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A Gun, wishing not to be abused by Thief, Shot and Killed him

When it comes to those dangerous weapons in the world, we need to do something don’t we? Weapons are indeed objects without a brain; only in the movies is where brainless objects have lives all on their own, with evil agendas like murder, or acting out mayhem in the proses of entertaining people. Remember the movie where Chuckey the doll (who was nothing more than a criminal that was placed into the doll by some evil religious right.) I know that dolls can’t act anything out on their own; it takes the actions of people that play with them. But in the movies and in the minds of liberals, dolls and weapons have minds of their own. So they can act out with brutal, evil, homicidal intent on their own, can they?

We now live in a world that questions people or their intent they may have in even wanting a weapon. But these same people never seem to question the criminal who may misuses the weapon. Criminals are not, nor can they ever be responsible for their actions. Society certainly made them turn out the way they did. So is the reasoning of some at least. If not society, then their parents, schools and the bullies in them, even wacko religions are certainly at fault. Never the person and the choices they made on their own. Unless you’re a law-abiding citizen, then, and only then we should all question your choices, and your intent that is behind those choices?

Stopping the criminal seems too easy, but controlling the masses, compelling them to accept controls that would be placed upon them, because they can’t be trusted, is the political challenge of the day. Politian’s excuse themselves by saying. “We need to control those dangerous weapons, because they can kill someone at will. Besides these weapons look scary and so they must go, in the name of public safety.” Okay maybe not exactly said like those Politian of the day, but close enough for hand-grenades?

We have become a society that teaches kids not to throw imaginary hand-grenades in school, while killing the world’s evil by playing an imaginary super hero. Super heroes don’t really exist, so guns in the hands of people, who may view themselves as super heroes in protecting themselves or loved ones, shouldn’t either? Yet we think of arts and entertainment as some great work, like in the movies, where super heroes do just that without even thinking twice about it, or if it is being normal or not. We have become so desensitized to the gun, and how evil it is. That even our schools have lost all sense of reality, and common sense. Can we really call this a great education, when kids have gotten trouble for chewing food into the shape of a weapon, throwing imaginary hand-grenades, or even making a shape of a gun with fingers and hands? I remember when you had to throw a punch in a fight to get in trouble in school, but now days?

After all of the life I have been blessed to live so far. I have never seen a rock throw itself in a vicious attack on someone, or even in an attempt to murder someone. Never saw an electric saw try to decapitate someone all by itself. I have never heard of a gun picking itself up and shooting someone because it had designs of taking over the world by force. Never have I ever been a believer of…. that machines of all sorts, those same ones that man or women invented or made, then became self-aware, and decided to do away with all evil humans, like in the terminator movies. Never heard of a news story like this. But I have always been able to separate entertainment from realities, net alone knowing which is which, never confusing the two.

I was taught after all, that all choices have consequences, so choose carefully. I must say….. with regards to those guns, I might just keep one eye on them at all times when in close proximity to them now. Finley a story of how evil those guns really are. So they shouldn’t now be trusted? No matter who’s handling them. It shouldn’t be the fault of criminals alone if guns kill people, guns may have designs of their own? Perhaps they (The guns of the world) are only seeking their own independence, looking to free themselves from the evil-doers, who would just keep guns as slaves to do evils bidding.

I’m only searching for a politician, who is not looking to protect us from ourself’s.

A Gun, wishing not to be abused by Thief, Shot and Killed him After Burglarizing Oregon Home against the guns wishes … http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/04/thief-shot-and-killed-with-ar-15-after-burglarizing-oregon-home-but-you-wont-believe-how-it-happened/


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “A Gun, wishing not to be abused by Thief, Shot and Killed him

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes I was taught well, but like most of us, I had to learn all that I know from “the college of hard knocks”. Thank God these were just small-sized mistakes in life.

    But guns, though small in size have much bigger consequences. We don’t need some well-aimed laws to control guns, or the size of ammo clips they have… we need well placed laws to control people who would choose to use any weapon to kill or harm another person while allowing themself’s to be under the influences of evil thoughts. The person who holds a weapon also holds the power of self-protection, before, during, and after the 911 call has been placed, net allow during the time it takes for government employees to come to the rescue. Just remembered in closing, that saint Peter also had a sword while standing at the side of God. How easy it is to forget history of governments created by men, and how evil they allowed themself’s to become, when the people could no longer defend themself’s against their governments advances.

    Posted by mindwarpfx | March 22, 2013, 2:48 pm
  2. Ah, the difference is that you were taught….
    Well said.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | March 20, 2013, 7:30 pm

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