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Expiration dates.

Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!

Ever wake up in the morning with a nagging question that just puzzles you more, and more the longer you think about it? Mine is “Why does SOUR CREAM have an Expiration date?” It’s already sour and so……

Any who I just thought I’d throw that out there for everyone. That aside let’s get on with it.

No matter how many deadlines you personally have it seems that most people need that kick in the butt to push one’s self to do their best work. So few of us are really self-starters, so the mighty deadline becomes a necessity, that anti-drug to postponement and procrastination. There are procedures and processes and they include boundaries, and those boundaries add value to life. Without them life becomes valueless. The guidelines and barriers which surround us daily help us not only to do our best, but helps define winners and losers, success and failure, fair value of price vs. priceless, cheep or inexpensive vs. Expensive, and finally right and wrong; allowing people to know exactly what is expected of them and when.

Though it may not be too fun admitting it, all of us, have a finite amount of time. New to the market place is a device to figure out our scheduled last breath—the death watch. Tikker the makers of the death watch as it is called; counts down admittedly slowly to a calculated estimated time of the wearer’s death.

The Tikker team readily admits the idea sounds morbid but adds that the idea behind the watch is to encourage wearer’s to realize their lives have an expiration date and they should make the most of their lives while they have them…i.e. making them face the ultimate deadline.

“I think we can have a better life, and make better choices, if we are more aware of our upcoming expiration. It gives us perspective — the little stuff suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. That’s why I see Tikker as a happiness watch,” explained Tikker’s creator Fredrik Colting.

The death watch will arrive with an instruction manual and a questionnaire meant to estimate how long the wearer is scheduled to live. Once the expiration date is determined, it can be programmed into Tikker. The death watch literally counts down the seconds to the wearer’s utter demise, all the while displaying the current time.

“But the point we are trying to make is that the wearer should in some way be conscious of their own expiration, and that in turn will make you better appreciate life. Like people who’ve had near-death experiences, or lived through diseases.”

We’ve all had some experience with death or something like the time our pet died, so death is no surprise to anyone. We rarely like to talk about it though. And we should always question the mental stability of those morbid few who like to talk about death. But what about displaying what’s left of our time, in a way that others can see, or at least speculate about it, or question us, should they even take notice of the strange wrist device and recognize it as the death watch. Who would openly display this on their body?

The once popular break the ice question, “What’s your sign?” will soon have to give way to, “How much time do you have…left that is?” Should this become the next crazy must-have product. Can such a device even make it in the business world? Can it literally out sell the success of that long ago popular useless “Pet Rock”?

Because it just before the time of the year where we celebrate the traditions of trick or treat, this little morbid tidbit falls from the great internet sky into our laps. Do the makers of this little useless wrist device believe it’s revelatory? Or do they think lots of people have $30–$50 per watch to spend as Halloween party favors that promise to produce more interesting conversations at your morbid dinner party.

Somehow for me, the way I see it, this device looks too much like a ready-made human metal-detector for “Gold diggers”. (If you know what I mean?)

How do you find the concept of the death watch?

How would you change your life if you knew you only had 10 more years to live?

What about if you had just one year, just a month, or a day?

Would you even want to know, and therefore would you want to buy this product? Do tell.

(photo: Tikker/kickstarter)


Read more: http://www.mnn.com/green-tech/gadgets-electronics/stories/death-wristwatch-calculates-when-you-will-die-then-starts#ixzz3DcETqZRb


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