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Dressing the supper hero..?

Dressing the supper hero  or some such. Was our first introduction to the principles of dressing for success. The clothes we had placed on our body’s by our parents are sometimes easily recognized as supper hero attire. Like supper man, spider man, wonder women for girls, or the incredible hulk, to kids this was just awesome attire, to say the least. At least for kids who are easily entertained. It is all about inspiring good values, good choices and the unlimited upside rewards for chasing your dreams. Besides chasing villains around the house is better positive inspiration for youth. Then actually promoting the values of the villains to these young sponges. Trying some new villainess plot of world domination, usually is frowned upon. Parents often step in and re-adjust their thought processes. But in the fun and games world of children. A plot being played-out by the child will just be foiled by the un-expecting family members anyway. Foiled by some kind of meddling, or some miss-understanding, but mostly by surprising the un-expecting parents. This was the usual end to the plan for taking over the world, The yelling and screaming by scarring your parents didn’t help the young villain in training. But if the supper hero was foiled from catching the villain by parental intervention. It just made it seem more real. More like the comic books story lines. The villain seems to always barely escape most of the time, just by the skin of their teeth. Only to reemerge with a new plan, and new adventure. So it was, not only the needed of some extra cool clothing, but life’s positive values, taught through imagination. All this by dressing the supper hero.

Later in life we find ourself’s in a need of a different type of hero. We discover the opposite sex. So our batman attire, ( It was always batman at that. Because no one wanted to be Robbin. Just a side kick and all?) along with incredible Hulk, find their new home in the back of the closet. Just to be out of sight, but not out of mind. In case friends came over, you wouldn’t be accused of being a nerd, by wearing them. Yet when you needed to, you could still put them on to sleep in. At least till the growth spurts kick in. Do they have adult supper hero attire, apart from Halloween celebrations?

Growing up requires a new hero statement of just how cool he / she is to the opposite sex, as the deciding factor of what to get drest in, and still remains really cool. Of course years later when you look through those old photo albums, pulled out at the most embarrassing times. Like when your girl friend is over for dinner. The cool factor will again look as inviting as your first PJ’s. So being a supper hero has to constantly be changing like being a chameleon. It takes real guts to stay with the old tried and true look. If your truly the incredible Hulk well how do you hide that? Staying level-headed, and pray you don’t have a temper? As a teenager with racing hormones hiding the facts of being the hulk has its own stress to it. After all what girl want’s to be with a guy that is big and turns puck green when upset?

Superman / aka Clark Kent, now that’s what it is like being grown-up and a supper hero at that.  Dressed to the 9’s .You go to work and act like your interested in it. But when your about to fall asleep on the job, the world needs a supper hero! In the age of cell phones, where are all of the phone booths to change into that bad-ass out fit? You have to do that spinning changing action, and then open the booths door all dramatic like. Faster than a speeding bullet…. leaping ? These days you would find phone booths in the deepest of hoods. These are nothing like they were in the past, where you went to place a phone call in. Now days that’s where crack users hang out doing crack! Hookers pull you in for a quickly, you then come out all dramatic like and $50.00 lighter in your wallet.

At least your still alive. But after all you’re a supper hero and you can leap a passed out crack cocaine user with a signal leaping bound. avoiding the slippery barf, kicking empty alcohol bottles aside with a effortless round house kick. Running faster, and just a little faster from some crazed mugger. The first thoughts that also comes to mind after running about 3 blocks is. ” Will my clothes still be there when I get back to the phone booth? Life as a supper hero is harder than it seem to have been in the past.

So being a modern-day supper hero isn’t all that. The supper hero thing has to be modernized a bit I suppose. Changing in a closet at work will have some possibility’s? Of course if the boss comes and opens the door when you’re dropping trousers…. Well…. Not the imaginary look exactly of a supper hero. Unless you’re a supper villan. But being a villan never turns out good. Next to a clown as an occupation, villan is about as successful. Getting kicked in the nuts by kids, as your pay for your days work. So where does the new supper hero change? Think man! You can do it!

” Gary! Gary! earth to Gary!”

“Ya!” is the half asleep response. While knocking over some papers on your desk, as your startled awake. “G’s don’t you knock any more? Can’t any one see I’m real busy?”

” Shure supper hero! You look real busy jerk.”

A co-worker comes into focus, as your mind fog lifts. ” How long was I out for?”

” Out ! Your always out… out of this world! Do you have the reports I asked for?”

” Shure thing, they are right..” Searching thought the piles of paper on your desk and then on the floor for the reports, all the while thinking. Did Clark Kent have this kind of mind less job being everyone’s bitch.

” Come on dude! I don’t have all day.  the meeting starts in 20 minuets. Come on!” Patience wasn’t a virtue easily applied. But frustrating someone was.

Out from under the desk where the papers slid you straighten your glasses and stand up. handing them over to Barb. ” There you see I have them right here.”

Snatching them from Gary’s hand she spins around and out of cube-a-cull she goes. “Thanks Gar.” and with a wave of the papers she is off to the meeting.

Thank goodness she is gone. Saving the world has many forms I suppose. But this supper hero is under utilized for the true talents that they have. Gary is now in full control and awake. This job is just boring. I wonder if supper man had this kind of problem. Staying in focus, untill the real shit hit the fan? Straining up all of the papers on his desk all neet like, he comes across a report of sorts marked with today’s date. investigating a little closer he discovers it’s the report that Barb wanted. “Crap!”

Quickly he headed out of the office towards the conference room where the meeting was taking place. Standing in front of the window, trying to get Barb’s attention. Waving the papers of the real report. But Barb was dense as a hickory log. Finely he gave up went back to his cubical and got his jacket. I’m going to lunch he thought. It is only going to get worse and relieving the stress with comfort food sounds just what the doctor ordered.

Pushing the elevator button he heard that familiar voice of the wicked wich of the west. “Gary! Damn You! Give me the real report.”

“Hay I tried to get your attention. But…” Red faces, he turned and handed over the papers he was still clutching them not knowing just what to do with them. Deep down inside he was trembling with fear of sorts. Confronting an out of control women wasn’t all that high on the list of to do’s today.

” I have in mind to have you fired for sleeping on the job.” Barb said with a not so quiet voice. Throwing the papers at Gary’s chest she spun around again and marched off into her meeting.

Picking up his papers Gary realized it was part of the comic-book story line he was working on. A modern supper hero story. Wow! That was close, almost lost that hard work. Working on my comic was more fun then working for real, or working for Barb!

“Here you go!” A strange voice said, handing over some papers that Barb had thrown. ” Some got away from you.”

“Thanks Man! Barb shouldn’t have..” Gary looked around  for the stranger.

” Here. Over here, the elevator.” Gary noticed that the stranger was holding the door to the elevator.

” Thanks.” The door swoosh close and started down. The stranger was not talking to Gary, but standing quietly. Gary noticed the man was in a black suit and had some sun glasses hanging from the suit pocket. “Black! Ya that it.” Gary said under his breath.

” Come again?” The man responded.

” Nothing! Nothing at all. Just work stuff, you know.” The man gave that blank questioning look at Gary as if to say. “Shure thing”.

As soon as the elevator reached the maine floor Gary headed to the first chair and put his stuff down. Finding some blank paper he wrote down some quick notes on the encounter with the stranger in black. “That’s it. I found the answer to my problems. Oh YA!” Gary was all about patting himself on his back.

” Hay! Bud!  Have a nice day. I’ll see you later Okay?” The stranger remarked, while slipping on his sun glasses and off he dashed.

” Ya! Same to you..” Gary responded, looking up in time to see him slipping on his glasses. He turned back to his notes. And wrote…..” The supper hero, drest in black. An all Black suite, with a click of the sunglasses arm’s, they opened, he then placed them onto his face. I’ll see you later. Out into the world he dashed to confront monsters, space aliens, or who knows what? The best modern survival camouflage for a supper hero is a plain black suit. No need to change or find a place to change. Besides. Nothing says bad ass like black, on black!”

As Gary thought to himself. He thew on his pair of sun glasses and headed out into the world. I have a great story line to sell now. My supper hero is the greatest. Failure is not on my to do list today! After all the world awaits for the Men in Black!

” Wake up! ” Ms Cruchard, slammed down a hard back book onto the desk. “I suppose you’re the pride of your family?”

Snapping almost to attention Dave was brought back to reality. Wiping his face with a quick pass of his hand. He looked at Ms. Cruchard. ” What was the question?”

She grabbed the one of the ear phones from Dave’s ear. ” How do you expect to hear anything with that rot-gut music playing in your ears? This is the 8th grade and you have some studys to do! You can’t live on wild dreams and rock-n-roll. Get your home work done!”

Supper heroes all have the same problems. Some fantastic stores to tell and no one that will lessen at the time. They are perceived as lazy and distracted but when you’re battling a three-headed monster from a galaxy far, far way, disguised as Ms. Cruchard, or Barb the bitch! It’s all the same. Just who do they call? That’s right the supper hero! Not the villan. The supper hero! At least that’s like it was in the past. So it should be now days as well. Supper hero always get the girls, because the girls like a sharp drest man in a suit! No real difference then to times all that long ago. Dave thought while he was trying to concentrate on school work again.

Men in Black was the dream of some supper hero nerd that dreamed up the story. Now having to live out they’re lives being rich beyond they’re wildest of dreams. Dreams then, do always pay off at times.  If your working a minimum wage job, buy a suit and play the part, you will get the girls looking at least. Continue chasing your dreams like you used to chase your parents around the house like a supper hero. Dreams, after all are just goals. They will pay-off big some day, if you only believe in yourself. Untill they do. Don’t lose your day job. Dream big or go home! Remembering to dress to the 9’s. Being the supper hero, at least to someone some day just as you are. Dressing the supper hero, all the while living your dreams.

All the best.


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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