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Monday night football Headline SeaHawks vs Redskins

Ripped from today’s headlines about the Monday night football game, SeaHawks vs. Redskins.

The battle lines are drawn, the game plans are in place, and the winner is yet to be crowned.

Did I mention that both sides of any issue are equally offended by the other? So hear my question, “is it posable to out law hate without recreating new hatred?”

It is my opinion that this is what political correctness is exactly doing in our society today. And all by itself is shamefully and disgustingly limiting everyone’s ability to live within some perceived life of equal free speech freedom.

The name “Redskins, or Washington Redskins” is fast becoming a manufactured outrage du jour of the day. It is political correctness run a muck. It is the total discard of FreeSpeech. Because free speech is the protection of offensive speech, because non offensive speech needs no protection. Political correctness goes beyond the speech and enters the arena of personal intent and thoughts behind the speech used, and judged by popular political motivations. Thus it is the slippery slope of controlled thinking, acceptable group thinking, an engineered thought proses or a type of re created mindset for the purpose of group control.

In an interview with a sports commentator this question was asked,
“Would you be moved to stop using it (the uses of the team name “Redskins”) if the company that we work for or if the FCC were to fine you or fire you for using that name, would that move you?”

This was the answer given,
“Those would be very powerful motivating forces for me,” he acknowledged, adding that he thinks the FCC stepping into this debate is out of line, a type of government over reach.

Nobody even attempted to confront this type of question as being out of line. The media which stands on their soapbox preaching the right to free speech seemingly forgot the issue in its hurry to tilt the scales of popular opinion. This type of questioning is out of line because of our rights in this country’s founding to give everyone equal ability to openly speak, to have free speech.

Think about it for a moment apart from the popular words of news hype. If you as an individual fear finical impact, or fear the power of your employer to pressure you into a thought proses of having to act as they demand, where is your freedom? What if your employer demands you to vote politically a certain way….have certain religious affiliations…..beliefs, or demanding individuals change their beliefs….,or except their union view? Isn’t freedom cast a side then?

And we haven’t even entertained any what “If’s” should government place demands into that picture.

Listen to the interview, some of these points aren’t even brought up or even presented for open air debate. The political correct mind creep has already excepted a power greater then free speech without even seeing–today we will try to control any opposition, tomorrow we will control those who we today call friend.

Without free speech you don’t really have freedoms, because everything someone can say or do, can also offend any other person.

Its time we think of political correctness / the effort to control speech to a curtain groups way of thinking, as being to much like this….Evil preaches tolerance till it’s dominant, then it seeks to stamp out good.

In deciding good or evil in anyone, it is necessary to except that we all may be offended or could be the offender. It is in the content of character within individuals that drive their actions or gives individuals the power to just walk away. Because a person changed against their will is of the same opinion still.

All the best. Enjoy your freedom to speak up or out on this subject.
PS. Enjoy tonight’s game…..Go! Hawks!

For the audio and script of the interview click link below.

Dori Monson won’t shy from saying ‘Redskins’ during MNF broadcast http://t.co/ns7G3OazMW


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


One thought on “Monday night football Headline SeaHawks vs Redskins

  1. 1. Those who look to be offended will find some reason to be so.
    2. Old saying, “If you don’t have a dog in the hunt, sit, quiet and stop adding distraction and noise.”
    3. Being offensive isn’t against the law and it isn’t criminal. (Not like murder, rape, robbery….those still are prosecuted…sometimes)
    4. Learn the phrases “It takes one to know one” and “I’m rubber, you’re glue, it bounces off to me and sticks to you” and most important of all “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”(We were talking about pre-k, right? Adults? Lighten up. Words only have power if you allow them to.)
    5. Snort. (see a recent post)

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | October 6, 2014, 2:54 pm

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