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Using an alias. AKA Lino Lay-um .

I have to say using an alias, is fun to do only if you have a catchy fun name to use as your alias. Who really wants to go with John Smith? John Doe? Really? Lino Lay-um was the alias I like to use. Because everyone needs to have an alias or two for your dance partner. When you dancing on the gray side of the law. Lino Lay-um was the natural alias to pick for me. It was the way my mom said ( linoleum ). Besides it sounds like someones name. So what the heck, from the fist time I heard my mom say it, my alias was born.

I’m not promoting a life of crime. But a life of using alias at times is necessary. Everyone does it. Nick names are a kind of alias aren’t they? Criminals use aliases at times, to go under cover. Like a security blanket I suppose. A way of hiding yet not so hidden. But people who have never seen you, or heard of you before. It is just a perfect way to hide true identity’s… or is it? The do’s and don’ts were explained in one of my earlier postsFalseheimer’s.http://wp.me/p1MnB3-EW ( Some humor on false representations.)

My cousin and I were wandering through the grocery store one day. When we came across the bakery and their muffin tasters. An advertizing ploy, in getting you to buy muffins. Adequate say’s that you take one and taste it, and decide to buy or not to buy. For kids unattended, tasters are just like an invitation to abuse the privilege.

Truly! I personally didn’t wish to stuff that many muffin squares into my mouth. But just one square!? That also melted into some kind of goodness of muffin, on my tong, left a desire to have more, or at least a whole muffin as my taster. The bad influence of my cousin who challenged me to see just how many muffin squares I could put into my big mouth? Was too much to resist. For me it was game on!

No sooner than I stuffed about 10 to 15 of these sweet morsels into my mouth. We heard the unmistakable sound of the bakery clerk saying. ” Hay! Those are for tasting not to eat them all at once! Where is your mom’s?” It is bad enough I lost count of just how many muffins I stuffed into my mouth, but this outburst just about choked me to death. Then fear took over when I saw my cousin take off running with his hands full of muffins prices! Leaving me behind, with a mouth of over flowing goodness unable to follow his lead. Unable to breath, choking, and coughing, and trying to swallow all at the same time.

My first thought was Quick give the man an alias and be done with it. He will never know! The next thought was swallow man! Quicker, so you to can just run like hell after your cousin! With the feeling of the man grabbing me by the shirt collar, my next thought was… Too slow in coming to me under such stress. Now the mind was preoccupied with struggling to get free.

With the PA system bellowing out the extra loud sound of a voice saying. ” Will Ms. Lay-um, the mother of Lino Lay-um please come to the customer service desk and pick-up your son please.”

Talk about feeling about 1 inch tall. Of course my mom instantly knew who they were talking about, just as soon as she heard the name Lino Lay-um. Prehaps using that one, when she was the one who give me the idea wasn’t the best choice. But kids learn from experiences they have. As for me it was my first dance. I was awkwardly still stepping on my partners feet so to speak.

If you have at least two aliases then you can alternate between them when needed. This keeps things running smoothly. Like having the right dance steeps for the right dance. Who wants to be disco dancing when it is a ball room dance? Awkward!

With crumbs still on my face I was busted! So Busted! To say the least. But it was just a misunderstanding. There was no sign saying ” Only take one please.” Hay a kids reasoning is if you reach for a cookies and only get part of one. You grab another to make up the difference. I mean. They offered a cookie to you. But then you got just one half. Because you already touched it, you can’t put it back. Taking another cookie was the sort of thinking a kid would have felt, if they felt like they were just robbed of what was offered. It is only fair.

This was my excuse at least, along with my reasoning. Kids have this mistaken view of life that everything must be fair. But life isn’t always fair! So being older now I see the failed teachings of my youth, and have tried to avoid the fallacy this may bring, and act appropriately. adjusting for the truth of ” Life isn’t always fair.”

With bakery tasters, or candy bowls, or offerings of broken cookies. People with small hands have to at times take seconds and thirds to equalize the out comes of people with bigger hands. Just the differences between growing-up and being grown-up. Besides when you go to the all-you-can-eat restaurant. Kids eat for free! That’s because the establishment knows that kids only can eat a limited amount of food in comparison to their parents. Charging grown-ups a bit more for this, along with advertizing ” Kids eat for free!” Is just the way to fill the seats. Kids are quick to learn this, and understand it as, ” the great equalizer of life.” Seeing a candy bowl. First thoughts are, it is free! Parents will get the bill.

Lino Lay-um robs the bank.

Seeing the candy bowl in the bank week after week, filled with the best of suckers. Was just getting the best of me. Thoughts of getting some of those candy’s was on my mind as soon as I entered the bank parking lot. Call it a sweet-tooth, or the child like attitude within.

I would often ask if I could have one. But the look that was given by the tellers were just as good as saying ” Your old! Those are for kids.” But then they would always give in to the requests saying. “Just one!” Soon, it just became a game for me. Lets just say it is the kid in me, coming out to play.

Seeking more than one was the game. But this voice in my head was telling me things. Remembering mom telling me about those muffins you crammed into your mouth, as being just as good as stealing. Being in a bank, in front of the candy dish, contemplating in taking more than just one. Is this just a new way of bank robbery? It wasn’t money! So does the word robbery even fit? Were my thoughts of… should I? Could I?

Blame it on childish games we try to play when were adults, or the pulse rate climbing up a notch or two, just at the thought of it. Giving any adult stuck in a rut, a sence of living on the razors edge of an exciting life, with a renewed vigor towards life.

Sitting in our car, I told my wife this story. Introducing her to my alter ego ” Lino Lay-um. After all she married me for better or worse right? No secrets, makes for a good marriage. The mission was to score on more than one candy. By hook or crook or any means possible. In short we were going to rob this bank for all the candy we could carry out in a flash.  The Boney and Clyde of candy!

My plan was to use my extra big hands, to use slight of hand and make off with the loot. My wife was going to use a different approach. She was going to demand one for her husband, as the excuse for getting more than just one.

With raised pulse rates, living on the edge, we entered the bank. Just as planed.  We went through the motions. I for one had the back up plan. If I should get caught, I was going to be Lino Lay-um, 777. Sounds smooth like 007 James Bond. But who wants to be a copy cat. Besides things always happen in threes. With my lucky number of 7. Three times the number was better. Besides 777 sounds like a number of a gang in the area. If I was going to prison I was going to go as the top dog gangsta ” Lino Lay-um.” In hind sight, that may not be the best of names for prison. Sounds like a porno stairs name. Or so I was told. Not a good mix.

My wife went for the tellers at the front of the bank. I on the other hand went for the consumer no service desk. Not 20 feet from the door. I made my move knocking the candy over with nervous anticipation. But it worked out better that way. Picking up the candy, and placing some of it back into the dish. I apologised and turned and walked right out of the bank. My wife right behind me. Using my peripheral vision. I couldn’t see any one following us out of the bank. Silently I said. “We made it!”

In the car my wife said. “That was fun! Look I got 4 dum-dum suckers. But only asked if I could have one extra one for my husband. Score!” As she showed me the ill-gotten loot.

” I too! Got more than just one!” I said. Revealing the hand full I had stuffed into my pockets while picking up the rest of the ones I had spilled onto the floor. ” These are the best of candy suckers. And look I got one sucker of every flavor.” The heart was pumping hard, as I would have expected it too, if we had just robed the bank for real money, instead of just for candy. With sucker sticks hanging out of our mouths we made our get away.

“Honey! Honey!” My wife was shaken me awake.

” You can call me Lino Lay-um sweety-cakes. It is okay to.”

” Will you stop making that noise of sucking your thumb? It’s waking me up, and I can’t sleep!”

The next morning I had to tell her the story of how my alias came to be, ” Lino Lay-um “, along with my dreams of robbing the bank of their candy dish. But I never mentioned that my pulse does go up a few notches with the thought of it all. Every time we drive into the parking lot.

Have you used an alias before? If so what was your alias?

All the best.

The dandelion chronicles: project co2

  Remember that global warming is coming? Wink! Wink! You know about our gas guzzling, oil drilling, electric abusing, carnivore attitudes  (like red meat devouring energy dinosaurs that we are), just CO2 producing travel addicted souls. Just who are we? Doing all of these things, just to kill the very place we live in? Not because we like to entertain with strawberries for our shortcake dessert, right after our exotic tropical fish dinner in february. NO! But the farther we have to go to get our food stuff ( Not that we ourself’s should go there. We have airplanes to do all that heavy lifting ), the more entertaining our dinner is for our unimportant guests. I don’t see a big problems after all. I’m the king of my world, and don’t mind sharing it with all of you out there. As long as I get mine! As long as my freezer is full, or at least the grocery store down the street has all of the exotic foods that don’t presently grow in my kingdom. Even in the dead of winter or at any other times for that matter. I decree it! At least a half-hearted demand, that all of those goodies are to be flown in!

But doesn’t that put more and more, hydrocarbons, co2, greenhouse gases, pollutants, into the atmosphere you ask? Attitudes of all of the kings and queens of the world are so self-centered. I then have to answer ” YES! ” But then I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to eat regulary.Yes it does place more pollutants into the air. But even you, must come to a point of re-thinking evolutions way for modern man and having to adapting to the fact, that strawberries don’t grow were I’m living, in february. So it is up to each of us to compleat the evolutionary laws, in the cycles of life.

everything must adapt to changing conditions in order to survive.”

Even if these conditions are changing right in front of our eyes. Like someone who spews out the warnings of (” The world is getting us hotter under the caller! OR! The global warming is upon us! The Ice is melting!”), what to do? Are we so self-inflated, over opinionated to think we are in control of the world, or the weather?

The science is pointing to global warming they say! Really? I thought science only points to the facts of truth. In fact, the scientific values systems or laws are.

1) That of truth-telling at all coasts.

If we alow science to stray away from the truth then we have nothing of value to base our opinions on. example : “Gravity doesn’t exist any more.” This seem to be a reasonable assumption to making for some untruthful science. Just in till we toss a ball into the air expecting it to just keep on going. But when it drops down striking us in the head? It to may knock some sense into our minds about what is true/false. ( Air plains that crash to the ground, is another example.) So what is more believable? Truth that is manufactured, or the truth that is? Is it our theory’s / believes, who are more important, or the plan truth? The thought of these outcomes using truth may then destroy our theory, thus our science. It doesn’t make it a good science to believe in, or just changing science to what we believe in. Telling a lie often and regularly enough, over and over to who ever who will listen to it. Often changes the small-minded. Science doesn’t make new facts of truth, or truthful science.

2) Applying empirical discipline :

If science is to have empirical discipline, can it be achieved through a lie or a half truthful theory? Doing so only for the purpose of a more favorable outcome of our own narrow point of view? isn’t empirical science! Then the only reason to prove anything  that we hoping for, by the way of using science, is to prove our believes are of the most important of all. Truth be damned! Using false science we then can recreate scientific facts of the day.( The building of our house of cards!) Only to reassure ourself’s, as truly being totally self-inflated, giving ourself’s a gin-normas self-worth by way of using science. More like saying ( Look at me!! Just look at me!!!). Well then, we have only fooled the fools that choose to believe it. Empirical discipline implies that we have no vested interest in which way the outcome should be. We should be asking ” WHY” with everything! Science should be in the search of truth, And the truth has no agenda!

3) Skepticism :

I touched on that already some what. This means that the scientist will always ask like annoying kid question ” WHY”! Having a total neutral bias to the science or its outcome. Just in search of the answers to why! Also applying a standard of having a never-ending discipline to question any outcome of such, for a continued search of the truth. To be human is to be fallible. There for we must change things that we can also prove to be false, if the science is to be true. To apply anything other than, a total open mind, or to be un-jaded as to the outcome, is to assume to be God like, or infallible. We must remember always ” The truth has no agenda! ” There for the truth doesn’t care about the outcome. If we really do not know the outcome to a theory we believe in, and the theory is un-proven to be fact, then we really do not know! Should we then be willing to admit it as such, or lie about it?

Those who choose to believe in global warming, also tend to believe in evolution for the most part. They believe that evolution says that in order to get the changes in the world, or changes that can be seen in fossils, as the history of the world that has passed. It takes a great amount of time (millions of years ). But with global warming they tend to use a fraction, slivers of time, if you will to argue their points. Even if we were to use the ice cores that are drilled by researchers. Who then will clam that they can look back to prehistoric times by the tiny air pockets in it. Being able to measure the co2 in these tiny air samples. As the information they then use to make computer models to take a wild guess as to what weather will do, 10 years, 100 years, or longer out in time. Yet they can’t even tell us about the weather a week from now to a point of 100% accuracy. How can they then recreate the weather of the past, present, or future? They never come to a reasonable answer as to what caused the ancient ice ages to melt either? That’s right they clam there were 3 of these major ice ages. They all melted, long before man-made industrialization, causing the co2 in the atmosphere of today. But not yesterday! Is this do to asteroids, volcanos, or mother nature ( this usually is code words for saying GOD)? What warmed the world so the ice melted?

You see without being able to say for a fact that these ice ages melted by__________ (you can fill in the blanks.) How can we then say anything like co2, brought the changes that seem to be happening all around us. In theory, is this artificial or man-made warming, through industrialization? Will this will lead to higher temperatures for the whole world? Using reasoning like, the industrialization as being the cause of everything because it is man-made. We don’t really know for a fact, if the world had much higher co2 levels, or things that better control it? Only using air trapped in ice. Assumes that this air, the air which also flows at the polar ends had these co2 levels. Using air flows of today is not accounting for possible different air flows of the past?? As for the rest of the world that had plant life abundantly in it. It could have had higher oxygen in it as well? Maybe these plants had better way’s of capturing co2?? Because the world is a violent place this could also assume there was more volcano activity going on, or even less? This would also lead to higher co2 levels, or lower, not totally recognized in the ice. So how many of these different things were truly going on? By all of those things interacting with each other to produce the environment of those days, is still just as much a mystery.  The word ” Mystery” imply’s this is the science of guessing at it!

But what is the average environment, or co2 in it all, past or present? Were the plants that don’t exist anymore, able to consume more co2 then the plants of today? Did dinosaur’s add to the global warming with methane gases ( Farts )? We don’t really know for a fact of what is, or was, there for, what are the averages? Net alone where are we in the scale of it all? Above average / below average / at the point of being average? Where are we? What do we use for the slandered standard of producing the scale of finding average anyway? What is the average temperature of the world suppose to be?

To then say it is mans actions as to the why. Is premature at best. But saying it with certainty, is more of a half truthful science. If we say man is responsible for all of the global warming! Then we can also can say, we can control all of the outcomes of it, as a fact. Can man control weather totally, by changing mans activities? If mans activities are only 1/2 responsible, then we warm up 1/2 as fast, by totally changing mans activities? But does the warming then continue to warm up at 1/2 the rate or speed? What if it is only .1% of the change taking place ( mans activities), if so then we control less and less you see. No matter how you slice it, we as men and women, still can not stop a volcanos from erupting! Just a fact.  How can man then control something that was in existence before man came to be? Just how did the former ice-ages melt? Mans activities do need to be controlled somewhat. But we shouldn’t assume that we totally control that what is for the most part uncontrollable, by choosing to control more tightly everything man does! (Mother nature ( God ) may have other plans.) Man’s attempt of controlling just what is in Gods hands, leads to loss of freedoms for man, while destroying the earth just the same.

To those who believe in global warming and are active in the promotion of stopping it. By stopping industrialization,  oil drilling, ect… People are only mad at the destruction of the earth and the misguided governments who are failing to control themself’s. In short they wish to upset the apple cart, by making an attempt at assuming the power of everyone through, the assumption of new leadership, a new management of sorts, by only managing the decay themself’s.

So in trying to also stopping the worlds ever-changing environment we live in. Man can pick up after his dog, when he walks the dog. If not! We make new laws then to control this! If no one does this then it will become a messy place for the rest of the world. But passing laws, that are to control our environment, like picking up after our dogs, doesn’t stop someone from stepping into some wild animals droppings. It only fixes some of the problems. Using this logic, we can out law factories from putting pollutants into the air to a  great extent. (This is not such a bad thing, in fact a good thing with in reason). But we as man / people can not stop an increase of volcanic activities in the world. so we could have more of the same or worse. Right? No matter if it is natural or artificial ( global warming that is.) Well in Al Gores mind he can stop everything. ( What about an asteroid that can destroy the whole world Al!) I think you can run but you can’t hide from that.

I think in using the style of the beginning of this post. It should then be said. Man can solve everything! Wink, Wink! If an asteroid is coming towards us ( the world), to destroy us? Well what would Al Gore do? After all of those problems, to then create some green solutions to our warming problems, is going to be simple. Right Al Gore?

Problems and they’re solutions:

To much co2 in the atmosphere? Create massive new dry ice manufactures. Dry ice is solid co2. This can then be stacked up at the north , and south poles. That should stop global warming because dry ice is colder than frozen water. As well it will re-freeze any premature ice melt off. It would spark a new growth industry of travel to the north, and south poles as well. Because of the cool fog like action that dry ice creates. It will be a real big draw for rock-N roll bands I sure. The fog could then cool the world as well? Now that’s just COOL!

Should we still have too much co2 in the world? Then produce more soft drinks. They have co2 in them, that’s what gives them the bubbles, when you open them up. Planting more sugar cain will put more plant life in the world and thus more oxygen in it as well! Great for the producers of soft drinks. Diabetes not so good!

How about the outlawing of massive homes / all houses? Yes only letting people build tree houses! It is better. A win, win in short! This puts more trees in the world, thus like I said more oxygen in the world. Nobody like to cut down trees anymore. So build homes in them. Use the co2 that trees also hold within the wood / themself’s. Providing the homes / shelter, for all of us. This also gives the proper environment to our government. More like a Robin Hood style society, a better environment in which to rob us all in! Through imposing environmental taxes on us all. Also it gives more ground space, gives more space for those cows to grow up in. For those meat eaters out there. Note to self must have cow droppings laws though! But then we can dry these droppings, and burn them for heating in our tree houses. Wow! That’s new shovel ready jobs too! I’m on fire!

Out law cars / trucks / the internal combustion engine as well. Unless they run methane gas / natural gas. ( That’s just a nice way in saying gas from cow, animals, humans, or FARTS! Methane is also a global warming gas according to Al Gore who doesn’t like it. Maybe that why he walks around all stiff. Could it be… he has corked his butt to keep himself from contributing to global warming? I can’t blame him on that one. Who likes farts. Maybe we should use hydrogen gas for cars and trucks. Their only out put is H2O then. Just killing two birds with one stone so to speak. But in the future air travel will still be nonexistent. Sorry! There is no flying cows!

If you think this is nonsense? Your only half right. I’m simply only helping Al Gore out. You see he is the biggest ostrich, who has chosen to bury his head into the kitty litter sand box of over inflated self-worth. Leaving only his butt exposed to speak out. Like in the movie “Pet detective.” Where the detective talked with his boss using his butt. Al Gore kind of sounds like that when he speaks out on the issues of global warming. His speech would be like… “Leaving myself in position of cutting the levels of methane gas for everyone. My policy’s would…” What? Can we just translating his muffled speech, while holding a lighter to his butt? Who knew that farts truly do burn!!

“Keep your mouth closed Al. That’s not almond-roca!”

If you thing that’s just crazy talk? Well your right! Nothing like listening to an over inflated person thinking of themself’s as a scientists that think they are bigger then GOD! OOPI!! ( I ment Mother nature! ). Who then also makes clams, ” We can, and will control the world!”

Pinky and the brain made the same cartoon like clams as well in their day. They can not even control the cartoon channel on TV. Even to air their new plans to take over the world, in hopes to win over new converts to the plan. ” Watch more cartoons!”

Hope I cleared some things up for everyone? Now my only question, I have to answer for you all you out there. Is the same one I will leve you with as the end of this post. I can’t do everything for you!

Question; “In a God-less world! Why is nature such an uncontrollable mother?”

All the best!

Two steps removed: The postal worker

Two steps, is more than the first foot placed in front of the other, a sort of time travel, if you will. Traveling through life’s journeys throughout our world gives us all unique prospectives. Observing the sights and the sounds, as well as meeting new people, or watching them along our way. Just living life, while enjoying the smallest of mysteries. Watching people versus people throughout this journey is nothing more than personal observations, fragmented events,  acquired within a daily schedule. Observing people in their natural state, from a slight distance. Gives new life to an old panting of sorts. Just ordinary people who have chosen to paint a deceptive self-portrait, instead of using bright vivid colors. They have a tendency to over use pale pastels in their presentation of themself’s towards others. Yet from a slight distance, two steps off to the right or left, or just from behind, or even in front. We have a perfect vantage point to observe life, in the boldest of colors. Who are they really? Why do people put up a façade? From our observations we can plainly see the truest of pictures that these people present. No fronts, no camouflage, no agendas towards their wishes, or wants, within their presentations. People in general present themself’s differently when there isn’t any personal self interests or agendas to their interactions. Like a black room, the smallest of sparks appere as bright and full colored as the sun. We who are all to shy to posses or present these bold colors of bright light within our self’s, net alone alow honest expression of them. Only making a half-hearted feeble attempt to hide true identity’s. If only we allowed true self-expression, un-incumbered by the thoughts of only panting that what we feel others want see. If we were only honest with ourself’s. We can then see our self’s from the vantage point of two steps removed from where we then stand in relation to our universe.

I have never met another person, that also didn’t actually hide themself’s in plain sight from others, unwilling to express themself’s boldly, my self included. They take on the characteristics, or just bits and pieces, sprinkled with fictional fragments of others, of whom they once have rubbed up against in life, as the presentation for all to see. So in their giving in this way, they camouflage themself’s as to the what, or who, they really are? A copy, at best! Never reveling the orignal panting, of bold, bright colors within themself’s towards others.

So it is with me then, one foot placed in front of the other, observing people versus people in these journeys. The quiet observer two steps removed that surrounds us all when we venture out into the world. Looking at and observing others, while also being observed I’m sure. Observing the fictional, fragments of individual characters, who present themself’s in some fictional gene pool they have created for their own self-image. The perfect stranger, or your neighbors, sales clerks, teachers, ministers, coffee barista, police officers, class mates, parents, husbands or wifes, and yes even your children, just about anyone and everyone, that is also walking along with us in life’s journey.

So in celebrating the bold colors presented without an agenda, by real people as they appear hidden in plain sight. Just two steps removed. I have created Two Steps. A regular feature of people, and the things they do as is. The small, as well the brief encounters of two different time travelers coming together, just two steps removed.  A day in the life of Aubrey.


The dreaded visit to the post office and the picture that your mind automatically produces within your thoughts. Long lines of people who have just the same thoughts. Get in and out again, without getting mad in the posses is the goal of the moment, while also completing your tasks. Stepping into the front lobby anyones heart would have skipped a beat, seeing 2 other people in line. So it was today. Surprized that the post office wasn’t living up to its normal reputation.The mind has already produced a view of long lines and huge waiting times. The line is usually out of the lobby, through the double glass doors and into and the PO box room adjoining the lobby. But on this day the luck of the postal Gods laid their grace down at Aubrey’s feet, this day would turn out different.

The first person in line Was this short woman, with two huge packages. These packages dwarf her size somewhat. Long black hair, along with her size in hight, would give anyone great odds, who cared to ventured a guess to her nationality of origin, as being asian. Some what quiet and subdued, she stood there waiting her turn like a stone statue. Not looking around the room, at the products, or people in it. It’s not like waiting at a the shopping mall for some reason. The malls these days are filled with stores, who are also filled with different products in all display’s, designed to catch the shoppers eyes, hopes, and or desires. Products that can, and often will  screamed in the sub-conscience of the shoppers mind. ” Buy me! ” But at the post office there isn’t the same kind of eye-catching display cases of exciting products. Wanted posters of different criminals hanging on the wall, along with pictures of new kinds of stamps, shipping boxes of various sizes, and the rest of the line of people waiting their turns as well. A cornucopia of things to observe, in just wasting some time. Yet she stood petrified, motionless, all to her self.

Directly behind her was this guy who seemed a bit edgy. Looking around observing everything. from his vantage point of being a somewhat taller man. Could easily look over people to see what is going on. Being of a lighter build, yet not so light of a build to be considered a bean pole. He was easy to pick out of a crowd. Causally drest with short light brown hair, brown pants, and sporting a light wind breaker. His style made him look as if he were just running an errand on his day off. With a fidgety disposition, he would look into any direction where louder noises or motions of people’s movements within the post office would disturb the silent waiting. It didn’t matter if it was a new person entering the post office or just picking up over sized boxes, readying them to mail, or the postal workers having to speak up for a hard of hearing costumer. despite being fidgety in nature he seemed friendly, offering smiles to all.

Pulling up behind him, only thinking of how long this was going to take. Aubrey was lost in thoughts of other things on his list of to do’s for the day. Looking down to double-check if he addressed the mail properly that he was sending out. He let out a sigh of relief.

” Short line today.” The man in front of him said.

” Ya, that’s just great! Have lots to do!” Aubrey looked at the stranger to see who was talking to him. He was greeted with a big smile, and a gesture, a friendly nodding of the head. Aubrey noticed the room was filling up with new people fast. ” Lucky timing as well doesn’t hurt either. ”

The stranger who had all ready observed the new customers entering the room, just smiled again.

” Next! Next person please! ” The postal worker called out.

The short women stepped up to the counter dragging her foot, pushing the bigger of the two packages along. She struggled a bit placing her packages onto the counter.

” Are there any flammable liquids in these packages? Did you pack them yourself? And how do you wish to send them, one day / next day, or….?” The postal worker asked in rapid fire succession.

” No liquids, and yes, and because these are going overseas the most cost-effective way please.” The shorter women answered.

The worker placed them on the scale and placed a sticker on the one. ” That’s going..”

“Oh I have one on the ground here.” The shorter women cut her off, bent down and produced the second package. Again struggling a bit and finely sliding it forward towards the scale.

Placing the second sicker onto the proper package she punched a few more buttons and then responded.” There we are. That will be $32.47. Do you wish to buy some stamps today?”

” No, not today.”

“That’s $32.47 please.” The postal worker said while waiting for the ATM to process the transaction, then ripped off the receipt and handed it to the women. With one smooth motion. ” Next please.” She then called out hardly giving the women time to gather her things and step off to the side.

The taller man stepped up to the counter offering the postal worker his smile and his how do you do’s. Being just 3 feet away, over hearing the business being discuss between these people was just a given. I suppose privacy shouldn’t be expected Aubrey thought. The taller man was somewhat soft-spoken already but could be heard perfectly.

” What I’m trying to do is..” The man started to explain but was cut off.

” Oh. You have a new address, or a forwarding address here.”

” Well not exactly.”

” You’re changing your address. Right? ” The postal worker searched the facial expressions of the man for her answers.

” Yes but I have….”

” Well you have to fill out these please.” She said while handing him some new papers.

The man briefly looked at them and handed them back. ” No! You seem not to have just what I need. What I’m asking is.” He paused to produce some other papers. ” I have to be reassigned, and wish for all my mail to be sent to this address untill….”

“That’s an address change and these papers I gave to you in the first place will do.” She was making a habit of cutting the man off, and the frustration was starting to build.

” No I need the mail to be held for about 4 weeks and then when I have…..” Cut off again by the worker, getting more frustrated. He in turn, then cut her off. ” You don’t seem to be listening to me! I happen to be in the military and have to get my mail held and then sent to where I’m  going to be deployed. I will not….”

” I must have an address to where the mail will be going sir.” The postal worker was just trying to pull rank over on the man. ” I can not just hold up delivery because you wish it to be so! You need to fill out the proper paper work…. the ones I gave you! ” She was showing some sings of frustrations with facial expressions.

Aubrey checked his wristwatch for the time. thinking how long will this take? This postal worker could just slow down a bit and let the man state his business and everyone would just save time and get along. Looking up again to see if any other postal workers were coming to help out, he noticed the taller man glancing back. He just offered a smile in quiet support and shook his head as if to say. ” I can’t believe this postal worker.
” The policy’s you have I can’t understand. Just how will I fill out any address if I’m here and don’t know just yet where the government is going to send me? I have bills to pay and letters to keep up with, at some time! ” A sence of urgency was now in the taller mans voice. The quiet, happy disposition, as well as his fidgety-ness was now gone. His gaze was piercingly intense. He took a deep breath and once again tried to explain.

Once again he was cut off. The postal worker was just intent on playing a game of 50 questions, and guessing rather than helping. Out of the crowd of people, from within the long line that had now formed. Came this thundering voice. ” For the love of God women! You work for the same government don’t you. Get the paperwork he needs and let the rest of us live our lives!” The people all started to laugh. Aubrey looked back to see who it was, who said that. No one looked as if they said any thing. Just a low kind of whispering of voices saying things like. ” I can’t waste time like this.” Or ” I hate postoffices.” A small smile came over Aubrey’s face, once again turning back to face the scene in front of him.

The taller man fully frustrated grabbed the papers that he brought, and started to leave the counter. When the postal worker said. ” Would you like some stamps today? ”

” What? Paste them to your ass! Do I need stamps today! ” The taller man said while storming out.

” Next please.”

Aubrey stepped up and offered his business and instruction to the postal worker. ” I would like to mail these. No special way. Just get them there please.” Thoughts of what had just happened was still fresh in his mind. I can’t believe she doesn’t listen to just what is going on.

” Would you like to get them there faster, like one day service? ” The postal worker asked according to some script. It was obviously she wasn’t going to listen to any one real closely. Just pushing the post offices marketing line.

Aubrey just put a smile on his face, untill she looked at him, and when their eyes locked on to each other, he said. ” No. I would like just to get them there please, and NO,  I don’t want to buy to any stamps! As far as any other questions you may have for any other things, that you wish to waste my time and everyone elses time with. The answer is still NO! Thank you .”  Aubrey said. Once again offering a smile.

Aubrey after words thought, if this women had a love interest in front of her, she defiantly would have been more accommodative towards her costumers, or at least listening more closely to them. If any one would want to seek a relationship with her, they would have to keep her total interest, or she would just do the same things to them. Treating them with the same unconcerned attitude, of your just unimportant, compared to me! In the quest of helping someone with what ever they need. There needs to be, no second guess of people, or an unwilling game play of 50 questions at their expense. If you don’t really know! Then just don’t give some song and dance to people with an overabundance of BS. No un-needed excuses needs to be made! Those all stink! Just kindly excuse yourself as not knowing, offering to find the answer for them, or some one who can, or will.  No fowl, and no harm done. Besides it make you look smarter than you do other wise. Un-fortunately some how costumer services training never includes common sence, or treating people like you have an interest in them. If people would only observe from two steps removed they may move on? Frustrated as a costumer, or if they are looking at this women as potential love interest, they will see what will happen to them, when the honeymoon period is over. If someone is already involved with her, and if she treating you like this sometimes, or all the time… Why? Think about it! She would never, if she cared. Man the things we can see two steps removed. Aubrey thought, while moving along with a smile.

Time to travel on untill next time. An observer two steps removed may be behind you… observing your interactions.

Dear bill collectors.

Dear bill collectors.

It wasn’t my intentions, not to send in a timely fashion your payments this month. But the truth is the check isn’t in the mail. Losing my job, then my wife, kids, dog, and then my truck breaking down. Has left me a little cash strapped these days. Of course my one and only friend told me. ” That if you try to play your country music records backwards, this would alow all of my stuff to be returned in do time, in the order of losing them. “ Because this bad luck started with losing my pay check first of all. ( Well, really second but I will explain later.). My best guess is, that it will return  to me last-of-all. Of course this is providing that playing my country records backwards works? I have faith, because when I play my Zeppelin records backwards. ” I hear that words also have two meanings! ” So then please have a little patience, as this could take some more time.

It wasn’t my intentions to take a few steps backwards, back down the stairway to heaven. But someone took the sign down that said. “ Slippery when wet! ” I didn’t expect getting pissed on, but here we are! No need to complain though. I’m still climbing higher and higher, after I take a financial breather. Governmental slogans of ” Hope and change. ” Gives me a positive out look, as well a renewed effort to keep-on trying. While I count out my last jar of loose change.

My ramblings may be some what annoying to you?  But it is just an attempt at full disclosure. Nothing to hide here. I just wished your collections department would have been more interested in lessening to me though. Seem like they’re the only friends that call me up. But like some friends, they all ways want, or need something from me. This can get old! What happened to talking? Or just checking in and seeing how someone is doing? But what did I expect from someone half ways around the world. Their time is money as well. Just a lot less money, then their American counter parts. Yet! Would it have hurt, to hear some of my historical summary? After all my money has been? Your clams, of just being yours. Taking an interest to what is going on with your money, I mean mine money! Wouldn’t have hurt anyone! Have some interest at least, or act like it interests you please. Seem like that last one is always left out on the collections 101 for foreign exchange students classes you surely do give to your collections department. May want to up date that one!

I may on the other hand, take some of my free government hand outs that I’m receiving these days. To run! Not walk! To the store, getting some color ink for the laser printer. Running should show you all, that I’m serious about getting you, your money as soon as I can. I’m not trying to take the easy way out! But working hard! Nor, do I run just for anyone, and their requests that they are make of me. It is a privilege reserved just for you!

The way I see it. If the government can just print more money. More then we have, or can possibly collect in taxes! Then why not little old me? The money may be funny money? But then look at the value of the American dollar lately! I have been told, ” the market is never wrong. ” So look at how the market values the buck of late, or at least how other country’s view the value of it.

If you-all can find some compaction for my position in life at this time. Please could you also forgive the late charges on my accounts? I’m sure you have gotten more in raising my interest rates to something more in line with a loan shark’s rates. So I have paid my share  of your exorbitant profits, that I’m sure also have been reported to the government, and the  stock market quarterly reports. So your stock price will stay high, so your bonuses will still be paid to you on time. At least you could do is call me, from time to time, giving thank for that.

Please, can you help people out like myself, and the environment, with cutting down on sending threatening letters to me. Threatening letters don’t work. Didn’t your mothers say to you. ” You can catch more fly’s with sugar, then with vinegar? ” I have gotten the message, I’m putting you on the top of the list. This letter in e-mail from, should demonstrate these concerns I have, and I’m commitment to solving them along with your help. I also have one small request. Could we all save some trees by cutting down on these kinds of letters please. Just think of all the trees, you and I will be credited with saving by doing this. Just a small request, but no less important. I may not be able to pay you in full right now. But I sure like to breathe fresh air, from the oxygen all those saved trees  will produce. A kinder gentler world with less threats in it would be better than turning to drugs / alcohol. Don’t you think so?

If you have any openings for employment, I would like to offer my skills in helping you all out, doing the job of collecting your moneys for you. I truly understand the issues of the day, and do believe, I can collect from others, that also owe you with some compassion. This would also speed up the repayments of my bills to you. Truly a win, win for the both of us!

Because I have just received the notice of power cut-off to my house. This will put more pressure on my endeavors of getting my stuff back as soon as possible. The record-player runs off the power as I’m sure you know? If you feel it in your heart to give me a job, I would hope it will not upset the order of returning my things to me?

This wouldn’t have been a problem if president Obama wouldn’t have wasted all that money on green energy. Solindra went out of business before completing my solar power panels for my house. That’s right they took my money just before I lost my job. So yes that will come back to me right after I get my old job back. After all it should in theory come back in the order of loosing them as I have pointed out earlier. The state wind power plants stopped working. Do to the facts of their too expensive to run, and the hydro power is being sold to other states for higher profits. Leaving coal power plants to produced the power for the rest of us who need it in this state. But then I haven’t been able to pay, and the government doesn’t like the contamination from coal, so that will soon close too. Leaving us all in the dark.

Soon I will have to start burning all of my furnishings in the house. At least the stuff that my ex left me with. No big deal! Just some bad memories. Burning things just for heat isn’t so bad. Cooking, and BBQ’ing the stray cat, or dog over an open flame of fire is kind of like camping. Besides I hear the president said it was delicious, so I thought of giving it a try. Saving some more moneys, for not having to go to the store for food. Giving more income to send to you. When I run out of the wood furnishings to burn, I will start following the government inspired actions. Of what to do in an emergency. Burn through your money! With all of the steady payments from the government I figure I will be able to keep up with buying ink, for the printing of money.  Keeping pace with the governments printings of money. Some bills like yours will then also be again paid for on a regularly bases.

Since the government is the new economy’s inspirations. We all should follow their lead, shouldn’t we? How about raising my credit limits so I can pay some of my smaller bills with the new credits limit you would be providing. Because You have my plan of get out of this mess, and the fact is, it is much clearer then the governments plan. You should then recognize I’m good for it! People really do not like anything, or anyone to get bailed-out. But a credit limit, doesn’t really need to be limiting. ( Please reference the governments outlook on this issues. ) It really is truth, instead of a bunch of BS! Raising my limits will just help someone else out of this mess. Because I would just spend it I’m sure. Think of the limitless possibility’s, by raising my credit limits. Which in turn will provide income to someone else to pay your bills with.

Any who! I hope you now have the fool-proof plan of fools? providing me with that huge credit limit increase. All so that money can once again flow freely. Who knows! If I pay my power bills first, or my green energy orders do get delivered soon? I will be able to live on in to my future receiving your friendly E-mails, requesting my payments, using tree saving earth friendly power. Paying your bills are of the most importance to me. Besides paying my power bills and playing my country music backwards. Filling my heart with renewed hope and change of my future returning to the past. The way things were before. A little dryer. A few runs higher on the stairway to heaven. Will be a brighter future indeed for every one.

Sincerely tequila tears!

Ps.  If you out there are trying the backward music thing along with me, and if I ate your dog? Well He will never come back to you! Sorry! Just thought you should know. I hope that it will never come to that though. Keep the faith, and playing those records backwards. It is the new going forwards! So it seems.

All the best!

Piss. OOps. Just what is plural for  “PS”? This post is not an indorsement, for counterfeiting money. It was just an attempt at humor. Print at your own risk! Thanks.

Writing exercise; Write something you havn’t ever experienced before.

Well I’m looking at a blank screen with that annoying blinking arrow, wondering just what to write about. Writers block of some sorts. But where to start on this subject if you haven’t had the experienced before? Writing is somewhat a mix-up exercise, combined with experience, sprinkled with others writings you have read. With fiction or sci-fi,  there is no way to have experienced it in life, other than bits and pieces. It is a dream like experiences, wrapped with truth, fiction, and colorful commentary’s. All to compleat a picture of words within the reader’s mind. It therefore has within it endless possibility’s, no boundary’s, governed only by the imaginary impulses given to the fingers typing thoughts, out loud.

Dan walked into the bar with long even strides, a man on a mission. The bar offered a semi-dark environment to gather some thoughts. As he approached the long row of bar stools, removing his top coat, placing it on the stool next to the one he sat in. From the counter to ceiling the back wall was mirrored. Shelves running the length of the bar, and up to within sixteen inches of the ceiling or so. The shelving-display. Displayed a wealth of well stocked bottles of spirits. Different bottles of booze was the style of the bar, as well, the only decorations aside from the dark oak woodwork on display. On the right side at the end of the bar was a library type of ladder on a rails. Bar tenders used the ladder by moving it into position in order to retrieve bottles from any of the shelves including the top ones closest to the ceiling. Lighting was dim, made slightly brighter by the reflections, through the bottles of booze and off the mirrored wall.

” What can I get you? Asked the bar tender. Offering her semi seductive smile painted on her face, in order to collect bigger tips. Friendly, and easy to look at she offered the smile towards male patrons in a well rehearse way.

Dan turned to meet the voice, offering his smile in return. ” Sure! I would like to have some dark red wine, not totally dry, but some what sweet. Nothing too special. ” Dan included, with another smile.

” All right. I have just what you may like then.” She said. moving down the bar, retrieving a bottle, and wine glass. Placing a napkin then pouring a small amount into the glass and handing it to Dan, looking for his approval with a small taste to wet the appetite.

Whooshing the wine around the glass, and then breathing in a long smell of its aroma, before tasting it. With a nod of his head, he gave his approval. ” Yes exactly what I was thinking. That’s perfect, thanks.” he said.

She poured the glass of wine, wiped the neck of the bottle and replaced a topper cork into the bottle. ” That’s $ 7.00 please of course, I could run a tab if you like?” She flashed the money-maker smile, along with a good amount of eye contact. Craft of the trade, for bigger tips to be made. Was the bar owners motto, of which she followed to a tee.

“Ah. A tab would be fine, all though this will probably be the drink for the night.” Dan took a sip of the wine, while also drinking in the bar tenders equally intoxicating look.

She smiled and said. ” Well I’ll check back with you in a bit then. Enjoy! ” Moving down the bar to the next patron. Like a worker bee. She moved from client to client offering the mood altering spirit, while collecting the economic nectar to take home back to the hive.

Playing with the alexandrite that raped his ring finger was a nervous habit. The ring that appears to be dark green in day light and deep red under artificial lighting. A unique gift given to Dan by his ex, when he re-entered the civilian world after a stay in the military. He was often mesmerized with the changing colors of the ring as it caught the lighting of his environment. Stirring thoughts and memory’s deep within his mind of lost time, and lost opportunity’s of her again. Like the changing colors of the ring, he remembered the relationship as the on and off again red-hot type. But after the accident all he had was the ring of memories.

The room seemingly fills up with a louder tone as more people come in for the end of the day drink. Aside from the larger crowd of an office worker party. This place was hopping. Above the normal clinking of glasses and bottles of spirits, people in gauged in small talk and laughter. Along with the waiters and waitresses, taking orders, or presenting them. The room had a low tone roar of a popular place getting busier.

Dan took a nonchalant glance around the bar, taking in the sights and sounds, as well observing people’s faces. It was as if he was looking for someone, in a way so he wouldn’t be the one to be notice first. satisfied, he turned back to his glass of wine. Taking a sip, re-swirling the wine in the glass his thoughts slowly disappeared from reality’s as he watched the ripples of wine slowly dissipate to a smooth calm pool of dark smokey cherry red.

Why did he take the job? Its only appearance was one of a one way mission. Dan pressed the number fifteen button, as the elevator doors swished closed. readjusting the shoulder holster holding the nine millimeter, and re checking for the silencer in the right pocket. He mentally was prepared to attach the silencer as practiced many times before, in record time. adrenalin was pouring into his system, yet he remained cool calm and collected.

Mr. Smith was the target, with his offices on the fifteenth floor. The firm on its outward appearance just a financial law firm. But deep in the cannons of the secret inner workings a nest of competing operatives. Mr Smith was the man in the know, just the head of the snake. Nothing special! But the brown file was the icing on the cake. Taking someone out wasn’t new of sorts to Dan. But the first while being a civilian so to speak. It wasn’t so important to kill the man unless, and more than likely he will get in the way of the obtaining the file, kill was then the mode of operations. By any means necessary was the order.

Dan gave a last minuet quick brush of his hair, by running his fingers through it. Reddy to go as planed. Looking good and playing for keeps. On this stage of life, looking the part was the cover to being unnoticed. Like the apple and the worm. Dan didn’t wished to be noticed untill someone would cut into the apple, or untill the plan was tripped by the worm re-emerging out of his worm hole. In either case it would then be too late, he would have worked passed the outer defences if any.

The door opened and Dan using his longer stride, was off, turning to the right, down the hallway. For weeks Dan had practiced this, and had read the floor plans many times untill he could remember them like the back of his hand. The fourth door to the left was security for Mr. smith. Dan stopped suddenly looking around the corner of the door jamb. No one in side. Reaching into his holster and pocket at the same time. He attached the silencer to the gun. The door at the end of the hall, just a Meir 3 doors away was the prize. Anyone could come out of anyone of those doors. Friend or foe, it was the worm jumping out of the apple.

Dan moved towards the end door. The last door opened and one of the security guard walked out into the hall. Dan fired two rounds. One into the chest and one into the head between the eyes. Dropping the man in a heap. Leaping over the body he reached out for the door handle. When the door suddenly opened.

” Mr. Smith! So nice to see you! ” Dan shoved the gun into his stomach and moved into the office, then closing the door. ” Sit! Make yourself comfortable. This will only take a bit of your life anyway.” Dan flashed the patented smile. Mr. Smith wasn’t so inclined to return the smiley attitude.

Dan wedged a chair under the door handle so the door couldn’t be opened. Then he moved towards the desk, and the prize.

“Now where did you put the brown file?”

” Go to hell!” Barked Mr. Smith.

” Now not so fast. That’s no way to treat a guest.” Dan rounded the desk and approached his victim like a spider about to pounce on a fly trapped in its web.

I was told. No! Back up a bit… I was given some great intelligence that you have it in this office right now. So just give it to me and I will be on my way.” Dan said. While pointing the gun at Mr.Smith at point-blank range. ” I’m not going to miss from here.”

” You will never get out of here with it. If I had it! ” Mr. Smith replayed nervously. Glancing to his left at a stack of papers and a slightly open drawer.

Dan was cold and calculating, also noticed the slight glance off to the side. Dan wasn’t going to tip his hand just yet, and so turned around looking at the walls of the office. ” So Behind the art in a wall vault. Eh? ” Dan asked. He heard the desk drawer slowly opening behind him. Spinning around firing one round into Mr. Smith shoulder, the bullet impact knocked him backward out of his desk chair and onto the floor.

” You have to be an early bird to get the worm Mr. Smith!” Dan moved over to the drawer and finished opening it to have a look inside. At the bottom of the drawer was a small 22 caliber. ” A Gun! You made a move for a toy gun? You are really not thinking streight are you?”

Mr. Smith slid himself towards the window wall behind the desk, and propped him self up holding his shoulder with his good hand. Blood was seeping through the suit jacket between his fingers. ” I’m not going to tell you any thing! Go to hell!”

Dan rummaging through the drawer and the papers on the desk. When he noticed a paper with a line on it that just drained the color out of his face. He snatched the paper up and shoved it into his pocket, as he moved towards the front door. A small side window running the along the side of the door was the only view out of the office back down the hall. The same path way Dan had gained entry to the snakes lair.

Looking down the hall, Dan no longer saw the body of the guard, and there was no movement, or sounds of anyone living in it. Dan whispered. ” Set-up! ” As he moved with more caution back towards the desk.

Mr. Smith was just sitting there with a scowl, propped up still holding his hand to the bullet wound. ” You really didn’t see it coming did you? Who is the early bird now kid? ”

Dan was just gathering his thoughts and assessing his next move. Thinking there was some other point to the paper he had in his pocket he removed it and unfolded it to have a nother look.

Top secret; The brown file was forwarded on Wednesday by secure fax. The powers that be will be looking for the file and so raise the security level on all facility’s untill further notice. Destroy the files orignal. End. The time stamp of the return fax was 2 hours ago.

Dan crawled over to the shredder at the printer table off to the side of the desk. Throwing the top off the basket He saw the brownish confetti like paper. Confirming the fear. It was destroyed after it was faxed.

The wind was let out of his sails, the adrenalin had run its course, Dan was physically drained. Any minuet the door will surly burst down and a hail of bullets will be launched his way. The will to live was the animal instinct that drives us all under stresses to move when our body is screaming stop!

Dan got up and quickly stepped back away from the desk, pointing the gun in the direction of the window fired a round at the glass. The window shattered blowing out into the city’s skyline. Dan removed the over coat, then his suit jacket. Reveling a slim base jumpers shoot. Dan’s secret weapon for escaping. Good thing the office recommended it as his survival life line.

Mr. Smith started to laugh. ” Your kidding? Your jumping.. base jumping out of here?” He started to laugh again.

” I’m not getting shot to ribbons here for something that is out in the world of internet traveling electronically to who knows where. Traveling towards who knows who. Maybe even my office has intercepted it already?”

“Ya! Just keep up the faith man. But did you ever wonder who packed the shoot?” Mr. Smith re-adjusted himself and giggled with delight. ” You have been set up! The plan was, send you just for insurance. Just incase we were slow with communications or actions with instructions.”

“I don’t need your sinister views right now. I’m just going to get out while the getting is better in my favor.”

” If you packed the shoot then that kind of thinking would be great. But your handlers could also be waiting for there guy to fall from the sky and scrape the file off the pavement leaving you behind as calculated road kill.” He laughed again untill the pain stopped him. ” You know, believe what you want. That would have been my plan for someone expandable.”

Dan hesitated for just a moment. Thinking through his plan one more time. He hadn’t packed the shoot, but if death was inmate then freedom of flight wood be preferable then shredded like confetti. Dan offered his big smile. Saying. ” It must be your birthday. Happy birthday! ” Leaping out into the city’s windy skyline as if he was jumping across to the other building.

“Sir are you okay?” The bartender was shaking Dans arm trying to get his attention. ” Do you need some help? ”

Dan snapped out of his day-dream, surprised . He went to wipe his face with his hands and spilled his wine. Jumping off the bar stool trying to avoid the spilling wine, running over the edge of the bar.

” Are you okay? I can call someone if you like?” The attractive bartender wasn’t marketing her self with a seductive smile. But more stern looking like a mother scolding a child.

” No! I’m fine. Just trying to enjoy some wine.”

” Have you been drinking somewhere else before coming here? ”

” Look I’m fine. I was just relaxing and doing some visualization technique. Have a big day tomorrow.” Dan was trying to grab some napkins and wiping the wine where he could. Glancing up to the bartender making eye contact again he said. ” Sorry for the wine abuse. But really I’m good. Thanks for your concern.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out some cash placed two twenty’s on the bar. Jabbing his index finger twice on the bills he said. ” Thanks again, that should cover my clumsiness. Sorry. Have a safe night” He grabbed his over coat, turned and started his way towards the double entry doors.

As he passed out of the bar doors he regained his confidence. It was true he hadn’t packed the base jumpers shoot. Could he … have been?He rounded the west corner of the main lobby in time to see Mr. Smith walking towards the bar. Dan just kept walking out of the building not even taking much notice. So as to keep from being made or drawing attention. Once outside he glanced back, the lobby was empty. No one was coming after him or following.

Crossing the street he paused for a moment to look through the bar windows, a street view for the patrons, a great looked in side for Dan, who was stocking his pray. With no trouble he recognized Mr. Smith. He was being worked with the bar tenders tip subduction smile. Standing there he thought he could take aim and shoot him right here unnoticed, no base jumping required. Dan looked up and down the street thinking should he?

Glancing back to the bar he saw Mr. Smith grabbing his neck as if something was wrong. Choking on something? Dan ran across the street and peered into the window for a closer look. A white foam was pouring out of Mr. Smith’s mouth. Dan knew right off. Poisson! Its true! Dan thought. The office did set him up at all cost. Multiple assassins for this guy, or…. Looking towards the bar he saw the attractive bar tender, looking his way with a slowly disappearing seductive smile.

Well I haven’t tried to kill anyone, nor do I ever wish to! I’m not a spy in real life, nor an assassin either. So I think this passes for a compleated assignment of ” Writing about something you haven’t ever experienced.”

All the best.

If you have balls? You need not apply.

Fueling the gender wars! Should I say? Promoting gender superiority! By acting out in such a way, that only gives the impression of superiority, one gender over the other. This doesn’t provide a workable attitude or even a willingness of working together, on any social issue. Promoting good respectable ways of improving things in society for all. Should be the goals of any and all genders. Just celebrating the differences between the genders isn’t enough anymore. No! Total superiority seems to be the only victory left in the war. Each side has dug-in deep into their positions and are just exchanging cannon shots of sorts. But then in the dark back rooms of government, there are those who are courting the government. To use on their behalf the social nuclear-weapons of the day. ( Laws & Regulations! Geared to taking total control, through manipulation of the enemy.)

Recently this news article was reported…


By Washington Free Beacon Staff

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) said Wednesday the Paycheck Fairness Act would be implemented through the court system if passed, in an interview on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown.”

“You have to obey the law and you cannot discriminate against a woman, if this were to be the law,” Boxer said. “You cannot fire her and if you fire her then you’re going to get sanctions by a fair court and a fair jury.”

This article and the quotes of Sen. Barbara Boxer ( D., Calif.) are shocking to say the least. The mind-set that is required to even think such, net alone openly presenting them as carefree attitudes of no big deal. Just correcting societal wrongs, is the job at hand. A self-absorbed superior thought processes, in implementing unfair policy’s and then trying to used them on the unsuspecting. This is the true shock of it all. This Senator really is committed to the cause of gender warfare! Which is deeply ingrained within her mind-set. What must also then be her most intimate of thoughts, set into motion through her actions as a Senator, supporting such policy’s as expressed.

As a male in this particular time and place in society, or at least, untill such a time that would warrant making the ultimate choice of a gender reassignment operation. I find it unnecessary to even in gauge in the battle over the biological differences of the genders. We should recognize these differences and alow people to play their roles with regards to their respective strengths, that each gender certainly has to bring to the table. Fighting just such a battle, unwilling to admit that all genders have certain strengths over the other gender. Is too much like kicking your own ass. For the purposes of relieving yourself of a head-ache.  Battling over such differences is futile. Resulting in blind stupidity!

At the expense of sounding melodramatic…each day I’m getting weaker and weaker. With the idea of having to explain to those who only seem to express themself’s as ” a Half Witt ” ! ( AKA. having a ” Half a Brain “.) Should we as people change these unrealistic thoughts, and unrealistic visions of differences? Those who would engage in the tactics using gender warfare to make personal gains for themself’s. Though attempting to making any changes to biological law in a half crazed way. Will only succeeding at weakening one genders strengths, while presenting the true weakness of false strength within the other. Expressed thoughts followed by misguided actions of crazy policy’s, always results in unintended consequences! With the same old gender differences still firmly locked in place.

It would be a better use of time and energy, in making efforts at working together. One genders strength complimenting the others weakness, making both genders stronger and equally so.

When a society places advantages on one gender over the other, instead of celebrating the contributions each provides equally yet differently by the roles each play’s. Then all that is created is renewed resentment, and mistrust. With the theological focus on, not working together to return to the biological balance, but to turn the biological scale to an advantage. This is not evolutionary law! To change in order to survive, by adapting to the environmental changes that are constant. But rather, angrily, and bitterly making an attempt to recreate God’s creations.

People who only look to the problems in life but never notice the good in life. Tend to also continue looking for new problems when the old ones are solved. It is a hidden hatred within those people that drives them!

Sen. Boxer and people like her. Seem to place a concern on the aftermath of poor choices by individuals. The evolutionary pain they must endure because of those poor choices. Never is fully realized. Failing to recognize the entire problem as something to encourage people to avoid. Rather they open the doors of some misguided charitable governmental policy’s. Presented fully disguised as a safety net, but acting as a social trapping net.

Is that not rewarding irresponsible choices, while promoting a painless outcome, because of those same choices?

Dealing with pain, is life’s way of teaching through the college of hard knocks. Reaching into a fire to retrieve that red-hot coal, that is tempting you to do so. Isn’t the wisest thing to do! no matter how alluring the red glow! The burning pain tells the brain with lightning speed. That was stupid! But the hand may still have to endure being burned, as well having to except some recovery time to heal. So it is with life choices. Government tries to remove the pain of learning from those fires worth of choice. The lesson is then prevented from being learned. Getting burned, and acting out stupidly is going to hurt.

What makes capitalism work, is accepting there is always the a chance to fail. People who are led to believe that government will prevent failure even with poor choices that people choose for themselves. Is just stripping away the human potential locked inside of everyone. Making them dependant and beholding to governmental policy’s of failure. Rewarding failure produces more of the same without much thought to it. Or making a better personal effort in preventing it!

Senator Boxer is proposing making mothers / women un-fireable is just sexiest! These policy’s will change business and society in a negative way. This also will limit women in the work place. Continuing to hold them at a disadvantage within the business community and society as well. Businesses will just limit their hiring practices of hiring women . How is this uplifting, or promoting a positive result.

I suppose the next step will be forcing business to hire women, who never will be able to lay them off for any reasons. All in the name of unrealistic equalization! Leaving such a disadvantage to being a man. Men will then be forced to play the ridicules game. Dressing up as women claiming to be transgender, or having gender reassignment surgery. Just to play along with the new false equal.

Isn’t equally just a bitch!? So in the future having a midnight shadow on your face, will not be overwhelming evidence of being a women, or a man. It will be all in the hiring practices that will make those determinations if government has its way. Like the TSA, a hiring agency will have to feel everyone up! If you have balls? You need not apply!

No amount of bitchen, or governmental policy’s will ever recreate any equalization of apples and oranges. Only the blind ” Half Witt ” will have convinced themself’s that a policy, along with manipulations, as governments persuasion. Will convince nature other wise.

All the best.

Over the top celebrations

Over the top celebrations usually don’t start out that way. They just happen to end that way.

” Oh YA! How do you like that?” Tom shouted. Pushing his index finger into the chest of his opponent. ” Over the top of you all! Let us guys, know when you girls are ready to play again?”

Tom was one of the smallest on the team. But he could use his rolling voice that seemed to carry farther than he could himself. Being small was at times an advantage. Being built like a beer keg, made Tom seemed extra hard to tackle on the field of play. Football was the game in town, that kept the players out of trouble. At least while they were on the field.

” Tom! ” Coach Dan yelled out. ” What was that all about?” Didn’t you listen to me in the huddle?” Coach Dan had moved over to the side of the sidelines that Tom was occupying for the moment.

“Ya, coach. I did.” Tom was looking down at the ground in front of him, somewhat ashamed that he taunted in that way. Wondering if that was the type of over the top celebration, that the coach has mentioned?

” Tom! Man I wasn’t kidding about the sportsmanship, you can’t do that!” Coach starred Tom down. Looking for some eye contact between the two, as the indication of some kind of understanding. Tom glanced up at coach timidly.

” What’s a good type of celebration? One that doesn’t involve taunting the other team, giving them the psychological advantage.”

” I don’t know coach. ” Tom said. With a barely audible voice.

Coach Dan had a tough type of coaching style, yet respectful of these young men. He knew they needed discipline, direction, on and off the field. Yet they were just boys. If they knew that he had once tried to convince his younger brother, that they had just found him on the door steps of his parents house. As the way of telling him how he came to be. A type of taunting of him. The team may not respect his style of coaching, or even his direction. Now, how can I explain this to Tom, yet make an impact on him? Coach Dan was slightly distracted, for a moment.

“You know what the Pro’s do with their celebrations during the game and after? Don’t you?” Coach picks up Toms head with a gentil lifting motion of his hand, untill their eyes met. Saying again. ” Don’t you?”

“Yea they high-five each other!” Tom answered. Tom didn’t like the game of fifty questions. So he gave an expression to reflect the feeling.

” Or they give thanks to their God, by going to one knee, doing the cross motions on their chests. But that one isn’t what I telling you to do. That’s more personal.” Coach Dan was becoming uncomfortable talking about God and all. He wasn’t the boys minister after all. ” They also at times, after a great victory, pour Gatorade over the coach afterwards. You have watched, or at least seen games like that. Right?”

“Yes!”  Tom replayed half heartedly. ” Coach! Going to one knee and thanking God and all. Doesn’t that imply that God picks sides? Doesn’t it give the other team the impression of taunting from God? like God is on our side over your’s?” Tom Gave a slight smile. Knowing coach was uneasy and all. Not the subject that a football coach was to be teaching. But coach brought it to the table didn’t he?

” Follow the Pro’s lead. Being respectful. Don’t taunt the other side after a good play, or score! You use this! ” Coach slapped the helmet on Toms head. ” Don’t waste it! As far as the God thing… good points with that. You can follow what ever your family’s convictions are. You hear what I’m saying?”

“Yes sir.” Tom responded.

After the game some of the parents were standing around, talking to coach Dan. Going over some of their replay’s using memory’s of the game, from their different prospectives, and their positioning in view of the game in relation to the field. Their talking seemed like a quiet hum of semi-excited ex-players, all to eager to give their critique.

Suddenly out of the blue, a women started to scream out.

” Oh Ya! How do you like me now? ” She threw her hands into the air, while spinning around. She then stopped and directed her words towards an older man just sitting there in disbelieve. ” You thought I couldn’t beat you! But spanked you like a red-headed step child. Oh Ya!”

Dan shook his head. ” She makes my job a bit harder with that kind of out burst.” The group of parents barely heard Dan. Fully entranced with the going on’s of the women’s taunting.

Dan looked briefly at the rest of the group and then glanced back towards the women. Realizing that the group didn’t even hear what he was saying. Suddenly out from behind the women Dan saw Tom and his buddy Rick, carrying a bucket of Gatorade. Dan voiced the words ” No! ” But no sound came out of his mouth.

The boys took a hurried aim and slooshed the old woman with Gatorade. Then took off running.

The women screamed out with a piercing high-pitched growl. ” What the Hell ! Who is trying to kill me with ice-cold drinks. Tom! Tom !”

As Tom ran by the group of parents, coach reached out and caught Tom by the shirt. Suddenly stopping him in his tracts, almost lifting him off his feet by getting caught instantly. The look of terror was all over his surprised face. Along with some fear remembering coach’s talk.

“Just what the hell are you thinking with a stunt like that?” Coach Dan barked. While looking for a good explanation.

“You said that we shouldn’t taunt people, but celebrate properly!”

“Yea. But not kill some old woman with a heart attack by cold Gatorade! ” Tom was struggling to free himself. But coach had an iron hold on his shirt. ” Shouldn’t you go and explained at the least?” Coach Dan questioned with more authority then usual.

” What? My Grandma?” Tom shouted back. ” You said if there was a great victory we should celebrate like the pro’s! So I just poured a bucket of Gatorade on my grandmother’s head because she beat my grandpa in a game of electronic Scrabble. Something that never happens! Ever! ”

To the losers it sucks! To the winners it is sweet! The proper celebrations to what ever we’re experiencing at the time. Is at times hard to explain, in choosing, or teaching, or even demonstrating the appropriate celebration to use. Who knows if any celebration is just an attempt in pushing someones buttons, or really just an instance of thoughtlessness, acting in a celebratory way? Aren’t celebrations by their nature spontaneous to the winners of something? Or just the fans way in participating along with their team in a great victory? Celebrations can be pushing buttons indeed. As well just an over the top event in spontaneous celebration?

All the best.

A tightwad’s guide to good-eats

If you ever seen the glass covered box, with that little brass hammer on a chain, hanging on a wall. With the words written on the glass. ” Break in case of emergency! ” You are looking behind the glass at the blog equivalent. A warning of a kind to some. But in general, just a survivors guide to saving money at best. At worsted? If it comes to that? A survivors guide to the world to come, a world like in the movie of ” Mad Max, in thunder dome!”

The world is full of anxiety and uncertainty’s these days. With news like trouble in Greece, or the European union. The world seems to be going through growing pains. Unfortunately the worlds socialistic governments aren’t reading the same tea leaves as the rest of the worlds populations. Everyone is currently experiencing life, offered up by big government. Who are all to willing to over promising and under delivering on any promises offered. With out of control spending by them. It just proves that we as individuals are then more and more responsable for our own existences. Saving money is the craft in trade for all of the tightwad’s, the world over. So it seem natural to have a post for saving money and eliminating hunger pains. With a tightwad’s guide to good-eats.

I believe the tightwad is better suited to survive any and every impending doom. By their nature they will do what ever they have to survive. If that means dumpster diving? Well then, One mans garbage is another gold mine.

Providing good eats, as well good nutritional foods to our diets is the chef’s magical work behind the scene. So taking a peek behind the curtains of a chef’s mind-set. Just opens the door of wonderment, along with a ginormous amount of new questions. ” What does that taste like?” Which often is then followed up with. ” How can I make that taste better.?” But then in a world short on money and full of hungry people. Just what constitutes good eats?

I have watched a good amount of food channel on TV. The TV shows where they cook all kinds of rare, and different foods. Do you know what eel snout tastes like? Hummingbird lips prehaps? Opossum rump roast? The food channel cooks some weird foods. Right next to the hobo’s cook book’s recipes, of road kill soup! I know people need some intestinal fortitude to stomach food like that but then this is about survival. So sewer rat on a stick, roasted over an open fire. May also sound a little strange… but does that taste like… chicken?

May not look like a good source of protein. But up and untill the president even mention that he had tried ” Dog ” and found it to be quote ” Delicious. ” Who would have known? I’m not recommending eating ” Dog.” But in the ” Mad Max world“, would a sewer rat have some of those same delicious flavors as dog, ready to dance on your tong? Just how hard of times did the president have to live through to have eaten “Dog? “

Lets face it. If there was a worse case scenario in the world? We as people who would like nothing more than to survive untill tomorrow! Could then find a way to eat things, that wouldn’t be an option in this moment in time.

Dumpster diving for some half eaten pizza. Isn’t all that appealing. But if it has been a week since your last good meal. It might be a battle royal with other people in the same situation. The winner takes the prize ” Half eaten pizza.” Imagine people shoving each other, prehaps fist fighting over a piece of pizza in the trash. But then it has only one bite out of it. You can still eat it from the other end, to avoid swapping spit of sorts from the bite side.The tightwad’s mindset wouldn’t feel like that is the best quality of foods. People can do better! But under extreme stress, and hunger, food is food and good God! Man has got to eat!

Having experienced homelessness. I know that providing good food is possible, on a pan handlers income. Because we have it better at the moment? At least better jobs than pan-handling. Making the proper plans today will ensure a better and brighter future tomorrow.

Looking to all of the free food growing in people’s yards that they only recognize as weeds. Gives the tightwad the Armageddon survivors advantage. Who wouldn’t pay you to pull weed in their yards? It’s a job that kids don’t even like to do these days. If your one of those rare birds then, who doesn’t mind pulling weeds? Offering your services for a small amount of pay. Will provide a service job to you. Along with some knowledge, a full stomach with some good eats as well. If the home owner doesn’t wish to hire you then it doesn’t hurt to ask. ” By the way, can I have some of those weeds that your throwing out?” Thinking to myself. ” Hidden good eats. Score! ”

I’m not recommending raiding someones garden. But eating some of what may grow around the yard that is also good, but not recognized as such, but only weeds to others. If you can then get that home owner, to pay you for the free picking of those weeds? It is truly the best of both worlds. Of course. You would need to know just what is what in the eatable weed world, of good eats? As well as knowing just what kind of uses they have in preparing them. Knowing the nutritional values they also possess is helpful.

Take the dandelion weed. Everyone knows of them and recognizes them when they see them growing in the yard. How can you miss them? Kids pick the seed heads and blow them out like a candle after making the same kind of wishes. Even in the times of the year where it is hot, like summer. The dandelion grows what seem like 6 inches every week. With roots that stretch down 2 feet, in search of water. They can then grow without any trouble, or watering, artificial rain or natures sprinkler in the form of rain. This makes them the best of greens to harvest year round. A huge evasive weed to the gardener. But a useful green to a healthy salad. Growing from early spring to late fall. The leaves are already in organic salad mixes in stores. You have probably have had them but didn’t know it. Even in some fancy restaurants the field garden salad had them in it, and served to you, at a premium price. The flowers can be fermented into cheep wine, and the dehydrated roots can then be roasted. It brews up into a coffee like drink. With all of that goodness thrown out of most people’s yards. It is a tightwad’s good eats salad.

Do you see anyone willing to fight you, for an all you can eat salad?

The nutritional value of dandelion weeds are as follows. A great source of vitamins like A, B, C, D, iron, as well as a quality to them of cleaning out the system. It is natures way of a one two punch to hunger, while taking a vitamin pill all at the same time.

Red clover is our next one. Red clover is easy to recognize as well. Red ball like flowers on top of a larger clover bush like plant. Kids know just what they look like, after all who hasn’t looked for four-leaf clovers before?

The flower has a clover honey like flavor to them when eaten. The same flavor as pure clover honey. Go figure! You have all eaten clover honey before I’m sure? Yet you have also passed these jewels of nature by. Haven’t you? The best way to use the red ball flowers, is to dry them and use them in a tea like brew. The tea is great at suppressing hunger. But has a cleansing affect on the blood and skin, and a good drink for building a strong immunity. With a semi-sweet flavor and a great source of health in a drink served hot or cold. This weed is overlooked by everyone. But aside to all that. Drying the flowers allows them to keep for up to a year or better. Great for a hot drink in the winter. One must think ahead you know? These nuggets can be found in the health food stores today at around $ 15.00 per pound. But then again, if you charge for weed removal services to those homeowners that have them. It will defiantly give you other money to buy other staples. As well as restocking your trench-coat pantry!

It just takes a little thinking outside of the box, in order to survive. Determining to have a good survival, at any cost and in many different conditions. Is very possible! With some self-education in eatable weeds as one of the pieces of the puzzle of necessary skills needed. Marketing yourself knowing that, “one mans garbage is another treasure.” Will open doors to survival on a higher level then most people who havent yet acquired the skill set. Remember that education is a valued skill set that can also be sold to others. In other words, you can dumpster dive for that half eaten pizza, or charge someone, to remove a fresh salad from their yard, and then buy a slice of pizza with the proceeds?

Doesn’t matter that much, on what you decide for yourself. Eating salad from weeds has to taste better than ” Rat! ” ? Washing it all down with sweet clover tea, seem a little strange for some food pairing. But being also careful in picking your weeds from far out-of-the-way places. Far from where dogs have traveled. Is also some good advice. They tend to pee on bushes. May also change the clover honey flavors in that tea. Just an observation, better noted so no disappointments are then experienced by the Mad Max survivor of the future. The tightwads guide to just two enable weeds out of the many out there in the world. That also taste better than a half eaten pizza in a dumpster. Has got to be better than dumpster diving? Besides I’m not one, to try to eat man’s best friend. No matter if it tastes like chicken, or how delicious the president clams ” Dog ” to have been. Dogs happen to eat cat crap! And I believe in the principles of “ You are what you eat!” Be careful then with trying new foods, like ” sewer Rat, and Dog, or half eaten pizza!” Better to try the tightwad’s guide to good eats!

All the best.

pictures provided by a free picture website.

Ruining conversation!

Ruining conversation starts like…. On a typical morning with a typical young person just waking up to start their day they reach for their life line, the cell phone. Firing off a few text messages, checking Facebook status, making new up dates, all before getting ready for school. Rolling out of bed, taking a quick shower must have woken up the brain cells. A quick text to mom with their request as what they wish to have for breakfast, and lunch, then picking out some clothes. Before getting to brushing their hair, and teeth. The answer comes back from mom.

” If you wish to talk to me I’m downstairs!” Mom yelled out in response to the text messages.

This is the new conversation in life, as well as the only interaction being played out in most teenagers households today. If it isn’t texts, or 140 characters in a tweet, or a Facebook profile up-date, it’s not a conversation. Teens just have different out looks for what is or is not a conversation. Parents or at least the older generation look at this new way of conversations, as very limited interactions. One line answers, one to two sentences at best in response to a question, happens to also be par for course today.

When parents ask a question. The likely answer will be. ” Didn’t you look at my Facebook page? Or Didn’t you get my text, or tweet? ” Parents who don’t make the effort in checking with these new media forms are therefore left-behind, unrecognized, or made to feel as unimportant old geezers.

Even college students communicate differently then the previous generations and their counter parts, or the next generation that follows them. Collage students recall, they will e-mail professors over the use of a phone call, they reserve their phone calls and some texts for mom and dad’s. Only if mom and dad’s have the necessary skills to text back. If not, then the occasional phone call will do. With employers they still make the call reluctantly, but hold the conversation as brief as possible, or avoided all together if possible. Choosing to e-mail as the official form of communication if the employer also has the capabilities. But with their peers they text. In some cases up to 6000 text a month, or more according to their cell phone plans. Even group texting, happens to be the new conversation of talking to everyone not in the same room. That is where you send out a text to multiple acquaintances all at once. Like.. “We are going to the mall.” Everyone on their list then can go to the mall if they aren’t there already to meet.

It is no wonder that the older you are, the more likely you will pick up on these new facts of modern conversation, and how it has changed. But has it? When the tell-a-phone was first invented the older generation probably said the same thing. Truth is that over the years the conversation did in fact change. Just now days the change is more noticeable do to the speed of the change takeing place.

For the youth of the day one liners as their answers isn’t all that out-of-place. multiple conversations on-line with twitter and Facebook, has more of an appeal as interactions with their friends. Often saying. ” It is just multi tasking with conversations! ” Yet they don’t even recognize that they have practically removed themself’s from society itself.

They are missing out on the facial expressions, body language, even the sound of laughter. All of these kinds of additions to conversation bring emphasis to the words spoken, yet they are fast being replaced with typing “LOL” or some such. Body language is becoming a lost art form, as well as having the ability in understanding it. Impossible to send and receive the messages sent by body language through social media of today, through texts, e-mails, even in some types of phone calls. Body language has then become just as impressive as a blank page. Yes with phone calls you can still hear the other person laugh. But their body language is left out of the picture. So a phone call, was the change though slightly, over the personal conversations of the past before the creation of the phone.

Don’t you think conversation should then be also filled with expressions, more than the some of our words used?

Social awkwardness has led to some types of social mistrust, anxiety, phobias, even stress through the lack of self-confidence within the interactions of people. It seems the younger people tend to have alow themself’s with their conversations at least, to hide out in plain sight so to speak. In other words, not being themself’s in every situation, even avoiding some interactions.

Even college professors have started to have students introduce themself’s in class. In trying to open the doors of conversation and being comfortable in talking with each other. Some students have expressed that they didn’t like it at first. But admit that they spend little time in conversations with each other in person. Texting has taken over their lives. Not surprising then to see a group of college students sitting around a semi-circle texting to who knows who, rather than talking with each other.

The ideas of expanding the use of on-line-classes, will therefore only magnify the social awkwardness. People are social creatures by nature. Social media has allowed an evolution to take place of unnatural interactions, there for people have a tendency for creating in thought unrealistic expectations.

The generational divide has then become the grand cannon between young and older people’s conversations. If you ever had the phone conversation like this…

Parent: ” So what are you doing?”

Young person: ” Nothing.”

Parent: ” So what is new? Or why did you call me, and for… I mean you’re not saying much and you called me, so lets talk.”

Young person: ” Just wanted to talk for a while.”

Yet still remaining quiet for the most part… Too much like a phone call where you have been put on hold. The phone to your ear, but nothing but silence to lessen to.

Of course once the phone call ends, if the parent can also master the art of texting and is willing to do so. These younger persons can then also pick up the phone and text for an hour or better. Yet talking in person over the phone is like pulling dragons teeth! This is also the same with personal conversations when these people come together. In one word conversation is, “limited”.

I suppose the old adage of. ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” apples to modern conversations. Of corse most people have things they wish to say to others. It is therefore all in the delivery of it.

Using social media today, younger people look at it as refining their conversations and multi tasking all at the same time. Getting to the point and then moving on as fast as they can, often at the blazing speed of the internet, and their abilities to type faster than their parents. Talking in person some how must seem to them as ultra slow, even a kind of slurring of words in comparison to texting, or e-mailing.

To the older generation yet young at heart, this kind of conversation is a source of frustration, and more of a separation. In stead of closing the generational divide, the cannon is filled with a lot of awkward moments. Closing the divide, only requires a conversation using 140 characters or less or so it seems. Body language however, will become, antiques, romantic gestures of the past, misunderstood, and under used, filling young minds with wonder.

When they’re faced with taking a mandatory college class in the future ” The art of conversation, using body language 101.” I hope they will finely see the light, that a life of being a hermit of sorts isn’t as fun or as exciting. In fact, expressions that people give is far more interesting at times then the words spoken.

I for one intend to use the new house rule of…. No texting under the same roof / or in the same room. If you have a request I’ll need to have at least a 500 word conversation or the answer will be ” Bla, Bla, Bla!” Using all of my 140 characters as the answer you seek but only hear. Unless you wish to have some degree of embarrassment? At that point I will be glad to post to all, and every kind of social media, for all to see, as the newest video pod cast of you throwing your tantrums. Of course your responses to me, will be held to the strictest of rules! Only being excepted if they are under 140 characters in length, using the sounds of your voice. Love your new house rules.

Ps. A hand on my hip, and the scowl on my face. Is body language! Definition of it is… ” Don’t test me! ”

Is social media then ruining conversation?

All the best

Two pieces of common sense to rub together.

Inquisitiveness isn’t limiting thought, through some actions or limitations of the questioning minds in the world. Education of the mind is the goal. Along with full explanation of questions that the mind comes up with. Is the search of knowledge, a true education unlimited? The basic school education is an absolute must for every one of our youth, of any generation, or of any nation. Education is the future of innovation, progress, new products, and a new lease on life. Expanding the mind also expands the many possibility’s, of dreams yet to be made into true reality’s. Reality there for expands, and improves positively. Governments have convinced us all that the basic education will and must be provided by governmental supervision, if not completely provided by a governmental school systems. Learning the basics is great and all… BUT! And that’s a big BUT! What about the education that is the most important? We all can learn the basic writing skills, math, sciences, reading skills…ect. But what about the most important of skills like ” Common sense!” Is this just one of those attributes that will ultimately get kicked to the way side of life? Is it a learned skill even? You have all heard of someone saying. ” That person is a true geniuses, but doesn’t have two pieces of common sense to rub together.”

At times the true stories that anyone can read, by picking up the latest on-line news paper, are truly fantastic. Some of these could just be the good works of fiction. The stories are just to unbelievable to believe. How is it possible for these to be true within our modern lives?

Take the stories of teachers who on their off times ( During summer vacation away from teaching ) happen to also be porn stairs. So what if they need extra income! Is it wrong? Can these teachers teach students the subjects in school and keep secret their porn stair lives? Is it a distraction? Will it also affect students study’s? Or does it in danger students in some way?

I know questions on top of questions. But what about them? Ever thought about all the what if’s? Yet the stories are out there on the net. The teachers just think it is their right to go and do what ever on their time. But they also fail to see that kids look up to them. Besides what if the word gets out and the boys with raging hormones can no longer concentrate on school studys?

Too many open-ended questions as to, the what if’s? But a true concerns for all parents whose job is wanting the best for their kids education. Just to mention one thing, out of the many things they must also do, in the process of raising kids up into adults. To then give government, the roll of educator and policy maker, in regards to the definition for a proper basic education. Is a bit much. Governments are not everything to everyone. Nor should anyone expect this, unless you also believe in unicorns. Prehaps a slight over stepping of powers at best. To these parents the government’s involvement could be a slice of heaven or pure hell depending on the side of the coin you find yourself on within any real life stories then. The job of education should start in the home rather than in school. Just because education is indeed the most important matter for success. Doesn’t mean that strange people in the governmental systems know what’s best. With teachers like the porn stars, or other problems. Who after all makes the decisions as what kind of influences they will have on the students they teach?

The news is full of teachers who have had unappropriated contact with students. They were caught with kids ( Having sex with them ). In some cases they even had kids themself’s with them. Yet some how these people who once had the publics trust and the responsibility’s as the agents of education. Are then some how thought to be rehabilitated at some point. Of course after doing some time ( A Prison Sentences.). Is that even possible? Once a molester always a molester? Maybe more appropriately, these people who were caught should always have a level of mistrust given to them with regards to the crimes they have committed. As part of the punishment for acting out un-appropriately and criminally by their actions, as well by their choices.

The value of someones life must be held to a higher standard, then allowing a molestation by none other than a person in charge of education, to commit needless crimes against kids. Therefor choosing an educator for any school. Should be a task of great scrutiny of every kind, and everyone who’s applying for the job. Is the risk to society to high of a price to pay, placing some believes on some kind of rehabilitation, on hear say of…..? If not a molester, a porn star as the educator? What guidelines should there be for what a teacher can have for a hobby, part-time job..ect? Who sets these guidelines then?

Some may say this is far and few between. with regards to these stories. Prehaps these adults who have been caught, deserve that mistrust. Should we then take on greater risk with regards to adults who were caught and rehabilitated? As a posed to some under age person who is also a molester? Giving them new trust in allowing teaching, or instruction, or interaction with other youth of their peers? Trusting how they would acting towards young people after wards? But what if they decide ….what if they are acting out un-appropriately? Would this be endangering youth? Does a molester deserve a second chance? But what if the perpetrator was a young person / kid who then assaulted others of their own age? should age play a part in deciding if and when, they know right from wrong?

In the case of an under age molester, doesn’t the state then find itself in the proverbial rock and a hard space? In having first the responsibility to protect the law-abiding citizens from just such assaults. At the same time they have assumed the responsibility’s for educating our youth, as well as rehabilitating the law breakers? Should there be a difference between the law-abiding, and those who don’t think the law apply’s, even if the difference between the two just happen to be between to youths? Should we as a society have an age of accountability? If so what age should it be? In the cases of unlawful actions between people, when will the kid gloves come off, and punishments passed down to fit appropriately to the crimes committed no matter the age of the perpetrators?

If a kid looks over his / her shoulder to see if anyone is looking then they know right from wrong. So how many times should society have to put up with actions of lawlessness from adolescents with little regard for the laws. At what point do we just say rehabilitation needs to be stronger then? When will society just say “QUIT”! Rehabilitation is a good thing, but also different. After so-called rehabilitation, to then ask society to give blind renewed trust, is just plain irresponsible.

In just one of such strange cases in my state. The state government took the position of placing the child molester into a school for the state sponsored education. But they also insisted not to release the info as to who or what the student did to the rest of the school student body, or even their parents. They stated that they need to protect the student in question. They didn’t want harassment to take place within the school. But after all, didn’t the education board and or the state government have a greater responsibility to protect the majority of people and students from all crime? Or the possibility of poor choices made by the person in question, being placing into school? At what point does the perpetrator have the right or greater rights, then those who haven’t made piss poor choices in their actions within their lives / behaviours towards others? Placing a student in secret as to what they have ben convicted of, is in my opinion criminal all on its own. It places a criminals need of protection above the innocent people’s needs for protection. The greatest job of government is the protection of its people, even if it is from themself’s.

I believe that government has the responsibility to teach everyone the same. No matter if these lessens are to be learned by the law-abiding or the lawless. The lessens to be taught are… If you break the law you then have a price to pay to society ( This could be prison time ) in addition to the price they will pay more than likely for the rest of their lives, through society’s mistrust of them, do to their choices. The penalties of crimes against society should never be hidden with unclear interpretations of the law. A life of crime, if chosen by anyone, even at the point of first contemplating criminal actions as a youth. Should also then have on the flip side. A true price for getting caught attached to it! Why would it need to be different? There must be some common sense to citizen and of government alike. Who created society’s laws? The public has intrusted these people placing them in charge to inforced the laws for the common good and protections of all.

As long as we have the questions of…. Why would anyone do this kind of thing to anyone else? Or could they again to someone else? We must also recognize that there is evil in the world, therefore people can act with freewill in choosing it if they must. If so! Let them also pay the true price of the crime. Prison sentences, and  the possibly of a life time of mistrust. This should be the penalty! Rehabilitation doesn’t remove mistrust, nor should rehabilitation assume looking the other way as to what they have done in the past in the first place. Having some respect or fear for the law, in the back of ones mind, young and old alike. Should be the voices one hears, like the old saying… ” Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!” Isn’t all that bad of a thing. Misplacing concern for how the young perpetrator feels or is made to feel isn’t something even to consider, as a replacement for some diminished safety in schools for the rest of our kids to expect. If you don’t think so! Then how about takeing the responsibility of explaining to the next victims in some school somewhere. That their safety wasn’t as important, then that of the perpetrators! I’m not advocating violence towards perpetrators of crime. But advocating youth perpetrators to be removed from every possibility of interactions with other youth in public schools, as part of their rehabilitation of the crimes they have committed. social issues

Why is it then so hard to teach the lesson of…. “If you can’t do the time! Don’t do the crime!”

There is no need to have a weak heart in administering punishments for crimes. Moving the punishment bar, isn’t having a greater sense of compassion. Misguided compassion is the fertilizer that grows crime to unbearable levels, by tipping the scales in favor of the criminals over the law-abiding.

Trust, and respect is earned! Just two pieces of common sense to rub together.

Vancouver rape raises questions about Washington law http://www.king5.com/news/politics/Vancouver-rape-raises-questions-about-Washington-law-148341845.html

Lawsuit Filed After Boy Says He Was Sexually Abused By Classmate « CBS Baltimore http://cbsloc.al/JvztFQ via @CBSBaltimore

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