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When Hell freezes over! ( Fear not, the great wall. )

Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of over-weight-ness. I will fear no evil. It will be when hell freezes over,  that’s when I will lose my confidence. But then there was this great burning sensation of compleat temptations impressed upon my minds eye.The neion lights of the great wall of temptations, also known as the frozen food display. This was more of a huge display case, in the grocery store aisle that was miss-named at best. Calling it the ” Frozen food display.” Is just Wrong! Wrong wording at least. This was a display case that ran from one side of the back wall, to 3/4 of the way down to the front of the store. No real frozen food here, but better known for an endless display of every kind of ice-creams ever made. A true altar of temptations for the weak knead dieter. Truly weakened by the lack of full fat foods and an over exercised state of mind. Like a moth to flame. It beckons the weak-minded to fill the cart with frozen delights and then run for home before it melts. This is more like the part of my world that should be properly named the “Weight gainers Disney land!” part of the store.

Every time I go to the store I have the best of intentions to get healthy foods. After all we are what we eat! Aren’t we? So in trying to be healthy and weight conscious, I always construct a great shopping list of foods. Foods from every part of the food pyramid. It should be all about quality of food. Rather than the quantity of it. But everyone who has struggled with weight gain, has also struggled with the quantity of it as well. Lets face it, eating like a bird is great and all, for the birds out in the world. But for the big-boned person wrapped into a smaller real life persons body. It’s all about control. Or the lack of it! Some times but rarely, it can be a health issue for someone who is luck enough to have one, to excuse themself’s. But for the most part, it is self-indulgent, by way of see food diets. That’s what gets most of us in trouble. We see it! We then feel enticed to eat it with reckless abandon.

Grocery stores are just in the business of delivering great foods to the general public for a profit. It also just seem that the biggest profits are made from the products that people get, that they also don’t really need. The impulse items. No real thought goes into the purchase of an impulse item, nor is it on any list made by the well-intentioned shopper. You see it!! BAM! It is in the cart.

Stores around the country excuse themself’s from any responsibility’s, yet are still setting-up the store as a giant display of temptations. Should they have greater responsibility’s for the weakened people in the world? After all, if it were not in the grocery store or something like that. what other items would we buy through temptation shopping? What would it be then? We all must take some self-control and responsibility’s for our own actions. Missing the mark by placing blame for what we are, or have become because we were not strong enough to withstand temptations. Is just pushing blame to someone else because we don’t like the results of it. ( Our choices of course.)

Do what I do then. Re-name the items in the store with names of foods that sound just gross to you. Or just to convince yourself that ingredients of gross things are in the items that you wish to buy. Or at least make your own healthy products at home, rather than buying un-healthy temptations in the store. I know it is just easier said then done. Self empowerment is finding something that works for you. The very thing that turns that ordinary over weight person in you, into that hard-body supper hero you know that you are. Under all of that fat there are the same muscles that the hard-body’s have. Okay the hard body’s out there, have prehaps over developed these to some point. But you get the picture. Exercise isn’t lifting one half-gallon of ice-cream out of the refrigerator, one after the other. Nor is it lifting one table-spoon after the other into your mouth and doing this repeatedly real fast. Doing this doesn’t qualify as an aerobic exercise either.

Reducing the amounts of what your consuming is an easy first step. Re-making the items you love to buy, but making them yummy’er / healthier and mixing in some exercise along the way, is fantastic. Well then… Before you know it, you are the next newly discovered hard-body. Think of it as revenge to all of your previous temptations of the past. Being a hard-body is when you become someone elses temptation of desire.

Walking past the great wall of ice-cream. I demonstrate to self that hell has indeed frozen over! I head straight for the liquid non-dairy creamer, next I get frozen fruit at least 1 pound, next I get honey, then some vanilla ( The good stuff ), then I get some veggy’s like carrots, cabbage, and then I head back past the great wall of frozen foods / ice-cream and give it all the one finger salute! From one end of it to the other. All the while telling myself, ” Ice-cream should have reduced fat content, as well, it should have veggy’s in it! MOST OF ALL IT HAS TO TASTE GREAT!

Try it at home like I did! Make it like this:

Place into blender;

1 cup of liquid non-dairy creamer

1 pound of frozen fruit ( strawberries, blue berries, peaches, mango…ect Or even you can try lavender flowers about 15 flowers per batch.)

1 – 2 oz of cabbage, or carrots

About 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1-2 teaspoons honey

16 to what ever is needed in ice cubes to freeze

Will make about 4 1/2 cups servings per batch.

place into blender in order, and blend untill the ice cubes are crushed finely and the mixture is semi-frozen. Soft ice-cream consistency. Place into freezer and enjoy some, in about 1 half to 1 hours time. Ice cream with my veggy’s in it, is some what healthier, besides it makes eating veggy’s easier as well. I call It “ALASKAN CABBAGE!” Because everyone knows that cabbage is good for you, but most people don’t always like to eat it.

Try it you will like it!

All the best of health and all the best to you!

PS. make shure to blend the veggy’s real good, liquefy them before you place fruit into blender if you must. Out of sight is then also out of mind, and ice-cream will after all, will be truly, creamy goodness!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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