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Pyramid pranks

In the world of pranks, what causes people to take chances in delivering a great prank? The idea of playing pranks goes back to ancient times I’m sure. Prehaps its just an attempt at immortality. Burning the ultimate prank into the minds of the people with bewilderment.

How did they do that?

Why would they…. do that?

What is the point?

What does it mean?

With so many people involved someone must know who’s behind it. Right?

All the rapid fire questions seem to hang in the air, never really being answered except by speculations of those in aw. But isn’t that the point? To bring about aw? If we knew how the great pyramids of Egypt came to be. We may just look at them as common place. I mean, no one ever wonders about mole hills as if… I wonder? Truth is pranks shouldn’t be delivered in such a way that there are no questions that need answering. Where is the prank then? Half the fun of a really good prank is, leaving mystery to everyday life, with some sense of accomplishment for pulling it off. Much crop circles did about 10 or 15 years ago.

Yes some people may never find out just how it was done, and by whom? But there will be some fawned memories of the perfect prank remembered by everyone who experienced it.

Public pranks at time will also induce people to go and take part of the experience of it by seeing it first hand. So then, pranks can cause a buzz, and some economic growth. Much like a new store, shopping mall, or vacation destination. Prehaps much like the tree, with the likeness of the virgin Marry in the bark of the tree. People seem to wanted to go see that first hand. Seeing some man-made wonders of wonder through a well-played prank may cause interest in it. Leaving everyone with some good clean fun. celebrating the bizarre human ingenuity who came up with it in the first place…. I wonder if I do this… what will others think?

John Curley Show: Don’t take down those picnic table pyramids – Seattle News – MyNorthwest.com http://mynorthwest.com/11/722540/John-Curley-Show-Leave-the-picnic-table-pyramids via @mynorthwest

Pictures provided by the blog post listed above and Wikipedia.

All the best of pranks to you all.

Living anniversary’s

What will I do when I grow up?

Anniversary’s are for the most part, some kind of mile stones in life. Some event, or at least some celebrations of events within a life, lived well. Just some of the quality’s of the all mighty anniversary. August happens to be exactly such an event for me. This month one year ago, marks the one year anniversary of my entering into the blogosphere world. Not that my ramblings are like any others. Other then they are indeed ramblings. Like a BB rattling around inside of a boxcar. Stories and ideas bounce off my cranium. The mind then commands the fingers to type out a new blog. My views of the world, or at least my corner of it, are expressed as it were. Being the self anointed ” King of the world ” allows any subject matter to be blogged about. As it is with everyone else in this writing world of ours. We make an attempt to express ourself’s in some way’s, just to give others the same views of events, places, stories, or dreams, or even unsolicited opinions. Wrapped up within 1000 words or so. If pictures are worth a 1000 words? Then these mental pictures within our minds view, are worth a few posts of several 1000 words each. Hopefully presented in an interesting and entertaining way. So in living life to the best of our ability’s. We really do live for the living anniversary don’t we?

Remembering all of the anniversary’s as we move along life’s conveyor-belt .Can be a challenge at times. The conveyor-belt just keeps on moving. But the minds memories at times stop short, dwelling over a special memory or two. Remembering your first date? First kiss? Isn’t an anniversary exactly. Having the next one of those is!  Only teens celebrate these kinds of things as anniversary’s though. One year marriage anniversary’s…. 5 year….10 year… 20? These are all mile stones of successes of sorts. Adult celebrations of the most popular anniversary’s out there. Special indeed! Specialized Anniversary’s with differences of degrees. When these days people seem to change marriage partners like changing underwear.

For my anniversary. First! Let me thank you all, for the following of this blog. If you do indeed follow? Thanks! I would rather have fellow followers then a numbered amount of stalkers. Causing me to nervously looking over my shoulders at night. Allowing my mind to play some mind games, with some unwanted second guessing, of all the people I meet. Indeed no one likes to eat at an empty restaurant, so having other people following you along the way through life, is some what comforting. Knowing that we all have somethings in common to share. Life experiences. So once again thank you all, for the follow.

Next I would like to thank all of the people who haven’t yet followed this blog. Yes, thanks to you for coming over to the ” Mind warped ” side of life. Just reading my ramblings on a regular basis is encouraging to me to keep on writing. After all, I do not write perfectly. As some of you must have noticed. I don’t write perfectly at times for the entertainment value. At other times I forget to hit the edit button, or I hit the publish button in an effort to save my draft by accident. But this imperfect expression gets you to laugh I’m sure. ( It does for me when I re-read my older posts / published drafts.) So in this way it is successful at the very least, at giving out some smiles. At times, unintended consequences ( verbal mistakes ) when they happen are the funniest, as well the easiest to remember, or to reenact.

I find if I set the bar really low it is easter to clam that instant success for myself. Unless you’re at a limbo party? Then success, is measured by how low you can go. Along with alcohol, this means your about one notch above passed-out, when you’re the most successful. But then all that this proves is that our standards are set low. In short success is easier if you have low standards. Nothing like instant success right?

My purpose for writing this blog from the beginning. Was to improve myself, along with my writing skills. A skill that for the most part can be improved upon, by those who are willing to practice at it. For myself it is somewhat harder to trick into doing the work of improvement, that it desperately needs most of the time. For just this kind of improvement, in writing, practice makes perfect. So I’ve been told. A total selfish reason of course. I know! But don’t we all just engage in the practices of self-interests? With everyone else, though to a smaller degree, the hell with them. It’s more like ME FIRST! Isn’t that self-interests?

Zigging and zagging my way through the writing world of expression has been therapeutic at times for me. Take some of the social commentary’s I read, and then feel I need to express myself on the same subject matter. After the traditional 20 minuets of swearing, and fighting myself from writing those thoughts down. I alow my blood pressure to come down a notch or two, and then find other words to express my over heated opinions. The result is less swearing. Not all that bad of a thing. In truth, it doesn’t take all that much thought to swear. But finding different words that also gets those pointed points across to who ever may read them. Is work! The magic that good writing is made of. Reading other people’s works is also helpful. Like reading the dictionary by Prentice Hall. Now that’s one hell of a writer! Short one word summary’s, that also mean so much more. Obviously the king of the shorts, in the writing world. Well not so fast with my delectation of some new kings. I did see an electrical contractors truck with the slogan written on the side of the van that said. ” Let us.. remove your shorts! ” Prehaps the king of electrical work, or a gigolo with tool belt, who does still make house calls? I guess the bar on the newly declared kings of the world needs to be raised up a notch or two?

Truth is, with our first written words, we have all had fantasy’s of being the greatest of writers out there. I have! But then I hit spell check… and realized that great wasn’t all that much of a goal to shoot for at my level. ( Note to self. Must raise the bar to a loftier level before ” Great ” can obviously be applied.) Wouldn’t you give anything to see the first ramblings of Steven King? A Steven King at five years old, probably thought he was great. But at 45 thinking the same thing? Seem like he would be stuck in a rut. If you achieve the status of king, what is next? The word great is like pizza. Hot or cold it is all good!

Being that its my birthday, just one year old as a writer, and an anniversary for my blog, at the same time. I have realized I have a lot of growing up to do. But I have time, and practice on my side. So improvements I’m sure will certainly follow soon? Who knows someday I will be the next hottest thing out there? Dream big or go home, I have always said. Or on the other side I could be one of the first people to be arrested by the thought police, for some of my political ramblings? Either way it successful writing, because people would have taken notice. Maybe the things that I wrote, have gotten them to think about the subjects a bit first. If emotions are somehow brought to the surface of someones personal thoughts after reading or thinking about what they have just read. Its sweet success! Not that my choice of words are better. But one mans garbage is another mans gold mine. Not that dumpster diving is all that lucrative. It is more like the government has taken all of the gold and left you the shaft. Don’t follow in my mistakes, or was that foot prints? Both will lead to the same place. Unless I’m making my way back from that wrong turn, two mistakes ago. Working my way back from humble town located in ” Mistakes Vill.” Using these examples, improvements must certainly be on the way. Just over the horizon, around the next corner….?

Well now that I have set the bar one notch higher for this next year. Look out world. Here I come! As for the last year these are the most read posts of mine by popular demand. The top ten by volume of readers, at least opening up the blog page and having a quick look inside.

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Thanks for making this experiment more than fun and feeling more like a kick in the junk at times. But really! Thanks so much for the follow, reading, or in general going through my dirty laundry.

This next year I’m setting the bar just above the dirty laundry. So Look out Steven King, and the writing world. The warped mind has arrived, we’re one years old now! What are you going to do when you grow up?

All the while remembering that if every day were filled with if’s and but’s, and cherries and nuts then everyday would be Christmas.

All the best.  Cheers!

The making of a Champion

In the making of a champion at anything, one must see the goal. Choosing then to work really hard at it. Not to say most people see the guy or girl whose goal it is, and works obsessively at becoming a champion, but still finishes second or third. That couldn’t possibly be what a champion really is? Unfortunately the headlines and the news agency’s never seem to recognize the amazing stories behind the making of a champion, or the odds of becoming a true day-to-day reality’s champion.

Take Samyr Laine for instance. This guy is a triple jumper, olympic class athlete competing in the 2012 Olympics for the country of Haiti. Born to parents from Haiti, but born in America. The big-hearted man chooses to compleat for the Haiti national team. One of just a few athletes from this country. In addition to competing on a world-class level, he is trying to set up a foundation to help Haiti recover from the earthquake devastation of 3 years ago. Where there is an estimated 1 million people still homeless.

Being the former room-mate of Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame. Along with having the opportunity’s of going to a world-class college like Harvard. This could draw some lines that separate most people form those whose goals are, in become champions at what they’re talents alow them to achieve in life. Yet never get the same opportunity’s, from those who are considered champions because they went to a world-class school. Like most things, championships and the champions that achieve this status, can be in many things in life. Not just sports, or sporting events. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Isn’t he a champion? A kind of champion for what he was able to create with Facebook? Bill Gates is he a champion? You do know he dropped out of Harvard, yet is one of the richest people in the world? A money champion I suppose.

Competing in the Olympics could also be considered in the same way, being a champion just for having competed. Just a different kind of champion. When so few people ever get to this level of competition at anything in life. Between these two former room mates, could we then call them the same type of champion? Are there differences to any champions or championships? Between individuals who become champions or teams who in working in unison in becoming champions?

Samyr Laine may never have the bank account of a Mark Zuckerberg. But all ready has broken through more barriers on the road to becoming a champion. Competing in the 2012 olympics for a poor country. Makes Laine a man driven by a different drummer. Considering the odds of all of the people in Haiti that may have talents for sports. Yet never having the chance to display these talents on any level to the world-wide public. Could we then consider Laine a champion of sorts, never winning a medal? But then take the points of…. Laine could have just entered the business world and made huge money, forgetting about his ancestral home of Haiti.

Wow! Having never won a medal from the Olympics, being his second olympics he has compleated in. One could just say, he is in no way a champion. But then lets look at the facts, of what makes a champion. Could it be…. a champion is in the definition? What a champion is, or at least in the eye of the one who would then define it. Often this mind-set then leads us down a different road in search of own championships.

Laine was born in the USA, so he could have compleated for the US team in the Olympics, but made a choice to go for team Haiti. This choice could have cost him big money. Yet he compete with no less of a goal. He could have just went for the money, and switched competing for a different country in the Olympics. Like this person did, in this story. Traitor or American Genius? http://mynorthwest.com/194/719406/Traitor-or-American-Genius via @mynorthwest .

When you consider there is about 6 billion people in the world Laine is defiantly a champion of huge portions. When you narrow the definition. He is one of a few million people from Haiti, with the talent to compete at the triple jump sport. When you then consider Laine doesn’t define himself by a gold, or silver, or a bronze medal. But is trying to use the olympics and his talents at his sport to help a country, where he has never had to struggle within day-to-day life. Does this make him a champion?

Is becoming a champion an open door, an opportunity for everyone to go through. Defining ones self by what we choose to do, with what we have or what talents we display? Or weather we are placed on a pedestal by others and the notoriety we achieve of what we have done?

Greatness of a champion is often resulting from two different people rubbing their shoulders together at a time when it is barely noticed. As a whole, we all have become who we are by the casual contact with other in life. Through interactions we have had with each other. A rubbing together of personalities, talents, within personal goals of some kind of self-interests. That often leads us to true championships and success within our own minds eye. A successful life lived, isn’t determined by what we have. But what we will be remembered for, in the hearts and minds of those who we have had a chance to impact quietly.

All the best.

Mark Zuckerberg’s former Harvard roommate Samyr Laine competes for Haiti in triple-jump at Olympics … http://bit.ly/OP1rdu via @MailOnline

Pictures provided by free picture web pages.  the news blog we have placed a link to in this post also has provided a picture or two for this blog.

Birthday cards

Birthday cards are so over rated! Just look around and compare. These little cards filled with someone else’s wit, and a hurried signature placed at the bottom. Stuffed into an envelope, licked to seal, placing a stamp onto the envelope as well writing the addresses in the appropriate places, return, and destination. Looking it over just to make sure. Placing it into the mailbox. No sooner than it slips from your fingers, and drops into the mail drop box, terror strikes your mind. Did I send the right card to the right person?

Things like this always seem to happen to me at least. But that’s after my trip to the card shop. A card store who will remain nameless for now. Just to save them some embarrassment. Because they know just who they are anyway. After yesterday they will have a mug shot of me, from their security system, marked as.. here comes trouble! As the reminder of the rumors, urban legends about the birthday cards.

Have you ever noticed that birthday cards are marketed to people by age of birthdays? That’s right! Cards are placed into displays like this.. First birthday, second birthday, third birthday…. all the way up to the cards for the 21 years olds. What is wrong with this picture?

Baby’s who just turning one, don’t know how to read yet. Nor do they know what the hell people are saying to them, even if someone would be reading to them. Their comprehension isn’t fully there. It is a world of motion and funny sounds to them. Oh they know some sounds in place of words. But like cats they ignore everything other than their own minds impulses. Since baby’s brains aren’t full developed yet, and need at least 5 years of time to pass by, just to develop to a point. The point of starting their education, a gathering of a life times worth of knowledge. These little sponges have yet to recognize the importance of the birthday card. Listening only to their own minds impulse, is the full-time job of a one year old. Totally self-centered, and the rest be damned.

Can’t blame these baby’s for the kind of attitudes they display. They have to learn somehow? And learning what works and what doesn’t. At times it is a tough job. Take those birth-day cards. Placing them into their mouths and sucking on the corners often leads to ripping them to pieces. I’m sure this is the one-year old’s display of dissatisfaction of taste? Not so much what any person had written in the card.

Five year olds have the knowledge that birthday cards often have money in them. So the card is eagerly opened. Like the prize in the cracker-jack box. The card is just unnecessary wrapping with writing from someone they should know, but defiantly seem to know them better. The real interest is the money. All though these days it could also have the plastic gift card type of modern money in it. Have you ever noticed the look on the faces of kids getting a gift card? Because they don’t know how much the card is worth in money terms. They look somewhat puzzled. They may recognize the gift cards, or what store they can use it in. But they don’t see the value as of yet. With money, they know just how many candy bars the money will buy, regardless what store they get dragged off to with their parents on a shopping day. Yes the birthday card is still little to be desired by 5 year olds. I suppose one could write some wit on some money and the 5-year-old would then take some time to read it. Unlike the birthday card.

10 year olds tend to read these cards with some interest. After all the card is recognized as being all about them. The star of the show. On this day the world will bow at their feet. The lime light will be soaked up like a black hole in outer space. So it is then, a day after all, where lime-light will out shine the sun-light. At 10 the over inflated self-esteem isn’t looked upon as a negative just yet. Besides reading has its appeal to it. Like short stories. Except these stories are about the 10-year-old. A win, win!

11 to 15 year olds move through these kinds of emotions as well. But the birthday cards are read with more of a hurry to get to the punch line….. Who sent it? Can I open my presents yet? Offering a hurried thank you. While entertaining themself’s as to where they must now go to spend the gift cards / money that came with the card. As for the witty saying or words written within them, they have less of a degree of importance, more of a necessary step in having to read them as a price to pay to get to the prize. A practice of garbage in and garbage out. Can we go shopping now? Oh Ya! Thank you who ever.

Sweet 16 birthdays are all about the presents, and less so for the cards, unless these cards come from out-of-town relatives and or friends. As for the right of passage with the sweet 16 birthday, it is all about the gift, unless the card contains big money. So they are opened like someone watching the screen at the one-armed bandit in the casino. Looking for the winner! Huge money! Huge money! Come on huge money. Damn! Just movie tickets, some gift card to a store, that isn’t around here, and what? 20 dollars! At this point facial expressions point to a need of some acting lessens. The look on the face is all about, their disappointment! But that life, you as the parent calmly explains. Reasonable expectations, you know? But at 16 reasonable, resembles that of the baby that is sucking on their birthday cards. Expectations are off the charts!

At the card store these cards are displayed in order 1 through 16. At least the store I went to. One year after the other. 17 to 20 seem to have less of a degree of importance, mostly humors sayings, or a count down to the amazing age of 21. That’s when you realize that life doesn’t always goes as planed. But now you have the ability to drink alcohol, and wash all of those troubles down the drain. Of course, no card ever explains the day after the celebrations. They just paint a life of fun, good times, and because it’s you’re birthday. The focal point, of free drinks supplied by friends is magnified within many cards. Because your still a kid of sorts untill age 30. A 21-year-old is nothing more than a kid in an adult body. The knowledge of just what is your limit is missing. No knowledgeable wit within a card to prepare the 21-year-old, for a night of drinking. No real interest of following any advice given in a birthday card, if they will not listen to parents already. No relief, for the morning after. No pictures of hugging the porcelain god, were all of your troubles are truly washed down the drain. Just half-witted, no guts no glory, sayings leading you down the pathway of foggy memories, of how you ended up at alcoholism door.

Note to any new 21-year-olds who spent, or planing to spend a night out on the town. Cell phones can, and often do, take video, these videos then make their way onto YouTube, and often are then sent to your parents and your ex’s. Of course, You as the 21-year-old, still half-baked. Never seems to see this coming, untill the shock of receiving the text message ” Check this out! Real funny LOL! ” It was a text from your mom.

Because the card display’s after the age of 21, now jumps to the birthday of 30-year-olds. What does this say about the importance of the 22 to 29-year-olds? They have a need of some birthday wit too? The display keeps on jumping to 40, 50, 60, happy retirement / 65, 70. Then without warning 80. What gives? Expecting 80 okay but what about.. no.. 75’s? The display then goes in increments of 5 years. Is this do to life expectancy? 75? Is that at the end!? Or a start of realizing, that every 5 years is more of a mile stone? Isn’t every year after important? What happens after 95? The last year of jumping by 5’s. Yes the display goes by ones. 95, 96, 97, 98, 99… What? A count down to truly being a dinosaur? The wit seems to be really dry to boot at this point in these cards, like a spoon full of dust. I know, what kind of life do I lead, if I’m reading these birthday cards? Or even noticing the display of them? The fact is, with birthday cards we see a snap shot of society celebrations. What is a mile stone to society anyway? The representation within the birthday card is obvious. For what it is worth, or what seem to be the real worth, of what is to be celebrated… ect? This also proves what is important to the stores standards set by the stores display placement. I mean this store is in the business of selling cards. Why not a continues wall of 1 through 100, one year after the other, birthday cards of plenty? Think of it! Truly then, we could say the birthday has the same importance, one year after the other. But then prehaps, those who write the witty cards have some limitations to their imaginations of what to write? Or maybe writers block after year 75? More dry jokes? Or is it we heard it all, so what the hell, just call out any number? Its funny, isn’t it?

It must be like those old guys who numbered their jokes. They would tell each other jokes by calling out the numbers. Why were you numbering jokes anyway was asked of them. The response that was given. ” It was a time saver. We have heard them all anyway! So why not tell one, by calling out a number? We save time and breath. Besides we can tell more jokes per hour that way. ” Can we celebrate birthdays like that? Is that what a birthday card really is after all? Calling out your number?

You know the best cards are the ones I have gotten from people, ( okay little people ) who spent the time to make their own cards. They used their own words of wisdom. Some times these were challenged indeed, but it is the thought that counts. It is these treasures of birthday’s passed that finds that special place, where no birthday card ever dies, an untimely death.

What do you write in a birthday card when you have to send one out? Some wit? Or some useless knowledge? Or even have you ever been tempted to re-use, ( Re-gifted ) the birthday card that is just generically written to you. As a money and a time saver? Some food for thought. You know just who you are….?

All the best.

Ps. The card shop didn’t lie, about the fact that I was reading all the cards. They asked, if they could help me so many times. That I snapped at them. Of course while watching me read the older cards and then seeing me purchase cards for an 11-year-old, and 52-year-old. I got the look! You know the look, where they can’t believe this guy took the time to read all of those cards! Instead of going to the year you needed!

For the 52-year-old I used a pre printed 55-year-old card  and wrote something like…. Because this stupid card shop only had increments of 5 years. This card is on time for your 52 birthday. Happy birthday! As for the rest of those wonderful years till you get to be 55-years-young, happy 53, and 54, as well 55. Now if Alzheimer’s strikes. I have you covered for the next 3 years, no fault of my own. It’s the card manufactures….. ? Now try to re-gift that sucker!

All the best. Some things just had to be said. If it is your birthday?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And many more.

In a days getaway. ( Capilono suspension bridge )

At times getting away from it all is the only thing that will refresh the kid like spirit within. Planing a getaway is easy. Pick some place you haven’t been for a while, is met with…. ” The same place again?” Remember when it was last visited? Instead of saying.  ” Not again! ” Go out of your way to make it a new experience. Like checking out new out-of-the-way places that were missed last time. New trails to hike, camp, or fish. Some would even say new places to go shopping. But to each their own on that.

Rest and relaxing, isn’t the only things to do on such a getaway. Rest you can do in bed at home. Relaxing? Well could do it, on the deck off the back of your house enjoying the back yard. Now that’s a been there, done did that moment. But just changing things up a bit will bring new prospective to the place you are currently living. Get on your horse and ride… Okay your steel horse and ride… the car will do for a last resort. Refuse to listen to repetitive questions of, ” Are we there yet?” Relax life isn’t a race to the finish line!

Pick a get-a-way that you remember when you where a kid and your parents took you to this special place. There has got to be plenty of places in your mind. Pick one and treat it like a first time experience, even if you when there many times. Then put on your tourist hat, and wonder about, go through some of these great places from your neck of the woods with child like amazement. Looking for the simple, new angle to this place we call close to home– the day get-a-way.

Capilano Suspension Bridge;

A Meir 100 miles away from home base. Canada offers up this somewhat hidden suspension bridge. Just minutes from down town you’re in a different place and time. Named the Capilano suspension bridge, its location in the close proximity to the Vancouver city’s downtown shopping district, Stanly park, and the water front. Makes it easy to go to. But also gives the day tourist an out in the woods experience, yet getting back to the life of the bustling city in time for a nice sit-down dinner, or a beer at an outside pub. Point is. This place is great discovery!

Just outside Stanly park, just over the lions gate bridge, there is capitano suspension bridge. The lions gate bridge is great place to go and check out as well. Built like the golden gate bridge in San-francisco. Lions gate resembles the great bridge but it is shorter and not as high off the water’s surface. On the edge of Stanly park leading over a water way to what only looks like the new city’s expanse. Homes and shops and businesses. Right in the middle there is Capilano or so it seems.

At first the parking lot look like… ” How can this be a rain forest? ” But then there are a few big trees and so one can think… ” It used to be a rain forest.” Maybe they logged it off and these are the trees that grew up in their place? What ever! Act and play the part…. Touristy like! Remember?

First view of the bridge of what you can see of the trees. It hits you like BAM! Your thinking. ” Just how this place can be at the city’s edge, as well on the edge of the rain forest.”

Walking and somewhat, or running in short bursts, down some short stairs and you land on the bridges surface. Wiggly, giggly and wobbly, up and down motions. The further out onto the bridge you go the more it moves. The terrified tourists are hanging on the cables on either side. But the young free-spirited, are putting the fun and excitement into this experience. Far better than siting in a car, or having to listening to someone from a tourist trolley with that dry voice saying.  ” Here is the bridge.” No you are going over a suspension bridge and just hanging from what looks like spirder-mans web.

Once across the bridge you are truly into a different world. apart from the tourists, you are in a rain forest. It can have different weather and seem cooler. At times the city can have sunshine. But the forest around the Capilano can be draped with fog or even misting rain.

There are lots to do as far as hiking goes. Follow the trails on the ground, or become a squirrel and walk smaller suspension bridges from tree to tree. These trees are all old growth trees and the cat walks or the ( Squirrel highways as I called them ) Are attached so the trees, so they can still grow without an incumbrances from them.

Once again dance across the Capilano and off to the cliffwalk. A walk where you can walk like a mountain goat. Seeing cliffs like this is only achieved by harnesses and rope. But this is the newest way to do all of that without. The cliff-walk cat walks at time are glass, totally see through. Looks like your suspended in mid-air.

The day at the Capilano was great fun and filled with learning about the wild side of life. Besides it is the experience of seeing how small places can be so different and yet just out there on the other side of a short expanse. A modern city and an ancient forest holding hands like two partners in life.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current bridge is 136 metres (446 ft) long and 70 metres (230 ft) above the river. It is part of a private facility, with an admission fee, and draws over 800,000 visitors a year.

Getting back to the city and sitting and relaxing over drinks and talking about your experiences while planing the new one on your return trip is a nice way to wind down for the return trip home.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Take a chance on this unique days get-a-way.

At last reflections are sweet. Life after all is a collection of memory’s, to be replayed often in your thoughts.

All the best.


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