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Gratitude challenge: day 3

I’m grateful for
1) shopping trips
2) new cloths
3) hole-in-the-wall shops

Let’s face it, going out into the world and shopping for nothing in particular, is just as good as the cats “meow!” What ever the cat is trying to say to me, she’s always seems to be smiling. So it can’t be bad.

We went out today and low and behold, I found these new shorts I couldn’t live without. Loved them! So bought them! Life is good! And getting new clothes, is pretty awesome as well. Looks good, feels good–like I said in other words ” it’s all good.”

As we were about to leave Old town San Diego we spotted this hole in the wall shop that looked intreating. Intreating because we didn’t know from its out word appearance what kind of shop it was or what they were selling. Inside the shop I saw signs stating ” no photos” and they were everywhere. So much for goofy pictures / selfies with the products. Sorry for no incriminating sneak shots either. (I know it’s what you’re all expecting but….)

In the proses of browsing, I found a small book of quote-cards with incredible quotes. That’s when I also saw, not for sale sign. What’s one to do? Pulling out my iPhone and took some notes, and presto! Quotes O-plenty! Quotes that I added to memory for later use.

Okay, was that theft? Like someone was saying to me. No pictures taken, no foul, no fuss no muss, right? Just like typing a text message to someone, I wrote down these fantastic quotes along with credits to who wrote them. (I’m not trying to take credit for some great quotes.) But really is that theft?

Any who. I had a great time with family shopping and enjoying the day. I’m grateful for that as well.

Until next time, All the best :^)


It is what it is!

Life is the best it can be if we look to ourself's to do what we must. To be happy, do what your heart tells you to do. If you look to others to do them, then we will allways be disapointed. Life is to short to sit around for the actions of someone to act on our behalf. If it is worth something to you. Do it! If you value it then keep it safe, If you love it then share it. life was meant to be shared, thus enjoy every moment. All the best!


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