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The NFL abuse cases seem to be over done

Is the hoopla over recent NFL abuse cases / domestic violence over done, over reported, or even magnified to the extent of abusive reporting by big media?

Let me just state it right here and now. Abuse of any kind is wrong! No if’s, or and’s, or but’s, are expectable excuses, it just plain wrong!

Having that said now, why is the NFL embroiled in an demotic violence witch hunt? With 4 such cases or arrests now made, why are the other NFL stories of related drug cases, or other violent acts by other NFL players or former players so under reported?

I have grown real tired of the politicization of certain cases for nothing more then making political points by using such stories as exclamation points. Because such reporting has nothing to do with ending such behaviors in society by making them into a bigger public awareness campaign. If that was truly the design of such reporting we would have little room to avoid stories of much bigger effects towards individual’s personally, and all the ill effects to the public in general that those stories would explain. Yet these stories are barely reported on some back page of some no name newspaper somewhere. It gives an impression of hiding something for later use in a sort of manipulation story, not all that different than the present demotic violence stories currently. Where is the news magnification, the public outcry, and the social demand for government to change it all? Instead we have this on going witch hunt of a real problem in the NFL while avoiding the bigger picture within society just under the surface.

Are kids worth protecting at all? And at any and all costs?

This year, 2014 right up to my posting of this story, there have been, or are on going cases in or out of court, of over 300 teachers who have abused kids in their schools just this year, while under their care. And we are magnifying 4 domestic violence cases in the NFL for that same time period of time. Domestic violence in the NFL isn’t suddenly something new. It’s been going on for years. But with today’s reporting, it is being made to sound out of control and ramped. On a percentage bases is it all that different to the population at large? I’m not making a case or any justification of domestic violence here, just an unusual reporting of it.

One such segment of the population with a higher percentage of accounts of domestic violence as reported, is the very same segment that also has the job of investigating all other reports of domestic violence–police officers. Where is the same degrees of reporting those stories if we must shine a lime light onto this dark corner of society if we hope to change it? How does reporting on the NFL change the real segment of population with the same but more prevalent problem?

Going back to our public teachers, aren’t teachers government employees? Don’t we deserve better and more efficient government? Aren’t our kids our future? Then why aren’t these stories in the news daily if necessary to get that better government, who would better manage their employees if it were brought into the light? Yet it’s our media, that evil in our lives who plays politics with the NFL, expecting public outrage to get government moving in regulating everything except the media and itself.

Sometime opening your eyes can be the most painful thing you can do.
We don’t need some super strength to accept those things we can’t change. But we a kind of unwavering strength to change the things we can’t accept! A unified strength of standing up to those who hold their deceptive powers as public do-good’ers.
We shouldn’t dispense the law within the court of public opinion in an unequal disposition towards what’s popular on any given day. It seems society is unwilling to stand up to evil no matter where it exerts, but rather it is only interested in finding an acceptable level of evil that they can tolerate. While using the least amount of efforts posable. And everything else is considered collateral damage.

So what damages society to a larger degree some abuse in the NFL, or the almost unheard of child abuse in school–4 cases in the NFL vs. 300 unheard of cases in our public schools in 2014. And with a track record of the police, according to FBI statistics, are we to call a potential secret abuser to investigate a report of domestic violence?

I suggest we stop sweeping dirt under the rug while complaining about some visible missed prices that sticks out like a sore thumb within the NFL.

What says you?
All the best.


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