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Miles stones, and slaying neighborhood dragons.

When it comes to miles stones. Nothing compares to the evil one can encounter, when dealing with recluses as your neighbors. Mile stones aren’t suppose to be small in nature. But more like average in-between size, or even slightly larger in sized to qualify for being a mile stone. Put a string of mile stones together, leads to a smaller size accomplishment. Putting a string of recluses into a neighborhood and you have a made-up world. A new set of medieval fantasy’s of the unknown. Only to be discovered through small pieces of reality, also known as the confrontations.

July 4 is this nations birth day celebrations. Fireworks seem to be the main event to the day of back yard BBQ’s, family’s coming together, fun food, sun, and summer outdoor activity’s. The good times we all remember from our own experiences of the 4th of July of years past.

What other celebrations alow parents, to send the kids out of the house with tiny explosives, books of matches, lighting punks, or the spar lighter. A sure-fire recipe of disaster, in a total lapse of disciplinary resolve in parenting. Isn’t one of the jobs of parenting, to worry about every possibility of mischief a kid could think of and then defuse the bomb before hand, so to speak? In our society these days we do have a lack of parenting, but true to form we have a total lack of adult leadership. Which then came first?

We never tell our kids to go outside and blow something up. Yet kids with tiny explosives, with the same expected outcomes, leads to getting board easily. Light the fuse and watching it burn down and then BANG! Or the string of BANG! BANG! BANG! Like most kids, always pushing the envelope of their limits. Not thinking of the outcomes to the plan, they hatch the idea of what can we do to make a bigger explosion? Without parental supervision and limitations. The unlimited quest for a bigger explosion, will only be slowed down with the inevitable even bigger unknown disastrous outcome.

Tired of hearing about the kids that blew-off fingers, hands, cats, dogs, bushes, houses, or cars, or God knows something new to the world. With home-made explosives disguised as fireworks. we escaped the mayhem for a quieter time in Canada. Living in close proximity of the great white north. We packed our over night bags and cashed in our two tickets for paradise.

A good time in the great white north of Canada indeed. As all trips, the time off was too short. Yet the time away was a needed rest and relaxation of the mind and body all at the same time. Doing some hiking and walking, cliff exploration, rain forest exploration, and some closer examinations of the urban life of the wild Canuck in their natural habitat as well. An extremely packed few days we called getting some R-R.

When we got home. Somewhat tired, yet excited to examine the aftermath of all of the American celebrations of the 4th of July. We unpacked the car and then slowly let the normal vision return to our eyes of our stuff, and lives. As we remembered it from just a few days earlier. It struck us like a slap in the face. Part of our landscaping was burned! Not just a little. But almost forest fire like consumed. A black patch among what seemed like what used to be green.

Examining the charcoal of what was our yard. We tried to look to the bright side of life. Just a false attempt at self-control within a tired mind. The first attempt at expressing ourself’s to the unexpected. Was filled with words of less repeatable language. But a great warning shot to all within ear shot. ( Note to self; people talking outside at night sure does carry a long ways without have to yell.) In a flash a neighbor appeared and told us the story…

“These kids were shooting up fireworks and a roman candle landed in the bushes and before we knew it. Flames were shooting 12 feet into the air! People were running to get your hose and others where going for buckets spraying, and pouring water onto it, in order to save what we could. The fire department showed up after someone placed a 911 call. They finished it off with a round of water as well. You should have seen it! “

She then vanished after finishing her stories of the great fire. Leaving us with the same kind of questions as to who it was? Really? Why did she leave before we could fire off any questions ourself’s? Perhaps it was her kids… maybe?

My neighbors are all for the most part recluses. Staying to them self’s for the most. More than I would like to see. They rarely say anything in passing. But more of a wave, or was that a middle finger wave? It happens all to fast. If we don’t see a neighbor in some time I question it at least, as to why? What should we do? Who knows? We all have the same time, the same size of yards and houses, yet seem all to busy to be bothered with any neighborly duties. Only if the neighbors were doing something wrong, exciting, illegal, or fun. That’s when one can notice the curtains moving as the neighbors attempt to observe without being noticed. This is the only time we see an interest in anyone or with someone other than themself’s.

So when kids break a window playing baseball, they tend to run. The parents tend to hide behind a self-imposed prison, just on the other side of the window dressings mirage. I can’t even remember the last time when I got a note on the door, or window of the car. Telling me sorry for the door dings they added to my collection on my car door. Then offering to help pay for the damage. The last window broken at the house was a miserable time wrapped up in a mystery. Even to the kid who I suspected as having done it.

Prehaps it is human nature? But hell hath no end of hot spitting lava, when these recluses have the untimely same encounters of life’s mishaps. I remember the neighbor who didn’t like that our dog had to go poo on their lawn. We’re responsible dog owners, picking up the miles and miles of brown piles of poo. Yet this neighbor made it a point to come to our door, ring the door bell, and then braid me as why this was unacceptable. Saying ” This will never happen again!!” My response was quick and maybe less thought through then I would have liked. But under some pressure, of the confrontation. I remarked. ” Do you get mad at God and those wild animals that certainly poo in your yard. Is there a complaint department where God lessens, then passes judgments with some new mandates? Does he work on people problems too?” The neighbors response was the middle finger and the animal control showed up within an hour.

Using honey instead of vinegar catches more fly’s. So I have learned.. I think? I can go through life waiting for some answers to these kind of problems. Or decide to lead others to help make an improvement. It takes some leadership, in showing the way to people, so they are able to see the way, net alone move along its pathway to real vill. Recluses have an unreal view of the world and the other people in it, net alone how to interact with them all. Leadership presented by a leader, will always try to show some great positive place we all can live within. Like reality’s walls of real vill.

I could choose to remember all of the unfortunate events in the neighborhood that have impacted my property or life. Or I could choose to use honey, to impact a change, at least on this street anyway. So I invite everyone on the street to have a good old faction block party. Move the BBQ’s to the street instead of the under used back yards. Rain or shine. No excuses.

In this way people have a chance to get to know their neighbors without guessing at all of the what if’s. They have a small chance also getting to know one another, while allowing others to get to know them in a small way. Which in turn may influence them to look out for one another as well. From the old women whose grass just keeps growing taller. Yet the thoughts never cross their minds is she all right? To the younger people who had their first child. Do they feel the neighborhood is safe? That people will look out for kids as well as the rest of the hood? Is it good for raising up a child in? To the other people who had nothing better to do other than complain about pooping dogs. Prehaps these people can see that the world isn’t ending just yet with an avalanche of poo! And maybe they will also see the need to use honey for their first impressions? For the people who burned the landscaping. Prehaps they will also see that the most important thing in life is that people are living it to the best that they can. Admitting to the accident and then offering to make some amends for the damage. Would give a renewed hope for people and their personal interactions or exchanges that they have with each other. In short… it takes leadership to enact a change and then inspire others to also make some changes. improving the quality of living for everyone in the posses. Slaying a few dragons, and rebuilding real vill. Is that too much to strive for?

By planing the block party and then presenting the over whelming positive impact it would have. Along with the temptations of some free food. Presto, a new view of life! Showing people that people are irreplaceable, and stuff is after all is only stuff. No matter if it is landscaping, houses and cars or grass with domestic poo or wild poo on it…. you know… stuff! The time for medieval dragons is in the imaginary mind-set. Recluses who never extend their horizons beyond the window dressing they hide behind.  Fear the real world, and the real people in it. But for those who venture out of the self-imposed prison of hiding behind window dressing. A mile stone will be placed along their journeys through life. As a sign to others, what is of the up most importance. Mile stones are a sign of another neighborhood dragon that rest in peace ( RIP ) here.

All the best.

PS.  To the neighbor who came over and offered to pay for my landscaping…. Thanks for that. But really… help me replant when I get new plants. But mostly help with the cost of the block party and lets slay some dragons. Plants I can always re-buy. People we can’t!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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