) reference ( Hillary Clinton ) For removing the balls of satan thing!

Knowing that most of this nation is religious, like 97%, why do we have politicians, so willing to run for office, knowing they will have to lie! Yet they also have so little regard for the principle of truth, that is they make it, more easily to recklessly abandoned those principles, at the sometimes telling their children. ” Don’t do it or you will go to ….” No wrong use of words!! ” you will get GOD mad at you! So don’t lie!” Somewhat empty words or advice coming from a  self-proclaimed religious professional liar and or politician! Would you feel comfortable giving this advice to your children? Or what would you do, when they offer up the excuse ” Well there is something called a white lie mom / dad.”? It’s maybe a good time to reevaluate! If we are not teaching the next generation not to lie, that it’s not good! When, will we expect the same out of our leaders, like politicians, MOM’s, DAD’s, kids, or everyone in society, when we all are interacting with them regularly? Will we be better prepared to call them out? Or at least take them to task on some responsibility for poor decision. Or are we all going to have the attitude of ” honestly…. little white lies?

“It takes just as much faith to believe in a lie, as it does to believe the truth. The difference is a lie doesn’t exist without your believes in it !!”   Quote unknown.

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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