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The word of the day; “Imprest”

“So do you think this will serve as was expected, with the agency?” Abby inquisitively asked. Not quite sure if her solution was any good. She paused, allowing time for a reaction.

Paul stood silent studying her for a moment. Is this a test of his skill, or just a genuine–I’m not sure of myself kind of question? He didn’t quite know how to break it to her. Tired of dragging her along behind him in his career, he didn’t need her to fray his coat tails. He had seen what happens to fag’s when he was in the navy. Those tattered ends of ropes were cut off and thrown overboard. His career wasn’t going down the tubes for some young good-looking thing, flashing your baby blues and men twice his age jumped quicker than a teenager with a hormone problem. Paul knew that she had gamed an advance out of this special project, so free advice in making her look better than how she physically looked was out of the question. But how to tell her that also didn’t also make him look totally like an ass, he needed some back-handed tact, but what?

“Have some confidence women!” He uses just a bit of forceful tone. “You deliver great work. Stop being so….”  Wanting to use a different word, he paused, for his timing was impeccable with these kind of conversations, and a pause was just a tool for increased intrigue.

“Take what you have. You worked hard on it and your better than you see yourself. So off you go. Take it to the editor and chief, get your much deserved imprest—don’t imagine you can squander money on this trip, though!”

Abby was happy sort-a-kind of, with the response. But how did he know she had taken an advance payment for the job? Did the self-appointed king, the editor and chief, happen to say something—“taking the kings shilling”—so now she had to serve? Before she could muster a response, glancing up, Paul disappeared into the conference room with a client. Leaving her there, pondering it farther, whether her work was up to what was expected, or was this just a way to cut dead wood, average talent?

The word of the day “Imprest” somewhat old but fun indeed, don’t be confused with the term of “fag”, it truly was a term used in the navy to describe the frayed end of rope. Words are indeed fun to learn about and in trying to use them, as a part of woven work is where the talent of the writer comes to play, just for some verbal fun.

All the best.


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