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Useless Word phrases

Over this past year I have run into some popular word a phrase that just gets stuck in my craw. I mean that these phrases are so blatantly hideous, that we as word users need to expel them and remove them or punish people for using them in public. (That last one maybe somewhat extreme, but so are these phrases.) Some of these phrases are just mind numbingly crazy and I’m not referring to the amount of alcohol used by the person who originally came up with them. I mean is it so hard to say what you mean and mean what you say?

Take this phrase; “Trust the council of your lawyer.” That’s because he is a professional liar? Lying his/her way out of everything. If you need one, should you also trust them? I mean nobody trusts a lawyer! Or someone wouldn’t have invented the term a “Philadelphian lawyer.” The standards may be lower in Philly but a lie is still a lie. My best example of a Philadelphian lawyer would be “slick Willy, AKA Bill Clinton. But seeing what happens in the news on a daily basis, lies are no big deal unless your on the receiving end of them or find the need to argue the meanings of the word, of what “IS”, is?

Take this one; “Fiscal cliff”. What the hell is this? Politicians invented this within some negotiations over raising the debt limit, placing us all on the edge of the cliff; where in sometime in the future certain unpleasant events would take place. Well-la! The creation of the fiscal cliff. Where every one of our politicians looks like there are trying to do something, when they are doing little to nothing, but more of the same. Looking to tax and spend more of our money than they should.

Why not this one; “The war on poverty.” Has poverty ended? The government seems to be lifting the standards to what level of income is need to be defined as living within poverty. Is that because the government is winning the war on poverty? If so why are redefining it with rasing the level of income, are we running out of people in poverty so lets give them more people to make the battle fair? If we gave everyone the same amount of money and no one spent it then we would have won the war. Because people choose to spend money, some would at the end of the week have more than others. So is all that is needed to be in poverty as a qualifier, being the amount of money we have? If so? We will never win this war and we should stop the wasted spending. But if being poor is based on the potential income in the future that anyone has as the qualifier to being in poverty. Why not give equal opportunity’s to all and make a college education free to all? What is the point of feeding and housing and raising the limits of what it is to be poor, while also rasing the college education just out of reach of the poor? When in a war, fight to win that war, or your wasting resources in redefining success to being “successfully loosing”!

Consider this one; “Just saying”. What? Is this the kind of thing people say when they are just looking for something to say that places them above and beyond responsible reproach of having ever said it as fact? Sounds somewhat factual when you end some BS that you’re spreading with the phrase “Just saying!” Who is going to research it? Besides when asked, “Who said that?” in order to get some source of new information. They can just shrug their shoulders and half-heartedly repeat, “Just saying!”

How about; “That’s politically correct”. Or the phrase of, “You lie!” Who wants to be a liar, or called out as one? No one! But shouldn’t that be a call to everyone to only speaking truthfully, as opposed to the same old more commonly known definitions of the white or black lie? Why not instead use the phrase “That’s politically incorrect.”? Because the use of the phrase you lie is “ politically incorrect”? The phrase used as some “Politically correctness” is nothing then a cheap attempt to rewrite definitions of words and phrases and the modern usages of them. Just think about it for a moment, you I’m sure, could come up with phrases that were used not all that long ago that are now just viewed as plain wrong to use today. Now called “That’s politically correct”. But are they?

What about the; “Debt ceiling”. A phrase that all politicians looks as an obstacle to the government. But if we all in America have limits of debt that we have personally, why not the government? You or I cannot barrow 110% of our income and still expect to barrow more to buy an even bigger home, just because we want too! Why should government be able to barrow more and more money, which leads to an ever greater expansion of taxing powers to take from you, by fear of force to pay for their extravagance of unlimited spending. It should piss-you-off as Americans that the government gets to tax and spend without limits, while totally and uncomfortably limiting you again without limits.

How about the phrase of; “A man of God”, as if a diploma from some bible college places them closer to the ear of God, willing to whisper into Gods ear on your behalf. These same men of God also promote the power of prayer to their believers. Yet their title “Man of God” seem to place them at the head of the line. Despite their self-proclaimed position of God whisperers by the use of the term “A man of God.”As if you’re not! I would believe that a true man of God would just except that their actions should speak louder than their words, proclamations or the words on their diploma; if they wish to then claim to be true men of God while pointing to their diploma on the wall as their qualifier. Then their diploma should be written then in stone, by the very finger of God. Who am I to determining whether he has a calling from God? But then what diploma on the wall proves it to be so?Otherwise I would like to use the phrase; “an educated man of religious beliefs” / “minster, or preacher” for short. While always keeping in the back of your mind with the ideas that he is no closer to the ear of God then you are. Other wise what is the point of promoting the power of prayer, or in limiting the true power of God in hearing his prayers before yours. This kind of misconceptions will lead you to believe that your smaller in the sight of God while lifting up above yourself the power of the self-proclaimed “Man of God” in having a better chance to get Gods attention. Just saying! (Already have explained that one to you! But it sounds good to place it at the end of my rant. So take with a grain of salt.).

Well, through the examples already given to you. I’m sure that you all have some useless phrases that just “T” you off? The kind of phrases that just drive you mad if you have to listen to them offered by people that also haven’t taken any time to think before speaking those phrases out loud. Other phrases like, Religion vs. non religious, or  the religion of hate? I know they are more political and religious points of views or phrases, and that’s somewhat dangerous! Because religion and politics start so many arguments. But these people who argue their points by using “Useless Word phrases”, are only hoping to change definitions of words, to support or defend or at the lest to fit their arguments.

Come on! Do tell us about your “Useless word phrases” and then explained why they drive you mad. Well until next year, have a happy new year. (Is that one of those phrases for you?) I’ll get in touch with you on that one next year.

All the best to everyone, see you in 2013.

Ps. “I’ll get in touch with you”? A phrase offered up by people mainly in phone conversations that also have little interest in doing so, at the very least with you. I’m finding myself under the power of these phrases more than I would like to admit. Cheers! See you in the internet stream / blogosphere in 2013???  All the best.


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “Useless Word phrases

  1. Oh terrific list.
    Please no more “blessed day” said with sullenness or outright hatred in the eyes. (We know what you really mean passive aggressive person)
    Hope lots of smiles and intriguing adventures find you in the new year!

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | December 31, 2012, 3:59 pm

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