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Writing exercise; Write something you havn’t ever experienced before.

Well I’m looking at a blank screen with that annoying blinking arrow, wondering just what to write about. Writers block of some sorts. But where to start on this subject if you haven’t had the experienced before? Writing is somewhat a mix-up exercise, combined with experience, sprinkled with others writings you have read. With fiction or sci-fi,  there is no way to have experienced it in life, other than bits and pieces. It is a dream like experiences, wrapped with truth, fiction, and colorful commentary’s. All to compleat a picture of words within the reader’s mind. It therefore has within it endless possibility’s, no boundary’s, governed only by the imaginary impulses given to the fingers typing thoughts, out loud.

Dan walked into the bar with long even strides, a man on a mission. The bar offered a semi-dark environment to gather some thoughts. As he approached the long row of bar stools, removing his top coat, placing it on the stool next to the one he sat in. From the counter to ceiling the back wall was mirrored. Shelves running the length of the bar, and up to within sixteen inches of the ceiling or so. The shelving-display. Displayed a wealth of well stocked bottles of spirits. Different bottles of booze was the style of the bar, as well, the only decorations aside from the dark oak woodwork on display. On the right side at the end of the bar was a library type of ladder on a rails. Bar tenders used the ladder by moving it into position in order to retrieve bottles from any of the shelves including the top ones closest to the ceiling. Lighting was dim, made slightly brighter by the reflections, through the bottles of booze and off the mirrored wall.

” What can I get you? Asked the bar tender. Offering her semi seductive smile painted on her face, in order to collect bigger tips. Friendly, and easy to look at she offered the smile towards male patrons in a well rehearse way.

Dan turned to meet the voice, offering his smile in return. ” Sure! I would like to have some dark red wine, not totally dry, but some what sweet. Nothing too special. ” Dan included, with another smile.

” All right. I have just what you may like then.” She said. moving down the bar, retrieving a bottle, and wine glass. Placing a napkin then pouring a small amount into the glass and handing it to Dan, looking for his approval with a small taste to wet the appetite.

Whooshing the wine around the glass, and then breathing in a long smell of its aroma, before tasting it. With a nod of his head, he gave his approval. ” Yes exactly what I was thinking. That’s perfect, thanks.” he said.

She poured the glass of wine, wiped the neck of the bottle and replaced a topper cork into the bottle. ” That’s $ 7.00 please of course, I could run a tab if you like?” She flashed the money-maker smile, along with a good amount of eye contact. Craft of the trade, for bigger tips to be made. Was the bar owners motto, of which she followed to a tee.

“Ah. A tab would be fine, all though this will probably be the drink for the night.” Dan took a sip of the wine, while also drinking in the bar tenders equally intoxicating look.

She smiled and said. ” Well I’ll check back with you in a bit then. Enjoy! ” Moving down the bar to the next patron. Like a worker bee. She moved from client to client offering the mood altering spirit, while collecting the economic nectar to take home back to the hive.

Playing with the alexandrite that raped his ring finger was a nervous habit. The ring that appears to be dark green in day light and deep red under artificial lighting. A unique gift given to Dan by his ex, when he re-entered the civilian world after a stay in the military. He was often mesmerized with the changing colors of the ring as it caught the lighting of his environment. Stirring thoughts and memory’s deep within his mind of lost time, and lost opportunity’s of her again. Like the changing colors of the ring, he remembered the relationship as the on and off again red-hot type. But after the accident all he had was the ring of memories.

The room seemingly fills up with a louder tone as more people come in for the end of the day drink. Aside from the larger crowd of an office worker party. This place was hopping. Above the normal clinking of glasses and bottles of spirits, people in gauged in small talk and laughter. Along with the waiters and waitresses, taking orders, or presenting them. The room had a low tone roar of a popular place getting busier.

Dan took a nonchalant glance around the bar, taking in the sights and sounds, as well observing people’s faces. It was as if he was looking for someone, in a way so he wouldn’t be the one to be notice first. satisfied, he turned back to his glass of wine. Taking a sip, re-swirling the wine in the glass his thoughts slowly disappeared from reality’s as he watched the ripples of wine slowly dissipate to a smooth calm pool of dark smokey cherry red.

Why did he take the job? Its only appearance was one of a one way mission. Dan pressed the number fifteen button, as the elevator doors swished closed. readjusting the shoulder holster holding the nine millimeter, and re checking for the silencer in the right pocket. He mentally was prepared to attach the silencer as practiced many times before, in record time. adrenalin was pouring into his system, yet he remained cool calm and collected.

Mr. Smith was the target, with his offices on the fifteenth floor. The firm on its outward appearance just a financial law firm. But deep in the cannons of the secret inner workings a nest of competing operatives. Mr Smith was the man in the know, just the head of the snake. Nothing special! But the brown file was the icing on the cake. Taking someone out wasn’t new of sorts to Dan. But the first while being a civilian so to speak. It wasn’t so important to kill the man unless, and more than likely he will get in the way of the obtaining the file, kill was then the mode of operations. By any means necessary was the order.

Dan gave a last minuet quick brush of his hair, by running his fingers through it. Reddy to go as planed. Looking good and playing for keeps. On this stage of life, looking the part was the cover to being unnoticed. Like the apple and the worm. Dan didn’t wished to be noticed untill someone would cut into the apple, or untill the plan was tripped by the worm re-emerging out of his worm hole. In either case it would then be too late, he would have worked passed the outer defences if any.

The door opened and Dan using his longer stride, was off, turning to the right, down the hallway. For weeks Dan had practiced this, and had read the floor plans many times untill he could remember them like the back of his hand. The fourth door to the left was security for Mr. smith. Dan stopped suddenly looking around the corner of the door jamb. No one in side. Reaching into his holster and pocket at the same time. He attached the silencer to the gun. The door at the end of the hall, just a Meir 3 doors away was the prize. Anyone could come out of anyone of those doors. Friend or foe, it was the worm jumping out of the apple.

Dan moved towards the end door. The last door opened and one of the security guard walked out into the hall. Dan fired two rounds. One into the chest and one into the head between the eyes. Dropping the man in a heap. Leaping over the body he reached out for the door handle. When the door suddenly opened.

” Mr. Smith! So nice to see you! ” Dan shoved the gun into his stomach and moved into the office, then closing the door. ” Sit! Make yourself comfortable. This will only take a bit of your life anyway.” Dan flashed the patented smile. Mr. Smith wasn’t so inclined to return the smiley attitude.

Dan wedged a chair under the door handle so the door couldn’t be opened. Then he moved towards the desk, and the prize.

“Now where did you put the brown file?”

” Go to hell!” Barked Mr. Smith.

” Now not so fast. That’s no way to treat a guest.” Dan rounded the desk and approached his victim like a spider about to pounce on a fly trapped in its web.

I was told. No! Back up a bit… I was given some great intelligence that you have it in this office right now. So just give it to me and I will be on my way.” Dan said. While pointing the gun at Mr.Smith at point-blank range. ” I’m not going to miss from here.”

” You will never get out of here with it. If I had it! ” Mr. Smith replayed nervously. Glancing to his left at a stack of papers and a slightly open drawer.

Dan was cold and calculating, also noticed the slight glance off to the side. Dan wasn’t going to tip his hand just yet, and so turned around looking at the walls of the office. ” So Behind the art in a wall vault. Eh? ” Dan asked. He heard the desk drawer slowly opening behind him. Spinning around firing one round into Mr. Smith shoulder, the bullet impact knocked him backward out of his desk chair and onto the floor.

” You have to be an early bird to get the worm Mr. Smith!” Dan moved over to the drawer and finished opening it to have a look inside. At the bottom of the drawer was a small 22 caliber. ” A Gun! You made a move for a toy gun? You are really not thinking streight are you?”

Mr. Smith slid himself towards the window wall behind the desk, and propped him self up holding his shoulder with his good hand. Blood was seeping through the suit jacket between his fingers. ” I’m not going to tell you any thing! Go to hell!”

Dan rummaging through the drawer and the papers on the desk. When he noticed a paper with a line on it that just drained the color out of his face. He snatched the paper up and shoved it into his pocket, as he moved towards the front door. A small side window running the along the side of the door was the only view out of the office back down the hall. The same path way Dan had gained entry to the snakes lair.

Looking down the hall, Dan no longer saw the body of the guard, and there was no movement, or sounds of anyone living in it. Dan whispered. ” Set-up! ” As he moved with more caution back towards the desk.

Mr. Smith was just sitting there with a scowl, propped up still holding his hand to the bullet wound. ” You really didn’t see it coming did you? Who is the early bird now kid? ”

Dan was just gathering his thoughts and assessing his next move. Thinking there was some other point to the paper he had in his pocket he removed it and unfolded it to have a nother look.

Top secret; The brown file was forwarded on Wednesday by secure fax. The powers that be will be looking for the file and so raise the security level on all facility’s untill further notice. Destroy the files orignal. End. The time stamp of the return fax was 2 hours ago.

Dan crawled over to the shredder at the printer table off to the side of the desk. Throwing the top off the basket He saw the brownish confetti like paper. Confirming the fear. It was destroyed after it was faxed.

The wind was let out of his sails, the adrenalin had run its course, Dan was physically drained. Any minuet the door will surly burst down and a hail of bullets will be launched his way. The will to live was the animal instinct that drives us all under stresses to move when our body is screaming stop!

Dan got up and quickly stepped back away from the desk, pointing the gun in the direction of the window fired a round at the glass. The window shattered blowing out into the city’s skyline. Dan removed the over coat, then his suit jacket. Reveling a slim base jumpers shoot. Dan’s secret weapon for escaping. Good thing the office recommended it as his survival life line.

Mr. Smith started to laugh. ” Your kidding? Your jumping.. base jumping out of here?” He started to laugh again.

” I’m not getting shot to ribbons here for something that is out in the world of internet traveling electronically to who knows where. Traveling towards who knows who. Maybe even my office has intercepted it already?”

“Ya! Just keep up the faith man. But did you ever wonder who packed the shoot?” Mr. Smith re-adjusted himself and giggled with delight. ” You have been set up! The plan was, send you just for insurance. Just incase we were slow with communications or actions with instructions.”

“I don’t need your sinister views right now. I’m just going to get out while the getting is better in my favor.”

” If you packed the shoot then that kind of thinking would be great. But your handlers could also be waiting for there guy to fall from the sky and scrape the file off the pavement leaving you behind as calculated road kill.” He laughed again untill the pain stopped him. ” You know, believe what you want. That would have been my plan for someone expandable.”

Dan hesitated for just a moment. Thinking through his plan one more time. He hadn’t packed the shoot, but if death was inmate then freedom of flight wood be preferable then shredded like confetti. Dan offered his big smile. Saying. ” It must be your birthday. Happy birthday! ” Leaping out into the city’s windy skyline as if he was jumping across to the other building.

“Sir are you okay?” The bartender was shaking Dans arm trying to get his attention. ” Do you need some help? ”

Dan snapped out of his day-dream, surprised . He went to wipe his face with his hands and spilled his wine. Jumping off the bar stool trying to avoid the spilling wine, running over the edge of the bar.

” Are you okay? I can call someone if you like?” The attractive bartender wasn’t marketing her self with a seductive smile. But more stern looking like a mother scolding a child.

” No! I’m fine. Just trying to enjoy some wine.”

” Have you been drinking somewhere else before coming here? ”

” Look I’m fine. I was just relaxing and doing some visualization technique. Have a big day tomorrow.” Dan was trying to grab some napkins and wiping the wine where he could. Glancing up to the bartender making eye contact again he said. ” Sorry for the wine abuse. But really I’m good. Thanks for your concern.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out some cash placed two twenty’s on the bar. Jabbing his index finger twice on the bills he said. ” Thanks again, that should cover my clumsiness. Sorry. Have a safe night” He grabbed his over coat, turned and started his way towards the double entry doors.

As he passed out of the bar doors he regained his confidence. It was true he hadn’t packed the base jumpers shoot. Could he … have been?He rounded the west corner of the main lobby in time to see Mr. Smith walking towards the bar. Dan just kept walking out of the building not even taking much notice. So as to keep from being made or drawing attention. Once outside he glanced back, the lobby was empty. No one was coming after him or following.

Crossing the street he paused for a moment to look through the bar windows, a street view for the patrons, a great looked in side for Dan, who was stocking his pray. With no trouble he recognized Mr. Smith. He was being worked with the bar tenders tip subduction smile. Standing there he thought he could take aim and shoot him right here unnoticed, no base jumping required. Dan looked up and down the street thinking should he?

Glancing back to the bar he saw Mr. Smith grabbing his neck as if something was wrong. Choking on something? Dan ran across the street and peered into the window for a closer look. A white foam was pouring out of Mr. Smith’s mouth. Dan knew right off. Poisson! Its true! Dan thought. The office did set him up at all cost. Multiple assassins for this guy, or…. Looking towards the bar he saw the attractive bar tender, looking his way with a slowly disappearing seductive smile.

Well I haven’t tried to kill anyone, nor do I ever wish to! I’m not a spy in real life, nor an assassin either. So I think this passes for a compleated assignment of ” Writing about something you haven’t ever experienced.”

All the best.


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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