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How may I be of service?

The question never seem to be answered. ” How may I serve you? ” Or how about ” How can I be a service to you?

The occupy movements of the world have all but faded way. It finely dawned on me these people didn’t check with themself’s to see a brighter future then the present. By asking themself’s. ” What value do I bring to the world or society?

People don’t seem to use their talents. God-given talents to provide themself’s a job at least. Talents that they can improve on, perfect, find new ones, market these talents for their benefits. But rather use their unreal expectations to demand a good paying job from all potential employers. Without making a good effort at doing the job to the best of their abilities, or without a concern with, bringing more business to my employer? People like occupy wall street types just act like over grown baby’s. Adults that never really valued themself’s as, what exactly do I bring to society as my valuable contributions. What value do I present to society? How may I be of service to society. Like adolescents, they only grumble and complained, demand. Never really truly recognizing that the responsibility’s to life, as well as living it well, as being their’s.

People tend to look at what they have right now. Never wishing to go backwards. Only forwards! Yet at times we all have to take two steps backwards, to be able to then go forwards again. With all of our financial life’s, we have to lose some to then win again. If we are unwilling to lose some, then we truly can’t win can we!?

The laws of capitalism are easy to follow; ” With out risk of failure, there can’t be any true success. For it is the chance of failure that we all try harder to keep from failing.” Freedom or the freedom of choice says. ” We can choose failure or success for ourself’s. We only have to be happy with our choices and the outcomes of choices we make. We there for have the ability’s to choose to be as big as we wish to be. Or we may then also chose in being only small.”

These occupy wall street types are just cry baby’s, adult kids, filled with envy, jealous, lazy dispositions. Seeing only what they would like to have, or live like. With out wanting to make an effort in getting there by their own efforts. They would gladly live off of their parents / or society for the free handouts. Spending their inheritance for their selfish self’s. Without even a second thought of asking what value do I bring to society? What will I then leave as an inheritance to my offspring in the future?

Instead these young people look to those who have worked hard to attain things in life, with envy and jealousy. Never looking at themself’s to improve their talents. They make comments like. ” We can’t work that kind of job for that kind of pay.” or ” There are jobs that American’s just will not do. We need to have a higher minimum pay for these jobs. ” Yet if you would ask them to tell us just how high of a minimum wage would have to be for a good starting wage? They never seem to give a straight answer. It isn’t the amount of pay then. It the control of who will say in a socialists way, what you will have to pay! A command and control type of society.

If minimum wage was raised to $20.00 per hour, that being better than the average wage in the country right now. What would that do for the price of a hamburger at McDonald’s? Would that also make people make a better effort at doing the best job possible for their customers?

If only people would ask of themself’s how can I improve my value to society. They wouldn’t have such a bleak out look on the jobs markets. We all can bring our best efforts to society’s market place and have a job for ourself’s. It is all about self interests. That also gives everyone in society the opportunity’s to pursue their own interests, or successes.

So what value do you bring to society?

Bill Gates is rich beyond his wildest dreams because he brought great value to society. Same with Steve Jobs and Apple computer. Shouldn’t we then ask of ourself’s what value do I bring to the market place?

Doing the best job possible at what ever we do is just the search of that value. We can there for improve everything, and expect a greater amount of pay while doing it.

We should be saying to Mr. or Ms. employer: I will bring 100 thousand to 150 thousand dollars to your business for the 50 thousand dollars your going to pay me. Rather then expecting 75 thousand without any track record to go on.

Doing the best job at being a waiter or waitress, always asking your customers how can I be of service to you and doing this job better. Will improve your talents, thus your tips / income. You will have brought greater value to the market place both for your customers and employers.

Being the best at or trying to improve at your job / talents you have will always garner a higher wage then someone who will only show up to collect a pay check for just being  there. So What value will you bring to the market place in trying to be the best at what you do?

Asking the question; How may I bring of a better service to you Mr. or Ms. market place?No matter what you do for employment will always gain for yourself the highest pay. It is this self-interest to improve ones self that will make the strongest society and economic growth. Anything short of this, is just trying to eliminate failure, killing capitalism at the same time.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country! ” JFK

It by our one efforts that we find any social values, and a way to market them for the highest pay possible. Choose well, rather than cry about your choices.

All the best.


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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