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Measuring relationships with technologic calendars.

Measuring relationships with technologic calendars.

Most people see time like a calendar. They see we only have 2 months left until 2015 comes in. At other times we calculate time like, back in the year 2000 we met and got together, this year is our 15th year anniversary.

But today, people, mostly younger people keep track of passing time differently.

Are you one of those types who measure your relationships in prototypes of cell phones, instead of anniversary’s? You just see anniversary’s like generations of phone technology. Back in the day when there were flip phones, before selfies were so popular, I met my significant other….or in some terms of some such.

Some couples get new phones with every technologic new release, so, time is marked in these advances not in the advancement of seasonal times. It is if the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, only become a blur in passing. Only noticed while reviewing older digital photos.

Perhaps there is that, another advantage for loving your iPhone. You still get to count in those old fashion terms of numbers with regards to your anniversary’s. I just don’t know if that’s a proper use of smart phone technology though?? After everything is said or done, do you think you have what it takes to say that your relationship has lasted past iPhone 40….41…..50….51?? Will iPhone last, or out last your relationship?

Enjoy your life, because life is good.


It is what it is!

Life is the best it can be if we look to ourself's to do what we must. To be happy, do what your heart tells you to do. If you look to others to do them, then we will allways be disapointed. Life is to short to sit around for the actions of someone to act on our behalf. If it is worth something to you. Do it! If you value it then keep it safe, If you love it then share it. life was meant to be shared, thus enjoy every moment. All the best!


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