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Two steps removed: The postal worker

Two steps, is more than the first foot placed in front of the other, a sort of time travel, if you will. Traveling through life’s journeys throughout our world gives us all unique prospectives. Observing the sights and the sounds, as well as meeting new people, or watching them along our way. Just living life, while enjoying the smallest of mysteries. Watching people versus people throughout this journey is nothing more than personal observations, fragmented events,  acquired within a daily schedule. Observing people in their natural state, from a slight distance. Gives new life to an old panting of sorts. Just ordinary people who have chosen to paint a deceptive self-portrait, instead of using bright vivid colors. They have a tendency to over use pale pastels in their presentation of themself’s towards others. Yet from a slight distance, two steps off to the right or left, or just from behind, or even in front. We have a perfect vantage point to observe life, in the boldest of colors. Who are they really? Why do people put up a façade? From our observations we can plainly see the truest of pictures that these people present. No fronts, no camouflage, no agendas towards their wishes, or wants, within their presentations. People in general present themself’s differently when there isn’t any personal self interests or agendas to their interactions. Like a black room, the smallest of sparks appere as bright and full colored as the sun. We who are all to shy to posses or present these bold colors of bright light within our self’s, net alone alow honest expression of them. Only making a half-hearted feeble attempt to hide true identity’s. If only we allowed true self-expression, un-incumbered by the thoughts of only panting that what we feel others want see. If we were only honest with ourself’s. We can then see our self’s from the vantage point of two steps removed from where we then stand in relation to our universe.

I have never met another person, that also didn’t actually hide themself’s in plain sight from others, unwilling to express themself’s boldly, my self included. They take on the characteristics, or just bits and pieces, sprinkled with fictional fragments of others, of whom they once have rubbed up against in life, as the presentation for all to see. So in their giving in this way, they camouflage themself’s as to the what, or who, they really are? A copy, at best! Never reveling the orignal panting, of bold, bright colors within themself’s towards others.

So it is with me then, one foot placed in front of the other, observing people versus people in these journeys. The quiet observer two steps removed that surrounds us all when we venture out into the world. Looking at and observing others, while also being observed I’m sure. Observing the fictional, fragments of individual characters, who present themself’s in some fictional gene pool they have created for their own self-image. The perfect stranger, or your neighbors, sales clerks, teachers, ministers, coffee barista, police officers, class mates, parents, husbands or wifes, and yes even your children, just about anyone and everyone, that is also walking along with us in life’s journey.

So in celebrating the bold colors presented without an agenda, by real people as they appear hidden in plain sight. Just two steps removed. I have created Two Steps. A regular feature of people, and the things they do as is. The small, as well the brief encounters of two different time travelers coming together, just two steps removed.  A day in the life of Aubrey.


The dreaded visit to the post office and the picture that your mind automatically produces within your thoughts. Long lines of people who have just the same thoughts. Get in and out again, without getting mad in the posses is the goal of the moment, while also completing your tasks. Stepping into the front lobby anyones heart would have skipped a beat, seeing 2 other people in line. So it was today. Surprized that the post office wasn’t living up to its normal reputation.The mind has already produced a view of long lines and huge waiting times. The line is usually out of the lobby, through the double glass doors and into and the PO box room adjoining the lobby. But on this day the luck of the postal Gods laid their grace down at Aubrey’s feet, this day would turn out different.

The first person in line Was this short woman, with two huge packages. These packages dwarf her size somewhat. Long black hair, along with her size in hight, would give anyone great odds, who cared to ventured a guess to her nationality of origin, as being asian. Some what quiet and subdued, she stood there waiting her turn like a stone statue. Not looking around the room, at the products, or people in it. It’s not like waiting at a the shopping mall for some reason. The malls these days are filled with stores, who are also filled with different products in all display’s, designed to catch the shoppers eyes, hopes, and or desires. Products that can, and often will  screamed in the sub-conscience of the shoppers mind. ” Buy me! ” But at the post office there isn’t the same kind of eye-catching display cases of exciting products. Wanted posters of different criminals hanging on the wall, along with pictures of new kinds of stamps, shipping boxes of various sizes, and the rest of the line of people waiting their turns as well. A cornucopia of things to observe, in just wasting some time. Yet she stood petrified, motionless, all to her self.

Directly behind her was this guy who seemed a bit edgy. Looking around observing everything. from his vantage point of being a somewhat taller man. Could easily look over people to see what is going on. Being of a lighter build, yet not so light of a build to be considered a bean pole. He was easy to pick out of a crowd. Causally drest with short light brown hair, brown pants, and sporting a light wind breaker. His style made him look as if he were just running an errand on his day off. With a fidgety disposition, he would look into any direction where louder noises or motions of people’s movements within the post office would disturb the silent waiting. It didn’t matter if it was a new person entering the post office or just picking up over sized boxes, readying them to mail, or the postal workers having to speak up for a hard of hearing costumer. despite being fidgety in nature he seemed friendly, offering smiles to all.

Pulling up behind him, only thinking of how long this was going to take. Aubrey was lost in thoughts of other things on his list of to do’s for the day. Looking down to double-check if he addressed the mail properly that he was sending out. He let out a sigh of relief.

” Short line today.” The man in front of him said.

” Ya, that’s just great! Have lots to do!” Aubrey looked at the stranger to see who was talking to him. He was greeted with a big smile, and a gesture, a friendly nodding of the head. Aubrey noticed the room was filling up with new people fast. ” Lucky timing as well doesn’t hurt either. ”

The stranger who had all ready observed the new customers entering the room, just smiled again.

” Next! Next person please! ” The postal worker called out.

The short women stepped up to the counter dragging her foot, pushing the bigger of the two packages along. She struggled a bit placing her packages onto the counter.

” Are there any flammable liquids in these packages? Did you pack them yourself? And how do you wish to send them, one day / next day, or….?” The postal worker asked in rapid fire succession.

” No liquids, and yes, and because these are going overseas the most cost-effective way please.” The shorter women answered.

The worker placed them on the scale and placed a sticker on the one. ” That’s going..”

“Oh I have one on the ground here.” The shorter women cut her off, bent down and produced the second package. Again struggling a bit and finely sliding it forward towards the scale.

Placing the second sicker onto the proper package she punched a few more buttons and then responded.” There we are. That will be $32.47. Do you wish to buy some stamps today?”

” No, not today.”

“That’s $32.47 please.” The postal worker said while waiting for the ATM to process the transaction, then ripped off the receipt and handed it to the women. With one smooth motion. ” Next please.” She then called out hardly giving the women time to gather her things and step off to the side.

The taller man stepped up to the counter offering the postal worker his smile and his how do you do’s. Being just 3 feet away, over hearing the business being discuss between these people was just a given. I suppose privacy shouldn’t be expected Aubrey thought. The taller man was somewhat soft-spoken already but could be heard perfectly.

” What I’m trying to do is..” The man started to explain but was cut off.

” Oh. You have a new address, or a forwarding address here.”

” Well not exactly.”

” You’re changing your address. Right? ” The postal worker searched the facial expressions of the man for her answers.

” Yes but I have….”

” Well you have to fill out these please.” She said while handing him some new papers.

The man briefly looked at them and handed them back. ” No! You seem not to have just what I need. What I’m asking is.” He paused to produce some other papers. ” I have to be reassigned, and wish for all my mail to be sent to this address untill….”

“That’s an address change and these papers I gave to you in the first place will do.” She was making a habit of cutting the man off, and the frustration was starting to build.

” No I need the mail to be held for about 4 weeks and then when I have…..” Cut off again by the worker, getting more frustrated. He in turn, then cut her off. ” You don’t seem to be listening to me! I happen to be in the military and have to get my mail held and then sent to where I’m  going to be deployed. I will not….”

” I must have an address to where the mail will be going sir.” The postal worker was just trying to pull rank over on the man. ” I can not just hold up delivery because you wish it to be so! You need to fill out the proper paper work…. the ones I gave you! ” She was showing some sings of frustrations with facial expressions.

Aubrey checked his wristwatch for the time. thinking how long will this take? This postal worker could just slow down a bit and let the man state his business and everyone would just save time and get along. Looking up again to see if any other postal workers were coming to help out, he noticed the taller man glancing back. He just offered a smile in quiet support and shook his head as if to say. ” I can’t believe this postal worker.
” The policy’s you have I can’t understand. Just how will I fill out any address if I’m here and don’t know just yet where the government is going to send me? I have bills to pay and letters to keep up with, at some time! ” A sence of urgency was now in the taller mans voice. The quiet, happy disposition, as well as his fidgety-ness was now gone. His gaze was piercingly intense. He took a deep breath and once again tried to explain.

Once again he was cut off. The postal worker was just intent on playing a game of 50 questions, and guessing rather than helping. Out of the crowd of people, from within the long line that had now formed. Came this thundering voice. ” For the love of God women! You work for the same government don’t you. Get the paperwork he needs and let the rest of us live our lives!” The people all started to laugh. Aubrey looked back to see who it was, who said that. No one looked as if they said any thing. Just a low kind of whispering of voices saying things like. ” I can’t waste time like this.” Or ” I hate postoffices.” A small smile came over Aubrey’s face, once again turning back to face the scene in front of him.

The taller man fully frustrated grabbed the papers that he brought, and started to leave the counter. When the postal worker said. ” Would you like some stamps today? ”

” What? Paste them to your ass! Do I need stamps today! ” The taller man said while storming out.

” Next please.”

Aubrey stepped up and offered his business and instruction to the postal worker. ” I would like to mail these. No special way. Just get them there please.” Thoughts of what had just happened was still fresh in his mind. I can’t believe she doesn’t listen to just what is going on.

” Would you like to get them there faster, like one day service? ” The postal worker asked according to some script. It was obviously she wasn’t going to listen to any one real closely. Just pushing the post offices marketing line.

Aubrey just put a smile on his face, untill she looked at him, and when their eyes locked on to each other, he said. ” No. I would like just to get them there please, and NO,  I don’t want to buy to any stamps! As far as any other questions you may have for any other things, that you wish to waste my time and everyone elses time with. The answer is still NO! Thank you .”  Aubrey said. Once again offering a smile.

Aubrey after words thought, if this women had a love interest in front of her, she defiantly would have been more accommodative towards her costumers, or at least listening more closely to them. If any one would want to seek a relationship with her, they would have to keep her total interest, or she would just do the same things to them. Treating them with the same unconcerned attitude, of your just unimportant, compared to me! In the quest of helping someone with what ever they need. There needs to be, no second guess of people, or an unwilling game play of 50 questions at their expense. If you don’t really know! Then just don’t give some song and dance to people with an overabundance of BS. No un-needed excuses needs to be made! Those all stink! Just kindly excuse yourself as not knowing, offering to find the answer for them, or some one who can, or will.  No fowl, and no harm done. Besides it make you look smarter than you do other wise. Un-fortunately some how costumer services training never includes common sence, or treating people like you have an interest in them. If people would only observe from two steps removed they may move on? Frustrated as a costumer, or if they are looking at this women as potential love interest, they will see what will happen to them, when the honeymoon period is over. If someone is already involved with her, and if she treating you like this sometimes, or all the time… Why? Think about it! She would never, if she cared. Man the things we can see two steps removed. Aubrey thought, while moving along with a smile.

Time to travel on untill next time. An observer two steps removed may be behind you… observing your interactions.


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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