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Getting moldy.

Getting moldy.

If you don’t work on yourself daily to improve yourself, it’s safe to say you’ll appear old and perhaps stale and moldy. Like bread if you wait to long to make a sandwich, it may become old and moldy too.

This week it’s time to look at yourself and make some improvements. Not that anyone is asking you too. It’s because you can, and by doing so you’ll then appear fresh, intreating, appealing, friendly, and the direct opposite of being bitchy, abrasive, rash, and uncomfortable to be around. It’s your choice how or who you’ll become. Because no one is truly born that way. It takes real work to stay that way without changing. The same amount of work as it does to change.

So today is your first day along with mine, to become moldy. Mold yourself into that person that someone else may want to steal you away for themselves. Like a child stealing their favored cookies from a cookie-jar. Mold yourself into that irresistible treat that others enjoy to be around, and enjoy working with. Mold yourself into the person you see yourself wanting to be for the rest of your life. Or at the least that person you wouldn’t mind being with for the rest of your life. Lets get to work. Let’s get moldy.

All the best.


It is what it is!

Life is the best it can be if we look to ourself's to do what we must. To be happy, do what your heart tells you to do. If you look to others to do them, then we will allways be disapointed. Life is to short to sit around for the actions of someone to act on our behalf. If it is worth something to you. Do it! If you value it then keep it safe, If you love it then share it. life was meant to be shared, thus enjoy every moment. All the best!


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