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A tightwad’s guide to good-eats

If you ever seen the glass covered box, with that little brass hammer on a chain, hanging on a wall. With the words written on the glass. ” Break in case of emergency! ” You are looking behind the glass at the blog equivalent. A warning of a kind to some. But in general, just a survivors guide to saving money at best. At worsted? If it comes to that? A survivors guide to the world to come, a world like in the movie of ” Mad Max, in thunder dome!”

The world is full of anxiety and uncertainty’s these days. With news like trouble in Greece, or the European union. The world seems to be going through growing pains. Unfortunately the worlds socialistic governments aren’t reading the same tea leaves as the rest of the worlds populations. Everyone is currently experiencing life, offered up by big government. Who are all to willing to over promising and under delivering on any promises offered. With out of control spending by them. It just proves that we as individuals are then more and more responsable for our own existences. Saving money is the craft in trade for all of the tightwad’s, the world over. So it seem natural to have a post for saving money and eliminating hunger pains. With a tightwad’s guide to good-eats.

I believe the tightwad is better suited to survive any and every impending doom. By their nature they will do what ever they have to survive. If that means dumpster diving? Well then, One mans garbage is another gold mine.

Providing good eats, as well good nutritional foods to our diets is the chef’s magical work behind the scene. So taking a peek behind the curtains of a chef’s mind-set. Just opens the door of wonderment, along with a ginormous amount of new questions. ” What does that taste like?” Which often is then followed up with. ” How can I make that taste better.?” But then in a world short on money and full of hungry people. Just what constitutes good eats?

I have watched a good amount of food channel on TV. The TV shows where they cook all kinds of rare, and different foods. Do you know what eel snout tastes like? Hummingbird lips prehaps? Opossum rump roast? The food channel cooks some weird foods. Right next to the hobo’s cook book’s recipes, of road kill soup! I know people need some intestinal fortitude to stomach food like that but then this is about survival. So sewer rat on a stick, roasted over an open fire. May also sound a little strange… but does that taste like… chicken?

May not look like a good source of protein. But up and untill the president even mention that he had tried ” Dog ” and found it to be quote ” Delicious. ” Who would have known? I’m not recommending eating ” Dog.” But in the ” Mad Max world“, would a sewer rat have some of those same delicious flavors as dog, ready to dance on your tong? Just how hard of times did the president have to live through to have eaten “Dog? “

Lets face it. If there was a worse case scenario in the world? We as people who would like nothing more than to survive untill tomorrow! Could then find a way to eat things, that wouldn’t be an option in this moment in time.

Dumpster diving for some half eaten pizza. Isn’t all that appealing. But if it has been a week since your last good meal. It might be a battle royal with other people in the same situation. The winner takes the prize ” Half eaten pizza.” Imagine people shoving each other, prehaps fist fighting over a piece of pizza in the trash. But then it has only one bite out of it. You can still eat it from the other end, to avoid swapping spit of sorts from the bite side.The tightwad’s mindset wouldn’t feel like that is the best quality of foods. People can do better! But under extreme stress, and hunger, food is food and good God! Man has got to eat!

Having experienced homelessness. I know that providing good food is possible, on a pan handlers income. Because we have it better at the moment? At least better jobs than pan-handling. Making the proper plans today will ensure a better and brighter future tomorrow.

Looking to all of the free food growing in people’s yards that they only recognize as weeds. Gives the tightwad the Armageddon survivors advantage. Who wouldn’t pay you to pull weed in their yards? It’s a job that kids don’t even like to do these days. If your one of those rare birds then, who doesn’t mind pulling weeds? Offering your services for a small amount of pay. Will provide a service job to you. Along with some knowledge, a full stomach with some good eats as well. If the home owner doesn’t wish to hire you then it doesn’t hurt to ask. ” By the way, can I have some of those weeds that your throwing out?” Thinking to myself. ” Hidden good eats. Score! ”

I’m not recommending raiding someones garden. But eating some of what may grow around the yard that is also good, but not recognized as such, but only weeds to others. If you can then get that home owner, to pay you for the free picking of those weeds? It is truly the best of both worlds. Of course. You would need to know just what is what in the eatable weed world, of good eats? As well as knowing just what kind of uses they have in preparing them. Knowing the nutritional values they also possess is helpful.

Take the dandelion weed. Everyone knows of them and recognizes them when they see them growing in the yard. How can you miss them? Kids pick the seed heads and blow them out like a candle after making the same kind of wishes. Even in the times of the year where it is hot, like summer. The dandelion grows what seem like 6 inches every week. With roots that stretch down 2 feet, in search of water. They can then grow without any trouble, or watering, artificial rain or natures sprinkler in the form of rain. This makes them the best of greens to harvest year round. A huge evasive weed to the gardener. But a useful green to a healthy salad. Growing from early spring to late fall. The leaves are already in organic salad mixes in stores. You have probably have had them but didn’t know it. Even in some fancy restaurants the field garden salad had them in it, and served to you, at a premium price. The flowers can be fermented into cheep wine, and the dehydrated roots can then be roasted. It brews up into a coffee like drink. With all of that goodness thrown out of most people’s yards. It is a tightwad’s good eats salad.

Do you see anyone willing to fight you, for an all you can eat salad?

The nutritional value of dandelion weeds are as follows. A great source of vitamins like A, B, C, D, iron, as well as a quality to them of cleaning out the system. It is natures way of a one two punch to hunger, while taking a vitamin pill all at the same time.

Red clover is our next one. Red clover is easy to recognize as well. Red ball like flowers on top of a larger clover bush like plant. Kids know just what they look like, after all who hasn’t looked for four-leaf clovers before?

The flower has a clover honey like flavor to them when eaten. The same flavor as pure clover honey. Go figure! You have all eaten clover honey before I’m sure? Yet you have also passed these jewels of nature by. Haven’t you? The best way to use the red ball flowers, is to dry them and use them in a tea like brew. The tea is great at suppressing hunger. But has a cleansing affect on the blood and skin, and a good drink for building a strong immunity. With a semi-sweet flavor and a great source of health in a drink served hot or cold. This weed is overlooked by everyone. But aside to all that. Drying the flowers allows them to keep for up to a year or better. Great for a hot drink in the winter. One must think ahead you know? These nuggets can be found in the health food stores today at around $ 15.00 per pound. But then again, if you charge for weed removal services to those homeowners that have them. It will defiantly give you other money to buy other staples. As well as restocking your trench-coat pantry!

It just takes a little thinking outside of the box, in order to survive. Determining to have a good survival, at any cost and in many different conditions. Is very possible! With some self-education in eatable weeds as one of the pieces of the puzzle of necessary skills needed. Marketing yourself knowing that, “one mans garbage is another treasure.” Will open doors to survival on a higher level then most people who havent yet acquired the skill set. Remember that education is a valued skill set that can also be sold to others. In other words, you can dumpster dive for that half eaten pizza, or charge someone, to remove a fresh salad from their yard, and then buy a slice of pizza with the proceeds?

Doesn’t matter that much, on what you decide for yourself. Eating salad from weeds has to taste better than ” Rat! ” ? Washing it all down with sweet clover tea, seem a little strange for some food pairing. But being also careful in picking your weeds from far out-of-the-way places. Far from where dogs have traveled. Is also some good advice. They tend to pee on bushes. May also change the clover honey flavors in that tea. Just an observation, better noted so no disappointments are then experienced by the Mad Max survivor of the future. The tightwads guide to just two enable weeds out of the many out there in the world. That also taste better than a half eaten pizza in a dumpster. Has got to be better than dumpster diving? Besides I’m not one, to try to eat man’s best friend. No matter if it tastes like chicken, or how delicious the president clams ” Dog ” to have been. Dogs happen to eat cat crap! And I believe in the principles of “ You are what you eat!” Be careful then with trying new foods, like ” sewer Rat, and Dog, or half eaten pizza!” Better to try the tightwad’s guide to good eats!

All the best.

pictures provided by a free picture website.


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