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Your money or your life… No! Moonwalk!!

What would it take for you to have a momentary lapse of reason and assault someone else with a gun? Crazy question to ask I know but…. inquiring minds have to know! You see crime has no real reason to it. Other wise, people who try to bother with it, would then question themself’s as to what would be the consequences of  taking these kind of actions towards another. Of course clouding the mind with liquid insanity, as well an over indulgence of some other kinds of drugs. Doesn’t necessarily make a strong case for legalization of these drugs being used. Nor does it make individuals already on the border line of making decision good or some bad under the influence, willing to contemplate things clearly. Should I go along with the laws of society, or should I take a some risk?

People that have a favorable tendency towards legalization of drugs and or lowering the age for drinking alcohol. Are in this way presenting in the strongest of ways, a case for why we shouldn’t do this. Drugs and alcohol are mind altering drugs. Just saying that the user is attempting to avoid reality. In this altered state reality isn’t ruled by common sense. No rules! No reality! In fact the use of these products both legal, or illegal are designed to avoid reasonable rational thoughts. In other words these products are to produce a person that is comfortably numb. Not in a position to be fully responsible for their actions ( At least according to most opinions of those who practice law) . For the users of drugs and alcohol, the altered state of mind leaves them unable to make good decisions. All the while helping them by forgetting completely, they already made the choices of action, under the influence when they made the choice to indulge.

Yet the laws, should not be designed to put limitations on the law-abiding citizens. But draw a clear line for all to plainly see as to where any and all may freely choose to go without consequences of it. In crossing the line the law should also be just as clear, in describing the consequences, or dispensing punishments to those who dar cross it. But when someone uses mind altering substances, these clear lines become blurred. Should we then, in dispensing punishments for braking the laws of the land, just as well… become blurry eyed at the same time, to the same extent as the users of drugs / alcohol? Shouldn’t the lines of life, give the impressions for all to clearly see, the law in a vivid light? Should the law of the land embrace intoxication, with the same tolerance of the mind bending well intention practitioner’s of the law, who uses as a defence ( Being under the influence ) as the excuse of the day?

Excusing someone from the consequences of their choices because the user of mind altering drugs / alcohol, doesn’t wish to deal with reality’s. Doesn’t lessen the terror of the unsuspecting victims of crimes, that these users often cause. I get the impression at times that these days we alow plea bargains, to a lesser crime or even present different degrees of the same crimes, as only being a way to reduce prison populations or costs. All at the expense of some public safety. The prime job number one, of any government!

Should a person who assaults someone else while under the influence, who is then convicted, spend real-time in prison? I would thing time spent in a drug rehab center could be more helpful to both the victim and the violator of the law, as well society itself. In the case of when a weapon is used? Then prehaps a stiffer sentence should be handed out, as well the gun rights of the perpetrator eliminated permanently.

Apparently in Idaho a man pulled an assault-rifle type of gun on a another man. Then made him dance. Can you picture the scene? Like a bad western bar scene, that then turned real bad. Two drunken fools step out into the street. One gains the upper-hand and pulls out a gun. As he starts shooting into the ground as close as he can to the feet of the other drunk. He then commands. ” Dance! I said dance!” he squeezes off a few more rounds…” No! I said dance!… That’s better… Now put some sexy moves to it!”

Sounds funny and in the mind’s eye it is. A drunken man dancing all sexy like? Just as funny as the real story out of Idaho. But that’s because we are all just reading about it, from the outside looking in. But if it was happening to you…? Well after peeing your pants I suppose anger may set into the mind, then visions of vengeance. The second violation you then receive, is in court. The plea is presented I sure… ” Not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.” That’s right! Being under the influence is the excuse.

From the victims point of view though, you may be thinking, braking the law isn’t a game. A plea bargain with someone who has chosen to use drugs and or alcohol as the excuse, for a reduced price to pay. May just as well get the same lesson learned, if the victim gets his chance in holding the gun on the perpetrator. Maybe after squeezing off a few rounds into the ground, and telling the violator to dance is the equalizer of the two players in life, one on one side of the line and the other on the other side of the line.

We don’t need excuses in this game of life do we? What we need is a crystal clear understanding the law protects everyone from everyone else at the same time. It is the dividing line in the sand between the ” Mad Max World, and civilization as we know it. The root word of civilization is civil, that’s exactly how we should be acting towards one another.


In this story the players haven’t yet gone to trial. So points of my post aren’t ment to portray facts in this case. But more of an over view of past cases of different crimes who have plea bargained away responsibility’s. In some cases just given opportunity’s to the criminals to extend their actions of new crimes down the road.

But in this case what do we do with him? He apparently was so stoned-drunk to even want the victims wallet, wristwatch, car, credit cards…ect. But took the risk of what? (  Knowing a reduced sentence because of drugs or alcohol is waiting in the wind). So he picks up the gun all for amusement of seeing a tariffed moonwalking dancer? What is the price of human dignity anyway?

I seem to remember a story from the wild west that fits with this. It goes like this;

There was this criminal that was cruel with all of his victims that he robbed. He came across this poor man. Pulling his gun he ordered the man. ” Stop! Give me you wallet, and all of your money!”

The poor man didn’t have a wallet or money to give. He was terrified, thinking he has lived his last. He slowly tuned and pulling his pockets inside out reveling he had nothing to give. He said ” Sorry. But I have nothing to give you. Please sir give me some undeserved mercy.”

The criminal just got mad. After all how can this person go through life without? He then thought to shoot the man. But then coming to the conclusion, if I take his dignity through fear, it will make others in days to come much easier victims.

“Pull down your pants!” he ordered the poor man pointing the gun at him threateningly.

The poor man complied.

“Now take a crap!”

“I don’t have to go right…”

“I sayed take a crap!” He squeezed off a round into the dirt in front of the man. After the poor man finished up, he ordered. ” Now eat the crap!”

Because the man didn’t have a gun he ate the crap. The criminal started to laugh so hard that he dropped the gun. The poor man grabbed the gun. Instantly the criminal stopped laughing. ” I tell you pull down your pants!” The poor man full of rage and anger having his dignity striped, fully intended to kill the criminal. But first he would make him pay. Training the gun at the criminal, he ordered again. ” I said pulldown the pants! NOW!”

Once the criminal pull down the pants he said while toying with the gun rubbing it up and down the cheek of the criminal face. He leans over real close to the ear of the man and said. ” Now Take the crap! ” He complied and then he said ” Eat! Eat your crap!” As the man began to eat He fired two rounds into the criminal mortally wounding him. As he lay there dying he said ” Stripping someones dignity but leaving them alive leaves them time to rebuild it once again. For you will die knowing your last meal was crap! Now! Where is your wallet?”

The moral of this story is; The punishment doesn’t always fit the crime. But the punishment should be some what uncomfortable to have to endure, or it isn’t a lesson hopefully learned. When stripping dignity of the victim having to enduring crime, or punishing the criminal unfairly so, because of crime. You may create an even bigger monster.

So what should the law do with the moonwalking assault’er?

Hopefully more than just laugh at the imaginary scene that the mind produces in thought of this crime?

All the best.


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