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Positive attitudes come alive in the sun. Just the facts, and only the facts I say. But truth indeed it is harder to get angry at anyone, or about any time spent on the road in traffic while trying to getting home from work while the sun is shining. A kind of break from liquid sunshine days. When I get stuck in traffic and the sun is also shining bright, I start to think about the beach. Before you know it. I’m striping down to swimwear to soke up some rays. Hay a birthday suit is swim ware isn’t it? Not all so strange then. But driving a big truck has its advantages to it. I’m much higher up off the roadway, making it harder for people to stare me down. sneaking a peek, being in a birthday suit and all.

But this is washington state, and in the time it takes to get from work to home again, the clouds have over shadowed my path. A sun desert of sorts, this state is hell I tell ya! Clouds! More and more clouds, with a sprinkling of occasional sunshine mixed in for those rainbow to enjoy. Mind trickery! I think the rainbow just gets people all hopeful that the weather is changing for the better or something. But changing from what? let me see… Changing from the occasional rain storm to the everyday sprinkling of constant wet droplets of misting rain. Now there is something to look forward too!

Wake up people of Washington? This is the land of coffee and Starbucks. You all should be on a caffeen high! Knowing that rain is the wet blanket put on your fiery desire to play in the sun. So yes rain can be abusive to the hopeful at heart.

With the few sprinkles on my sunny days, which is almost every day around here. Its more like we are not surprised with every day like that around here. I say take advantage of the situation and play dead on your blankets at the beach with your swimwear for that truly healthy natural tanned look. ( Remember tan-lines are sexy too! So please don’t follow my traffic swimwear, when on the beach.) Natural tan’s are so much cheaper as opposed to the fake and bake tan’s from any tanning salons. At $5.00 per 15 minutes sections in the tanning beds.Washington has an over population of fake and bake tanning joints. I think we have so many tanning places as more of a public safety play though, then anything else. Those vampires from Forks. Washington ( the ones mentioned in the twilight books ) tend to come to Seattle a bit too much and we need protection! Locking them into a tanning bed is great protection. Trying to determine just who is a vampire is somewhat more difficult. Besides who really wants to hang out at the tanning joints anyway?

Washington does have the best of blue sky’s now and then. Like the song says ” The bluest sky’s are in Seattle.” Yet we call our self’s the emerald city. Blue / gray sky’s, emerald-green trees… what the! All we in the city want, is more sunshine! Come on! Warm up the concrete jungle a bit, Big orange beach ball in the sky. So we can dry out somewhat. Knowing that, ” No rolling stone grows moss on it “. This explains the coffee addiction out here. Got to keep moving because of the obvious. I must also say as a disclaimer that no moss grows on stones in the sunshine either. Had to mention just to show that I’m truly unbiased with my observations.

Have you ever considered why we in the pacific north-west have so many sightings of bigfoot? Because rolling stones grow no moss. Bigfoot’s are truly people who have awaken after a long slumber in the forest after a night of drinking, and then trying to shake off all that moss. Why else do we see what we see. Then nothing! Even in heavily populated centers, we have sightings of bigfoot. But when the investigative people show up. These people who have already shaken all of their moss off, point into the other diction. Offerings of some misdirection’s of sorts, just to cover-up the embarrassing facts that they fell asleep. Besides in all of the videos I have ever seen bigfoot in. They just look like some people I have worked with, and are in need of a good cup of coffee. Just saying! Don’t get mad. You know who you are… Don’t be a hater.

I’m beginning to think that Washington needs to tak advantage of all of the rain we get out here. Those Californians need and want our water and hydro electic power, just one of the blessing, in having more liquid sunshine then we really need, and at times want. So if we sell them power from our dams. Right? Why does it have all of us upset? This causes us all who still pay for our electric power bills to scream out loud. Selling hydro power to California, while building coal power plants in Montana to supply the population of Washington with their power needs and our future growth! Now how is that green? We are overly crazed with green energy, we call ourself’s the emerald state, we have this reusable power source in hydro power, yet we do what? Sell cheep power for a profit to Cali, and charge the living crap out of our people for coal power? Haven’t you all hear the government doesn’t like coal power?

I say cut the power to Cali, let them survive on their own solar power, it is green, and there isn’t any shortage of sun in California. Leave ours liquid sunshine alone. This new plan of mine will drop the prices. Increase the green energy use in the state as well. That’s better for the world anyway. Besides we can still sell our excess liquid sunshine by bottling it up and sending it there. Express like if needed. I don’t think California is in the position to negotiate with us on this one. They are more fanatical about being green then we are. Besides they have more sunshine then they know what to do with. It is not likely that they are going to be shipping bottled sunshine our way.

Their TV ads say.. ” Come to California and enjoy the beaches, wine, the sun… ect ” but we also have to accept drinking bottled water if we go. I have just seen to many signs about recycled water in use here. When I have gone to Cali. Just what is recycled water, you ask? Purified water from sewage treatment plants. Not a lie! Truth! Well I don’t really know if the tap water is the same water. But I have never seen two signs over two separate water hose bibs, or two different facets of water in any of the houses I have gone into. Where on one sign it says this is drinking water, and on the other this is recycled water. Just to keep the confusion down to a minimum. Never seen that. Just the big public ones at the edge of town that points out the fact they recycle water here. So there, clams to fame of the sun for great and glamorous tan’s and all. Is just the half of it. But don’t drink the water! Now who is giving who a colon sunburn?

Our add’s for coming to Washington could be… Come! Drink the coffee, wake up to the liquid sunshine. The ultimate green power. You can swim in it , drink it, make power from it, even make some of the best beer from liquid sunshine. Ever wonder why beer has the color of… It is liquid sunshine after all. At least in Washington, beer brewers use liquid sunshine. Besides when we get a sunny day we have the bluest sky’s, and everyone goes around nude just to soke up as much ray’s as we can. Okay the last one was a stretch. But we have bigfoot! We will keep the lights on, for all of you who come to visit. Best of Washington’s night life, sea food, and out-door activitys.We have plenty of green energy power from our hydro dams. Unlike the solar power made with solrindra power, or not in the state of California. We will never recycle our water here! We ship that water by pipe line to Cali. They just don’t seem to mind. Besides untill they come up here they never really know the real taste of water anyway.

Call it bigfoot wisdom! I would rather have an over abundance of liquid sunshine, and be able to vacation in the sun, while escaping the rain. Then have to read a post on liquid sunshine and wonder if the water I’m drinking for refreshment, really tastes all that different in Washington state.

Just some thoughts and most asked questions from washington state guests;

liquid sunshine in Washington state comes in the form of rain, yet the sun shines 12/7 365 day a year at 20,000 feet altitude.

Questions most asked by visitors to Washington;

Why all of the water shortages in the summer time in Washington state? Answer; We have vampires in Washington, the grass is not naturally brown from water shortages it is from vampires of sorts. Read my post ” I see vampires “. You will understand. http://wp.me/p1MnB3-Yy

You ( we, or someone in Washington state ) should create a new product of bottled sunshine, liquid sunshine thirst aid? Answer; Sounds healthy to me. I’ll work on it.

Does all of that liquid sunshine shrink clothing when you travel to other places like California? Answer; Well I will let this picture explain that one for you.

Cheers to you all. All the best of liquids, or liquid sunshine to everyone!


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