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The making of a Champion

In the making of a champion at anything, one must see the goal. Choosing then to work really hard at it. Not to say most people see the guy or girl whose goal it is, and works obsessively at becoming a champion, but still finishes second or third. That couldn’t possibly be what a champion really is? Unfortunately the headlines and the news agency’s never seem to recognize the amazing stories behind the making of a champion, or the odds of becoming a true day-to-day reality’s champion.

Take Samyr Laine for instance. This guy is a triple jumper, olympic class athlete competing in the 2012 Olympics for the country of Haiti. Born to parents from Haiti, but born in America. The big-hearted man chooses to compleat for the Haiti national team. One of just a few athletes from this country. In addition to competing on a world-class level, he is trying to set up a foundation to help Haiti recover from the earthquake devastation of 3 years ago. Where there is an estimated 1 million people still homeless.

Being the former room-mate of Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame. Along with having the opportunity’s of going to a world-class college like Harvard. This could draw some lines that separate most people form those whose goals are, in become champions at what they’re talents alow them to achieve in life. Yet never get the same opportunity’s, from those who are considered champions because they went to a world-class school. Like most things, championships and the champions that achieve this status, can be in many things in life. Not just sports, or sporting events. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Isn’t he a champion? A kind of champion for what he was able to create with Facebook? Bill Gates is he a champion? You do know he dropped out of Harvard, yet is one of the richest people in the world? A money champion I suppose.

Competing in the Olympics could also be considered in the same way, being a champion just for having competed. Just a different kind of champion. When so few people ever get to this level of competition at anything in life. Between these two former room mates, could we then call them the same type of champion? Are there differences to any champions or championships? Between individuals who become champions or teams who in working in unison in becoming champions?

Samyr Laine may never have the bank account of a Mark Zuckerberg. But all ready has broken through more barriers on the road to becoming a champion. Competing in the 2012 olympics for a poor country. Makes Laine a man driven by a different drummer. Considering the odds of all of the people in Haiti that may have talents for sports. Yet never having the chance to display these talents on any level to the world-wide public. Could we then consider Laine a champion of sorts, never winning a medal? But then take the points of…. Laine could have just entered the business world and made huge money, forgetting about his ancestral home of Haiti.

Wow! Having never won a medal from the Olympics, being his second olympics he has compleated in. One could just say, he is in no way a champion. But then lets look at the facts, of what makes a champion. Could it be…. a champion is in the definition? What a champion is, or at least in the eye of the one who would then define it. Often this mind-set then leads us down a different road in search of own championships.

Laine was born in the USA, so he could have compleated for the US team in the Olympics, but made a choice to go for team Haiti. This choice could have cost him big money. Yet he compete with no less of a goal. He could have just went for the money, and switched competing for a different country in the Olympics. Like this person did, in this story. Traitor or American Genius? http://mynorthwest.com/194/719406/Traitor-or-American-Genius via @mynorthwest .

When you consider there is about 6 billion people in the world Laine is defiantly a champion of huge portions. When you narrow the definition. He is one of a few million people from Haiti, with the talent to compete at the triple jump sport. When you then consider Laine doesn’t define himself by a gold, or silver, or a bronze medal. But is trying to use the olympics and his talents at his sport to help a country, where he has never had to struggle within day-to-day life. Does this make him a champion?

Is becoming a champion an open door, an opportunity for everyone to go through. Defining ones self by what we choose to do, with what we have or what talents we display? Or weather we are placed on a pedestal by others and the notoriety we achieve of what we have done?

Greatness of a champion is often resulting from two different people rubbing their shoulders together at a time when it is barely noticed. As a whole, we all have become who we are by the casual contact with other in life. Through interactions we have had with each other. A rubbing together of personalities, talents, within personal goals of some kind of self-interests. That often leads us to true championships and success within our own minds eye. A successful life lived, isn’t determined by what we have. But what we will be remembered for, in the hearts and minds of those who we have had a chance to impact quietly.

All the best.

Mark Zuckerberg’s former Harvard roommate Samyr Laine competes for Haiti in triple-jump at Olympics … http://bit.ly/OP1rdu via @MailOnline

Pictures provided by free picture web pages.  the news blog we have placed a link to in this post also has provided a picture or two for this blog.


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