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Good-by King! Welcome going nuts!

 Good-by king in welcoming going nuts as being the new normal.  What happen to all of those people in the occupy the crowd? Why no protests of loosing one of your food groups then? After all! Using all of those drugs, the munches’ set in. Your thoughts may be. A supper big candy bar is the pick me up of choice, that you need! No thoughts on loosing your choice in eating one of those big boys then? No protests?


The latest out of the candy world, is the king size candy bar is gone! That’s right! You as a potential consumer, will no longer have a choice in buying that big boy. It is all about controlling the addict, or about how much sugar people are eating. So the Mars candy corporation is down sizing all their candy bars. The regular sized bar is about 280 calories now. But they plan to down size them to 250 calories soon. But the big boy, king of the king size will have to go the way of the dinosaur. Call it democratic evolution.

The constant evolving thoughts of controlling governments, have only accomplished to turn adult people into crying toddlers at best. Assuming the roll of parenting to mandated popular choice. You know the kind of choices?  “You can choose any color you wish to have as long as its black!” was the choices offered when Ford first marketed his cars. Along with the governments know-it-all attitude of..”YOU SHOULDN”T HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE OR LIVE WITH THE RESULTS OF MAKING CHOICES!” The reasoning is “candy and eating too much of it, leads to diabetes.” Governments popular thought is… “people can’t control themself’s in only eating some of the big boy candy bars.” Displaying their own know-it-all knowledge of knowing better. They clams “it’s for your health.” This is why we need smaller candy bars. Are we then going to alow those of small-mindedness, but over inflated self-worth, along with wrongly opinionated over barring government, creat these official food czar’s? Who will just run our lives to a point. It will be great! Right? After all making choices shouldn’t be one of your simpletons tasks to do at anyway, or at any time in your lives. Yes Your choices may affect you and only you. But the government knows best. So making a choice for yourself with regards to candy and sugar is just going to be controlled for you. Or so the over inflated thought proses goes down that slippery slope dragging you with it.

Just what is next? The candy police at the nearest 7-11, checking your sugar levels, and marking the test results on your sugar card. You know the one? The one next to the driver’s licence issued by the same people. If you go past your daily limit of sugar, they will issue a ticket. Just think of it as when you are receiving this kind of ticket of course. Just as a reminder to slow down your speeding on the highway to diabetes. It is all about the policemen / sugar-police keeping you and others safe, right? The revenue from ticketing people will just subsidize health care anyway…. Right?

Smaller candy bars in the market place, along with uncontrolled or under self-controlled individuals buying them doesn’t make a healthier environment or market place. These kind of consumers will only be forced to eat more than one bar. I suppose one could then make the argument. That opening more than one bar is getting an increase in exercise.

If company’s just alow themself’s to be bullied by government like this with a false sence of doing good for their consumer. Then they deserve the consumer to pack it all in and stop buying their products. Never to go back to them again. After all, if just a smaller candy bar is the wizards of wisdom solution, for people eating too much sugar in their diets. Then ban candy bars out right! Totally! At least then you would have some street cred, as a community leader of health.

Let’s face it people. The unintended consequences of government meddling with your choices, isn’t doing anything  for your health.  But rather it is what takes your ability to control your life from you. With smaller candy bars it sounds good. But is it? What’s stopping you the consumer from buying 2, or 3, or 4, or mass more of the candy bars, then stuffing them into your face to get your candy fix. Someone could reason that you’re getting a weeks worth. What is missing from the view of government in seeing all of the empty but smaller candy bar wrappers around you. Government isn’t seeing the true picture of their adult toddlers they have created. Nor do they see “You” as their toddler stuffing your face with sugar by the spoon full straight from the bag with the biggest serving spoon you can find? Just serving up the sugar fix to the addiction. If one is an addict to sugar, binge eating candy bars will not be controlled with smaller candy bars. Then what is accomplished, in all of this?

Down sizing King candy bar doesn’t do anything for your health personally. But it does become more expensive to buy smaller candy bars for getting your candy fix. less product ( AKA SUGAR! ) at a higher cost to you the consumer. This produces a higher tax revenue for the government as well. If it was only for health reasons? Then we would BAN IT !  Thoughts are, down sizing the candy bars will have a health impact to the population, or so at least the reasoning goes. If it doesn’t? We then have to have  the sugar police! These are the loose ideas swimming around the toilet bowl of the liberal democrat’s mindset. Which then assumes it to be a win, win! Creating by forcing good / better health is win one! The sugar police is an unintended job produced by controlling sugar for public safety. Win two!

What makes this candy company’s collapse to governmental control, even more suicidal to its self. Is if this was all about health? Then they can be viewed as destroyers of health by the government then. The liability in a legal sense, along with manipulations of such company’s by the government, for the false sence of health, will actually drive them to bankruptcy or legal hell.

Because our parents, in this case ( the government ) knows best! It couldn’t be their lack of willingness to control candy makers on our behalf can it? NO! The governments excuse is ” We made them make the bars smaller. “So people couldn’t be held to have any responsibility’s for themself’s? Or should we?

Who’s health is it anyway? Shouldn’t the ones whose health it is have also the burden of responsibility and cost for it? If someone can handle the cost of destroying their health without the help of the government, or its involvement in such destruction. Then the cost of fixing it should be theirs as well.


If you have become half crazed with allowing the government to control every aspect of life, then you shouldn’t have any complaint when you get short-changed with your expectations. Don’t complain about the vegetables that will certainly be forced down your throat! Because of some misguided conception that they can prevent cancer, and do so cheaper than synthetic drugs. Also cutting the cost to the government health care system.

Don’t complain when you find yourself in McDonald’s ordering the supper size fries, with a big-mack, and shake. When your eyes pop out of your head viewing the burger. Its new size will resemble a 50 cent piece, supper size fries will only be one fry about 4 inches long, and your shake will be served in a 2 ounce size. All for the sake of reducing heart disease / diabetes in your life. Oh Yea! I all most forgot, That will be $10.50 please!

If government controls everything in your life, they will certainly be able to take control of everything for you in life. Society may rethink its position.  We in society are not needing any present help in deferring the cost for destroying health, we then certainly don’t need the governmental help in paying the cost of restoring health once destroyed! In other words. ” TAKE SOME RESPONCBILITY”S! ”

There is no need of wrapping ourself’s up with a false sense of victimhood, using flawed ideology of the liberal government. Who says ” We will do it all for you! ” As being the toilet bowl mentality, that we refuse to flush.

The attitudes of winners are I have been endowed by my creator with the right to pursue happiness. Which is determined by my life’s goals, and choices, being able to make choices for myself is what makes one an adult and liven free! In the aftermath of such choices we are also happier / happier adults.”

If you need a stress reliever? Enjoy-em while you have them. Other wise say. “Good-by king! Welcome going nuts! “

Mars Reduces Candy Bar Sizes and Promotes “Responsible Snacking” http://www.delish.com/food/recalls-reviews/mars-reduces-candy-bar-sizes-clone-1329747220?src=soc_twtr via @delishcom

All the best.


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