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Rocky raccoon friend of foe?

We hear stories about bear attacks and we as people think that’s a natural occurrences. After all we the humans are moving into their ( the wild animals )territory’s more and more. Encroaching on their ability’s to find food and shelter. Animas are critters of the wild who will take the path of least resistance every time. Throw into the mix that when they have young to protect, all bets are off for any wondering human who may have crossed their paths.

Bear’s are big animals so they have a certain fear factor to them for us humans. But the small animals out there? They are so cute and cuddly right? The raccoons, cats, snakes, bees, all of these have less of a fear factor to them. An angry bear who can run fast, going from zero to thirty miles per hour in nothing flat. Doesn’t give anyone time to out run them. To the bear your nothing but a human snack. It is the smaller animals that give the least terrifying in counters to us. Maybe it is the thought of we can out manuever or run, or out wit these little ones if need be.

People who see raccoons in the wilds, just outside of our homes in our neighborhoods don’t even give them a second thought to these wild animals. Who can if provoked be dangerous. Again put into the picture little ones. This lovable fur ball of cuteness is a flesh shredding, biting, scratching villan of fear. That why parents tell kids. ” Don’t feed the wild animals.”

Prehaps it is the cartoon rocky raccoon that kids see when they in counter a wild raccoon. Or maybe they see it as nothing more than the over grown cat the family already has. I mean they are furry, and with masks on their faces….? That’s the dead give away. People or animals with masks on their faces can’t be trusted. The hell with the lone ranger, he had a mask on. Kids loved this guy. Stood for right and was willing to stand up against wrong. But why? Was it the mask? Didn’t he want wrong to see him as he was, just a bad-ass crime fighter? What was he hiding from?

Jim Carry in the movie ” Mask” wore a mask. Somewhat different though. But the part he was to play in this movie was fun and light on his feet. Nothing to fear? Seeing these kind of images of mask warring people and animals alike gives us a chance to have a warped sence of security. Seeing cute and cuddly raccoons in the wild out doors just outside of our homes doorways. Doesn’t send out the spine chilling warning messages to the nerve centers of out own version of home land security. Our brains! These animals are somewhat smaller…. Warning! They have that cute little mask… Warring! They are no bigger then max out cat… Warning! What the hell all of the other animals are dead, or running for their lives, this should have given even the most dense person their last…. Warning!

Some overly animal friendly people think to limit people from building out into the wilds. So to give these animals spaces to run around in. But these animals also don’t recognize borders and boundary lines. They come to the humans side of life to check it out. Animals are opportunists. They will take the pathways of least resistances. Sounds like humans too! But that a different story. If they can find food at your back door. left out for the cat….. Well why not! Looks good. Tastes like chicken, or the neighbors chickens, cats, dogs….. What does a small one of those taste like. As the raccoon stairs you and your kids down. Who knows what they are thinking? Their wild! They should stay right where you’re not?

Soft and cuddly wild animals may see cute and fun to play with. But unlike some also cute, soft stuffed animal. These are more like the creatures from the bazar world of Steven king’s newest horror. Where the friendly stuffed animals will ultimately shred you to pieces.

They are wild and there needs to be some healthy respect for animals with young, or who can be.. or even might have rabbis. Once an animal attacks a human, we need to protect our own kind. As for the pack of wild raccoons attacking some well-meaning women. We need to have 5 or so new coon skin caps enter the market place.

Raccoon Attack Sends Woman to Hospital http://abcn.ws/Nrzviz (via @ABC)

all the best.

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2 thoughts on “Rocky raccoon friend of foe?

  1. Oh they are just everywhere – and they definitely will bite the hand that feeds them (just like so many people, right?) AND they won’t stop leaving all those hand prints on the window. Seriously, would it hurt them to grab a rag and a little windex? You want to stay around here, pitch in with the chores.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | July 16, 2012, 7:07 am

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