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The non-existent nature.

Tim swung his 22 rifle over his shoulder copying his father, as they went out to check for trapped calf’s. Tim tried to keep pace, using almost a stride and a half to the one normal stride of his fathers. Living out on the farm was a nice break from the normal day-to-day of the concrete jungle. It was a slower pace, a less stressful existence. But most of all it was full of new experiences, different each day. Stacking hay, driving a tractor while plowing a field. Helping milking cows, riding horses. All of which made work seem less so. Learning to spend time with dad was a plus as well. Having him around to teach just how to shoot a gun, and getting to know him, even if it was spending time while working with him. Was better than watching him leave for work, as the door closes behind him. Never quite knowing if or when he would return. Yes life on the farm was different, harder at times, yet better in a strange way for Tim.

Tim struggled in keeping up, almost passing right by dad, before stopping suddenly. Looking around Tim couldn’t make out just what his father was doing.

” What? What is it dad?”

” Quiet! Can you hear that?” Dad responded. Holding one finger to his mouth.

Tim cocked his head to one side to lessen. Off in the distance he heard some mooing of a cow. ” Is that the sound of a cow in trouble?” Asked Tim quietly. not quite knowing what he should be listening for.

” No. Well I don’t think so.” Father answered. Frowning and scratching his chin a bit in trying to decide what he was hearing. ” It could be just some talking that cows do. But then again it could be that they have seen us, or smelled us and are giving out some warnings.” He crouched down and started to walk toward the mooing. ” Follow me but do as I do. Being quiet as possible. Okay Tim?”

” Shure thing dad.” Tim answered. Copying every move of his dad.

Moving to the top of a small hill on the edge of the forest. Tim’s dad pointed out just what they heard. A cow giving a warning to two little calf’s. The calf’s just kept on playing. A play wrestling of sorts. Trying to push against one another, then chasing each other around and around. Mother cow was all to keen to what was close by. She smelled Tim and his father before they got close to see them. But now she was looking at them. She knew exactly where they were. She was calling out to her calf’s with her mooing.

” Hay dad! Why don’t those calf’s listen to their mother?”

Tim’s father remembered the squabble of Tim and his mother this morning. Tim wasn’t listening to what she wanted Tim to do. ” well… What do you think mother cow is trying to say to her kids?” Tim’s father was looking at Tim and searching his facial expressions. Looking for Tim’s reactions, to see if he was seeing the similarity to his early experiences with his mother.

” Well she is seeing some danger. So she is telling her calf’s to look out or come over here.” Tim brain was only thinking thoughts of the cows, and what they were doing.

” So why don’t the little calf’s seem to see the same thing their mother is seeing?” Father was pressing Tim to think and make the connections to earlier.

” Well that easy. Mother knows more, she is smarter than those little guy’s. ” Tim answered. Glancing over to his father. ” Don’t you think so?”

” You may be on to something son.”

” Dad! If the calf’s don’t listen to mother couldn’t they get killed or eaten by something? I mean we are their friends and they seem not to be afraid. But how do they know that?” Tim was thinking through some of the dangers he could see in his young mind, as some of the many possibility’s. Before dad could answer Tim went on. So Dad paused cutting off what he was about to spit out of his mouth for a reply letting Tim continue.

” Mom’s are real smart and they know the difference between dangers. Those little calf’s should pay attention. That’s what’s wrong! Mom is trying to teach them survival. Right?”

Tim’s dad reached out and touched his son on the shoulder softly. ” Son. Why didn’t you listen to your mother this morning then?” He looked into his sons face knowing that he got it. But how would he react to hearing it from his dad. Or was he really listening to what he already concluded in his own thoughts?

Tim lowered his gaze. ” I know dad.” A small sheepish voice answered. ” I should have listened to mom. Just like the cows she knows all the dangers.”

Tim’s dad lifted his son’s head with a gentil motion of his strong hand. Then said. ” You see you can learn something from stupid cows.” As he let out a little laugh. ” How about following these cows lead. Listen to your mother, she knows best!”

Tim knew he should make better choices. Just like what mom cow was trying to teach those calf’s, Tim’s mom was trying to teach him just like that, so he had to do better with his mother as well. After all mom and dad had the same job to do. Raise up their young, safe from all the dangers in life. The ones that Tim and those calf’s couldn’t recognize for themself’s just yet.

Sounded by the concrete jungle people and kids alike do not always get the same opportunity’s to see nature as it works. With out the ability’s to see cows trying to teach lessens to their calf’s. Lessens learned through work and good habits built through seeing nature, and how natures creatures react to problems in life. Often not all that different then people’s, and how they choose to react to problems. Without the ability’s to see this in action, live in nature, who would know then or even make the connection, while what seem like watching silly animals from a distance. Is a true learning experience.

People in general live in an unnatural state of being. What would be common place in nature as seeing wrong or right. Is just too much for the most part common place to a city dwellers life. Not necessarily see the same things in normal every day occurrences. Parents are hardly ever around. When they are, kids are trying to escape their rules or escape life, through video games, the internet, TV, or countless other mindless distractions. Where is that taking place in nature?

observing in our entertainments young minds will see more, murders, rapes, muggings, theft, vandalism, disrespect of people and their belongings, as common place. Along with spending countless hours alone at home free from parental supervision, free from house rules or guidance of parents who could in force some house rules. This leaves kids to create a un-natural reality of the world and how it works. Expectations slowly eroding away, wrong and right melting into puddles of undistinguishable differences.

It is no surprise that people have less of a call to service when they see someone assaulting another. Less of a willingness to step up and help a stranger in need. More likely to fall prey, being paralyzed as what to do in a time of an emergency. An explosion in the populations mind-set with less of a sence of self-reliance, self-help, net alone helping others in the same situation, or even charity freely given. Charity for the most part is thought of as giving of money. Never really considered as giving of time to something, or someone else then self. Without any expectations for some kind of return.

Human reasoning within their minds have been increased to becoming numb, only seeing distortions to normal right vs wrong. For the most part the battle within every persons thoughts in choosing for themself’s never really crosses their minds, or is even asked of themself’s. So the actions of how people are treating people these days have become unnaturally cold.

Almost every problem in modern society has been magnified in the concrete jungle / the city’s, as common place. Yet these same problems exist every where that humans live, it is to a lesser degree experienced in those community’s that have easy access to observing nature in a natural setting. Even though farms and the animals on them aren’t wild animals in their natural state. These animals have at times better answers to problems then humans in the city’s do. There is a lesson to be learned, in caring for as well as living off the land. Lessens that may go with us, from our youth into adulthood. Lessens that are in short supply in the city’s, and unpopular with government.

Almost every job on the farm is for survival of the farmer and his family, as well as other people he doesn’t even know in his country / world. It is there for an up lifting experience. Fostering an attitude of charity, and giving, standing for right against wrong. Recognising that there is a higher power in this struggle for life and it isn’t called ( Bigger government! ) Just some of the missing elements of modern life in the city’s. Echoed throughout the concrete jungles, drownded out from the hum of modern machinery. Where the non-existent nature lives.

All the best.

Pictures provided by the web ( FOTO services ) A free picture page. Thanks guys for the pics.

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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “The non-existent nature.

  1. We’ve lost so much. It might be a start if everyone had to take a turn standing in complete darkness – alone – in a spot in the mountains under the stars…gives some perspective – unfortunately that is a rare experience these days – as is a functioning (or even semi-funtioning) family unit.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | August 1, 2012, 3:36 pm
    • without power, or electric power, kids these days dont now how to entertain themself’s.Yet expect so much. The privilege of hard working baby boomers, who work to give their kids everything, short of themself’s. What has happend to our expectations? Well I’ll get off my soap box now… LOL Thanks for looking around. Cheers.

      Posted by mindwarpfx | August 6, 2012, 3:27 pm

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