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The dandelion chronicles: project co2

  Remember that global warming is coming? Wink! Wink! You know about our gas guzzling, oil drilling, electric abusing, carnivore attitudes  (like red meat devouring energy dinosaurs that we are), just CO2 producing travel addicted souls. Just who are we? Doing all of these things, just to kill the very place we live in? Not because we like to entertain with strawberries for our shortcake dessert, right after our exotic tropical fish dinner in february. NO! But the farther we have to go to get our food stuff ( Not that we ourself’s should go there. We have airplanes to do all that heavy lifting ), the more entertaining our dinner is for our unimportant guests. I don’t see a big problems after all. I’m the king of my world, and don’t mind sharing it with all of you out there. As long as I get mine! As long as my freezer is full, or at least the grocery store down the street has all of the exotic foods that don’t presently grow in my kingdom. Even in the dead of winter or at any other times for that matter. I decree it! At least a half-hearted demand, that all of those goodies are to be flown in!

But doesn’t that put more and more, hydrocarbons, co2, greenhouse gases, pollutants, into the atmosphere you ask? Attitudes of all of the kings and queens of the world are so self-centered. I then have to answer ” YES! ” But then I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to eat regulary.Yes it does place more pollutants into the air. But even you, must come to a point of re-thinking evolutions way for modern man and having to adapting to the fact, that strawberries don’t grow were I’m living, in february. So it is up to each of us to compleat the evolutionary laws, in the cycles of life.

everything must adapt to changing conditions in order to survive.”

Even if these conditions are changing right in front of our eyes. Like someone who spews out the warnings of (” The world is getting us hotter under the caller! OR! The global warming is upon us! The Ice is melting!”), what to do? Are we so self-inflated, over opinionated to think we are in control of the world, or the weather?

The science is pointing to global warming they say! Really? I thought science only points to the facts of truth. In fact, the scientific values systems or laws are.

1) That of truth-telling at all coasts.

If we alow science to stray away from the truth then we have nothing of value to base our opinions on. example : “Gravity doesn’t exist any more.” This seem to be a reasonable assumption to making for some untruthful science. Just in till we toss a ball into the air expecting it to just keep on going. But when it drops down striking us in the head? It to may knock some sense into our minds about what is true/false. ( Air plains that crash to the ground, is another example.) So what is more believable? Truth that is manufactured, or the truth that is? Is it our theory’s / believes, who are more important, or the plan truth? The thought of these outcomes using truth may then destroy our theory, thus our science. It doesn’t make it a good science to believe in, or just changing science to what we believe in. Telling a lie often and regularly enough, over and over to who ever who will listen to it. Often changes the small-minded. Science doesn’t make new facts of truth, or truthful science.

2) Applying empirical discipline :

If science is to have empirical discipline, can it be achieved through a lie or a half truthful theory? Doing so only for the purpose of a more favorable outcome of our own narrow point of view? isn’t empirical science! Then the only reason to prove anything  that we hoping for, by the way of using science, is to prove our believes are of the most important of all. Truth be damned! Using false science we then can recreate scientific facts of the day.( The building of our house of cards!) Only to reassure ourself’s, as truly being totally self-inflated, giving ourself’s a gin-normas self-worth by way of using science. More like saying ( Look at me!! Just look at me!!!). Well then, we have only fooled the fools that choose to believe it. Empirical discipline implies that we have no vested interest in which way the outcome should be. We should be asking ” WHY” with everything! Science should be in the search of truth, And the truth has no agenda!

3) Skepticism :

I touched on that already some what. This means that the scientist will always ask like annoying kid question ” WHY”! Having a total neutral bias to the science or its outcome. Just in search of the answers to why! Also applying a standard of having a never-ending discipline to question any outcome of such, for a continued search of the truth. To be human is to be fallible. There for we must change things that we can also prove to be false, if the science is to be true. To apply anything other than, a total open mind, or to be un-jaded as to the outcome, is to assume to be God like, or infallible. We must remember always ” The truth has no agenda! ” There for the truth doesn’t care about the outcome. If we really do not know the outcome to a theory we believe in, and the theory is un-proven to be fact, then we really do not know! Should we then be willing to admit it as such, or lie about it?

Those who choose to believe in global warming, also tend to believe in evolution for the most part. They believe that evolution says that in order to get the changes in the world, or changes that can be seen in fossils, as the history of the world that has passed. It takes a great amount of time (millions of years ). But with global warming they tend to use a fraction, slivers of time, if you will to argue their points. Even if we were to use the ice cores that are drilled by researchers. Who then will clam that they can look back to prehistoric times by the tiny air pockets in it. Being able to measure the co2 in these tiny air samples. As the information they then use to make computer models to take a wild guess as to what weather will do, 10 years, 100 years, or longer out in time. Yet they can’t even tell us about the weather a week from now to a point of 100% accuracy. How can they then recreate the weather of the past, present, or future? They never come to a reasonable answer as to what caused the ancient ice ages to melt either? That’s right they clam there were 3 of these major ice ages. They all melted, long before man-made industrialization, causing the co2 in the atmosphere of today. But not yesterday! Is this do to asteroids, volcanos, or mother nature ( this usually is code words for saying GOD)? What warmed the world so the ice melted?

You see without being able to say for a fact that these ice ages melted by__________ (you can fill in the blanks.) How can we then say anything like co2, brought the changes that seem to be happening all around us. In theory, is this artificial or man-made warming, through industrialization? Will this will lead to higher temperatures for the whole world? Using reasoning like, the industrialization as being the cause of everything because it is man-made. We don’t really know for a fact, if the world had much higher co2 levels, or things that better control it? Only using air trapped in ice. Assumes that this air, the air which also flows at the polar ends had these co2 levels. Using air flows of today is not accounting for possible different air flows of the past?? As for the rest of the world that had plant life abundantly in it. It could have had higher oxygen in it as well? Maybe these plants had better way’s of capturing co2?? Because the world is a violent place this could also assume there was more volcano activity going on, or even less? This would also lead to higher co2 levels, or lower, not totally recognized in the ice. So how many of these different things were truly going on? By all of those things interacting with each other to produce the environment of those days, is still just as much a mystery.  The word ” Mystery” imply’s this is the science of guessing at it!

But what is the average environment, or co2 in it all, past or present? Were the plants that don’t exist anymore, able to consume more co2 then the plants of today? Did dinosaur’s add to the global warming with methane gases ( Farts )? We don’t really know for a fact of what is, or was, there for, what are the averages? Net alone where are we in the scale of it all? Above average / below average / at the point of being average? Where are we? What do we use for the slandered standard of producing the scale of finding average anyway? What is the average temperature of the world suppose to be?

To then say it is mans actions as to the why. Is premature at best. But saying it with certainty, is more of a half truthful science. If we say man is responsible for all of the global warming! Then we can also can say, we can control all of the outcomes of it, as a fact. Can man control weather totally, by changing mans activities? If mans activities are only 1/2 responsible, then we warm up 1/2 as fast, by totally changing mans activities? But does the warming then continue to warm up at 1/2 the rate or speed? What if it is only .1% of the change taking place ( mans activities), if so then we control less and less you see. No matter how you slice it, we as men and women, still can not stop a volcanos from erupting! Just a fact.  How can man then control something that was in existence before man came to be? Just how did the former ice-ages melt? Mans activities do need to be controlled somewhat. But we shouldn’t assume that we totally control that what is for the most part uncontrollable, by choosing to control more tightly everything man does! (Mother nature ( God ) may have other plans.) Man’s attempt of controlling just what is in Gods hands, leads to loss of freedoms for man, while destroying the earth just the same.

To those who believe in global warming and are active in the promotion of stopping it. By stopping industrialization,  oil drilling, ect… People are only mad at the destruction of the earth and the misguided governments who are failing to control themself’s. In short they wish to upset the apple cart, by making an attempt at assuming the power of everyone through, the assumption of new leadership, a new management of sorts, by only managing the decay themself’s.

So in trying to also stopping the worlds ever-changing environment we live in. Man can pick up after his dog, when he walks the dog. If not! We make new laws then to control this! If no one does this then it will become a messy place for the rest of the world. But passing laws, that are to control our environment, like picking up after our dogs, doesn’t stop someone from stepping into some wild animals droppings. It only fixes some of the problems. Using this logic, we can out law factories from putting pollutants into the air to a  great extent. (This is not such a bad thing, in fact a good thing with in reason). But we as man / people can not stop an increase of volcanic activities in the world. so we could have more of the same or worse. Right? No matter if it is natural or artificial ( global warming that is.) Well in Al Gores mind he can stop everything. ( What about an asteroid that can destroy the whole world Al!) I think you can run but you can’t hide from that.

I think in using the style of the beginning of this post. It should then be said. Man can solve everything! Wink, Wink! If an asteroid is coming towards us ( the world), to destroy us? Well what would Al Gore do? After all of those problems, to then create some green solutions to our warming problems, is going to be simple. Right Al Gore?

Problems and they’re solutions:

To much co2 in the atmosphere? Create massive new dry ice manufactures. Dry ice is solid co2. This can then be stacked up at the north , and south poles. That should stop global warming because dry ice is colder than frozen water. As well it will re-freeze any premature ice melt off. It would spark a new growth industry of travel to the north, and south poles as well. Because of the cool fog like action that dry ice creates. It will be a real big draw for rock-N roll bands I sure. The fog could then cool the world as well? Now that’s just COOL!

Should we still have too much co2 in the world? Then produce more soft drinks. They have co2 in them, that’s what gives them the bubbles, when you open them up. Planting more sugar cain will put more plant life in the world and thus more oxygen in it as well! Great for the producers of soft drinks. Diabetes not so good!

How about the outlawing of massive homes / all houses? Yes only letting people build tree houses! It is better. A win, win in short! This puts more trees in the world, thus like I said more oxygen in the world. Nobody like to cut down trees anymore. So build homes in them. Use the co2 that trees also hold within the wood / themself’s. Providing the homes / shelter, for all of us. This also gives the proper environment to our government. More like a Robin Hood style society, a better environment in which to rob us all in! Through imposing environmental taxes on us all. Also it gives more ground space, gives more space for those cows to grow up in. For those meat eaters out there. Note to self must have cow droppings laws though! But then we can dry these droppings, and burn them for heating in our tree houses. Wow! That’s new shovel ready jobs too! I’m on fire!

Out law cars / trucks / the internal combustion engine as well. Unless they run methane gas / natural gas. ( That’s just a nice way in saying gas from cow, animals, humans, or FARTS! Methane is also a global warming gas according to Al Gore who doesn’t like it. Maybe that why he walks around all stiff. Could it be… he has corked his butt to keep himself from contributing to global warming? I can’t blame him on that one. Who likes farts. Maybe we should use hydrogen gas for cars and trucks. Their only out put is H2O then. Just killing two birds with one stone so to speak. But in the future air travel will still be nonexistent. Sorry! There is no flying cows!

If you think this is nonsense? Your only half right. I’m simply only helping Al Gore out. You see he is the biggest ostrich, who has chosen to bury his head into the kitty litter sand box of over inflated self-worth. Leaving only his butt exposed to speak out. Like in the movie “Pet detective.” Where the detective talked with his boss using his butt. Al Gore kind of sounds like that when he speaks out on the issues of global warming. His speech would be like… “Leaving myself in position of cutting the levels of methane gas for everyone. My policy’s would…” What? Can we just translating his muffled speech, while holding a lighter to his butt? Who knew that farts truly do burn!!

“Keep your mouth closed Al. That’s not almond-roca!”

If you thing that’s just crazy talk? Well your right! Nothing like listening to an over inflated person thinking of themself’s as a scientists that think they are bigger then GOD! OOPI!! ( I ment Mother nature! ). Who then also makes clams, ” We can, and will control the world!”

Pinky and the brain made the same cartoon like clams as well in their day. They can not even control the cartoon channel on TV. Even to air their new plans to take over the world, in hopes to win over new converts to the plan. ” Watch more cartoons!”

Hope I cleared some things up for everyone? Now my only question, I have to answer for you all you out there. Is the same one I will leve you with as the end of this post. I can’t do everything for you!

Question; “In a God-less world! Why is nature such an uncontrollable mother?”

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


5 thoughts on “The dandelion chronicles: project co2

  1. Oh, and that last question! Great post.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | June 25, 2012, 4:00 pm
  2. I now have this image of Al Gore, suffocating on dinosaur farts… what a lovely thought… sweet dreams, Al…


    Posted by BuddhaKat | June 22, 2012, 10:26 pm
    • LOL! I had that same image like dream right after I read this story on some scientist that had the theory of just that… The dinosars did in fact die from gas / farts. But I’m sure it was only the silent but violent ones. Violence is never a good thing. Just look at what happend to the dinosars! Any who. Thanks for stoping by, and enjoying some rare air, of pure out of the box thought. What ever came of that old dinosar AL?
      All the best.

      Posted by mindwarpfx | June 23, 2012, 3:53 pm
      • LOL!!! Methinks Alosaurus may be cruising his invention, the www!!! And I totally agree – violence never cured anything!!!


        Posted by BuddhaKat | June 23, 2012, 7:39 pm

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