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Facebook’s stupid rules of the road of human decency

Who hasn’t had a run in with Facebook’s stupid rules of the road to social networking? Just setting up your privacy settings are a job by its self. The rules change all the time with Facebook, and often do just to confuse. Facebook’s main job is getting you the home player to give into giving up some or all of your privacy if possible, while still remain confusing to a large number of people, new to Facebook or old hat users it is all the same.

When Facebook shares something about you that you thought was private, it’s your fault because you screwed up the privacy settings. But when Facebook shares something about the founder’s sister – well, it’s still your fault, because “it’s not about privacy settings, it’s about human decency”.

It is like you can also pay your credit card off every month. The company just doesn’t want you to. Without paying interest, you’re a free rider. But credit card companies, at least, don’t openly scold consumers for not paying cash, when their very existence is built on swiping plastic. That’s what Randi Zuckerberg did.

That double standard surfaced when Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg and a former Facebook executive, posted a candid family photo that proceeded to take on an internet life of its own. The picture popped up in the news feed of Callie Schweitzer of Vox Media. She tweeted it. It went viral.

Facebook makes money when users surrender their privacy. The company has made it the user’s job to defend personal information, which otherwise might be made public by default. Got a problem with that? The company’s answer always has been that users should read the privacy settings, closely, no matter how often they change.

The thing that bugged me about Randi Zuckerberg’s response is that she used her name as a bludgeoning device. Not everyone has that. She used her position to get it taken it down,” Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group in San Francisco told the Associated Press.

So the Zuckerberg’s hold you “Joe blow public” to a different standard then they who built the flawed system are willing to hold themselves. Only the stupid will make mistakes like refusing to read the privacy standards and then follow them to a “T” (of course if Facebook changes these standard of rules often), you’re still stupid for not reading and then updating your privacy settings.

Should you make a mistake, and the Facebook rules are designed to make them often. at which time all of the bitch-en in the world, or standing on your head or even an honest attempt at contacting a person  at Facebook is for not? You’re battleing a machine not a human entity.

The thing that’s most insulting about Randi Zuckerberg’s response; her un-willingness to acknowledge her own stupidity for making a mistake. She chooses to attack all of the little people from her view-point of being one of the ultra-rich, as giving you “Joe Blow public” more responsibility then she herself has to her own family’s privacy.

Let’s face it Randi Zuckerberg you’re rich but that doesn’t entitle you to some special privileges unless you’re willing to buy them on the open market I guess. You put your pants on one leg at a time just like we all do, you eat, drink, and crap, and your crap stinks just like everyone else’s does. So when you get caught in the cogs of the machinery that your family built because you didn’t understand the terms of the privacy settings, and then took the time to activated them as you would have liked them to be. Why are we responsible to a standard of having any human dignity or decency greater than yours?

After all with computer machines, it is all about garbage in garbage out. So next time you should hesitate just a little before pressing that send button, just stop to think. Was I being prematurely stupid here? Remembering at the time of your distress, it is always the person in the room wearing the biggest smile on their face or (Facebook page) that has figured-out someone else to blame it on. Why should you and yours have all of the fun with everyone’s else’s privacy with no cost to your own? Let the user be ware.

http://gu.com/p/3cmd9/tw via @guardian


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