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Google it because “It only pays to advertise if you can produce the merchandise.”

Our lives have become all to familiar with rush, piled on top of rushing around. Now where did I put my keys.. shoes.. and my office reports? Oh no! These socks don’t match! Between rushing around looking through dirty laundry for matching socks that don’t smell too much and driving through traffic, zinging and zagging, making multiple moves for what only seems a car lengths worth for forward momentum, I, like you, at times, start to wonder is it worth all of the stress?

With cliché’s like…”Just stop and smell the roses”. One must wonder in our rat race style of existences, what can we do for cramming more stuff into our lives? Remembering that at first smart phones were marketed as “time-saving devices”? Where is the savings? With the amount of time I have spent on my smart phone, I should have banked countless hours in  my time savings account? yet at the end of the day my account balance seems to be over drafted.

We run around a bit too much these days. We hate having to go to work. Because exchanging 8 hours of our time for money at least seems a lot to ask? When we don’t quite know how many hours of life we have left to live? Committing suicide  is the only true way in finding the answer to how much time we have, but who wants to really know the answer anyway? If we knew the answer, we may have spent less time on our smart phones, computers, or social networks….

Truth is in finding more time we must find greater value. For there is no greater motivator then recognizing perceived value, when you’re not getting the value as expected.

A well-known phone company had a slogan “Reach out and touch someone”. With smart phones these days touching the phone screen, and or caressing it, by itself seems empty while giving the perception of being weirdly strange. But the visuals aren’t any different. It is like we are there but not. Right? With technologies like smart phones and computers we have the ability’s to experience life to a greater extent. ( just Google any thing and you’ll see.)  Unfortunately  we’re seeing someone else’s experiences on flat screens visually, but the tastes, smells, and touching  is missing. (Side note… sound is optional, best controlled by the volume button, knob, or voice command on such devices.) It is impossible for the other senses to be used to enrich the experience shared in this way. But in time savings? Just calculate it! I mean pick an activity that you have just Googled, and start calculating the time saved by not getting ready to go out and do it. Net alone, the money and time spent buying all the equipment and stuff for the adventure.

So we can just sit there like the proverbial bump on the log, watching all of the cool stuff other people are doing on-line. Yes I climbed Mt. Everest, dove to the deepest parts of the sea, and sky-dived from the edge of outer space just to  name a few adventures. From a bar stool it looks like you’re the most interesting person in the room. But then, filling in the other parts of these experiences.. those other senses worth of life’s wrinkled touches within these adventures requires something that is missing….?

So tell me again, when you were in outer space and had to fart.. what was that like for real? Being all confined in the space garb and all……?

As your mind races to explain in colorful details to give validity to your well-rounded flat screen adventures. Even you have to admit the internet has some limitations over real experiences. You may just use some of that banked time you saved and take a class at your local community college like ” Lies, distortions, and the proper method of persuasion by deceptive means 101. All because seeing, is only half of believing that you have also been there.

Reality has a way all unto its own, yet people choose to try to escape it. Seeing it on-screen is just fine if you never ever intend to do it in your life. I never intend to swim with the great white sharks… so Google it, is just fine with me. I wonder how much a shark cage would cost? Na. I’ll save the time of Google searches, and the money it would certainly cost me for that adventure. Saved time and money on that one, by Multi-tasking my life’s experiences. Thank God for smart phones, being able to come to those conclusions while walking to lunch, is also a savings I guess. So smart phones do save time, so I can choose to waste more later.

Truth is… hitting the off button once in a while, or skipping work, putting some shoes on (after getting dressed of course) and leaving the cave for some well needed fun in the sun, doesn’t have you missing out on all that much. If you feel like you are? Just hit up the timer on your TiVo, or other digital recorders and record it. Later, in some cases much later; after experiencing the amazing cool stuff just outside of your cave, and after the adventure of real reality wears off a bit, or until your pasty white skin turns lobster red in color; you’ll have plenty of time to review everyone else’s life’s experiences, or your own fond memories as you up-load them to the net, or before practicing those adventure filler lies, before heading to your favorite watering hole? Think of–recording it as a multi-tasking tool of time savings. At least with recording things you’ll have the ability to cram 15 gallons of bull crap into a 10 gallon cranium of the unsuspecting person who finds you interesting.

Now how am I going to explain this computer geek sunburn in the most interesting, most colorful adventure filled way, that also isn’t available on the net just yet?

In becoming a well-rounded interesting person no matter how many internet experiences you’ve lied about, you may want to back up some of your crap with recordings, or at least with undisputable props like sunburns. After all, “It only pays to advertise if you can produce the merchandise”.

“Hay buddy! How was your extra long weekend?” A co-worker asks. ” I see you got some sun….did you have fun as well?”

” Fun!” A fake smile gets pasted to your face as your brain stretches your mind to it limit hoping to explaining in condensed fashion. “Well… you see…I, have this friend that took me sky diving. Just incredible I tell ya!”

“Sky diving?”

“Yea.” The smile is a bit more relaxed, natural while adding. ” From the edge of outer space for maximum free fall experience. You get up to about… well I don’t know-for-sure, but it must have been about 200 mph in free fall speed. After words they wanted to go swimming with the sharks. But, you know just sitting on the beach trolling the internet with a tablet and catching some rays, was more my speed after the rush of sky diving.”

“Well that was something indeed. You sure know how to live life.” Your co-worker starts to leave, and wonders how do you do it? And on the amount money these guys pay here? “How do you find the time and money?” they add to the conversation calling over their shoulders.

“Banking time! With all of the time savings devices we have, it pays huge dividends I tell ya. Huge dividends!”

“It only pays to advertise if you can produce the merchandise. Nice sunburn. What’s next on the agenda for next weekend?”

Responding in a low inaudible voice, “I don’t know, I’ll have to Google it!”

All the best.


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “Google it because “It only pays to advertise if you can produce the merchandise.”

  1. We run around so much the socks can’t keep up with us. And the emperor has no clothes…but everyone is afraid to say so.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | July 19, 2013, 2:21 pm
    • It is nice to know I’ve had at least some company along for the ride along life’s highway’s and byway’s. Thanks for companionship along the way. Now if I could only find those socks??? :^)

      Posted by mindwarpfx | July 20, 2013, 5:34 am

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